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Where is the 'hidden talent' on the Miami offense?

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said Thursday that in studying the Dolphins he saw some "hidden talent" on the roster and his job is to draw that out and make it show up.

This has to interest any Dolphins fan that remembers Yeremiah Bell came out of special teams duty to become a long-time starter at strong safety. It hearkens to the days when Wes Welker came off the waiver wire and worked his way into the starting lineup. It speaks to the possibilities that maybe, perhaps, hopefully, the Dolphins have a diamond here or there that simply got lost in the rough of 6-10.

Also, I'm a big Jeremy Lin fan so I believe it's possible for guys to suddenly perform when given the opportunity. I loved the Tim Tebow story so I think being buried deep down the depth chart isn't necessarily akin to being in a career grave.

But if the Dolphins do have "hidden talent" where is it? Who represents that talent?

Sherman hasn't told the players he's identified yet about his high hopes for them. So he wouldn't tell me when I asked if he'd name the players specifically.

But one can hazard an educated guess ...

If you're talking offensive line, which is Sherman's specialty considering he coached the position before, one has to begin with John Jerry.

Jerry was a coach favorite when he was at the Senior Bowl in 2010 and the Miami staff was coaching the South squad. Tony Sparano loved him. Then he got to Miami as a third-round draft pick and simply didn't live up to the hype.

He struggled learning the system, then got sick, then lost weight, then lost his job, then kind of disappeared. The start of 2011 training camp was no more impressive when Jerry started out on third team.

But during the season, Jerry worked at both right guard and right tackle, played in games at both positions, and frankly, didn't seem overmatched in the least. Was he perfect? Of course not. But maybe with some work, he can land one of the two wide open spots -- guard and tackle -- on the right side of the Miami offensive line.

Nate Garner might also be considered a hidden talent. He started games in 2009 and was expected to compete for a starting job in 2010 when he broke his foot. Season lost. Last season he returned to backup duty. He started one game at left guard and was fine. He filled in at left tackle one game and was over his head. He's not a left tackle but perhaps Sherman sees something there as a right guard possibility.

Clyde Gates. Remember the talk of him blowing the top off the defense with his great speed? Yeah, well, he caught two passes for 19 yards as a rookie. But perhaps there is a there there. Mark Duper and Mark Clayton didn't light it up as rookies, either. (No, I'm not saying Gates will be a Duper or Clayton so please don't read craziness into the point.)

I am saying, however, that Gates has learning and working to do. Perhaps with this coaching staff he can prosper and unveil that talent which was very well hidden in 2011.

Maybe Sherman considers Charles Clay and Daniel Thomas hidden talent because they were backups and didn't contribute to great or eye-popping degrees in 2011. I believe Dolphins fans are aware of the second-round running back and sixth-round TE/H-Back.

But hey, if Sherman doubles the production from each player, I'll gladly call them hidden talents all day if he wants. No worries.


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Bess, we will see his true value next year.

Apologies for my typing...
I'm at work, and try to type fast to get on with my work. I type badly to begin with.

DC, anyone who has been a fan of a team lead by Vick knows it's pure frustration. HOlds the ball, sacked all the time, inopportune fumbles. What's he won?


Thanks for dropping my and sharing your thoughts.....

Some great insight there.

I am on the fence about Coples and would rather see us go Upshaw if DE is the direction we go. He's a guy that has a little more flexibilty in switching from DE to OLB in that 4-3 / 3-4 D the new coaches are talking about.


I think Kolb would be better in a West Coast system then in AZ. He is like most classic WC QB's in that he throws a nice catchable ball with good but not great arm strength. I do have reservations about Andy Reid's WC vs other WC variations though.

Is Andy Reid so good at calling plays that he made Kolb 2 time NFL player of the week? Possibly. Like you said Reid is an offensive genius!

But with that said I think Kolb is far from done. I just don't know how it will work out in AZ. Him having a year of offseason training may help him out but the down field throws aren't a fit for his skill set IMO.

Indeed, Alabamians have a very good history of panning out in the NFL. I'd trust their product over most.
Hard to admit that since I'm a Gator, but true nonetheless.
Hard to go wrong with that choice.

On Upshaw...
besides, having a beast OLB hat other temas fear. VERY handy. Who do we have now that other teams fear?
Von Miller has made the Dnver D a fearsome force. I'd like that feeling for ours. Liking the Upshaw idea.
Coples too, if he's what they say he is.
But a tckling machine, can also be a pass-rushing machine. Sometimes pass-rushers get lost against rushing teams. Likeing the OLB idea maybe better than a DE.

Isn't that chemtrail thing for conspiracy nut jobs?

What the Hell is a chemtrail?

Oh shucks, that's just jet exhaust. yup.

pass the dumplings!

typing even worse now... must slow down. Apologies.

Yo.... I guess the hidden gem is a bunch of troll bloggers? Man I just got a headache reading this, I am tempted to start popping the inventory, though a drunk at the register is not a good thing!!

Craig M,

I never said I don't like Kolb. I just like Flynn more because of the connection with Philbin. That connection means a lot. Philbin knows Flynn and vice versa. If people want to say Flynn has limitations I'm sure Philbin knows very well how to get the most out of him and hide those flaws. Philbin doesn't know Kolb and would take an adjustment period and during those adjustment periods guys regress sometimes to the point of no return if they can't figure out what's expected of them.

All in all I don't see Kolb going anywhere. From a financial stand point I just don't see it happening. They also traded away a 2nd rounder as well.

JS -- I agree with you about WalterFB. I enjoy the site because he has some good write ups about his reasoning for a pick. There is another site I like going to just to see a general consensus as to what the draft guru's are saying. This site lists all the other or most the other sites and their picks through the fins pick. The site is below.


You can read an interview of Upshaw at this site. He just looks the part of 1 mean hombre!


I agree ctphins,

It it ridiculous today

Thanks, Texas.
Mean Hombre is what we need. Sounds good with me.
Would you mind installing a line to ireland's War room for me?

JS I wish I had a direct line. He would have had an ear full last year. Of course I would have been fired. LOL

WTF is going on in here? I see many oscar canosa that are not me. Armando!(Please)?

i think i need to do a tasting very soon. LOL

LOL Ohio. We need to check with Armando and see if we can get a VIP room, for just the regular posters. Then these jokers would only have themselves to fight with. It would be fun to watch.

Maybe its time to actually log in and turn our name's blue.

I'm no troll, man. My name is oscar canosa, only that in the Greater Miami Yellow pages, it's Oscar Canosa, MD. Got it? Check it out, under Physicians and Surgeons.

Well my 2 cents are maybe Moore is a hidden gem. go ahead attack that, I have seen some of the Legit posts about him. I still think he is choice 2 if Peyton can go, and choice 1 while grooming a rookie.

Why did he delete my last comment about the trolls? I know DC saw it because he laughed about it.

Do you guys see it or was it deleted?

I did not see it Ohio, obviously Armando/Intern is watching and I assume is one of these "aliases".

the hidden talent is henne, that's some dumb sh7t right there. that loser had 4 serasons to show he had talent. he's history!

You want my address too? Yes. But I must warn you, you come near me, you will be deleted, like the above post.

That's upsetting...........you all know I come on here and have legit conversations with the regulars....meanwhile these crazy trolls take over the blog filling it with ridiculous nonsense, and I get deleted.


Henne not on the roster......

My last post didn't go through either? Why am I being censored??

Why am I being censored?

Killer bee, trade in tour acid wash jeans and Sony Walkman at the door please! Mario Williams?!??! Do you know how much that is going to cost and the return we will get for that money????


Oops my bad guys, my last few posts came through all at once.......they were delayed.

The one about the trolls was deleted though....interesting

No Mario williams we need to get our O squared away.

I agree ctphins,

If we can become a good offense our defense will be good enough.

I'm not saying ignore the defense, but offense needs to be the priority this off-season!!! It has been ignored enough already

Yup, ctphins.

Ireland already started on that, last year. Count them.

Give them time armando and stop being so pesimistic and the dolphins did not suck last year most of the games were good we had a really bad secondary and our safety is not that good but in offense with this new system against this afc east we will do good, because we are not bringing the same lame offense that we have had for years even having faster formations no huddle will help our team #flynn #manning whoever comes will be better that what we had last year...

Ross and Ireland have turned the Dolphins into an Arena team.

OK everyone...BACK TO WORK!

...and for those of you who are currently unemployed, login to Monster.com and start uploading your resume.

...and finally, for those of you who are on government assistance and will never contribute...time for your afternoon nap.

There, that should do it...now the regular posters can get a word in edgewise.

Mando once again you are behind the curve.
There is one player on this team that holds an NFL record.
He set the record most passing yards playing behind Columbus and Carey on the right side. In a game where his TE Fasano lateraled a complet pass to a defender and where his big time wr Brandon Marshall dropped 2 td passes in that game.
He also led the team in rushing for the game.
Chad Henne is the player.
And the true talent is going to come out when they replace Columbus, Carey, Fasano and Marshall.
Mando you should be paying me.

None better for Ross to be in the limelight than to win a SB. Right?

WTF is going on in here? I see many oscar canosa that are not me. Armando!(Please)?

Posted by: oscar canosa | February 17, 2012 at 01:31 PM

Sure buddy. He's been exposed and is trying to back track. Look at the troll trying to cover his azzzz.

Yuo can see the resistance(to Winning).

GREAT NEWS!!! Miami just signed Quentin Lawrence, a defensive back who had three whole tackles back in 2009 for the Chiefs and then sat on the practice squad the past 2 years. Nice to see the Phins going out and signing only A-list players. It's disgusting the way they treat us fans. No commitment to winning

Many bloggers here wouldn't know what to do with a Winning Season, except Hate it.

PF you obviously dont follow football. Free Agency has not started, you take fliers on people, grab bodies. He was a WR and was converted, maybe a special teams guy? He has blazing speed.

Thanks NH, what about business owners. I lost my corporate job due to oputsourcing and bought a business, am I allowed to still talk and work. Shhh I wont tell the boss, he is a jerk.

..I think that Shermans comments were coming from an offensive point of view..This said. 3 guys that I hope play a bigger role in the offense next year follow.

1 Clay...I would like to see more 2 tight end sets next year. I have banged on this drum for 2 years. Multiple tight end sets give you so much formation flexibility. A tight end could be split wide, put in the backfield, or used traditionaly. It creates confusion, and mismatches. It is also not a run first formation that a lot of people automatically equate. A great play action set.

2 Gates... I debated last year that I thought Gates would struggle because of the physicality of this level compared to what he faced in college. If you look at his "higlight tapes" He rarely, if never faced press coverages. He could get a fierce release because the defenders had to respect his speed, or were just to small to jam him. If he can get better at getting off the line of scrimmage he could be a factor. A player like him doesn't have to run a bunch of routes. he can be affective down the field if his technique gets better.

3..Daniel Thomas..Can he play injury free? Or will he be stung again by the injury bug. He was nagged by injury all year. He showed some flashes of good in between the tackles running ability. He also proved he could catch the ball out of the backfield. He was a liability in pass protection, and must improve if he wants to see the field on 3rd downs. Thomas could be a huge part of the offense, and free Reggie Bush to be a back we use in space..I know Bush showed he could carry the load. IMO he is better utilized as a reciever out of the backfield, not an every down runner. Thomas is the guy we should be dependant on for the majority of the carries.


Now isn't the time Miami would make a splash in Free Agency....because um, Free agency hasn't started.

They are picking up a few guys on the cheap that could possibly have upside.

Maybe wait to hate on them until they do something bad..


Miami can't make a big splash in Free Agency until um, Free Agency actually starts....

Let's wait to hate on them until they do something wrong at least...

Listen man, I told you not to upset People with that chemtrail stuff. You are worsening the paranoia in some of my patients and in others. We might direct their Family's attention to The Miami Herald.

dang......my posts are taking like 5 minutes to go through.....so I end up thinking they didn't go through, thus I type it over again for nothing.

Sorry about the double post

I predict ROSS will demand that MANNING be the Fins QB assuming Manning is confirmed to be OK. ROSS wouldn't care if Manning only plays for 3 to 4 years of play.

ROSS likes star power and I don't believe any of the other QB options would fill the seats from day 1 like Manning would (which is the business side that he's probably considering).

The only way ROSS will allow Ireland or any of the coaches will have a say on a different QB is if Manning decides to play for a different team or that he retires.

Steve Ross, stop charging NFL prices for your Arena team.

..A good portion of the players teams sign before free agency do not make the rosters..We have to have enough able bodies for OTA's ETC.. The running back(can't remember his name) we recently picked up did not even get a signing bonus..I would be suprised if he makes it through the final cuts.. No harm in taking a look at some players. Remeber..These guys face very long odds.


Can we drop the Daniel Thomas being a bust after 1 year bullcrap? Do all fan bases have people like this? sheesh

You can't claim a guy is a bust after 1 year........otherwise both Manning's would have been a bust too.

Stop being so simple minded and short sighted, do we really have the attention span of 4 year olds?

Blog trolls, he likes his "3" picks to be the point, when we swapped picks and gave two picks for him.

Three eyars of Manning 80% plus would be a godsend.

If the man that pays the bills wants Manning, he'll get Manning.

No coach or trifecta left over will change his mind.

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