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Where is the 'hidden talent' on the Miami offense?

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said Thursday that in studying the Dolphins he saw some "hidden talent" on the roster and his job is to draw that out and make it show up.

This has to interest any Dolphins fan that remembers Yeremiah Bell came out of special teams duty to become a long-time starter at strong safety. It hearkens to the days when Wes Welker came off the waiver wire and worked his way into the starting lineup. It speaks to the possibilities that maybe, perhaps, hopefully, the Dolphins have a diamond here or there that simply got lost in the rough of 6-10.

Also, I'm a big Jeremy Lin fan so I believe it's possible for guys to suddenly perform when given the opportunity. I loved the Tim Tebow story so I think being buried deep down the depth chart isn't necessarily akin to being in a career grave.

But if the Dolphins do have "hidden talent" where is it? Who represents that talent?

Sherman hasn't told the players he's identified yet about his high hopes for them. So he wouldn't tell me when I asked if he'd name the players specifically.

But one can hazard an educated guess ...

If you're talking offensive line, which is Sherman's specialty considering he coached the position before, one has to begin with John Jerry.

Jerry was a coach favorite when he was at the Senior Bowl in 2010 and the Miami staff was coaching the South squad. Tony Sparano loved him. Then he got to Miami as a third-round draft pick and simply didn't live up to the hype.

He struggled learning the system, then got sick, then lost weight, then lost his job, then kind of disappeared. The start of 2011 training camp was no more impressive when Jerry started out on third team.

But during the season, Jerry worked at both right guard and right tackle, played in games at both positions, and frankly, didn't seem overmatched in the least. Was he perfect? Of course not. But maybe with some work, he can land one of the two wide open spots -- guard and tackle -- on the right side of the Miami offensive line.

Nate Garner might also be considered a hidden talent. He started games in 2009 and was expected to compete for a starting job in 2010 when he broke his foot. Season lost. Last season he returned to backup duty. He started one game at left guard and was fine. He filled in at left tackle one game and was over his head. He's not a left tackle but perhaps Sherman sees something there as a right guard possibility.

Clyde Gates. Remember the talk of him blowing the top off the defense with his great speed? Yeah, well, he caught two passes for 19 yards as a rookie. But perhaps there is a there there. Mark Duper and Mark Clayton didn't light it up as rookies, either. (No, I'm not saying Gates will be a Duper or Clayton so please don't read craziness into the point.)

I am saying, however, that Gates has learning and working to do. Perhaps with this coaching staff he can prosper and unveil that talent which was very well hidden in 2011.

Maybe Sherman considers Charles Clay and Daniel Thomas hidden talent because they were backups and didn't contribute to great or eye-popping degrees in 2011. I believe Dolphins fans are aware of the second-round running back and sixth-round TE/H-Back.

But hey, if Sherman doubles the production from each player, I'll gladly call them hidden talents all day if he wants. No worries.


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It's Clay and Thomas, quite obviously. Mando, use your brain.

Texas, nobody wants Hartline. He's white and slowing down. We can't just dump who we don't want and get steals. The other teams don't want mediocre white wide receivers either.

I'd like to get Peyton Manning, but ONLY if he can throw the football. If he can't throw the football, I think we should pass.

The hidden talent is Pat Devlin, this guy tore up the practice against the first team defense, promote him to starter and our record might improve to 7 and 9. :)

AndyNJ, DC is an extremely annoying know-it-all who posts 8 page posts all day while getting paid to work for the federal government. You are the 2nd most annoying person here, hence your failure to understand the picking on DC. In other words, as a geek, you can't recognize the geekness of DC.

We should think about Flynn ONLY if Philbin thinks he has potential. If Philbin thinks he is a true 7th rounder, then maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to sign him.

god andy you are so clueless. you post Moore's TD/INT ratio as if that's a bad thing!! get a clue. that's far above average for any NFL QB, especially one who's 26 and has had only the playing time Moore's had and the situations he's been in (no camp, no first team snaps). His completion % is about 60%. He's done very well and has a chance to be great.

Andy, I also like Michael Floyd. However, WR and any other need is so far behind QB that it's not even close. I have blinders on when it comes to the QB position - I'm obsessed with it. I don't even care about anything else.


I agree. Who wants Hartline? Lol. He is a nice solid depth guy but nothing more. Why trade a draft pick away for that? You can draft a guy with that ability and hope to develop him to be an even better player.

One thing I do want to point out, is that we should make every effort to upgrade the QB position. QB should be he top priority. The number one priority should be to FIRST upgrade the QB position at all costs. That is the #1 thing to do first, upgrade the QB position first thing. Everything else is secondary to upgrading the QB, which should be our top priority, to upgrade the QB position, IMHO.


It happens eventually to anyone who decides they've had enough of a blog troll and destroys them in plain sight for everyone to read. So, I've done that to a few posters, and they've died and come back to life as a blog troll. Their feelings get hurt, and they decide since they can't turn others against me, they'll hide behind their troll fake names and lob insults from their crouch position.

It's merely an irritant, like a flea, but definitely not anything more. The difference between us is they think constantly of me, and I rarely even acknowledge their existence (and that stings them more than almost anything else).

ANd hapy Firday Andy, TGIF - we have a long weekend up here and MAN - am I looking forward to it!!!


I'd bring McDaniel back and I think with the real possibility of losing Soliai and Langford he'll be needed. At one time we had good depth on the DL and I think we'll need it with switching to a 4-3. McDaniel could play a bigger role this year. Not a fan of Merling, so we're left with Starks, Odrick and perhaps some work on the line by Wake. McDaniel at $4 mil isn't crazy money.

The rest I agree with.

I have to stop reading andy's posts. more and more clueless each time.


Thank you for the kind words! I never saw you post on here ever so just like every other fake poster use your real name and have the balls to say how you really feel.

You are the most clueless poster of the day with your "has a chance to be great". I won't respond to another post of yours whether you insult me or not because you are clearly a homer, idiot! I can't blame it all on you for lacking football knowledge, you have been exposed to Chad Henne, Cleo Lemon, Jay Fiedler and others but if that's not your excuse then you truly are an idiot!


This is a blog for fodder, so I'll throw this out there. Not really a developed thought and I doubt it will come together but the more I think about it, one of the guy's I'd really like to see on this team next year is Cliff Avril. I've read in the past that the team was interested in him in the past. Philbin played against this guy twice a year, so he'll know what he's all about. Now the reason I don't think it'll happen is because the Lions will franchise him but he's look awfully good in a Dolphins jersey. Also, not sure he fits salary wise but one can dream. We have other needs too, such as QB, WR, S and RT but just saying this would be a great add for this team.

Gotta love Aloco, He's the only Multi-Poster that insults you through food, A truly lost art form IMHO.


I hear you on the obsession with QB position. I am as well and have been for years but Miami has failed to find a long term solution. I really feel that it will be addressed with Manning or Flynn and not through the draft. Just my opinion. Not saying it will be the long term success.

Who knows what they will do but I do know that the offense needs to add more fire power as a whole.

And same here long weekend!

My hidden talent is Will Yeatman, TE.

We poached this guy from Belichick for a reason, he is in the same mold as Gronk...big, fast & strong.

Let's see if we can run a double TE formation with Marshall & Gates blowing the top off the defense, Yeatman & Bess underneath, with Bush or Clay out of the backfield.

...simple, yet no way to cover everyone, especially if you move them in stages so the defenders get confused.

WR sprint wide, TE/Slot WR underneath routes, RB/HB for the checkdown.


Posted by: ALoco | February 17, 2012 at 10:44 AM

I only go to McD's on special occasions. I never tried government cheese. I like the store generic brand American Processed Cheese Like Food Substance.

by the way I am not DC observer or the other guys. There are at least 4 people here who share my opinion. There are at least 4 people with a brain here.

Andy your list of those better than Moore is laughably stupid. The dude is 26 and his stats are *great* especially for the situations he's been in.

To attempt to quickly answer one of your stupid questions (I'm busy)...how can you say Moore can't play in west coast offense by quoting his stats from playing on shitty teams like the fins and panthers, not in that offense!!! perhaps in the right offense he can be aaron rodgers. read carefully and try to get your 80 IQ brain to understand it.

playing for terrible teams, his QB/Int ratio is very very good. Are you aware of how football works? journeyman QBs have more INTs than TDs and Moore is pretty significantly in the other direction. He could easily, at age 27 with some continuity, have a breakout year with 60%; 4,000; 34 TD/ 8 INT, team 12-4.

he won with no help at all last year

My goal is to be the second best poster one day.


I hear you bro. I don't get why someone would use a fake name to insult someone else or even in some cases to make a less the popular statement. Lack of maturity and confidence is what it comes down to. If they hide and cower on a blog of all places I would hate to be them. Imagine how they must function on a daily basis, being afraid to speak their mind and lacking self confidence to stand behind their words. What P#SSY'S!

Gotta Feeling Old Ross will try to sign Payton just to sell tickets which IMHO is the biggest mistake he can do, With that being said, everything Ross has done since becoming the Owner is always the wrong move.All I want to know is this, Will Brandon Marshall give up his jersey(#19) to payton?, LOL

Mustache Man....what are we to do with all those BLACK mediocre WR's?
Why bring race into this? either you suck or not.

Judge a man not by the color of his skin but the content of his character (and playing ability. MLK

Keep it real man and leave the hate out!

My Bad, Payton wears #18, Not 19., My bad, Never mind.

Andy, you gotta be thankful for them though. Only reason there's winners in the World is because there's losers (otherwise, how would you ever know?).

So these losers make us what we are. Which is the ultimate irony.

Back to football though, anyone hear any news on the QB front?

The Hidden talent is internal CODE for putting all the millionaires on notice such as Marshall, Wake, Dansby, the O line and everyone who feel content in their positions collecting checks and being a non producer.

Guy who posted at 10:51,

I never asked you a single question. I was talking to another anonymous name "sidvicious" which by now I'm guessing is your other alias or one of many.

What don't you understand that he is a journeymen for a reason! He is a back up/ stop gap player. You clearly know nothing about football nor do you understand the game.

The fact you suggest that Moore is capable of a 4000 yard season with 34 TDs and 8 ints is laughable. I literally smiled as I read that. What hallucinogen are you on making that statement? You're a clown! And I never once asked you a question it was directed toward another poster so I just EXPOSED you as another fraud poster who post under different names to get your point across or insult the adults on here because you clearly are a child or at least behave like one.

Grow up dude!

Is today insult day? Ok I'll join in. Uhmm Aloco having a lizard is about as gross as Columblo blocking technique.


I don't know if it's Kris. I have had some back and forth with Kris in the past and wouldn't accuse hime of it but whoever it is, seriously GROW UP!

Andy, I think the qb is going to be peyton. Just makes too much sense on a business side and gives Miami the spotlight its desiring. I hear peyton would rather go to Arizona but I don't see how that's possible?

Still think Tony was the problem with Miami, Started out 0 and 7 Let go in what week 10?, Team finished strong going 6 and 3 final 9 weeks, Was Surprised how Reggie was and even Matt Moore, Maybe, MAYBE Sherman might be right, Lets give him a chance as OC. Again JMHO.

SidVicious is correct about Moore. AndyNJ is wrong, as usual.

Reggie Bush will return back to his normal sorry self next year or injured, he had a career season. Because of that Bills game.


Yeah the Peyton sage will play out everyday on this blog for the next month and probably beyond. No one clearly knows what Manning's health/nerve status is and I don't see how he shows anyone that he is ever going to be the same before FA. It's a tough spot for all QB starved teams. You don't want to be the team that gets him and then he is a shell of what he was (particularly Miami because Culpepper situation) but on the other end you don't want to pass him up and he gets a team like Washington, Seattle or AZ to the playoffs.

Manning will definitely sell season tickets well before the season starts so in Ross's mind it's gotta be a win-win

Mark, have you heard about Cleveland possibly foregoing drafting RG3, and taking someone else with that 1st pick (maybe Blackmon), THEN using their 2nd 1-rd pick to get Tannehill?

That would leave the Skins and Seattle still in our way (for RG3). Seattle is said to be interested in Flynn. Let's just say for hypothetical purposes he goes there.
That leaves us vs. the Skins in the RG3 Derby. Most likely still means one of us would have to move up to get him (just to be safe). But would mean the teams vying for him are fewer (hopefully meaning it would cost less to trade up).

How do you like our chances in that scenario (us vs. the Skins)?

Mark, Like I said Before I see Payton going to Arizona, The team was 8 and 8 and has a pretty decent team that if ithad a good QB would have gone into the Play-offs, Reminds me of Anoyher guy that went to the dessert and brought his people to the promise land.(And I'am not talking about Mose's)

I'll throw this out there because that's the kind of mood I'm in today. Assuming the team doesn't get Manning and he ends up in Arionza and the team decides to dump Kolb, where does he fit in the pecking order of QBs this team might desire. Forget about the draft for the moment (because I don't see RGIII or Luck here). Do you pursue Flynn if you miss out on Manning or do you wait for a guy like Kolb to become available. The contract he would sign to come here wouldn't be anything close to what he signed in Arizona. Curious? Would you rather have Flynn or Kolb competing with Moore for the starters job?

LMFAO. Ozkar is tied with Andy for the 2nd most clueless here. I am not those guys. I've been watching you guys and ribbing DC for 2 years.

Craig, Flynn. He's the unknown. I already know Kolb is a sure loser.

Matt Moore is the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins. And this is as it should be. He is poised for a breakout year. All of you who think otherwise will eat crow, *as long as* we get an O line that doesn't get him killed, which is what happened to Henne.

People like Ozkar and AndyNJ are the same idiots who howled for Orton last year. Clueless.








Flynn over Kolb.. enough said.

At least Hartline makes those acrobatic catches on the sidelines when Marshall can't even catch one right in his hands in the middle of the endzone with the evidence of nine dropped touchdowns so I say trade Marshall and keep Hartline with more balls thrown his way instead of just two a game. Marshall's only good for drawing attention cause he can't catch.

It's "Peyton." Do you read anything, or just spout opinions? People who *read* a lot tend to understand how to spell and use proper grammar. Try this: read and listen more; talk less.

Interesting, DC.....but is he? What are you basing that on? His seven starts in Philly and about the same last year in Arizona? New offence, very little time to prepare in it....etc..

Why was one guy taken in the second round and one guy taken in the seventh round and we're saying we like the guy in the seventh round's chances better. How are we able to write of a QB after 14 starts in the NFL?

Put it another way, that I KNOW you will appreciate:

You're big on consensus. I take it you think Andy Reid knows a little bit about QBs? What did he and the scouting staff see in this guy to make a top second round selection. Why was the consensus among 'talking heads' that this guy was one of the top QBs taken the year he was drafted. How does a guy drop off the table quite that quickly?

For my money, if Kevin Kolb is out there as a FA, at the right price he's an intriguing option.

Guy's lets face it, Cast off Bs from other teams(Cassel, Kolb, Etc etc.) Are like the hot chick in the office that has just had a break-up, There's a reason why there boyfriend 86ed them, Just saying beware of others cast offs.

I don't want to waste any more drafts on projects. We have only one HUGE opportunity to walk away from this draft with a PLAY MAKER who will be an IMMEDIATE IMPACT.

This PLAY MAKER is going to dazzle the entire NFL with his talents. He is going to take pressure off of the O line, the D and the entire team, QB and HC and assts.

WR Justin Blackmon.

DO NOT assume for one moment that he isn't on the Jets or Pats radar people. We MUST move in,up or whatever to make a deal and pick Blackmon.

We will not be addressing the most need this year through the draft at QB. That is going to be attempted through the FA.

Blackmon, Marshall, Bush are going to make this team a playoff contender. When we can score points the entire O line, D becomes psyched and plays to full potential. We have an opetrtunity to have a second generation of the great Miami Duo in the Marxs brothers. Call marshall and Blackmon the Beasty Boyz.

We just need an average QB for Blackmon as he will go all out and bring it in.

Remember this .. WE NEED PLAY MAKERS.

Lots of castoffs on this team. Ross is a cheap SOB.


When you are talking about cast-offs, do you include guys like Brees, Schaub and Vick on that list? They're all castoffs from other teams. I'd take ANY of those guys are QB for the Dolphins right now.

We could go further and talk about guys like Favre and Hasselbeck. They woould have been good as Dolphins QBs over the last 15 years. So it doesn't always apply. Teams make mistakes.

Craig, whatever Kolb did in Philly (which by the way I would take with a grain of salt since he was under an offensive genius in Reid) he undid in Arizona. Did you see any of those games? I mean, even MATT MOORE will be able to make Brandon Marshall get his catches and meet his numbers. Kolb was OUTPLAYED by that other backup they had, who seemed to work fine with Fitzgerald. I know because I had Larry in fantasy. And he was HORRIBLE with Kolb (for most of the year, not his fault). He was pretty good with the backup there.

So that's where I get it from. Kolb was put in a pretty good situation. A team that was close to a SB appearance, had a great offense, best WR in the NFC, under Whisenhunt who is a good offensive-minded HC, how could he fail? Yet he did.

Now you think he'll be better coming to a team with a worse offense? I doubt it. I'd take Flynn, because I honestly don't know the limits of his potential. Yes, he's a 7th-rounder, could be trash. But he knows the system and HC, that comfort could take him to new heights.

I'd like to see Marlon Moore get a real chance. He did a good job during the last two preseasons and training camps. Has a knack for getting open, making tough catches and has good athleticism.

I believe that the team kept 6 receivers last year in large part due to him playing so well.

Give him a chance and he may reveal himself as a 'hidden talent.'


What's up man? Nah I don't know who it is but I did clear your name and said we have gone back and forth (sometimes in agreement and sometimes disagree).

Like I said before I could never be that childish and insult someone with a random name. I'm a grown up, with a good life and a good job that has more important things on my mind then to come up with a fake name and insult people.

I would hate to see what these losers look like and what their lives are like. A total mess, I'm sure!

DC, Cleveland going that way would be good news personally but haven't heard anything to that effect. A family member is a big Seahawks fan and apparently they are hot on tannehill so who knows? Apparently Washington has extra picks this year. It would be a similar struggle to beat them out too but I hope we do. My stance is pretty transparent. Rg3 should be priority one.

Moving on from the Hallow's spat.
Last night I posted a comment that was replied by PriceMaster,thx.He also commented that Mr.Ross&Jeff haven't been critical of chump chad.This is frightening cause ineffectual henne MUST GO! Chump chad has been given ample time to succeed.I'm aware that he's a diligent player and well thought of.But ineffectual henne is at best a very serviceable backup.We've seen this type of qb before.His name was jay fiedler.It was always other aspects of the team that were deficient.Never the starting qb.NO MORE MEDIOCRITY.If chump chad is Our starting qb come September,I will once again look in the mirror and ask myself why I still love the Miami Dolphins.

Graig, There's also the Thought the your Hot Co-Worker was with a Idiot is all I can Say,Chicks And QBs are hard to figure out.LOL.

Andy NJ....

Thanks....and I do appreciate it....

These guys are clearly lacking something...either from their childhood...or their adult life...

it is clearly a pathetic attempt at human interaction via the internet.....

in real life they are probably more socially awkward than we can ever imagine.....

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