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Where is the 'hidden talent' on the Miami offense?

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said Thursday that in studying the Dolphins he saw some "hidden talent" on the roster and his job is to draw that out and make it show up.

This has to interest any Dolphins fan that remembers Yeremiah Bell came out of special teams duty to become a long-time starter at strong safety. It hearkens to the days when Wes Welker came off the waiver wire and worked his way into the starting lineup. It speaks to the possibilities that maybe, perhaps, hopefully, the Dolphins have a diamond here or there that simply got lost in the rough of 6-10.

Also, I'm a big Jeremy Lin fan so I believe it's possible for guys to suddenly perform when given the opportunity. I loved the Tim Tebow story so I think being buried deep down the depth chart isn't necessarily akin to being in a career grave.

But if the Dolphins do have "hidden talent" where is it? Who represents that talent?

Sherman hasn't told the players he's identified yet about his high hopes for them. So he wouldn't tell me when I asked if he'd name the players specifically.

But one can hazard an educated guess ...

If you're talking offensive line, which is Sherman's specialty considering he coached the position before, one has to begin with John Jerry.

Jerry was a coach favorite when he was at the Senior Bowl in 2010 and the Miami staff was coaching the South squad. Tony Sparano loved him. Then he got to Miami as a third-round draft pick and simply didn't live up to the hype.

He struggled learning the system, then got sick, then lost weight, then lost his job, then kind of disappeared. The start of 2011 training camp was no more impressive when Jerry started out on third team.

But during the season, Jerry worked at both right guard and right tackle, played in games at both positions, and frankly, didn't seem overmatched in the least. Was he perfect? Of course not. But maybe with some work, he can land one of the two wide open spots -- guard and tackle -- on the right side of the Miami offensive line.

Nate Garner might also be considered a hidden talent. He started games in 2009 and was expected to compete for a starting job in 2010 when he broke his foot. Season lost. Last season he returned to backup duty. He started one game at left guard and was fine. He filled in at left tackle one game and was over his head. He's not a left tackle but perhaps Sherman sees something there as a right guard possibility.

Clyde Gates. Remember the talk of him blowing the top off the defense with his great speed? Yeah, well, he caught two passes for 19 yards as a rookie. But perhaps there is a there there. Mark Duper and Mark Clayton didn't light it up as rookies, either. (No, I'm not saying Gates will be a Duper or Clayton so please don't read craziness into the point.)

I am saying, however, that Gates has learning and working to do. Perhaps with this coaching staff he can prosper and unveil that talent which was very well hidden in 2011.

Maybe Sherman considers Charles Clay and Daniel Thomas hidden talent because they were backups and didn't contribute to great or eye-popping degrees in 2011. I believe Dolphins fans are aware of the second-round running back and sixth-round TE/H-Back.

But hey, if Sherman doubles the production from each player, I'll gladly call them hidden talents all day if he wants. No worries.


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Fpf, funny stuff!! We will have to see on Arizona. That's an awful big mistake to admit after just one year.

ALoco, I see it the opposite and still contend its Eli who made the play by placing the ball in a bucket from 30 yards out. That was an assassin's throw. The balk was well in bounds. It wasn't that hard a catch by manningham. He actually should've made a similar catch earlier in the quarter but made a meal of that one.


Here's what you said....'offensive genius in Reid'. If that was the case, why did Reid get rid of McNabb and start Kolb the following year as the starter. He struggled before getting hurt and when Vick came in, Kolb never ended up getting the starting job back, because of Vick's success.

So you've agreed Reid is an offensive genius. Reid saw something in Kolb to draft him. He saw something in him to trade his stalwart McNabb and make Kolb the starter. What was it he saw? The guy didn't go second round for no reason.

I suggest that maybe in a lockout shortened season, where the players and coach has ZERO contact and chance to work together in the offseason, under the pressure of a big contract that Kolb struggled from the get go. He never recovered. I'm suggested part of that is because he had a month to work in the system before the season started. Not enough time to be ready.

I wasn't in favour of trading for Kolb last year but this year, not having to trade anything for him and at a much lower salary he's a much more interesting option. the guys has talent and given time could be good.

I think Tony McDaniel could be an effective starter for us... very underrated player


The Dolphins stayed with Marc Colombo at RT and did not move to get a more athletic tight end other than Anthony Fasano. It should be obvious that not only could Sparano not game plan during a game. He also had issures with identifying talent on the team. Why would Clyde Gates not be in the game more? More will come out but Sparano was both clueless and old school.


On that we CAN agree. Women and QBs are VERY hard to figure out. You'll never say a more profound thing on this blog, my friend......NEVER.


I don't KNOW that Kolb is the answer. I was just throwing it out there to see what people thought. To me if he's out there, he should be part of the conversation. This team needs to upgrade the QB pplay, of that we can all agree. I'm not ready to right Kolb off after 14 starts......sorry.

Is it me, or did Aloco just insult me?

Craig, I'm not disagreeing with you, Reid obviously saw something in Kolb. But you just skipped over the most important part. He gets rid of McNabb (but if you saw McNabb in DC, then you'll know that was less about what he thought he had with Kolb, and more about how he knew McNabb was done). So now it's Kolb's team, but as SOON as Vick comes in, Kolb is out of sight, out of mind. Imagine that. You've bred a guy to take over, and then dump him the second he gets hurt. Sparano didn't do that to Henne when he took over for Pennington. Pennington got better, but Sparano knew Henne was more likely the future than Penney, so he stuck with Henne.

I think that was telling, that when Kolb got better, he wasn't instantly given his position back. I think that showed that Reid found someone better (relegating Kolb to journeyman status). Now the same thing is happening in Arizona.

After our drought, do you REALLY want to take a chance with a (soon-to-be) 2-time loser? I sure don't. I know what Peyton can do (when healthy). A drafted QB or Flynn are unknown mysteries. I'd rather go with one of those options than Kolb.

We need a great QB to uncover "hidden talent" !

But it dont take much to decipher who the
"HIDDEN LOSER" who talks to himself in this blog is.
Uh oh time to make up another name to defend your stance. Gotta have those back up loyal soldiers huh nut jobby? Lol

I see quite a few people still have hope for Clyde Gates. I know WR position takes time to learn coverages and how to beat them. For the most part WR is a position which takes a year to get accustomed to in the NFL. Flat out speed alone for the most part doesn't cut it.

I just have serious doubts about him. A player always reminds you of another player. Daniel Thomas reminds me of Ronnie Brown in a bad way and Gates reminds me of Ginn. Both Ginn and Gates are burners but they are straight line burners. They can't cut or break down in a route and resume that speed.

Not sure what the answers are for our team, But History being any indicator, I'am sure Ross/ Ireland have made the wrong choice.., Again.I Hope I'am wrong though.

Rosco is correct. AndyNJ is an amateur observer of NFL football who wants change for the sake of change.

Matt Moore absolutely could put up a 60%/4,000/35/8 season and lead his team to the playoffs. He's severely outplayed your idol, Elijah "the runt" Manning, at the same age.

It's not guaranteed, but he has absolutely shown great promise.

Am I correct that you wanted Orton last year? Henne came to play this season, as was abundantly obvious the first 4 games, but the O line got him killed. Henne was the only member of the team who was ready to play when the season started.

Whoever said Bush will return to uselessness was also correct. Luckily Thomas might have a breakout year, and we've got Clay.


Just saw a buddy I work with, was out last 6 months (or so) after doctors found cancer in his body. The guy was on his death bed, and it came out of the blue. Had 3 little kids.

I say this to show how short life is. And how unexpectedly things can change for the worse. I've even experienced some of this close up (in my family).

So do you really think I give 2 sh*ts about some losers on a blog who want to rag on me? Does that affect this comfortable job I have? Or the house I own in DC? The 2 cars? The vacations? The ability to have a happy life and enjoy things many can't?

In the grand scheme of things, if this is the worst life has to offer me, then I'm truly blessed. That's the best comeback to any blog troll. When you're on top of the pile, you have to expect there's some who want to knock you off.

So if the Browns pass on RGIII and the Redskins pass on him do we take RGIII?

Holmgren an offensive minded coach and Shanahan pass. Would that scare you off?

Andy mentioned and Andre Ware comparison yesterday and I've thought about that too.

No one is questioning his athletic ability but does anyone know or care how well he reads defenses. From the film I've seen his WR's seem pretty wide open most of the time. He's not going to have that luxury in the NFL.

Anyone who wants either Flynn or RGIII knows nothing about football.

Please admit it by replying here so I can know which of you are stupid and know who I'm dealing with.

DC Dolphin, from now on I will call you "Ned Flanders." You are the type of lawyer who people can't stand.

Agreed DC life is too short and too good to take the time to put up with teen age little girl drama.

I am here to talk football with fellow miami fans and get a different point of view. It helps pass the slow time of a long work day.

Guys I Think I'am being "TROLLED", What should I do?


RG3 could be Andre Ware, and he could be Aaron Rodgers. Look at ALL the geniuses who passed on Rodgers. Or freaking Dan Marino way back when. GMs, talent evaluators pass on talent all the time. Look at everyone who passed on Jeremy Lin, mainly because he didn't fit the mold.

Only an idiot will tell you they know for sure what a player will become or not. I would DEFINITELY snatch RG3 up if he somehow fell to us without trading up.

Which of you wanted Orton last year? Which of you actually attended practice and humilated yourself, your family, and our city by booing our starting QB during practice?

Name yourselves. You should be banned from posting on this blog if you are one of those clueless idiots.

Guy at 11:59,

I will give you my reasoning, respectfully and with no insults.

I have observed plenty of football and what I see in Matt Moore, numbers aside which are average considering TD-Int ratio, completion percentage but just watching him play is all I need to see.

I see a gun slinger type in Moore. All good QBs should take chances that's how many big plays tend to happen. Moore took his chances and they paid off for him this year. Moore played well at times. But just watching him with no bias at all he is average. He can't thread the needle or put the ball in tight spots, he doesn't do a good job of hitting receivers on the move where they can make the ALL important YAC. He isn't clutch when it mattered (Broncos, Giants, Cowboys, Patriots). Now I don't blame those losses solely on him but that's the responsibility of the QB to make plays when it matters and pick up those crucial 1st downs, no get strip sacked in OT, to be decisive on 3rd downs and in the red zone. Also it's part O-line and part lack of receivers getting open but there has to be an internal clock in the QBs head that says get rid of the freaking ball and Moore just lacks the overall feel. He just doesn't cut it as the long term solution.

Summary: He is a gunslinger and not polished enough as a QB to be a QB who can push Miami to a playoff caliber team. He will have a few good games here and there but nothing more.

You're starting a team tomorrow and can have either of the following QBs: Orton or Henne. Cap room and salary don't matter in this fantasy world. Who do you pick?

If you picked Orton, you have marked yourself as someone who knows nothing of football.

For the record I am all in on Luck (I know a miracle would need to happen) or RGIII. I'm lukewarm on Peyton, and I'm not on the Flynn bandwagon. If we do get Flynn though I'll roll with it and then call for Philbin's head in two years if it doesn't work.

Very good answer Andy NJ.

But what would you have said about Manning at age 26?


I think you are twisting reality....AGAIN.

Let's play it out....Reid realizes McNabb is near the end and somehow manages to salvage a second round pick for him. BRILLIANT move on his part. He's groomed Kolb to takeover as the starter and that's what he does....hands the reigns over to him. Kolb struggles and gets hurt in like the third game of the season. Vick comes in and shines and leads the team all the way to the playoffs and gets MVP consideration.

Now play GM for a second. What would you do? You've got Vick coming off a near MVP type season as a UFA and Kolb as a RFA. Think about it for a second before you answer.....

Do you HONESTLY think Reid could escape a lynching from the fanbase by just letting Vick walk away for nothing and resigning Kevin Kolb to a multi-year deal? He didn't 'dump' Kolb as you said. He took an asset and turned it into a second round pick and Rogers-Cromartie. He also avoided having to pay Kolb a huge contract. Pretty ingenious when you look at it...

So you've said that Whisenhunt knows a little bit about offence. Why then do you think he suddenly became 'dumb' going out and trading for Kevin Kolb? You're now saying that Reid was wrong and Whisenhunt was wrong, two guys that are pretty smart offensive guys. Doesn't make sense...

I'm saying Kevin Kolb should be part of the equation if available and he certainly ISN'T a 'two-time loser'.

What's the over/under on Thomas rushing for 1400 yards next year?

Who did it????????????????? Who booed our team at practice and chanted for Orton before the season started last year? Who??!??

I demand an answer!!!

Is anybody talking football today or just encouraging the trolls?

Mustache Man, I'm guilty of wanting Orton here last year. I would have done it for a 4th and I suppose if my arm had been twisted I would have done it for a third.

Mustache Man,

I WANTED to draft a QB last year. I WANTED to find a solution to our QB woes of the past decade plus. We didn't do it, we drafted another 1st round lineman (which, I said I rather would have than Ingram IF we weren't going to draft a QB which I would have preferred, like every year the last decade).

When that didn't happen, and I'm looking at Henne as our QB, yeah, I was on board to get ANYONE (within reason) in here to compete with him. The top FA at the time was Orton. So I was on board. UNTIL he demanded the money he did. I didn't think he was worth it (since I knew he'd be a 1 year placeholder). So I was happy (get this Craig) that Ireland passed on him. In hindsight, that was probably the best decision Ireland has made as the Dolphins GM.

Then, I HATED the move to get Moore. Thought he was all the bad things we had in Henne, but worse.


Moore turned out to be a nice placeholder. And now, for me, he's taken over Henne's role as the fill-in QB until we get a true franchise QB. Maybe if given the chance he'll be that guy. While I have more appreciation for Moore, I'm still not convinced he can be that guy. So I'd like some competition with him to see who ends up on top.

Whether that makes me a know-nothing or know-something in your book is not my concern. In the end, my concern is that we get a true franchise QB to lead this team, something we haven't had in a long, long time.

In a nutshell.

Guy at 12:03,

You're wrong clown! Get a clue and a life! Guys like Fitzgerald, Randy Moss and Megatron are the exception not the rule.

DC at 11:59,

Well said and I totally hear you. These clowns are disgrace who have time to change names and yet they read everything we say just to insult us. Wow, talk about a joke.

I booed Chad Henne and chanted "We want Orton" I was following the crowd, everyone was doing it.

Btw DC,

I had Fitzgerald on my FF team last year too, so I'm well aware of just how poorly Kolb played.

I've said it before but guys like Brees were written off before and have shown they can be stars in this league. Could that be Kevin Kolb? Who knows? WAY too early to write him off....

To Mark...

Peyton Manning- Too much of a ??? for the money. How long will he play? 1-3 years? Can he take a hit? You don't know and neither does Peyton.

Matt Flynn- Will cost a lot for what he's accomplished, and what has he done? He won two games as a starter, throwing to and playing with Super Bowl caliber talent on offense. He'll also be 27 years old when the 2012 starts, which isn't old, but won't be like getting a 21 or 22 year old stud.

RG3- Will cost a KING'S RANSOM to get by trading up in the draft! He's tiny and slender, he will get hurt. He's also not like Michael Vick, he's a straight-line runner. And even if he was another Vick, so what? How many titles has Vick won? Yes, he's smart, but so are a lot of guys that didn't make it. BIG gamble for all it will cost.

So I stick with my originial thinking, 1986 or not. Mario Williams is a PROVEN quanitity unlike Flynn or RG3, and he's built for the long road physically and capability wise and that can't be said about Manning.

Draft a QB in the draft as soon as we can without giving up the house (like Tannehill perhaps), have him come in here and compete with Moore. Get Mario Williams to pair with Wake. Sounds better than anything I've heard from you or anyone else on here.

Kris, Andy, DC...........

There was once a wise DC Dolfan who informed me the best way to deal with the trolls is to ignore them. They hate it and eventually get frustrated at the neglect and move on, usually anyway. Looks like that advice could be used in here today. :)

Also....DC told me when a troll attacked me it meant I had made it as one of the regulars......I took it as an honor. lol


Manning at 26 compared to Moore at 26 isn't even apples to oranges its apples to freaking canned ham. There is no comparison.


Yeah Im done with them. You're right ignore them and they eventually have to get up and get showered or get more Lucky Charms or whatever it is they do around mid afternoon.

I was one who preffered Orton over Henne, but only just. But I was more concerned about how much Orton would cost, which ended up being more than I'd agree with. But niether QB was a long-term answer, and Orton has proven his critics right, as has Henne. I liked the Moore pick-up, but expected it would be pretty much what it ended up being .. a stop-gap improvement.
And I couldn't shout "we want Orton" because I'm nowehere near Miami. ;)
Hopefully enough lessons have been learned that we will seriously chase the long-term answer at QB this year. First round would be better of course, but many a NFL star QB has been found in rounds other than #1. So here's hoping.

Craig, not saying Reid was wrong, I'm saying he found someone BETTER. And, if you know anything about Andy Reid, if he REALLY believed Kolb was the future, he wouldn't have cared what the fanbase wanted. I assumed from that deal that he saw the limitations of Kolb, so he traded him (like you said, in a great deal for Philly).

Whisenhunt wasn't wrong to take Kolb, he took a chance. The guy showed flashes, and he thought he could mold him. Who knows, maybe he still can. But really the whole lockout reasoning for Kolb failing doesn't work for me. Look at Alex Smith. Look at Matt Moore. QBs came in (some to new teams) with new situations, limited time, and played well. Kolb didn't. That's all I know.

We can go back and forth, but you asked a question, and I answered. I get it, you'd make Kolb an option if he's available. I wouldn't. I'm on record not liking ANY FA QB signing (because we've done that before). I don't love the idea of Flynn, but the fact that he's close to Philbin and is such a mystery makes him at least somewhat palatable to me.

In my perfect world, if there's risk in any option, then I take a risk through the Draft (for QB). That's my position and I'm sticking to it.

Btw DC,
I had Fitzgerald on my FF team last year too, so I'm well aware of just how poorly Kolb played.
I've said it before but guys like Brees were written off before and have shown they can be stars in this league. Could that be Kevin Kolb? Who knows? WAY too early to write him off....

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/02/dolphins-offensive-coordinator-mike-sherman-said-thursday-that-in-studying-the-dolphins-he-saw-some-hidden-talent-on-the-rost/comments/page/4/#comments#storylink=cpy

I'd say the same thing about BOTH Henne and Moore, who are 26 or 27 years old.

Craig, it's crazy when a NOBODY like Victor Cruz gets you more points than Larry Fitzgerald. Crazy NFL World we live in.

Not that I'm advocating Kolb....but, there were a lot of concerns last year in RE to Kolb making the transition to AZ due to the fact that he was in a WC type system in Philly and going to a more "vertical" and traditional offensive system in AZ.

Many WC type QBs struggle with a more traditional system because a traditional offense requires the QB to make better reads on the defense to find the open man, etc. A WC approach is more oriented to timing, accuracy, and throwing to a spot where the guy is supposed to be and having multiple receivers in the QBs window of vision.

In a WC system, as a QB, you have to trust the system as much as anything else. In a more traditional approach, you really need to have a field general out there who can read defenses and go through progressions well. In any case, a QB that is more suited to a traditional offense may or may not excel in a WC type offense, and vice versa.

On Armndo's point, he pretty much listed all the possibilities that exist for roster rough-diamonds.
If any of those pan out, we're vastly improved. Not great mind you, but improved.
I'd still get FA to cover the O-Line positions though, and still draft a receiver if Gates ain't it. Besides, who has a problem with 3 great receivers on one team?


I agree with your last post. I'm right here in Eagles country and the one thing Reid does and has done all along is disguise his guy's weakness and know their limitations. He always ends up on the better side of every trade! AJ Feeley, McNabb and Kolb.

I'm not big on Kolb but I am big on Flynn. The reason I don't compare the 2 is because Kolb was good in Reid's system and Whisenhunt knew nothing about Kolb other then the game film. Reid knew Kolb what Kolb lacked. Whisenhunt wanted Kolb to be this play-action down field QB and that's not his game.

Flynn on other hand will be going to the same offensive the ONLY offensive coordinator and now Head Coach he has ever worked with. Again, and it's the obvious statement but we will know early on what Philbin thinks of Flynn which is the only opinion that matters being that it's Philbin's career if it don't work out.

ALoco why do u imposter me or me u or w others?



Well said at 12:42!

This is an abitous statement for the "new guy" to make. No excuses if we are not competitive now. :)


You didn't actually answer my question. I asked what you would do. Vick coming off a near MVP season and an UFA or Kolb as a RFA and someone you are able to get a return on. Is that really a hard question?

And 'Whisenhunt took a chance on him'? Geez I hope it was more than a CHANCE. It's a $60 million dollar chance, that if you're wrong, you're lucky you don't lose your job.

I'm wondering if Kevin Kolb was taken a few spots higher than 36 in the draft, if he was ACTUALLY a first round QB, if you'd feel the same way.

The greatest band in the history of the world was Nirvana.

Walter football seems to be one of the more trusted mocks around, and a month ago they had us picking Reiff. Now that Philbin is coach, they have us picking Coples (DE).
I like it.
My only fear there is that I've heard unflaterring things about Coples consitency, etc. But we can argue that stuff later.
Hooray for walter Football!!!

Nirvana sucked IMO. Grohl however, brilliant musician.

Andy, what about what wolfman says about Kolb being a better WC system QB (since you're up there and saw a lot of Kolb most likely)? Think he's right, and Kolb could be better here than AZ (since we're moving to that system)? Not vs. Flynn but just take him on his own.

I haven't thought about Kolb, but since Craig brought him up, it's an interesting topic to discuss here.


I like Walt's site.

If Miami has a chance to get Coples in the draft you have to pull that trigger. I am critical of the limited play I saw of him too. I don't remember what blogger it was but we had a back and forth about the Senior Bowl and he saw it as Coples all over the field and making plays and being a force. I saw it as him trying to hard to prove doubters wrong and just running around like chicken with his head cut off and not being a force. Maybe I'm the one who is wrong but all in all I still would take Coples. He has too much potential to pass up on.

Little more on Kolb:

Week one he throws for over 300 yards, with 2TDs and a QB rating of 130, third best in the league.

He suffers a turf toe injury early in the season and just isn't the same QB after that. Early in the season, when the team was struggling, what running game did he have to speak of? Next to none. Beanie Wells was in and out of the lineup, until getting healthy in the second half of the season. Ryan Williams was lost in the preseason. Outside of Fitzgerald, what targets does he have?

So I'm saying, all the injuries, a trade to Arizona on July 28th, a month before the season started and the pressures of playing in a new offence, on a new team and under a new contract, aren't a fair barometer of a guys ability. He was doomed to start.

It's the SAME argument on why guy are ready to hand over the keys of the city to Flynn. It's not a big enough body of work to have conclusive evidence of anything.

To be fair, in my praise of Walter Football's new attitude....
they have us picking a DT in the 2nd round, and Foles QB in the 3rd - with the assumption that we sign Flynn.

Disagree we will use our top 2 picks on the same D-line, but not unheard of.

Flynn is not something I wish for, but is also a possibility. I don't see Foles as our choice either, but who knows.
Honestly I will be in disagreement with this team going past the 2nd round without a QB. And No I don't want Flynn.

But that siad, Walter Football seems informed, and unfortuantely a history of fair accuracy overall. Gulp.


Wolf makes a good point. Kolb had success in the WC system in Philly. Your guy Flynn had a little bit of success in it in GB. You're sold on Flynn but not on Kolb. What am I missing?

Isn't the WC offence or some form of it what Philbin is bringing to Miami? How is it that Kolb couldn't have success in it here in Miami?

Craig, OBVIOUSLY I'd go with Vick. It's a no-brainer. But I don't have the knowledge on Kolb that Reid has, so that's why I said if he thought Kolb was going to be an elite QB, then I could see him sticking with Kolb in that situation.

But didn't Kolb come back before the Season was over? Wasn't it just a few weeks injury? I don't remember fully, I just thought that was the case, and Reid decided to stick with Vick (so that would be before Vick played out the Season and MVP and all that).

And yes, believe it or not, chances are taken all the time in the NFL. The Redskins took a $100 million chance on Albert Haynesworth. You make the most educated guess you can, but in the end, it's all just a guess.

Dont kid yourselves. The Dolphins are pure garbage. Crap owner, GM, and coaches. And no signs of an elite QB.

Andy NJ,
With ya.
Coples is fine. Or any high rated BPA, playmaker type.
Unless we lose our minds, I dont expect we'll reach for a QB in the 1st. But I'd rather not wait until the 3rd, especially for a proven loser like Foles.
Yay! He's go a big arm. So did JaMarcus Russel. Whoop-T-doo.

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