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Dolphins announce more assistants hired

The Dolphins have just announced the hiring of Lou Anarumo as their defensive backs coach, Phil McGeohan as their assistant wide receivers coach and Ken O'Keefe as their wide receivers coach.

As is no surprise, Brian Daboll, the offensive coordinator in 2011, has accepted the job to be offensive coordinator in Kansas City.

Anarumo (pronounced ann-UH-room-OH) comes to Miami after eight seasons as the defensive backs coach at Purdue University. Anarumo joined the Purdue staff following three seasons at Marshall, where he coached the defensive backs from 2001 to 2003. He also served as special teams coordinator in 2003. Prior to his stint at Marshall, Anarumo was assistant head coach at Harvard from 1995 to 2000, working with the defensive backs and coordinating the special teams.

McGeoghan (pronounced muh-GAY-gehn) joins Miami after spending three seasons as the wide receivers coach at the University of South Florida. McGeoghan played in the NFL for four seasons with the New Orleans Saints, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets - in addition to playing in NFL Europe for the Berlin Thunder.

I don't know what it is with the Dolphins and their coaching hires for wide receivers but does it really take two coaches to handle five or six guys? The Dolphins had a similar setup last year with Steve Bush and Ike Hilliard.

O'Keefe joins the Dolphins after spending the previous 13 seasons as offensive coordinator at the University of Iowa.

None of these additions have NFL coaching experience.


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AM I first? Has everyone else given up?

4 years after Ireland was annointed GM the Dolphins are the equivalent of an expansion team......without the draft choices. Pathetic!

Finally,the Dolphins have a smart good coach. Let him fill his staff. So far so good.

I welcome these men to the Miami Dolphins.

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ GUIDE them and give them STRENGTH as they mold these young men into GLADIATORS and VICTORS.

May He grant unto them WISDOM and PURITY OF ESSENCE as they behold the field before them and prepare their PLAN OF ACTION.

May these men be Anointed with His HEALING OILS in the blood of the lamb.

Cant attract any coaches with Irescum as GM. Cemented in the cellar with Irescum.

Howard, hush up with that stuff, there are other blogs for that noise, not here. Maybe there are some of us that don't want that stuff force fed to...and I'm one of them.

Ireland and Ross are dooming our team. Fire Jeff already..not many reputable or experienced NFL coach's want to work under/with Ireland...I don't blame them.

Give it a rest. Nobody can force feed you anything that you dont allow. What are you 6 yrs old that you can be forced to accept something you dont want to. Lame excuse. If you are that easily influenced then you must have a terrible life because everywhere you turn there is something or someone trying to influence us. Tv, radio, billboards, advertisements everywhere. Do you fall for all of these things? Its the same thing. Listen if you are atheists thats fine with me, just admit it and dont hide behind some ridiculous excuse (oh I dont want anything forced on me).

How ironic...

1 fan offers prayer's to the almighty in his post... the next calls our GM "scum"... and third complains about the prayer post.

Just wow.

I bet you hate Tim Tebow too huh.

Two receiver coaches make plenty sense Armando! Let's see.... one receiver coach to toss the ball and the other to watch the route down field. Also one guy throwing all the drill stuff could wear an arm out.

I want think they should bring back the Ricky Willaims. England and France Cola Day.

Ireland has to go.

These bloggers have to go. What dripdiks.

Like all the NFL concussion lawsuits, I'm thinking of filing suit against the Dolphins for all the headaches they've caused me over the 10 years or so. Who's in??

Hard to believe Ross is allowing Irescum to do the drafting again.


Count me out of your boycott. I think Ireland did a fine job in his first draft without Parcells calling the shots.

I support him as GM and won't be boycotting anything.

You have fun with that, though.

Come back I miss your rants.

Old Timer

Ireland should've been fired over the Dez Bryant debacle. I wouldnt go watch the Dolphins circus with a free ticket.

Now if they paid me to go..... LOL

Then don't go. Who cares?

all u ireland haters r lost n would hate anything brought to miami....all u so called fans seem to do is whine ....look @ the facts before u sound off because ur bitchin makes u sound like ignorant jet fans that were all for rexy till wheels started to fall off....jeff has done pretty well n now that parcels is gone i believe things will get better.....m wondering if u same fans thought dumbstache n spielman were a good combo.....now please go away n root fer someone like the jets i cannot stand ur negativity no longer....have a good day....

I think its safe to say the Irescum supporters are Jests fans infiltrating our blog.

this is a sports blog, keep the religious nonsense to yourself...

csonka67, 6-10 is pretty well?? WTF? How low are your standards?

No, actually that's NOT "safe to say," TGH.

I've probably been a Dolphins fan longer than you've been alive. And will be forever.

You'll just have to accept the fact that not every Miami fan shares your opinion. Sorry if that comes as a shock.

I find it strange that someone complains because a blogger offers a prayer while nothing is said about people who get on here and vomit out filth. And this too is a religious blog. I dare say some are more religious about this blog than they are many other things. I say, thanks for the prayer. Amen!!!

There is a lot of hate for Ireland, but I am more concerned with our owner. Ross continues to screw us with some of his football decisions... no not the hires. The BIGGEST one that comes to mind is for several years he has requested no early home games in September.. when its hot. Thet is like Kraft requesting no homegames at all during December because its snowy!! The heat is OUR competative advantage and we keep giving it up. We used to do great in september and October because we were used to the heat while our opponents were not. I REALLY hope this is not the case this coming season. If his reasoning was to make fans more comfortable who are at the game, it won't matter if we give up the advantage and lose, because the fans won't come in the first place!

I am terrified of this graveyard of Coaches that is Miami.

going 6-10 in year 4 is doing pretty well? thats laughable,

hilarious wheres all those daboll lovers now

Daboll wasn't bad, I think we produced more with him than with Henning. He just can't compete with the Big Guns they have brought in.

Good for Daboll- he did a good job here.

big guns? lol

Omg! Really??? I know I'm a little late to the party, but really Armando? Jared odrick isn't a bust? What has he done? What has he seriously done? Pretty sure we are talking about getting another stupid lineman this year in first round, and even without the injury, odrick is a bust, and will e a bust, and if u can't see that, then u might want to look at a player who was picked after him. Dez Bryant.

Well, you have to respect Big Guns.

I am feeling radioactive.

Right on Armando. They have laid the seeds of a great team. Give some time dolphins fans though I suffer along with you. I also know Steve Ross through business and have spoken to him about the dolphins and I can assure you he deeply cares and is a winner. He will not rest until we are winners. Hang tough fellow fins fans

Inamounts...I have to agree with Armando on the subject of Odrick.. I'm not sure how you could label a player abust after only 1 year of play. He was our best defensive lineman the last 4-5 games of the year..I think he will be a very very important piece moving forward.

If you have a problem with the selection of Odrick over other players. I understand that. But labeling Odrick as a bust is IMO a bit unfair.

Dez Bryant? Are guys still harping on about Dez Bryant? I guess I could ask what has Dez Bryant done? I must have missed it....did he make the Pro Bowl this year? Oh yeah...that was Romo's fault....forgot.

Hilarious!!....how's the Cowboy's record been since Bryant was drafted? Big difference from before he was drafted?....NOPE!....hilarious....THINK before you spout guys....Odrick, as the 28th pick in the draft, just finishing up his ROOKIE season, contributed nicely.

And to all the Ireland haters....GIVE IT UP! Are we REALLY going to have to listen to this crap all year? He's not going anywhere any time soon....accept it and move on....

I think you could make just as good a case that Bryant's been a bust as Odrick. Dallas' record since they drafted him is what? How many Pro Bowls has he played in?

Might be time to give the crack a break guys...


Your previous enrty about Parcells was blowing sunshine up every Dolphin fans yazooo.

He may of never have picked a first round bust for us but there are no stalwarts, aside from Jake Long, there are no buz saws so to speak. By the way if you have the pick of the litter in 2007 its pretty hard to blow the first pick of the NFL draft. And had he stayed long enough he just might of.

Parcells style of drafting "his" players is somewhat out dated. His passing on the likes of Hakeem Nicks, Jason Pierre Paul or Aldon Smith is just killing me!

What would you say if we had those edge rushers and Nicks and say we get Manning this year, we go from pretenders, leap frogging contenders, and people are talking championship. Our second round picks have been pretty bad also.

You mentioned if we are better off today than the from the 1-15 season, I'd say no here is why: There is no place to but up when you have a 1-15 season. But worst over is having a 11-5 season winning your division and picking late in the first round of the draft. There after we havent had a winning season since and have even been below middle of the pack with back to back 7-9 season and 6-10 this past year.

No thanks Bill Parcells your time has come!
I was convinced after that quick turn around Parcells was walking on water. However in the back of my mind it was a curse in disguise. I knew we needed (based on having bad years and then the 1-15 debackle ) that we need major amounts of draft picks and high first rounders (usally the higher the pick in round 1 the bigger type of impact player you can get). Bill Walsh, Jimmy Johnson, and Bill Bilichik all did it via having copious amounts of draft picks.
By finishing 11-5 and having a late first round we hurt ourselves. Then Ireland trading away 2 first round picks for Marshall I thought this was un-Parcells like. Kept wondering what gives did Ireland have that much football wisdom to convice Parcells to trade 2 second rounders for one player? No I think Parcells has allowed people to blow sunshine up his yazoo enough that he lost his edge.

For me I welcome Joe Philbin and say good night to Parcells I hope the sunsets are nice to him and he wins a few races betting the ponies. Good night Bill Parcells it was good for one out of four years but to me, it was never worth strocking your ego and bringing you on board.

I like Joe and I think and pray this will be the coach that brings us back to prominence and status as one the the top teams for the next decade or two. Much like Shula did and of course it wont be easy but we do have better pieces to work with than 2007 but then again if a team has been bad for a while there is usally no place to go but up (look at the 49ers).

Good God almighty when will we get the pleasure of winning in January and maybe, just maybe, if the planets are all in a line and God is smiling the Dolphins win one game in february! Just maybe and I will keep dreaming the dream because this has been one rocky marriage and though I have slept on the couch last 3 years its time for the Dolphin fans to sleep on what once was our own bed the Lombardi trophy!

It may take time but I beleive in you Joe!
Bring it home Joe! Bring it home!

Dolphins4life! I'm out have a great SB sunday!

Howard freedom of opinion just fine.You have just stirred the beast a little.But that is a good thing to.Have a blessed day.

Who is Howard?

One of the pillars of a HC is attention to detail.

I wouldnt call Odrick a bust but he certainly hasnt produced like a 1st rder.

Armando or anyone,
Tell me where Chris Carter buries his dead?
The Hall of Fame voters must watch and read comic books.

I have the same doubts as everybody else about the Dolphin's personnel. But it's very hard to gauge as, last year, many players were out of position in their scheme, their skills not maximized, underused or over used, not trained properly, etc. Now we have better Coaches and because of that fact, I presume they will get the maximum out of the Players. Have to wait and see.

The greatest mistakes made by Bill Parcells here in Miami were selectig Tony Sparano as HC and Chad Henne as our franchise QB. That set us back quite some time.

Big pic. Look @ last yrs drft the frst fer Ireland witout parcels ....mmmpretty good ....didn't give up house fer orton instead brought n Matt Moore not bad move ....got Reggie Bush Nuff said bought that .....parcels was the problem not solution .....Brian daball was a good choice to offense was pretty exciting when we executed......give Ireland another draft n free agent period b4 u bash him ....again please kno a little about someone b4 u spend all ur blogs bashn m ......

Sometimes Mando sounds like such a whiner with his posts...trying to sew doubt ("no NFL experience") when he doesn't know the least bit about these men.

The greatest mistakes made by Bill Parcells here in Miami were selectig Tony Sparano as HC and Chad Henne as our franchise QB. That set us back quite some time.

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 04, 2012 at 06:34 PM

Wow ! You think ? That is truly MIND BLOWING Mr. Canosa, you should be doing this stuff on TV.

Well, Observer, how much i$ in it for me? heh heh

Many me, I mean, peanut gallery, the blog says nothing is taboo. Anything relative to the Dolphins you are free to discuss.

But your freedom of speech ends where offending other people starts. That's how it works.

I cannot allow cursing, because The Herald is a family newspaper and kids come on this blog. People can agree and disagree all they want.

But no need to be disagreeable.

Kris, I found someone who was acting as an imposter of you. That IP address is now banned.

Meanwhile, you posting stuff that has already been erased serves no purpose.

Henne isn't coming back. I wrote that in November. Not happening.

that was not the actual odinseye. That was an imposter. So he's gone.

Dolphins4life--JPP was not passed over--he selected a number of picks before we were up and obviously they did not work a trade up scenario....too bad....The others....and others you did not list were all missed. Hopefully Ireland continues to pick better than Tuns

For all of you complaining about a blessing on our coaching staff, let me tell you, that most players pray before and after games (its not only Tebow)...so I bet you guys would hate to be inside a locker room (idiots)...In this country everyone has the right to express their thoughts in whatever way...


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