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Current Dolphins philosophy is win NOW

Usually, when NFL teams hire a new head coach and staff there's a honeymoon period. There's a year or so when ownership and fans and the media accept that something is being built and this is going to take time and patience is the order of the day.

Joe Philbin apparently doesn't get that.

That's because in discussing the current Miami philosophy on quarterbacks, general manager Jeff Ireland made it very clear he's in win-now mode and that Philbin's responsibility is to both "win right now" and in the future.

That's how it is when the coach is new and the GM has been around four years before him and they're under different pressures and expectations.

In this case, the Ireland agenda wins out, as is understandable, because he is higher in the Dolphins hierarchy than Philbin. And since he's higher, his view of things is the club view.

And because the club believes it is in win-now mode, the kind of player it seeks, the kind of approach it uses it might be different than a team that is in full rebuilding mode. Suddenly, older players are OK. Suddenly, patching the ship at sea is viewed as just as useful as sailing into dock for repairs.

That is most evident in Miami's approach to the looming chase for a starting quarterback. While most teams in full rebuild mode are searching for a young QB that can grow and learn with the new staff and revamped roster, the Dolphins are going to be just fine with a bridge quarterback, thank you very much.

"I don't think it has to be a long-term solution," Ireland said today during his media availability in Indianapolis. "I think you can look at a short-term solution. Obviously, you like a long-term solution, but you can try to make sure that ... or you can try to get both. You can certaintly try to get both in that regard.

"You've got to try to help this football team win today. And you have to look to the future. That's my job, you know, build a team for today and the future. Joe's responsibility is to try to win right now with the mind on continuing for the future as well."

In saying this, Ireland is clearing the way for a chase of a veteran quarterback. Let me see ... what veteran quarterback might be available on the market in the next two or three weeks, by say, March 9th?


Obviously, Ireland is insulating against criticism that Peyton Manning is soon 36 years old and he's, at best, a solution for a year or two before his age diminishes his once amazing skills.

So the door for a Manning addition is officially open. And this had to happen if the team was going to chase Manning. It could not philosophically claim that it was building for the future and still chase a veteran of 14 NFL seasons. The two don't match.

So Miami is officially in win-now mode.

By the way, previously I told you that a chase of Manning would put Miami in win-now mode. And, if Manning is released by Indianapolis and signed by Miami, I warned you that win-now mode meant commiting resources to that win-now effort.

That means signing older players in free agency. That means diverting resources that one might use for other needs or wants to help Manning succeed immediately because his window of opportunity is small.

It is clearly not the long-range view of things. It is, by definition, a now effort.


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It's beyond my comprehension how bloggers are howling for nerve dead Manning and 7th round 2 game fluke Flynn.

Don't be so gullible. Lets forget about these false hopes. Hasn't anyone learned by now? Not even after all that Orton fanfare???

You trade up if you can and if you can't, keep more and Henne and go with that. Maybe draft Weeded if he is there in the second, maybe.

Forgive the typos, its the red red wine.

henne,lol hilarious hes long gone

Dusty i would be all about drafting RG3 if fell to our spot..but i don't want to see us give up anything to move up on crap shoot. Because that what the draft his on the whole..a crap shoot no matter how much preparation or science you put into it.

ok rick so just another garbage year without having a long term qb?

Henne is long gone. But...he is a better back up than anyone else available.

What's the old saying? Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

no hes not, moore is our backup, hes better than henne

Unless its Flynn or Moore works out it appears that a long term QB just isn't in the cards this year..but you never know we could find a gem in the 2nd rd or later.

Moore is our starter.

If you think Flynn is going to come in here and beat Moore for the starting position you are seriously delusional. Henne > Flynn. Don't be stupid and buy the ESPN hype.

I don't like Henne. It's easy not to like him. But...he is our best option as a backup.

The chances of a 7th round pick being a starter are seriously far fetched. Talk about Brady in the sixth round all you want, its a rare exception.

henne is horrible. he will hold a clipboard someplace next year. flynn is easily better than moore, moore isnt a good nfl qb. wake up

The short-term solution would set this team back 4 to 5 years ( 95 Dolphins ) Don Shula last year in the NFL .They bet the house and they lost it.

If they bring back HennePuke, we'll have someone to boo.

already said they told henne they had no interest

henne is horrible. he will hold a clipboard someplace next year. flynn is easily better than moore, moore isnt a good nfl qb. wake up

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 23, 2012 at 09:48 PM

The fluff continues.
Pure opinion and zero fact.


I don't think Shula gets enough credit for recognizing QB talent.

I believe he kind of inherited Unitas(another Pittsburg area QB).

But he had the foresight to take Morral with him. Stick with Griese. Keep Strock around.

And of course we all know the Marino story.

The difference between the Post and Pre-Shula Dolphins, we ALWAYS had a reliable QB!

That's the way I like to remember it.

yeah mik guess u have been living in a cave the last few horrible years by henne

PS: The last time we had a fromer Colt Quarterbacking the Dolphins we went Undefeated and won the Super Bowl.

Moore might be a back up and Henne terrible, but at least they've both won MEANINGFUL games in the NFL.

Flynn? Not so much. Crap shoot at the VERY BEST!

LMAO! More of the same, I wouldn't expect anything different, the beat goes on. Ireland doesn't understand how to build a consistent winner, that's why Dolphins fans should get accustomed to 6-10 or 10-6, that's the range of this franchise under Ireland. 10-6 and a first round playoff loss is our Super Bowl.

please give Mando some REAL info in order he give us REAL articles... this is a joke!!!...
What Ireland said is what he had to said... he has veteran players in this team for Christ saint, and you want he says "we are in long term solution mode", comon!!!, he said nothing, he didnt open or close any door, dont take the phrases out of context... How many times a team has "aparently" gone after a player, just to make him more expensive for other teams.. dont you like the jets overpaid for a qb, who is clearly done!!??? I do.
Dont be that candid... nobody is gonna tell you his plan right now...
Please maka a real piece of professional journalism here!!... This column and the last one are a joke!!

odin when did they ever win a meaningful game. u cant blame flynn for only playing 2 games

10-6 was Parcells. Irescum will never have a winning season.


Ireland's a waterboy that hunts hooka moms.

Flynn is a joke. He will be lucky to be #2 anywhere. Some of you have your minds too easily molded by the media.

Flynn, 2 starts, great stats yes, he happened to be on a championship team, against weak defenses, and his receivers did the work. Check Flynn out, he has a weak arm, he is useless. What will he do once the DC's have tape on him? Nothing. He is a practice squad QB.

Good QB's do not last until the 7th round. Wake up already.

If I can't blame Flynn for only playing two games in 4 years(it only means he can't compete with playoff calibre Qb's like Rodgers, Bree's, etc, etc)then how can you annoint him as being better than ANYONE?

You really can't have it both ways by your own proposition.

11-6 playoff loss

Bottom line, we can agree that the #1 expert on Flynn's ability is Philbin.

When the fins don't make a play for Flynn, then you will believe he is a nobody.

Some of you are too eager to move sideways. Flynn is no franchise qb! You must be high on bad junk to think so.

Good QB's do not last until the 7th round. Wake up already.

Posted by: Bart | February 23, 2012 at 10:09 PM

Nor do they sit the bench for 4 years. Moore and Henne have both done more with less in a shorter time frame.

Just reading the blog helps me understand how more than 2 people voted for Bush. Ignorance is rampant.

And I am not Republican or Democrat so spare me your sermons.

Is there any point to bringing in any QB that they don't think is a true franchise QB?

I don't think so.


I predict the Fins will stink again in 2012

When I say Henne is our best option as a back up, that doesn't mean I am a Henne fan. I don't think he has the intangibles. He has a strong arm and nothing more.

The sad thing is, there is nobody better available to back up Moore.

I'm done.

Some of you should check your brains to see if there is a little tag saying 'Made by media propaganda'.


Odinseye @8:43 I'm all with you! If we can't get any upgrade for various reasons, I'm good to go with Moore and drafting a QB in the 2nd or 3rd and if that isn't enough, go back at it next year until you get it right. I don't want to trade umpteen picks and hope it works out. Enough with trading picks already!

Some of you should check your brains to see if there is a little tag saying 'Made by media propaganda'.

Posted by: Bart | February 23, 2012 at 10:21 PM

I believe this applies to you dusty buttt.

i tell you guys miami has already lost his better man!!!... Mike Nolan.
Defensive units win titles... the other side of the ball keeps you busy reading articles like this one...
Tell me, how many titles has won the pats and teh "Magnificent" Brady after bruschi, vrabel, law, seymuor etc.. departures??
i tell ya ...00 (zero), in fact the last one was only a succesful postseason because of the ravens kicker, LOL... or tell me How many SB Manning has won without a "good" defense? (not great)... yep 00... He´s won 1...but, that year was the best year "statically" of that deff... Oh but he had to score alot in that SB in order to win it right?...nop, comon it was the bears, you dont need a lot of points in order to defeat them.
So, please Mando, give us some info about the part of the team that "actually" can take us to the SB.

Odin, Flynn's game against Detroit wasn't meaningless. Detroit would have clinched the #5 seed by winning. They win, they had the 5 seed. Lose, it was the 6 seed. Stafford and the Lions certainly didn't lie down for the Packers.

A few Flynn detractors here say most of the six td passes he threw in that game involved a lot of yards after the catch, but isn't that a big ingredient of the incoming offense?

If Flynn is smart, understands the offense(makes the correct reads), and has the phsical ability to make the throws called for in this offense, isn't that what we would want? In this case, he could be the qb who is already "developed" in this system. Round peg in a round hole.

dusty is a fool.

Flynn = A.J. Feeley

QB position seems simple this year for a change as long as Ireland doesn't get cute and get beat to the punch by another GM...like last year with Mallet. If Philbin likes Flynn as a long term franchise prospect go with him. If not (which he should already know) then make a run at Peyton if he's healthy and worth the dough. There is nothing that Flynn has to prove now or can prove now so the information is known. Therefore by the time Peyton is released they will probably have it figured out. We have an advantage over other teams to grab either of these guys since the money is there and of course Flynn may want to work with Philbin. If they lose on both of those fronts (Ireland gets cute) or do not wish to go after either Flynn or Peyton then look to trade up for RGIII. If the price is too steep then we draft in the 3 round a guy like Cousins or Tanehill (who we also have insider knowledge about) or Weeton to have a young guy to develop. Sure, that means we have Moore as only starter prospect, but with a solid drafted QB on the roster. I can't see how this gets screwed up.

Odin, I agree. All things equal I like Manning better. But I'm willing to trust Philbin's judgement of Flynn first and take it from there.

Odin, No doubt...Peyton would be damn exciting. And I do admit, every time I see Flynn with the beard I think of Fitzpatrick and that mess...yikes. I get where your coming from.

good i'm down with win for now go get peyton i'm sick of the defeats it's time to rise up and be winners again champions!

The difference between the Post and Pre-Shula Dolphins, we ALWAYS had a reliable QB!

That's the way I like to remember it.

Posted by: odinseye | February 23, 2012 at 09:54 PM

The thing about Shula was the fact there was NEVER a specific philosophy about winning Football. It was more about taking his strengths and putting together a game plan to best max the specific ability of his team to beat yours. That could vary from week to week as well depending on the opponents strengths and weaknesses. With Shula you had to prepare for the unexpected.

In the 70's you had the 3-headed monster at RB (Csonka, Kiick and Morris) with a dominant D so power running and bleeding the clock were the order of day. You got the feeling this was in fact his philosophy. Griese goes down, the Zonk gets old then in comes D.Woodley and the true ability of Shula's Football GENIUS showed through.

The team philosophy doesn't really change but the pieces and ways to work them do!! The 4/3 goes 3/4 being I believe the only one in the 80's with the Killer Bees and when Woodley and Andrea Franklin couldn't get it cranking in came Strock (WOODSTROCK) opening it up with N.Moore, Duriel Harris and Bruce Hardey working the middle nicely with a sure handed Joe Rose in the redzone area.

He drafts Marino and then truly goes ANTI-SHULA with the vertical game, ignoring his once prominent run game which became his undoing really when relying on Marino took weigh to actual game planning (BIG MISTAKE)If not for Shula the GM I believe Marino would have been a multiple S.B. winning QB.

Shula the G.M. would be his Achilles heel and the undoing of Marino's legacy with passing rules every year making what was to me the most incredible and GREATEST single Season feat in NFL History AN OBSCURE MEMORY!

Imagine throwing for over 5,000 Yards with 48 TD's in an ERA were the DB's were permitted hand checking all the way down field making separation almost impossible while not going into the muggings inside the 5 Yards or the mind blowing slobber knockers over the middle without fear of the yellow hankie.

These Shula shortcoming aside though I always felt Oilers H.C. Bum Phillips summed up Sula best when he said and I quote(Texas twang) "He can take his'n and beat your'n and your'n and beat his'n"

Win now?? LMFAO!!!!!!!

Once again, Mando fails to state the obvious reason why Ross wants to win right now by acquiring Manning. The Dolphins are Ross' BUSINESS INVESTMENT and the team has been bleeding season ticket holders by the bucketsfull. Lest you have already forgotten how the team had to buy it's own tickets to prevent blackouts last season, Ross' #1 priority is most likely to protect his investment. At this point, taking Manning is not worth the risk unless you can get him for cheap. The fans that bought the billboards exhorting the team to acquire Manning, have to be out of their minds when you consider how questionable Manning's current health picture is. I wouldn't mind being proven wrong.

Why won't Ross just fire Ireland. Manning isn't the answer

Win now is a lot better then sucking for 8 out of 9 years (2002-2007, 2009-present)

Ireland's statement that they are in "win now" mode means nothing. Every team is in "win now" mode and every GM expects their coach to put a winning team on the field. There is no such thing as a honeymoon period in the NFL anymore.
Everything is about instant satisfaction and fans want teams that win games. They don't want to hear about rebuilding, they want wins and playoffs, especially Miami fans.

The Finley deal pretty much makes it obvious
Sign Mario Williams , Fred Davis, and Reggie Nelson
Then draft Riley Reiff or Blackmon

Draft Blakmon then Weeden!

Moore and Henne, add WR Blackmon and some offensive line men. You could probably get Henne for 5 million for 2 years or maybe even less, but I am sure some other team will offer him more. We are losing out on this investment again.

Ross/Ireland have run this team into the ground. Sad.

So in the 5th year of Ireland, the Dolphins are an expansion team without the draft choices......and novice coaches likely to fail.

(( BUFFET OF KNOWLEDGE ))...........................
Posted by: ALoco | February 23, 2012 at 06:38 PM

Post of the day.

Ireland believes that the Phins have been rebuilding for the past 3 years. they need 5 game changing players. A great pass rusher, 2 good lineman, a game changing safety and a good quarterback.
They could also sign a great kick and punt returner. Bess is OK but not elite.



HARTLINE........ - 1 TD.........THEY BOTH ELITE ? MY FOOT ............


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