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Current Dolphins philosophy is win NOW

Usually, when NFL teams hire a new head coach and staff there's a honeymoon period. There's a year or so when ownership and fans and the media accept that something is being built and this is going to take time and patience is the order of the day.

Joe Philbin apparently doesn't get that.

That's because in discussing the current Miami philosophy on quarterbacks, general manager Jeff Ireland made it very clear he's in win-now mode and that Philbin's responsibility is to both "win right now" and in the future.

That's how it is when the coach is new and the GM has been around four years before him and they're under different pressures and expectations.

In this case, the Ireland agenda wins out, as is understandable, because he is higher in the Dolphins hierarchy than Philbin. And since he's higher, his view of things is the club view.

And because the club believes it is in win-now mode, the kind of player it seeks, the kind of approach it uses it might be different than a team that is in full rebuilding mode. Suddenly, older players are OK. Suddenly, patching the ship at sea is viewed as just as useful as sailing into dock for repairs.

That is most evident in Miami's approach to the looming chase for a starting quarterback. While most teams in full rebuild mode are searching for a young QB that can grow and learn with the new staff and revamped roster, the Dolphins are going to be just fine with a bridge quarterback, thank you very much.

"I don't think it has to be a long-term solution," Ireland said today during his media availability in Indianapolis. "I think you can look at a short-term solution. Obviously, you like a long-term solution, but you can try to make sure that ... or you can try to get both. You can certaintly try to get both in that regard.

"You've got to try to help this football team win today. And you have to look to the future. That's my job, you know, build a team for today and the future. Joe's responsibility is to try to win right now with the mind on continuing for the future as well."

In saying this, Ireland is clearing the way for a chase of a veteran quarterback. Let me see ... what veteran quarterback might be available on the market in the next two or three weeks, by say, March 9th?


Obviously, Ireland is insulating against criticism that Peyton Manning is soon 36 years old and he's, at best, a solution for a year or two before his age diminishes his once amazing skills.

So the door for a Manning addition is officially open. And this had to happen if the team was going to chase Manning. It could not philosophically claim that it was building for the future and still chase a veteran of 14 NFL seasons. The two don't match.

So Miami is officially in win-now mode.

By the way, previously I told you that a chase of Manning would put Miami in win-now mode. And, if Manning is released by Indianapolis and signed by Miami, I warned you that win-now mode meant commiting resources to that win-now effort.

That means signing older players in free agency. That means diverting resources that one might use for other needs or wants to help Manning succeed immediately because his window of opportunity is small.

It is clearly not the long-range view of things. It is, by definition, a now effort.


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It's 7:07am.....how long does it take to flip a coin?

as if picking 8 or 9 will make a hoot of difference.

So they're picking 8th. Don't screw this up Ireland.

I have read through this blog and I can't believe this one ongoing opinion. If Manning somehow by a miracle regains his health and can play, why on earth would Miami draft Tannehill or Weeden to waste picks when we have Moore backing him up.

WAKE UP!! We need to use every pick we can to fill out the weak spots!!!

Even if Manning is healthy you don't know how many seasons he will give you. He could decide he only wants to play 2 or 3 more seasons and hang it up. Therefore, you still need to draft a quarterback who you can groom into the starting position before Manning would leave.

Armando, going after Manning would be a stupid decision and the reasons are obvious; age and health. Joe Montana did not allow the KC Chiefs to win and neither will Peyton Manning. Ross may have made comments about wanting Manning but he is smart enough not to tip his hand. It would be like allowing your competitors to know what property your going to buy for develpment. Ross knows a lot about that and just prior to the draft no truth will come from any Dolphin executive.

Two Key Points on the QB Issue:

Point 1: NOT Manning.

1) There is NO benefit for the Fins to tip their hand. It benefits them to send up smoke screen claiming to want Manning. It creates media attention and it distracts from what they really intend to do.
2) I like Manning and I think IF he was healthy they should pursue him. But there is NO gaurantee he can even play on the field. We can’t risk passing on Flynn or a rookie QB to learn in August that Manning can’t go.

Point 2: Here is my FINAL plee for Flynn.

1) Win now and build for future can be acheived by bringing Flynn on. I know he has two starts in the NFL. But he doesn't control that. He can only win when given a chance to do so...and he did. He has shown he can win in the NFL. So, if the bring him on he can win now. AND he is young so he can win in the future.
2) The schedule next year is very light so the 2 wins he has under his belt + the schedule leaves me feeling confident.
Here is my FINAL plee for Flynn.
3) The Packers have a proven track record of being patient and developing QB’s. Farve, Rodgers and Flynn….I like that record.
4) ASSUMING Philbin is willing to tie his HC career and reputation to Flynn I am ready to bring him to the Fins.
5) Flynn knows the Sherman/Philbin system and we can plug and play.
6) He is young and can be a stable QB for the Fins for many years to come.
7) If he wins games like the 2 he played for the Packers he will sell tickets.
8) If we don’t have to give any draft picks it’s a no brainer to pay him a competitive starting salary.
9) If we give up a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick for a starting QB it’s a no brainer.
Flynn & Moore would make a solid QB tandem and we can overcome injuries that are ultimately going to happen.
10) Landing Flynn allows us to preserve our number one draft pick for a stud pass rusher, which will make our DB’s & Wake better.

I think the only way to go, ESPECIALLY if Green Bay tags Flynn, is signing Manning to an incentive laden contract which pays him a decent QB Coach Salary if he doesn't play, offers us a good mentor for Moore and a rookie QB, and gives us a potential ace in the hole if he gets healthy enough to play. We would be grooming our eventual Offensive Coordinator, because Mike Sherman is a tad bit old, and might like to accept a head coaching job elsewhere if and when it becomes available. Also I think we need to make sure we get Tannehill. I have a real good feeling about him, and he already knows the offense. Maybe we trade out of the 8/9 pick and get a first round pick that would make drafting Tannehill with it a good value. Then we have extra picks in the 2nd or 3rd and find value at OT and DE. I wish we could draft Tannehill in the 2nd round, but I don't think he'll get past Seattle.

This entire discussion is ridiculous. The team will never, ever win anything as long as Ross and Ireland (aka Dumb and Dumber) are associated with the team. It's best to avoid the stress and wait for the whole thing to bottom out.

Jpao, Flynn is a bad choice two. The two starts are part of the issue but the bigger part is that those two starts were on a vastly superior team. It's ludicrous in the extreme to think he'll replicate those performances here or anywhere else. It's essentially what happened when Scott Mitchell went to Detroit after a couple of decent starts subbing for Danny

ANYthing other than a huge move for RG3 and you can forget the next 5 years or so

PU Manning...draft Tan....Tan gets to watch 2-3 years of the best QB management there is in football today....PU a FA RG...Bring in Moss as well. 3-6 round picks on D backs and D line.....Golden. Win now....Win l8r

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