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Dolphins complete coaching staff

The Miami Dolphins today named Blue Adams as assistant defensive backs coach, Charlie Bullen as defensive assistant, Ben Johnson as offensive assistant, Chris Mosley as assistant offensive line coach and also retained running backs coach Jeff Nixon, thus completing coach Joe Philbin’s staff for the upcoming season.

None of the new hires today were coaching in the NFL last year and only Mosely has experience coaching in the NFL at all. My favorite of today's new hires? Adams, of course. He graduated from Miami High in 1997. I graduated from Miami High in 1980.

Seriously, a quick glance at the Dolphins entire coaching staff suggests very little NFL experience is on staff. Eleven of the coaches are NFL rookie coaches in the jobs they are currently charged with doing with the Dolphins, including Philbin, who is a first-time NFL head coach.

Miami Dolphins 2012 Coaching Staff

Joe Philbin                               Head Coach

Blue Adams                             Assistant Defensive Backs

Lou Anarumo                          Defensive Backs

Charlie Bullen                         Defensive Assistant

Dan Campbell                         Tight Ends

David Corrao                           Defensive Quality Control/Assistant Linebackers

Kevin Coyle                             Defensive Coordinator

George Edwards                     Linebackers

Dave Fipp                                Assistant Special Teams

 Ben Johnson                            Offensive Assistant

Darren Krein                           Head Strength and Conditioning

Phil McGeoghan                     Assistant Wide Receivers

Chris Mosley                           Assistant Offensive Line

Jeff Nixon                                Running Backs

Ken O'Keefe                            Wide Receivers

Dave Puloka                            Assistant Strength and Conditioning

Darren Rizzi                            Special Teams Coordinator

Kacy Rodgers                          Defensive Line

Mike Sherman                        Offensive Coordinator

Zac Taylor                               Assistant Quarterbacks

Jim Turner                               Offensive Line


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Just like the Grammy's, this blog is at an all time low.

Oscar, you said it, PAINFUL to watch.

You know what would have been kool though? They should've got Kanye West and Chris Brown on stage together. Then one of those awesome gang beat ins........beat downs.......?

Whatever...........them two shoulda got dat azzz kicked!

Honoring Chris Brown? Are you kidding me? I fast forwarded. I'd honor that punk mutha fvcker upside his nappy head!

I saw on the Grammy's that Hubert Sumlin passed away. I didn't even know.

Hubert was a big inspiration for me. He played guitar for Howling Wolf.

Eric Clapton was doing a Blues Revival album once, featuring all the Old Blues Greats. The Record Company sent plane tickets to all the performers to fly in to London.

When Clapton found out that Hubert wasn't flown in he shut down production and walked out.

The record company flew Hubert in the same week. It was money well spent!

You will be missed Hubert Sumlin! RIP!

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Dolphins gonna sign Jerome Messam from CFL, interesting, another RB!

I enjoyed the Grammys Odin.


I kind of blame you.....you talk to this moron all day for the last 2 days.....you only serve to encourage him....

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Posted by: Kris | February 12, 2012 at 08:54 PM

kwith ith jealouth.

Took this from Peter King's MMQB this morning. It's Eli talking about the fact Kevin Gilbride's being his OC since he's been in the league. Now I'm not a big Gilbride fan, never have been but it does say something about continuity. Funny how his brother had all his success with Tom Moore as his OC all those years. When we look at what's going on in Miami, you see NONE of this. While I'm all for a 1st round QB, some continuity would be nice too. Eli REALLY struggled when he first came into the league and if it had happened in Miami they would have canned Gilbride and benched Eli. It's not just about the players, it's how you develop them. Nobody with the Dolphins seems to get that.

"He is what I know about NFL offenses. I can't tell you how huge an advantage it is to be with the same coordinator for so long."


Changing HC's every few years is the problem, that means new coordinators and constant personal changes. Yes continuity is important, but only with the right coaches. 10 years of Wanny Cameron or Sparano wouldn't have been wise.

Did some of you guys really watch the grammys? Honoring Kanye West that a hole and the woman beater Chris Brown who also threw a chair through the Today's show window in his dressing room. RIP Whitney Houston the greatest singer of all time.

Difference is Craig, the Giants reputation has remained intact all these years. Sure, they're now more of a passing team than running. But they were always known as a tough defense, especially their front 7. And they've never wavered from that. So when the new Coaches came in, they were always working off the same general book.

Miami didn't do that. We're not connected one bit to the teams of the 80's or the 70's. Other than the name, there's no connection. Each new FO tried to adopt some type of image, but that lasted as long as they did (which is to say not too long).

There's no "system" in Miami. It's just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

In order to create that stability you're describing, we need some type of early success to give the Owner some reason not to change things so fast. And we need luck. Just like the Giants lucked into Eli (of course, they chose to take a risk, which is necessary too).

It's a chicken and egg thing. Continuity won't come until good things happen and great things will never happen as long as there's no continuity.

Hopefully this FO can settle things a bit so that continuity can take place and something long-term can be created.

A little more from King this morning. It's a copy cat league. Tell me where you've seen any of this in Miami in the last 15 years? Not saying we should have stuck with Sparano or anybody else but constant change isn't the answer either. Coughlin's been run out of New York more times than I care to remember and he's got TWO Super Bowl rings now and is likely going to the Hall of Fame. Hopefully we'll start to see more continuity and success under Philbin's regime.

"Good coaching, with a staff that mostly stays in place, is most often the hallmark of a winning organization. And a good quarterback, with guts, well, that doesn't hurt either."

Spiderman, I heard rumors that Rhianna has been spotted with Chris Brown recently. So, if those are to be true, who's the bigger idiot (him or her)?

Also, for me the Grammy's have been worthless for a long time now. I don't listen to pop music or the radio or have heard of many of these "newer" artists. So, it doesn't entice me.

I really only watched to see how they would handle the Whitney stuff. Seems they did a pretty good job.


The Giants had some lean years too. It hasn't been smooth sailing all the way from Parcells to Coughlin. There were many times when the fans and media were pissed at Coughlin and they wanted him fired. I don't have his record in front of me but there were season where the team went 6-10 and 8-8 etc... The team had no identity, leadership was being questioned, Eli was being questioned etc. Talk to Giants fans and they'll tell you. Did anyone think Eli was going to become the QB he's become? I sure didn't. I saw a guy who played scared and nervous and I didn't see the leadership he's displaying now. I saw the guy that Tiki called out a few years ago. Different guy and different team without Shockey (who everyone wanted here last year, btw) and Barber on it. Defence is much better than it was during those mediocre years. That's where we're at right now. What's the plan?

If Rihanna still f in around with Brown, guess she likes getting her a** beat. You know some females get off on that type of stuff.

DC and Spiderman,

Not a fan of today's music either. I guess we're showing our age....LOL. My kids listen to Kanye and some of the other stuff out there and I just don't get the attraction. Whatever....maybe we were the same with our parents when we were kids.

Having said that, I watched some of the show last night and it was pretty good. Obviously the Whitney stuff added to it. But I enjoyed Springsteen and always been a Maca fan. I thought the Beach Boys stuff was alright and you've got to like Adele....man can she belt it out!! No glitx or glamour, just talent....

How is it that people celebrate a guy like Chris Brown and put him on a National stage? You and I do something like that and we couldn't show our face around town again. A celebrity does it and people worship him?

What's the deal? Is all that other stuff just forgotten? We sure have a weird relationship with those that we're fans of?

I disagree Craig. The Giants won a SB in the 80's, 90's, 00s, and now. So they've been winning SBs every decade all along. That's the difference. That's the continuity I'm talking about. Sure, in between they had lean years, but they've been relevant at least once a decade. Their credibility line goes up and down.

That's NOT us. Our credibility line goes straight down from the 80's to now. We haven't done ANYTHING. So, that's why our Owners haven't wanted to continue anything, because they don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. They don't see anything WORTH continuing.

And, I hate to sound like a broken record, a lot of that has to do with the QB position. Since we haven't HAD an Eli, or ANYONE for that matter we could see lasting here for more than a few years, then it was always easier to go a different direction.

My suggestion is get the QB FIRST, BEFORE doing anything else. If you get the right one, THAT move ALONE should give the HC enough time to develop the team and the system. Then you can start the continuity thing. Hopefully the winning comes next, and then molding the team to win a SB.

That's how I'd do it. Also, the HC has to be willing to adapt to the new normal. Coughlin was (that's how we could win a SB with a pretty poor defense and no run game). Bellichick is the King of adapting. Sparano/Parcells obviously could not. Looks like signs point to Philbin understanding how to win in the NFL today. So hopefully he can install a system that can at least be a basis for our team for a long time to come.


Giants won a Super Bowl in '91 under Parcells. They wouldn't win another one until 2008, 17 years later. I'd hardly call that continuity. They had a lot of lean years under Reeves and Coughlin along the way.

Craig, I was actually asking the SAME question watching last week's Bill Maher. He had on Con. Foley, a Florida Republican who got kicked out of the House for fondling (or trading lude pictures with) the House pages (these are usually high schoolers). I thought it was disgusting this guy could come on national television like he could be a credible voice. Maher didn't even ask him about the page scandal.

But that's America. There's one thing you say in public, when the lights are on, and it sounds great (like children are the future, it's all about education, we respect each other and religions, etc.), and then there's the Truth, which basically is Money and Power still rule.

If you're a small-time drug dealer, you're a scumbag. If you're a huge drug dealer, you're a legitimate business man.

Just like if you're a country without nuclear weapons, you're nothing. But you're legitimized if you get the bomb.

In the end it's all a money game. Those who have it make their own rules, those who don't have it have to live by the rules set to keep them from making it. It's a perfect system if you're at the top, since it's there to keep anyone from taking your spot.

People lie, cheat and steal to get paid. And they lie, cheat and steal to stay paid. In the end, everyone's lying, cheating and stealing. Heck, it came out that Pres. Kennedy basically raped a woman in the White House (an intern), yet, no one's saying bad things about him. So, why should people keep hating on Chris Brown, he's just an entertainer?

All celebrities are degenerates and so are the people that worship them. Its fine to be a fan, I love music and watch a lot of movies but I don't make these people out for more than being human. Most artists I enjoy I wouldn't want to spend an hour around. I once met Tommy lee in a nightclub. I'm a huge cruel fan for twenty plus years but the man is a degenerate.

enuf already

rated at the bottom of the barrel

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Fraud, Poser Boy CB


I go back to my original point, when Eli came into the league he struggled under an OC who had bounced around from organization to organization and really hadn't left a mark anywhere he'd been (other than when Buddy Ryan took a shot at him on the sidelines...LOL). It would have been easy to make changes.

Eight years later they have two Super Bowls together....

enuf already

rated at the bottom of the barrel

rated a BUST by Pro Football Focus

Fraud, Poser Boy CB


enuf already

rated at the bottom of the barrel

rated a BUST by Pro Football Focus

Fraud, Poser Boy CB


Craig, here's a list of the Giants Playoff appearances (in the last few decades): 1981, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011.

Not exactly the track of the Dolphins in that time. 5 in the 80's, 3 in the 90's, 6 in the 00's, and already once this decade.

I don't think you can compare their lean to our lean. Compared to us, they've been about as lean as Vince Wilfork. There's lean and there's anorexic.

Maybe they've been lean, we've been Somalian lean.

My suggestion is get the QB FIRST, BEFORE doing anything else.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 13, 2012 at 10:46 AM

Wow, who'd have known.

DC and Mark,

Great posts above. I agree with a large amount of what you guys said. Good points. Totally agree Mark, when I see how kids today are fawning over some of these celebrities it's just CRAZY stuff! The Bieber stuff is out of control. I had my daughter at a Taylor Swift concert and this girls are all gaga and head over heels over a frggin' celebrity. It's out of control!

Don't really want to get all political in light of the Whitney Houston news but why do the media and fans have to be these people on such an unrealisitc pedestal? What can't she just be a good singer, who makes a good living? No wonder these people live such tragic lives....the expectations are completely and totally unrealistic....they aren't treated like humans by anyone....more like Gods and Godesses every songle day of their lives. Sad and sick society we live in.

Craig, my question would then become, who do you have faith might one day lead a SB team? Henne? Moore? Eli also came into the league with A LOT of fanfare. He was highly touted. My wife (being a Giants fan) read me a scouting report the year Eli came out. Basically, this scout said he was the real deal, was a once in a generation talent, and should be sought after at ANY cost. So the Giants (at least this scout) knew what they were getting into with Eli. Maybe he didn't start out that way, but they had this knowledge in the back of their head.

Do we (or did we ever in the last decade or two) have a talent like that (which was deemed worth developing). You can't develop manure. I'm not saying Henne is that, but then again I also don't think there's much upside to spending a lot more time trying to develop the guy. I don't think he can ever get to a place where Eli is, I just don't think he has it in him. I'd say the same for Matt Moore.

So, again, my question, who do we stick with and develop to see if they ever become Eli? Was it Harrington? Culpepper? Is it Devlin? Is there currently a QB on our roster WORTH developing?

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Thanks for this info on the Giants playoff apppearances. Didn't realize there had been quite that many. They had some off years too though. Just saying they could easily have gotten rid of Gilbride and benched Manning, when the fans and media were calling for it. That's what we would have done.

If you haven't read King's piece this morning, he talks about a veteran scribe calling Eli Manning 'Billy Ripken', the inference being that he's got the name but is never going to cut it in the league, after a particularly bad game against the Ravens in his rookie season.


There is no one on the current team or even who will be available to us who I have that kind of faith in (outside of Andrew Luck). Only guys I can think of over the last 10 or so years would have been Brres and Matt Ryan.

Having said that, all this constant upheaval and change isn't good for anybody. Keep changing the QB, keep changing the HC, keep changing the OC, keep changing the system......doesn't work. Come up with a plan and stick with it.

I don't know what the answer is but I know what the answer's not.

Is Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin the answer? I have no idea. The problem is, contrary to what Ireland and company are saying publically, I dont think they know either. I'd like to think we are set for the next 10 years and they will build somthing but I could just as easily see this thing blown up again in a year or two.

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Craig, I'll check out the article. And also I agree. All this upheaval isn't helping us develop anything here. So it can't continue forever.

What I'm seeing with Philbin is some things being done differently (or said to be done differently), and that gives me some hope. But it's still too soon to tell what will stem from this.

Ultimately, I'm with you, would rather put some longer-term answers in place and let them develop, instead of changing things every year or few years.


King's stuff is mandatory reading for a Monday morning. I've been doing it for about 20 years. Always great with the morning coffee. I've found with the advent of Twitter and other media outlets it's not as good as it used to be and he gets caught up in some of his beliefs a bit too much, so I find myself skipping more but still lots of good stuff. Don't always agree with him but could to get other thoughts.

Should have said 'GOOD to get other thoughts'....


Home did you say $6.00 a gallon for gasoline!
Who can afford that? What the Hell?

Chad Ocho Cinco:

17 games this year, 16 catches......GREAT add for the Pats!

Albert Haynesworth:

I believe 7 games, THREE tackles.

Two GREAT adds.....

Home, I agree. My current holdings include gold, base minerals, age, and oil. Throw in a little visa to capitalize on those that depend on credit and there you go ...

SHORT GMCR ........

Did you hear the newest joke:
What's the only thing worse than Stevie Ross hiring some unknown elderly guy to coach our team?? Letting that guy hire whatever coaches he wants!
But surely this new coach will hire the best and the brightest, right? Nope...he hired his old friends and cronies.
It can't get any worse, right?
Well, what if that coach hired his old buddy Mike Sherman, and then let Sherman go out and hire his son-in-law?
THIS sad-but-true scenario is why we are all BEGGING you, Mr. Ross, to sell the team immediately.

Dolphins ownership (and Jeff Ireland) showed tremendous dis-loyalty to all the assistant coaches. Ross just let Philbin fire everyone, and wouldn't even retain Todd Bowles, who was a loyal coach and 2-1 as head coach. THAT is why nobody wants to coach here...why would you work for an owner who will allow some nobody to come in and fire you?
You simply don't do that stuff in the NFL, let alone in life.
Remember when Jim Bates took over and won 3 games down the stretch with an awful team...and EVERY SINGLE PLAYER begged H. Wayne to retain Bates. Nope...he fired Bates and brought in that bastion of class and honesty, Tricky Nicky Saban. It's just common sense: keep the people who succeed and want to be here.
Don't bring in new people who've proven zilch.

what a joke of a coaching staff. starting with the head coach who has no experience and each of his hires with the exception of sherman has no NFL experience in the position they were hired for. hmm.. stupid is as stupid does. guess we are back to 2011 again.. can you say we suck again fast enough.. i can't help but feel like nancy kerrigan and just scream "why" over and over again... i'm sure the pats, jets & yes even the bills are sitting laughing at the phins saying 2 more wins next year...

Everything Tipster wrote is true. It doesn't bother me so much that Philbin hired a bunch of unknown nobodies...But what really gets to me is that Ross allowed this, and gave Philbin all this power to hire whoever he wanted. It's sad how so many unenlightened fans are expecting good things this year. We'll be 5-12 at best. Get ready to hear the ol' "Well they're learning a new system and it'll take a while to get on the same page" for the next 2 years.

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