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Dolphins complete coaching staff

The Miami Dolphins today named Blue Adams as assistant defensive backs coach, Charlie Bullen as defensive assistant, Ben Johnson as offensive assistant, Chris Mosley as assistant offensive line coach and also retained running backs coach Jeff Nixon, thus completing coach Joe Philbin’s staff for the upcoming season.

None of the new hires today were coaching in the NFL last year and only Mosely has experience coaching in the NFL at all. My favorite of today's new hires? Adams, of course. He graduated from Miami High in 1997. I graduated from Miami High in 1980.

Seriously, a quick glance at the Dolphins entire coaching staff suggests very little NFL experience is on staff. Eleven of the coaches are NFL rookie coaches in the jobs they are currently charged with doing with the Dolphins, including Philbin, who is a first-time NFL head coach.

Miami Dolphins 2012 Coaching Staff

Joe Philbin                               Head Coach

Blue Adams                             Assistant Defensive Backs

Lou Anarumo                          Defensive Backs

Charlie Bullen                         Defensive Assistant

Dan Campbell                         Tight Ends

David Corrao                           Defensive Quality Control/Assistant Linebackers

Kevin Coyle                             Defensive Coordinator

George Edwards                     Linebackers

Dave Fipp                                Assistant Special Teams

 Ben Johnson                            Offensive Assistant

Darren Krein                           Head Strength and Conditioning

Phil McGeoghan                     Assistant Wide Receivers

Chris Mosley                           Assistant Offensive Line

Jeff Nixon                                Running Backs

Ken O'Keefe                            Wide Receivers

Dave Puloka                            Assistant Strength and Conditioning

Darren Rizzi                            Special Teams Coordinator

Kacy Rodgers                          Defensive Line

Mike Sherman                        Offensive Coordinator

Zac Taylor                               Assistant Quarterbacks

Jim Turner                               Offensive Line


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Post of the day my azzzzzz.

Say what you want. On the other side of the coin, the bloggers here didn't pick Ryan Leaf or Andre Ware in the First Round.

Nobody is perfect, least of all YOU!

I hear ya, Odin.

Finslife here's what a quality control coach does according to NFL.com.
No S&C involved.

Contemporary coaches are always searching for an edge over their opponents. Now that the Computer Age is upon us, the analyzing has become more technical. Many of those coaches have assistants called the "Quality Control Coach." However, the QCC doesn't really do much coaching at all. They spend all day multitasking, breaking down film up to five weeks in advance and analyzing data. They work all hours, in hotel lobbies, on airplanes and at their team's headquarters producing reports for their Head Coach. They do get to do some coaching though. The QC coaches often run the "Scout" team in practices. From their extensive film work and breaking down plays, the QCC can be a great help preparing their team because they know the tendencies of their opponents. They make sure the Scout teams give the starters an accurate look at what they'll face on Sunday in practice during game weeks.

No, the posters here didn't draft Ryan Leaf. They were too busy squealing like little girls for Brady Quinn.

Sorry, you can't just cherry pick what you wanr remembered.

This coaching staff appears much WORSE then last years. I think they would've kept sparano if they knew they wernt getting Cowher or Fisher.

That's an informative post by Michael. Thank you.

How about that other vaunted DE? He's not the size of Coples but neither is C. Wake.


Can you please back up your assertion with specifics?

Please detail what you know about these coaches. Specifically, their backgrounds, coaching philosophies, tendencies, abilility to communicate, relationship with players, temperment, etc.

I've seen others make statements silimar to yours but none of them seemed to have the slightest idea what they were criticizing when asked for specific details on what they didn't like about their coaching abilities.

I'm sure you'll be able to answer those questions. Thanks in advance.

Whoever is going to come in at RDE is going to have to beat Starks. No easy task.

The way I picture the D line now is: Soliai, Odrick in the middle. Wake, Starks on the outside.

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?

For starters the Dolphins have hired 3 HC's in a row with no NFL HC experience. All 3(Saban,Cameron,and Sparano) failed miserably. So what do they do? They hire ANOTHER HC with no HC experience!! Thats INSANE!! They hired an experiment. Losing out on Fisher was a dagger in this franchises heart. Losing Nolan is a nightmare. Ross/Ireland continue to make this once proud franchise the laughingstock of the league. ...Sad.

oscar soliai is long gone

Finslife here's what a quality control coach does according to NFL.com.
No S&C involved.

Contemporary coaches are always searching for an edge over their opponents. Now that the Computer Age is upon us, the analyzing has become more technical. Many of those coaches have assistants called the "Quality Control Coach." However, the QCC doesn't really do much coaching at all. They spend all day multitasking, breaking down film up to five weeks in advance and analyzing data.

Michael | February 11, 2012 at 04:05 PM

I had to look it up myself and your right it's basically entry level statistical analysis work. I remember after retiring Louis Oliver was a quality control Coach or quality trainer of some kind in the J.J. era and he ran Dolphins players through rigorous work outs in the offseason and in their lies my confusion. I will look up exactly what it was that Oliver did and post it for you later.

i feel a cam cameron coming on

This feels like another 3 year regime to me.

this isnt good, how do us fans know manning is doen but ross doesnt.

Vegas Odds: 20%
Actual Line: 3/1
The Dolphins are everyone's favorite, and it makes good sense. They have a blossoming running game and with Manning under center, Reggie Bush would only be more effective. They have talented wide receivers, with Brandon Marshall holding No. 1 potential. (Davonne Bess ain't no slouch, and Bush is a fantastic receiving option as well.)

They have a franchise left tackle in Jake Long. They have a talented defense, with only a limited number of free agents that need re-signing. They have an owner who wants to sexy-up the offense and bring in celebrities to the stadium. No one is, um, sexier than Peyton Manning. (And Stephen Ross is "infatuated" with him, reportedly. Me-ow.)

Manning owns a condo in South Beach. He'd get to play his top rival, Tom Brady, twice a year. He'd also get a ridiculously easy schedule in 2012, as outside the AFC East the Dolphins play the Jaguars, Titans, Rams, Seahawks, Raiders, Texans, 49ers, Cardinals and Bengals.

Oh right, one more team: the Colts. In Indy. It's all a little too perfect.

The last few days the out of town commentators are saying Manning should go to the Fins because they are ready to take the next step. If he can win a SB for for the Dolfans I'm all for it. I love RG3 but giving up a ton of picks only works about 10% of the time. The last one was Falcons doing it for Julio Jones. They made the POs but the holes at OL&DB is what got they're a*# handed to them.

Miami Dolphins fans so stupid

Peyton not come here RG3 not come here Matt Flynn not come either he too smart

Smart like YOU ?


Whitney Houston has died today. What a talent! RIP.

RIP, Whitney Houston.

Early reports are that Whitney Houston was erratic and fallen into a heavy binge, she apparently overdosed. They quit trying to resuscitate her 20 minutes after finding her at the Beverly Hills Hilton, RIP!

Whitneys Mother sang background vocals on some Jimi Hendrix tracks. Her Cousin was Dionne Warwick.

What a Musically gifted Family.

The World got a little uglier today.


Her mother is Thelma Houston. Her most famous hit was "Don't Leave Me This Way".

And I... will always...love her,er,er.

It was her "perogative" but Bobby Brown was no good for her.


Damn, even I am straying from football posts. Get the reins on this blog Mando!

Bobby Brown took her apart got her into some hardcore drugs and she couldn't back out, so sad! Her rendition of the Natl. Anthem at the S.B. back in 91 during the 1st Gulf War with the Red, White and Blue flying high will forever be the one I'll remember most.

Cissy Houston was her Mother.

I don't know if Thelma was related.

Coaching staff complete.

Lotta poo pooing the staffs lack of experience.

Is that anything like the wonderful "experienced" guys like Bill Parcell's that say such gems as...

"You can't have a guy like Hernandez at TE 'cause he is too short."

Wes Welker is too small.

You have to get big guys like DE Odrick and RB Thomas 'cause they are not going to get hurt like the little guys...doh! Luckily we had the smaller, supposedly brittle Bush with a chip on his shoulder regarding being able to handle an every down backs role for most of the year.

KR Stefan Logan never even got a tryout because Parcell's saw him in the hallway and said he was too small to be in the NFL. He is now a damn good return guy for Detroit. KR/PR specialist...a position we are still trying to fill.

It was OC Henning and his sea of wisdom and experience that would put the wildcat in at odd times sure to kill drives.

It was also the culmination of taking 4 years for "Experienced Wizards" Parcell's and Henning to sort out and see that Henne was not cutting the mustard.

In this equation "cutting the mustard" = WINS!


...Best version of the National Anthem...Marvin Gaye @ the 1983 NBA All Star Game...IMO.

Aretha Frankiln was her godmother. A beautiful voice silenced at age 48. Sad.

Dionne Warwick was her cousin!

Found dead at Beverly Hills Hotel, cause of death pending autopsy.

DD and redsky!

Wassssup! Good to see you guys on and plugging away.

It is sad when such talented people meet their end much too early.

The songs, the laughs, the acting etc all gets taken away from the masses when people like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, John Candy, Chris Farley, John Belushi, Elvis and skads of others die early.

I just lost a friend Jan 28th. He was 62 years young from liver and kidney failure. Not crazy talented like the aforementioned but he was just a decent, upstanding, nice guy and the world will be a lesser place without him in it.

I hope you guys are doing well and your families and friends are too.

Take care,

The Dolphins are cemented in the cellar and wont be relevant until both idiots Ross and Ireland are long gone.

Hey Rob, thanks for the shout out. Yes my friend, life is short, EFF as many women as possible!!!

If anybody is out there I'll toss out a scenario that's been bouncing around in my mind. Suppose for a moment that the Colts draft RG111 because they feel he fits what they want to do moving forward. The Rams then on the clock think Luck can give more than S.Bradford or it just simply plays out the way everybody has it with Luck in Indy but then the Rams are feeling Griffin's potential over Bradford??

In this type of scenario then the whole draft picture changes with the Rams looking to deal S.Bradford for a #1 pick while going with RG111. Is Bradford then the player you trade for?? He has the size and big arm you look for, in fairness he has been saddled with NO help outside of S.Jackson, no pass protection ect.. He put together a solid Rookie showing considering the circumstances and was hurt for the most part in 2011.

I think this is a possibility nobody has really mentioned given that Griffin will sell tickets and brings an air of excitement that alone will have owners pondering this pick. Is Peyton Manning who in all likelihood never going to be 100% or what he once was still the targeted FA or would a move for Bradford be more sound even with his HUGE CAP #. I for one would pull the trigger on my #1 pick at 8 or 9 and roll the dice that a couple of O GURU's can get Bradford right instead of going with the stop gaps and ?? left on the draft board at QB after the BIG 2 are picked, just a thought that makes me go Hmmmm???

I'm not big on pop music, but I will never forget several years back I saw a video of her performing in Afica and I mean WOW! She sang and danced her butt off for two hours like nothing I have ever seen. Astonishing - both her and what I wanted to do with her. She has my utmost respect. A truly rare talent. RIP.

DA, agreed, if Kevin Costner didn't do that, he missed out!

Fin4, I thought about that and agree, Bradford is an option for the Fins, should his team cut him for a draft pick. I don't know that they will, he shows slot of promise and they have a new coaching staff.

I meant a lot, not slot....

The Bradford scenario has come up. I would not rule out Indy choosing RG3, either way maybe the Rams would rather have Luck or RG3 and trade Bradford.

I just can't see Manning bringing a ring here within the 2 or 3 years he has left. In his prime he only brought 1 to Indy. I'm good with B.

Fin4, I thought about that and agree, Bradford is an option for the Fins, should his team cut him for a draft pick. I don't know that they will, he shows slot of promise and they have a new coaching staff.

redsky | February 12, 2012 at 12:01 AM

They would NEVER cut him but can see them contemplating a move to RG111. Everybody needs to remember that the HC in St Louis now had S.McNair as his QB and Fisher loved him, no secret there. Alot of people like to throw comparisons around but RG111 in all honesty looks like Air McNair 2.0 on STEROIDS!

I can see him especially now in the ERA of spread formation feeling RG111 at pick #2 overall stunning all! At the end of the day Bradford wasn't his pick and he could get Griffin while dealing Bradford for some serious bounty! It's definitely in the realm of possibility. My question is what would you do?? I think Shannahan is regretting his move to Wash. and is more inclined to embrace Manning in a lets go out in a blaze together before going another couple of Yrs. getting anybody ready.

You then analyze the Browns & Seahawks, if Holgrem cuts loose on one of his #1's with an additional pick or worse both #1's then they land him but if not the Seahawks don't really have alot of Ammo they dealt future picks in some of there trades and under these circumstances the stars could align our way. I haven't really seen or heard anybody tossing this particular scenario around but believe it a strong possibility given what Fisher likes athletically in his QB.

I'm out. My impersonator can take over now. Chem trails, gay themes, have at it.

DevilsAdvocate | February 12, 2012 at 12:05 AM


I hadn't really heard the talk but was just spit balling a thought given that we get to debate the WHAT IF's now until April 20-something when the draft arrives. I also don't think you'll see any movement on Manning till after the draft shakes out one way or the other given his practices this week at Duke University apparently showed he is better but not close to back yet either.

Yesterday has been and gone
Tommorow will I find the sun
or will it rain

Everybody's having fun
Except me I'm the lonely one
I live in shame

I said goodbye to romance, yeah
Goodbye to friends, I tell you
Goodbye to all the past

I guess that we'll meet,
we'll meet in the end


Oops, the above was written by Ozzy Osbourne. I believe it was in regard to Randy Rhodes untimely death.

Either way, I thought it fitting.


Read the posts at 11:46/12:17 and drop me a line!

Oops, the above was written by Ozzy Osbourne. I believe it was in regard to Randy Rhodes untimely death.

Either way, I thought it fitting.

odinseye | February 12, 2012 at 12:31 AM

NEVER get in a plane with a drunk pilot pulling stunts in a neiborhood around power lines! That was about as sensless as it gets the way Randy bought the farm. Stupid pilot buzzing the tour bus.


I'm kinda tuning into to the loss of another beautiful Musician. I'm getting ready to fire up the Marshall stacks and bleed some emotions into my Telecaster.

Briefly, I think Fisher sticks with Bradford-Period.

However, if he were to somehow land Luck or Griffen, that would say alot about what he thinks of Bradford.

In this case, I don't think he can expect an 8th or 9th pick for a QB he's apparently given up on.


The pilot of the plane that crashed into the bus, was actually their driver.

When the Bus broke down and they were waiting for the mechanic, Rhodes and the Driver/Part Time Pilot went to a local airport and "Chartered" a plane.

Ozzy stayed behind to sleep one off. Can you imagine waking up on the back of your tour bus because your driver and Guitarist had just crashed into it?

Only in Ozzy's world!

Fin4, Odin, if Fisher fishes for a QB, then he cuts loose what the team fished for first, Bradford, which makes him an option for the fishing Dolphins! He is a nice option, just saying, someone that should be considered.

In this case, I don't think he can expect an 8th or 9th pick for a QB he's apparently given up on.

odinseye | February 12, 2012 at 12:44 AM

That depends on how you look at it. If it's RG111 then you can argue it being a QB more in line with what Fisher has worked with in the past and the type of scheme he likes to implement not being in line with what Bradford is physically, plus they would free up a ton in CAP space given Bradford was the last #1 overall pick before the Rookie CAP taking effect.

If it's Luck your talking about the highest grade on a rookie since Peyton in 98. Aonce in a generation player if you will, who would have gone ahead of Bradford hypothetically anyway. By the way did I mention the amount of CAP space they free up! Given the deal Cam got last Yr. it would be in the neiborhood of 50 Million and about 9 to 12.6 Mil. a Yr. depending on Bradford hitting his incentives.

Bradford 6 Yrs. at 78 Million with 50 Mil. guaranteed with incentives worth a whopping 86 Million!! So not only is it sound for them if they can move the contract but whoever assumes it better be sure about what they can do with him as well??

Only in Ozzy's world!

odinseye | February 12, 2012 at 12:49 AM

As a kid I use to read Hit Parader and always loved the stories with the best being when Ozzy toured with Motley Crue. There was one story that Tommy Lee told that summed up the insanity of Ozzy. He said they were all HIGH out of there minds up for about 3 days in the tour bus and were basically looking to one up each other and Ozzy got out of the bus looked at a red ant pile pulled out his straw and snorted a pile of them. Lee said that the members of the crew just lookes at each other saying WTF!!

Been sitting now for a few hours watching the Rob Zombie remakes of Halloween 1&2 and they're pretty awesome!


Just got done with a Jam Session and I read what you posted.

You got me again! I didn't even consider Bradfords contract pre-rookie salary cap.

That does add a whole new element to the equation. Nice catch.

That makes your hypothesis a lot more viable.

A little too buzzed up to give it any serious thought right now-LOL.

But I'll get back to you as sobriety allows-ROTFLMAO!

So what you're saying Armando is, because you graduated in 1980 you would make a better coach than Blue....

Why Oh Why has'nt Odin Been banned yet?

Odin Posting from 11:40 AM till 3:30 Am, 16 stright hours of garbage, His Lifemate Fin4Life Posting from 12:45 PM till 2 AM,I guess its must be Valintines Day weekend, Odin What say you?, What will you be getting your Lifemate Fin4life?

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