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Where is the 'hidden talent' on the Miami offense?

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said Thursday that in studying the Dolphins he saw some "hidden talent" on the roster and his job is to draw that out and make it show up.

This has to interest any Dolphins fan that remembers Yeremiah Bell came out of special teams duty to become a long-time starter at strong safety. It hearkens to the days when Wes Welker came off the waiver wire and worked his way into the starting lineup. It speaks to the possibilities that maybe, perhaps, hopefully, the Dolphins have a diamond here or there that simply got lost in the rough of 6-10.

Also, I'm a big Jeremy Lin fan so I believe it's possible for guys to suddenly perform when given the opportunity. I loved the Tim Tebow story so I think being buried deep down the depth chart isn't necessarily akin to being in a career grave.

But if the Dolphins do have "hidden talent" where is it? Who represents that talent?

Sherman hasn't told the players he's identified yet about his high hopes for them. So he wouldn't tell me when I asked if he'd name the players specifically.

But one can hazard an educated guess ...

If you're talking offensive line, which is Sherman's specialty considering he coached the position before, one has to begin with John Jerry.

Jerry was a coach favorite when he was at the Senior Bowl in 2010 and the Miami staff was coaching the South squad. Tony Sparano loved him. Then he got to Miami as a third-round draft pick and simply didn't live up to the hype.

He struggled learning the system, then got sick, then lost weight, then lost his job, then kind of disappeared. The start of 2011 training camp was no more impressive when Jerry started out on third team.

But during the season, Jerry worked at both right guard and right tackle, played in games at both positions, and frankly, didn't seem overmatched in the least. Was he perfect? Of course not. But maybe with some work, he can land one of the two wide open spots -- guard and tackle -- on the right side of the Miami offensive line.

Nate Garner might also be considered a hidden talent. He started games in 2009 and was expected to compete for a starting job in 2010 when he broke his foot. Season lost. Last season he returned to backup duty. He started one game at left guard and was fine. He filled in at left tackle one game and was over his head. He's not a left tackle but perhaps Sherman sees something there as a right guard possibility.

Clyde Gates. Remember the talk of him blowing the top off the defense with his great speed? Yeah, well, he caught two passes for 19 yards as a rookie. But perhaps there is a there there. Mark Duper and Mark Clayton didn't light it up as rookies, either. (No, I'm not saying Gates will be a Duper or Clayton so please don't read craziness into the point.)

I am saying, however, that Gates has learning and working to do. Perhaps with this coaching staff he can prosper and unveil that talent which was very well hidden in 2011.

Maybe Sherman considers Charles Clay and Daniel Thomas hidden talent because they were backups and didn't contribute to great or eye-popping degrees in 2011. I believe Dolphins fans are aware of the second-round running back and sixth-round TE/H-Back.

But hey, if Sherman doubles the production from each player, I'll gladly call them hidden talents all day if he wants. No worries.


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...Folks can debate the Thomas pick all they want. Was it worth it? Could we have gone in another direction, and aquired another running back while holding onto the picks we gave up? Sure, it may have been a bad trade. This doesn't matter now. Fact is Thomas is on the roster. And we need production from him. It is way to early to label him a bust..Is it out of the relm of the possibility he could emerge as a 1000 plus yard rusher? What we paid for him is inconsequential in my mind...We can whine about it all day. what does it change? Should we root for failure just to support our own arguments. Or be grown ups, and hope he can contribute. My point is that the offense will be better if Thomas is on the field healthy, and able. We did trade up for him. It makes some sense to try and develop him, before putting a label on him.

Exactly DD @ 2:49


Though I was never a Henne fan I wonder if he would turn out to be good to great QB in a different offensive scheme.

If so, what system and to what team?

Not a fan of mock drafts unless I have a top 3.

Hidden talent? I'll buy that if it means players that were poorly coached and square pegs in round holes.

Seamy, interesting indeed. However, another linebacker??? Wasn't the 17linebackers we drafted two years ago plus the one we signed last year enough??

On D my opinion, complimentary pass rusher, corner back, and safety (if Bell does not drop his salary)

Griffin seems to be a bigger and better version of Pat White. He can run but "pass" better.

Griffin would be my preferred pick if the Fins don't have to give away the farm (no three 1st round picks).

I would trade our 1st pick, Marshall (a proven 1st pick) and maybe next year's 2nd pick. From what I've read the west coast offense can operate without someone like Marshall.

I read that Pat White will attempt a comeback this year. He'll probably be open to play any position.I admit I liked White after he became the Senior Bowl MVP and saw his WV game highlights. I do like the dual-threat QB style of play (Newton, Vick)seen in most HS and colleges.


I agree (not to use both picks for defense).

Unde that scenario of getting Bengals two picks get somone to replace JT.

The second pick should go for offense. Maybe a WR, TE or o-lineman.

Does anyone know when the coin flip is supposed to take place to determine if we're 8 or 9 in the Draft? Is it on Draft day?

Agreed. Don't see why we need to spend a 1st pick in an interior linebacker.

DC - I believe the coin flip is sometime during the combine.


I thought I saw it already happened? I thought we were 9? Of course I could have just seen some random idiot fan making that up, I forget.

Found some info DC.

In case you were wondering the exact day and time we will finally get to find out whether the Seahawks will be picking 11th or 12th in this year's upcoming NFL Draft, the coin flip to break the tie between Kansas City and Seattle has now been officially announced for February 24th at 4pm PST. This will be taking place at the NFL Combine. That's a Friday night.

Link - http://seattle.sbnation.com/seattle-seahawks/2012/2/13/2796253/nfl-draft-2012-coin-flip-to-determine-whether-seahawks-pick-11th-or

Cool, thanks Texas/Ohio. Can't wait for the combine.

I know that's for Seattle / KC

But wouldn't ours be at the same time?

DC and Ohio -- I am anxious for the combine to start. It starts on the 22nd.


I think ours will be around then too (makes sense).

So if we land #9 will all the RGIII vague possibilities go out the window?

I don't think so Ohio. Regardless, to get him, we have to most likely move up to 2. But for the sake of hypotheticals, Carolina wouldn't take him (it would just be another team who can entertain trades to move back so a team who wants RG3 could get him).

Good point about Carolina DC.

I'm not saying I necessarily have him as my #1 choice, just curious what that outcome would do to the discussions.

I really don't think I will have a #1 choice all the way until we find out their actual decisions. (I'm just now figuring this out)

LOL Ohio, my #1 choice is whatever gets us to the Playoffs.

Off to the gym, everyone have a good evening!!!

All you retards get off the Mat Moore band wagon, he had a good QB ranking.who cares.lol the guy averaged 150yrds a game vs the worst teams in the NFL.

I posted on here for the past three months about the possibility that Andrew Luck will NOT be a Colt and most laughed at my forward thinking on the matter.

There is an interesting article about what i have been saying all along on PFT. Go take a peak yourself. I AM NOT the PFT writer.

For those that don't recall what i posted here is the short version.

The Drunken Colts Owner Irsay is digging himself his own grave. The more and more that the Drunk tweets and does interviews and pukes out about how Patten was a politician and about inside matters that need to remain within the Colts walls, etc.

Irsay puked out before the SB kickoff that he and Manning will be meeting "soon" and that there not need be any public comments about that.

Irsay just couldn't resist as BRUNO Drunk irsay broke his own promise and again was puking out tweeting and posting that Patten had a 4th operation, etc, etc, etc.

He as some say is trying to make Patten out to be the villain and put the fans against Manning. Just the opposite, patten hasn't said one peep since the Superbowl.

NOW... what does all that have to do with Andrew Luck you may ask? Plenty folks.

Andrew Luck is watching every move, tweet, post, interview and does NOT like what he is witnessing. He is watching Drunken Irsay treat MR. COLT himself... Patten manning as if he is lower then a practice squad employee.

Andrew has to wounder if the NFL Super star QB is being treated like crap by irsay, exactly why would he want to be a Colt? Believe me people... Just put YOURSELF in Lucks position for a moment. Would YOU want to have and work for a drunken loose cannon owner irsay and have yourself subject to the same treatment down the line?

Hell NO.

Hence, Andrew being in a Colt uniform is NOT A LOCK. I cant say what will happen, will Andrew if drafted say he will not play? Will Andrew before the draft begin his own public relations pitch that he doesn't want to be a colt?

There is every possibility although small that Luck can be in play for the Dolphins. If the Fins do their homework and play this right, a deal can be struck. It all hinges on how this plays out over the next week, months but never say never as Luck just may be available.. even IF he is picked by the Colts he may sit out and the door would open up for offers.

With the 9th pick in the 2012 nfl draft the miami dolphins choose................Courtney Upshaw olb alabama

This is the only pick that is a surefire thing

Henne might do ok in the Arena league.

NY "G",

Luck is a Colt. No ifs ands or buts. Deal with it.

After signing Peyton Manning

Following up Home's Dolphin 1st round draft pick DE Coples:

01/29/12 – 2012 SENIOR BOWL STANDOUTS: Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina: Undeniably the most talented player in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, Coples continued his dominant week of practice with an MVP-caliber performance in the game. Coples, a shade under 6-6 and 281 pounds, was a consistent threat off the edge and used his long arms and obvious upper body strength to rag-doll pass blockers on his way to the quarterback.

Perhaps the most impressive play of the game from Coples, however, came as a run defender. He shook off a block from Iowa State right tackle Kelechi Osemele and with one arm stopped the momentum of running back Isaiah Pead and threw him to the ground for a two-yard loss on 3rd and goal. If Coples played with the same intensity throughout his senior season that he did throughout the week in Mobile, he might have been the easy choice as the top defensive prospect in the 2012 draft. – Rob Rang, NFLDraftScout.com

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Unmined Gems:Jerry@RG,Murtha@RT:W/the right coaching=2 young killers//Anthony Fasono:freed from being M Columbo's bodyguard=many more catches over the middle ala Brent Jones(88 niners)//Thomas-Bush-Clay:rediscovering the flat ala Marino to Byers-Page-Kirby//Brian Hartline(who catches almost everything thrown to him):finally being thrown to//Rashard Jones:the man is a SS.Put him there and put C Clemons at FS or use the $$ you save on Y Bell to get Reggie Nelson & remember the new DC helped Gibril Wilson have a good year

Cool, thanks Texas/Ohio. Can't wait for the combine.
Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 17, 2012 at 03:47 PM

Cool Keen, Thats super Blah blah blah, blah blah blah, blah blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, I Hope they pick A QB Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, Did I say I hope they get a QB, Blah blah blah blah blah. Its quite Simple really, They need a QB Blah blah blah blah blah bl;ah..

The................ Crusher!!!!!!!!

Luke Kuechly for defense

Who is Mel Kiper???

Bugs Bunny verse The.................. Crusher!!!!!!

i agree w/Home for Christ's Sake, Take Coples with the 8-9 pick (him & wake may cause Tom B to consider retirement)
.As for a QB i like brandon weeden for the following reasons:
1)he wont cost the farm
2)he's 28 but he had 5 years in the Yankee organization so he is used to pressure and scrutiny (Flynn is 26,unproven & a 7th round pick.if Weeden was 22 he'd be the 2nd QB taken)
3)he has the maturity to be a day one starter who will man the position for 8-10 years
4)he outplayed and beat Luck,Tannehill,& RG3 in 2011
5)2011 STATS:72%completion/37td to 13int/+8yds per comp/over 4700yds pssng/160QB rating (2010 was almost as good)
6)Mayock says he is strong in a timing system...west coast is all about timing

Crusher=Home., DC Dolfan=Yawn.

Nice Crusher,

But you still have Moore under contract, philbin knowing Flynn, sherman knows Tannihill, and Henne is waiting in the wings.

I don't even think they know what they are gonna do.

Manning will be signed mid season by someone who loses their starter. If healthy.

Okay, I'm glad that there is "hidden talent" on our offense. Let's keep it hidden until the regular season starts! That's why Mando can't find it...it's hidden!

Concerning QB's: Manning may still have something left in the tank. If he's healthy! Unfortunately, our team doctors DON'T have a great track record (passed on Brees). And, the owner would love to have him to help put butts in the seats (even if he's benched). Possibility...but, not probable. Flynn knows the system, so that's a plus for him. Only the coaches know if he's got potential...and, they're not saying. Tannehill may have a huge upside...and, then again, he might not! Once again...coach ain't talking! Can Moore run a west coast? Who knows?

At least these coaches are talking about adjusting their systems to fit the personnel. That, in itself, is a good sign.

Go Fins!

henne is long gone, so forget that garbage. moore is the backup. so flynn, manning, or a draft pick will start

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as Home says, "have a HAARPY day"

NY G, I don't know about all that but it's plain to see see Irsay is.....what's the word? Oh yeah, unstable.

what makes people so sure flynn is better than moore? 2 games on a championship offense?

First blog is up @www.professorlousnfldraftblog.wordpress.com

nobodys sure sill, we all know moore isnt the answer so take a risk on flynn

lets wait and see if our new coach has any interest in flynn. its wrong to assume he does. he may like moore better in which case we need to upgrade and not downgrade.

Don't bother with Professor Lou's blog. its poorly written trash. It should be called Dropout Lou.

you want that i should punch you in da nose.


I got a big nose, easy target.

Matt Flynn = A.J. Feeley

Matt Flynn = this guy:



My Mommy says AJ Feeley sounds like a pornstar name and Flynn is gay Irish, wkat do these things mean?

Feeley means he touches alot, hehehehehehe!

My Uncle just looked up a picture of Flynn, yucky more like ugly Irish!!

That is correct Little Bobby, yucky! The better Quarterbacks are serious eye candy, just ask Mommy.

Were is crisco I want some cupcakes, heheheheh

Omar at the SS copied Armando's story....AGAIN

Copied no, they were both at the same press conference.

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