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Dolphins complete coaching staff

The Miami Dolphins today named Blue Adams as assistant defensive backs coach, Charlie Bullen as defensive assistant, Ben Johnson as offensive assistant, Chris Mosley as assistant offensive line coach and also retained running backs coach Jeff Nixon, thus completing coach Joe Philbin’s staff for the upcoming season.

None of the new hires today were coaching in the NFL last year and only Mosely has experience coaching in the NFL at all. My favorite of today's new hires? Adams, of course. He graduated from Miami High in 1997. I graduated from Miami High in 1980.

Seriously, a quick glance at the Dolphins entire coaching staff suggests very little NFL experience is on staff. Eleven of the coaches are NFL rookie coaches in the jobs they are currently charged with doing with the Dolphins, including Philbin, who is a first-time NFL head coach.

Miami Dolphins 2012 Coaching Staff

Joe Philbin                               Head Coach

Blue Adams                             Assistant Defensive Backs

Lou Anarumo                          Defensive Backs

Charlie Bullen                         Defensive Assistant

Dan Campbell                         Tight Ends

David Corrao                           Defensive Quality Control/Assistant Linebackers

Kevin Coyle                             Defensive Coordinator

George Edwards                     Linebackers

Dave Fipp                                Assistant Special Teams

 Ben Johnson                            Offensive Assistant

Darren Krein                           Head Strength and Conditioning

Phil McGeoghan                     Assistant Wide Receivers

Chris Mosley                           Assistant Offensive Line

Jeff Nixon                                Running Backs

Ken O'Keefe                            Wide Receivers

Dave Puloka                            Assistant Strength and Conditioning

Darren Rizzi                            Special Teams Coordinator

Kacy Rodgers                          Defensive Line

Mike Sherman                        Offensive Coordinator

Zac Taylor                               Assistant Quarterbacks

Jim Turner                               Offensive Line


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Losing Whitney Houston is one thing but, when Johnny Carson died, I took it hard. Johnny was the best.

chris farley

Carson? That guy was dull. No wit and worse his lame sidekick.

Rarely will I agree with a poster who won't sign in with his/her everyday sign in name.....but the below is true regardless of the poster's annonimity .......

And if you chose not to read the whole thing....I'll give you the short version.....



Days like today are why I could NEVER take this blog seriously.

I mean, some of you are actually critiquing the coaching staff as if you have ANY idea what you're talking about??

I have no idea who you think you're kidding with your delusional, self-awarded 'expertise' but it sure as hell isn't me.

You have no clue how good or bad this staff will prove to be. You never heard these names and you will never meet the men behind them, let alone be invited anywhere near an actual team meeting.

Yet you actually think you can sit there and intelligently assess their abilities and/or flaws.

God, what a bunch of loons.

Posted by: Not Fooled | February 11, 2012 at 02:57 PM

care less about the last few staff hirings, can we please get some real players now

It's February.....and you guys are whining because Cowher isn't the running backed coach....and Billick isn't coaching the Linebackers.....lol....


Who is is on Fisher's staff that you feel Philbin missed out on.....who is the HIGHLY TOUTED WIDE RECEIVERS COACH that you just HAD TO HAVE on the FINS STAFF.....

Some you whine and moan... Just for the sake of whining and moaning......

Agree Dusty.....lets fix the line.....and get some play makers....

Peyton Manning is at his multi million dollar condo in South Beach, Miami

throwing footballs on the beach

No Worries

In a month
The Miami Dolphins sign four time NFL MVP & Super Bowl MVP QB Peyton Manning

Miami is in the Playoffs in 2012 and possibly the Super Bowl

QB Flynn signs a sucker of a deal, becomes a bust in the NFL and opens an Irish Pub in Wisconsin

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

sad part is we will sign manning, and what a mistake it will be, set us back even further. guys arm is dead

Wonder how minor neck surgery affects your throwing arm? lol

Reporters say the saw Peyton knocking Pelicans of a pier on South Beach from 60 YDs w a football

Go Phins!

Get real. Peyton's condo means nothing.
He could buy 5 more condos and not even notice the difference in his bank account.

wonder no more home, everything is connected. u should of learned that around 8th grade

dean condo has nothing to do on why he will come here, its mans greatest fear that does,his wife.

The wife is too stinkin rich with his $
to complain about anything.

Cutting Bradford would not free cap space, in fact it would do the opposite. Cutting Bradford would accellerate bonus money hitting the cap in the year Bradford would be cut. The bonus money would have otherwise have been deferred evenly through the length of the contract. That's why they give bonus money in instead of guaranteed money in a contract. You can apportion bonus money paid in year one of the contract through that length of the entire contract.

I'm sure you can bet that Armando has been up all night working on his next blog subject on the passing of Whitney Houston and how that affects the Dolphins.

they dont cut him they trade him. him for long.

Before I make a call on Patten I want to see first hand if his arm is a noodle, dead or whatever you want to call it.

BTW.. I believe that the early calls on his arm are premature as he hasn't been utilizing his arm for a year so it will take time to gather it'straight much like when us normal folks say break a leg and when we need to rehab it back to health and strength.

atrophy is not the problem. its nerve regeneration. sounds too serious to me.

I'm still opting to make it out of this draft with at least one solid Play Maker.

Forget about Luck, RG and as the other teams drool over that I say we walk away with a play maker who is WR Justin Blackmon.

Yeah, I said it a hundred times before but what more can we talk about on a Sunday morning besides breakfast.

IMO, Blackmon is the best WR that I seen come out in probably the last 10 -15 years.

We move up and grab the kid and at least with Blackmon we have another tool for whoever the next QB is. Even an average QB will be salivating at having the Beast, Blackmon and Reggie all lined up for some action.

Go out in FA and shore up the O line, D and let's freaking get the show on the road.


I was once diaginosed with having cephalalgia as well as Eructation.

Some you whine and moan... Just for the sake of whining and moaning......

Kris | February 12, 2012 at 08:53 AM

I actually had to get up to get a head start on some work and caught this and believe you missed the point here old friend! The knock isn't on not having heard of some of these Coaches. The thing discussed has to do with alot of these guys coming from Div-2 programs which are schools were the kids are really about school pride and alot of other things that make you wonder if either Philbin really had his ear to the ground or pulled some of these names out of a hat or cracker jack box. These aren't guys from even Div-1A one of these guys he even plucked from a juggernaut Football State like North Dakota that's the point.


I cant say I really know any of the assts on Philbin's staff. I need to at least give Philbin a chance and if it works great and if it fails, well, just as we did with all the rest, they will be purged.

Perhaps you are right and this is all just smoking mirrors orchestrated by owner Ross and THE SCOUT Ireland to have the team continue to suck and with empty seats, they cann use that as thier excuse to move the team to the jack ass left coast.

Cutting Bradford would not free cap space, in fact it would do the opposite. Cutting Bradford would accellerate bonus money hitting the cap in the year Bradford would be cut.

Publicado por: Michael | February 12, 2012 at 09:38 AM


Suggest you go back and read those posts carefully because I NEVER suggested that. I in 3 posts late suggested:

1)That Fisher always had the more mobile McNair as his QB and Griffin could fit the type of scheme he employed if it were his conviction and if your going to drop comparisons there are parallels between McNair and Griffin in style with Griffin the better athlete.

2)In such a scenario they can move his 50 Mil guarantee and overall 86 Mil contract (with incentives) and go with a rookie capped contract freeing up space for FA's and to accommodate other additional #1 picks picked up via trade. Since this Yr. doesn't include a bonus in his money they can trade him just fine draft day.

3) Would he be then the player to target was my ?? and yes for me he would be for a host of reasons I put up in my posts which include thoughts on the other QB needy teams.


Again these could be guys he had his ear to the ground and knew all about and are going to be one of the best staffs in Football. I just wonder when you pluck some of your staff from Div-2, nothing more and nothing less. There is a diff. between Div-2 or Ivy League schools and the NFL by leaps and bounds why does everybody seem to have a problem with that ??, I don't know and yes the staffs are so big these days that I was confused as to what the Quality control Coach did and nobody has heard of the Coaches on alot of staffs, not in question. The ?? is were these guys we hired from and Coached before making the almighty NFL JUMP.

Catch you guys in a bit need to get caught up, the almighty bills and tax collector come first!

Could Ross and Irescum find a worse coaching staff?? YIKES!!

Having the names hasn't worked over the past twenty years. Maybe having the hunger and will to do what the head coach wants to do is the idea.

Everyone hates the NY Giants head coach and all he does is win super bowls. Go figure.

For some crazy reason I feel we as Dolphin Fans could finally have a little luck fall into our laps. Lets except this luck with open arms instead of the same old same old.

Go Dolphins!!By the way everyone is all worked up about the west coast offense. What you need is a good no huddle offense.

My 2 cents is a Coach's ability to train, teach, motivate and improve a player is more important than where they coached. Lombardi had pretty much no notable experience before becoming OC for the Giants. Also, some GREAT players have come out of 2A, from Jerry Rice to Steve McNair to today players like Tony Romo. So 2A Coaches don't necessarily mean they are lower than 1A Coaches. Coaching prowess comes out of how well you can relate to people, being part teacher, part mentor. Getting the most out of what you got. Knowing how to strategize and game plan and/or best implement the strategy/game plan handed down.

These things can't be judged by where those Coaches were before (solely). Yes, their lack of NFL experience is something to be watched. Their learning curve might be longer. Or, if they are smart individuals, their passion and invigoration might be able to help change the culture.

We don't know. We won't know until we see them in action. That won't happen (in plain sight) for many months. Until then, everyone is just offering an opinion (including me).

Shula, I agree. Everything tried before (since Shula) has not worked. I'm in favor of trying something, ANYTHING, to return the winning tradition to this franchise. People can debate if the changes made will meet that goal or not, but I'm at least heartened things are (said to)look different than we've seen them before (including no huddle, more focus on efficient offense, defense which might focus more on the secondary and turnovers, etc.).

Peyton Manning will be the best FA acquisition in Miami Dolphins history

R U Phucking kidding me!

sign an unproven homeless lookin Irish drunk over HOF QB Peyton Manning for the next 3 yrs ?


Winning Franchises are made by their Organization. Robbie was hungry for $ and Glory. Huizinga wasn't. Ross I don't know.

Motivation is essential in Life. Be it $, Power, Traditon or just plain Altruism, you need the desire to excel.

Some you whine and moan... Just for the sake of whining and moaning......

Posted by: Kris | February 12, 2012 at 08:53 AM

Didn't want to paste the entire post, but I agree.
Only person I'm skeptical of is Coyle (and to an extent Sherman)....should have retained Nolan; otherwise why complain about people that you have no knowledge of

Ross and Ireland are in way over their heads. Outmatched every thing they do. When Ross sells the team we'll be relevant again.....hopefully.

Fins, even in a trade situation the deferred money is accelerated, and the Rams would still take the cap hit.

Since Home told us his first round draft pick yesterday when the Fins change to a 4-3 defense is DE Coples after signing QB Peyton Manning in free agency. Seems sports fans have taken notice of Home's pick as the whole Sun Sentinel Dolphin board is now talking about DE Coples becoming the Dolphin's first choice.
Too bad Mando is always sleeping and not interacting with his bloggers in regards to their observations and picks.
Good job, Home!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Just some historical events that may interest no one.

Events from 1997

Jan 11th - 23rd People's Choice Awards: Bill Cosby wins

Jan 12th - HAL became operational (2001: A Space Odyssey)

Jan 17th - NBA suspends Dennis Rodman indefinitely/$25,000 for kicking cameraman

Feb 4th - OJ Simpson found libel in mur-ders of Ron Goldman & Nicole Simpson

Feb 21st - "Empire Strikes Back, special edition," premieres

Feb 23rd - Scientists in Scotland announced they succeeded in cloning an adult mammal, producing a lamb named "Dolly"

Mar 11th - Beatle McCartney knighted Sir Paul by Queen

Mar 23rd - Wrestlemania XIII in Chicago, Undertaker beats Psycho Sid for title

Mar 27th - 39 cult memebers in California commit mass sui-cide (Hale-Bopp)

Apr 15th - Baseball honors Jackie Robinson by retiring #42 for all teams

Apr 21st - Ashes of Timothy Leary & Gene Roddenberry launched into orbit

Apr 30th - 42 million watch "Ellen" admit she is ghay

May 2nd - Police arrest trans-sex-ual hooker Atisone Seiuli with Eddie Murphy

May 3rd - Garry Kasparov begins chess match with IBM supercomputer Deep Blue

May 6th - Michael Jackson & Bee Gees inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Jun 2nd - Timothy McVeigh found guilty of 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, killing 168

Jun 12th - 1st ever baseball inter-league game SF Giants beat Texas Rangers 4-3

Jun 24th - Mark McGwire hits a 538 foot home run

Jul 9th - Mike Tyson is banned from boxing, for biting Holyfield's ear

Jul 10th - RJR Nabisco announces it will replace Joe Camel in new ads

Jul 21st - 200-year-old USS Constitution sails under its own power

Aug 6th - Microsoft announces it will invest $150 million in Apple Computer Inc

Aug 11th - Benin legalizes Jan 10th as a voodoo holiday

Aug 31st - Don Mattingly's #23 is retired by NY Yankees

Sep 1st - Jerry Lewis' 32nd Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $50,500,000

Sep 6th - Princess Diana's funeral

Sep 16th - Apple Computer Inc names co-founder Steve Jobs temporary CEO

Oct 3rd - Gordie Howie, 69, plays in 7th decade, with IHL'S Detroit Vipers

Oct 4th - The second largest cash robbery in U.S. history occurs at the Charlotte, North Carolina office of Loomis, Fargo and Company. An FBI investigation eventually results in 24 convictions and the recovery of approximately 95% of the $17.3 million in cash which had been taken.

Oct 21st - Elton John's tribute to Diana breaks world record, 318 million dist

Nov 18th - Gary Glitter arrested by British police in child po-rn probe

Nov 27th - Lions' Barry Sanders becomes NFL's 2nd all-time rusher

Nov 28th - Final episode of "Beavis & Butt-head," on MTV

Dec 3rd - Golden State Warrior guard Latrell Sprewell, four-year, $32 million, contract terminated for attacking his coach P J Carlesimo

Dec 21st - Detroit Lions Barry Sanders is 3rd to run for 2,000 yards in a season

Dec 31st - Marv Levy, retires as coach of Buffalo Bills

Events from 1980

Jan 12th - "Dynasty" with Joan Collins premieres on ABC-TV

Jan 16th - Boxer Leon Spinks is mugged, his assailants even took his gold teeth

Jan 20th - 52 Americans held hostage in Iran for 444 days freed

Feb 6th - Beatles McCartney, Starr & Harrison record a tribute to John Lennon

Feb 25th - 23rd Grammy Awards: Sailing, Christopher Cross, Billy Joel wins

Feb 27th - Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder record "Ebony & Ivory"

Mar 5th - US government grants Atlanta $1 million to search for black boy murderer

Mar 6th - Walter Cronkite signs-off as anchorman of "CBS Evening News"

Mar 13th - Attempt on Pope John Paul II by Mehemet Ali Agca

Apr 11th - Valerie Bertinelli marries Eddie Van Halen

Apr 19th - Oakland A's runs record to 11-0

Apr 20th - Final performance of TV show "Soap" airs

May 13th - Pope John Paul II shot, wounded by assailant in St Peter's Square

May 15th - "Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island" airs

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Jun 10th - Pete Rose ties Stan Musial's NL record of 3,630 hits

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Jul 7th - Sandra Day O'Connor nominated for the Supreme Court

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Sep 7th - Judge Wapner & People's Court premier on TV

Sep 16th - 1st broadcast of "Miami Vice" on NBC-TV

Sep 21st - Sandra Day O'Conner becomes 1st female Supreme Court Justice

Oct 8th - 1st broadcast of "Cagney & Lacey" on ABC-TV

Oct 11th - Unknown rocker Prince opens for Rolling Stones at LA Coliseum

Oct 23rd - US national debt hits $1 trillion

Nov 5th - Former Dolphin, Mercury Morris, is sentenced to 20 years for dr-ug trafficing, conspiracy, & possession of coca-ine

Nov 16th - Luke marries Laura on General Hospital (16 million watch)

Nov 30th - Po-rn star John Holmes arrested on fugitive charges

Dec 1st - The AIDS virus is officially recognized.

Dec 11th - Muhammad Ali's 61st & last fight, losing to Trevor Berbick

Dec 28th - The first American test-tube baby, Elizabeth Jordan Carr, is born in Norfolk, Virginia.

As fin4life has told me...I'm like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.

Learning is fun

Soiled :)

P.S. Give Coach Philbin a chance before we crucify him...Sports talk

Dear Mr. Salguero

" My favorite of today's new hires? Adams, of course. He graduated from Miami High in 1997. I graduated from Miami High in 1980."

As to why my previous post

Soiled :)

The lack of nfl coaching experience really concerns me. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. Only the dc and lb coach have any nfl experience at all. The lb coach(George Edwards) has more experience than our dc(Kevin Coyle) and the dc is a former db assistant.

Heck its tough enough having a decent defense with an experienced dc, let alone a former db coach just cutting his teeth at the dc job. This just might be Philbins first huge mistake in coming to Miami.


The deferred money you mention are signing & performance bonuses that you can spread out over the duration of a contract. Bradford was handed a 6 Yr. 78 Mil with easy incentives pushing it to 86 Mil. (50 Mil. guaranteed)with 15 Mil. up front to drop his cap # under 10 Million.

I remember because this particular contract was not originally League approved and had players like Tom Brady complaining about the size of the deal for a player who had never played a down in the NFL. It got Brady and Manning extended at over 20 Mil each and prompted the players (vets) to not fight the League on the Rookie wage scale during the lockout but actually be the ones who pushed it.

The hyper acceleration you mention can be lowered by moving him before his Training Camp bonus is due, remember his new team would owe him that. Yes the Rams eat about 10 Mil but do the math Bradford from here on out if he finishes that deal without restructure will increase in Cap value at over 20 Million with his incentives which if you read the contract (guessing you google this stuff) are something he doesn't get strictly if injury or dead (Training Camp bonus, If he starts the whole season ect..)

I'm not saying they do this but in drafting an RG111 or Luck you can sign them like Cam last Yr. at a Cap # with bonuses at about 3.5 Million with an average of 5 towards the back end. It makes perfect sense especially with a 120 Million Cap this Yr. and through the CBA an expected 5% yearly increase.

Got the goose bumps(again) hearing Whitney's rendition of our National Anthem.

Same with Ray Charles', America the Beautiful.

Oct 3rd - Gordie Howie, 69, plays in 7th decade, with IHL'S Detroit Vipers

SoiledBottom | February 12, 2012 at 12:29 PM

Dear Soiled,

I always in the late 90's felt Goldie a M I L F, I actually must admit in the Mom and Daughter scenario she and Katie came to mind after seeing her young sire in almost famous but had no idea it extended to a Sr. Citizen, AYAYAY!

Negro blood has to be the most Musical infusion of the World.

May 27th - John Hinckley attempts sui-cide by overdosing on Tylenol

SoiledBottom | February 12, 2012 at 12:29 PM

You'd think he'd have learned in those 16 Trs. by then how to stash his Psychotropic Med's

If we go exclusively 4-3 defense this year, they better resign Soliai. We dont have a true mlb and are assuming Dansby could get the job done fulltime. Dansby's a 3-4 ilb that can play some 4-3 mlb.

So if allow Soliai to walk and Dansby's exposed as not being a legit mlb. Epect to get gashed up the middle in the run game big time. If we have to go 3-4 on running downs becuase of this we still get gashed up the middle just the same.

You just dont exclusively play a 4-3 defense without a true mlb and true dt's. Ask JJ, upon coming to Miami he immediately drafted Darryl Gardner #1, then Zack Thomas 5th rd.

Nov 16th - Luke marries Laura on General Hospital (16 million watch)

Nov 30th - Po-rn star John Holmes arrested on fugitive charges

SoiledBottom | February 12, 2012 at 12:29 PM

I caught both events on TMZ!

I See Fin4life has arrived for 12 stright hours of posting, Odin should be waking up soon hung over,laying in his own vomit.


Eat me!

You know you want it!

There must be some way to equiparate economic and social conditions in this Country.

Dec 11th - Muhammad Ali's 61st & last fight, losing to Trevor Berbick

SoiledBottom | February 12, 2012 at 12:29 PM

I was Ringside the positive is Ali didn't remember the fight leaving the Ring and was simply told he'd been in a Car accident. I would later learn in the Hospital he apologized to Berbick for having rear ended his vehicle.

Oh Snap, The famous couple are on the blog at the same time. Imagine that.

That Dec. 28th date is fateful for in our Future there will be no more Pregnancies.

Dear Mr. Soiled,

Thanks for the laugh.

"Jan 16th - Boxer Leon Spinks is mugged, his assailants even took his gold teeth"

How does this happen-LOL?

Pryton Manning isnt coming to this trainwreck of a team.

Sorry, but I'm elevating Today.

Jan 16th - Boxer Leon Spinks is mugged, his assailants even took his gold teeth"
How does this happen-LOL?
Posted by: odinseye | February 12, 2012 at 01:06 PM

Mr. Odin, Where were you Jan. 16th Sir?LOL

Dolphins fans so stupid Peyton not come here Matt Flynn neither Mark Brunell come here after Jets release him. Only washup up free agents sign here like NoodleArm, Olshansky, Columbus, Wilford. Mark Brunell will be next.

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