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Where is the 'hidden talent' on the Miami offense?

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said Thursday that in studying the Dolphins he saw some "hidden talent" on the roster and his job is to draw that out and make it show up.

This has to interest any Dolphins fan that remembers Yeremiah Bell came out of special teams duty to become a long-time starter at strong safety. It hearkens to the days when Wes Welker came off the waiver wire and worked his way into the starting lineup. It speaks to the possibilities that maybe, perhaps, hopefully, the Dolphins have a diamond here or there that simply got lost in the rough of 6-10.

Also, I'm a big Jeremy Lin fan so I believe it's possible for guys to suddenly perform when given the opportunity. I loved the Tim Tebow story so I think being buried deep down the depth chart isn't necessarily akin to being in a career grave.

But if the Dolphins do have "hidden talent" where is it? Who represents that talent?

Sherman hasn't told the players he's identified yet about his high hopes for them. So he wouldn't tell me when I asked if he'd name the players specifically.

But one can hazard an educated guess ...

If you're talking offensive line, which is Sherman's specialty considering he coached the position before, one has to begin with John Jerry.

Jerry was a coach favorite when he was at the Senior Bowl in 2010 and the Miami staff was coaching the South squad. Tony Sparano loved him. Then he got to Miami as a third-round draft pick and simply didn't live up to the hype.

He struggled learning the system, then got sick, then lost weight, then lost his job, then kind of disappeared. The start of 2011 training camp was no more impressive when Jerry started out on third team.

But during the season, Jerry worked at both right guard and right tackle, played in games at both positions, and frankly, didn't seem overmatched in the least. Was he perfect? Of course not. But maybe with some work, he can land one of the two wide open spots -- guard and tackle -- on the right side of the Miami offensive line.

Nate Garner might also be considered a hidden talent. He started games in 2009 and was expected to compete for a starting job in 2010 when he broke his foot. Season lost. Last season he returned to backup duty. He started one game at left guard and was fine. He filled in at left tackle one game and was over his head. He's not a left tackle but perhaps Sherman sees something there as a right guard possibility.

Clyde Gates. Remember the talk of him blowing the top off the defense with his great speed? Yeah, well, he caught two passes for 19 yards as a rookie. But perhaps there is a there there. Mark Duper and Mark Clayton didn't light it up as rookies, either. (No, I'm not saying Gates will be a Duper or Clayton so please don't read craziness into the point.)

I am saying, however, that Gates has learning and working to do. Perhaps with this coaching staff he can prosper and unveil that talent which was very well hidden in 2011.

Maybe Sherman considers Charles Clay and Daniel Thomas hidden talent because they were backups and didn't contribute to great or eye-popping degrees in 2011. I believe Dolphins fans are aware of the second-round running back and sixth-round TE/H-Back.

But hey, if Sherman doubles the production from each player, I'll gladly call them hidden talents all day if he wants. No worries.


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Ok guys, please do not go crazy on signing Matt Flynn he had only one great game and please remember that Chad Henne had a couple of those like the shoot out against the JETS where Rex Ryan said after the game that they made Henne look like Dan Marino, i do not beleive that these QB's that have 1 or 2 good games are the real deal, remember Scott Michell, Jay Fiedler, Jay Feely, Damon Huard and the list goes on and on ............................

gio hes only played 2 games, and was great in both. so u cant say he sucks from them either

This has become hysterical. Look, I'm a fan and have been following the team since 1970. But this is hysterical. We are literally YEARS and for sure another owner change from being competitive. There's just honestly no reason to get emotionally invested until the current idiots are out.

Here's the truth...
1. Owner is an idiot whose number one priority is partying with the Williams sisters.
2. Coach had no experience. Obviously has no sense of what matters and will fail
3. No qb
4. Idiot coaches hired by idiot coach
5. GM is an idiot PK from a small private school

Net net, we aren't wining anything at all for years and years.

Posted by: AndyNJ | February 17, 2012 at 09:50 AM


If we cut Bell, it had better be BEFORE we institute our offense and pre-season begins,as you KNOW the Patriots, who desperately need db help will sign Bell pronto.
Better Bell not know the offense or defense, as Bellicheat will use the Vulcan mind meld, or perhaps the Klingon "mind scanner' to pump the Fins playbook out of him.
It won't be pretty, as poor Bell will be left a veritable "veg-e-ta-ble." (By order of KOR, head of Klingon/Patriot relations.)


Instead of watching the current crop of losers, my old friend NFL films and I just revisit the good old days. Somewhere joe r is spinning in his grave.

Agreed, we'll fester in or near the cellar until we get a real GM and Owner. No fun being a Dolphin fan anymore.

We have a real GM and owner. Ross inherited the mess. He went after Harbaugh, got rid of Sparano and hired the best available this year. Cut him some slack. Ireland has only had one draft to himself. Give the guy a chance.

Does anyone think the biggest hot shot owner and GM will turn it around in one year? It takes time. Look at the teams winning SB's, well established franchises with continuity, no merry go round with coaches and GM's.

3 draft picks for what will be our 3rd string RB was insanely stupid.

If we were still talking about the Sparano Project in Miami I would agree that Daniel Thomas would have a tough time making an impact on offense.
You can't judge Thomas by what he did last season. He was thrown into a tough situation with little time to learn and get his body football ready for the season.
If he had gone thru OTA's and a full training camp and a full preseason I would be a little concerned but I feel that we should probably see his performance get to another level this year.

Dont be shocked if Philbin is WORSE then Sparano. Can you say Cam Cameron?

TGH..good point...he could be worse. All stories and such have been positive...no one had the sack to shed light on the possibility of him totally sucking..

One could say Thomas cost 3 picks. True.

To draft a player, it costs minimum 1 pick. So one could say we gave 2 picks extra. Ok, still 3 picks, but 1 pick is a foregone conclusion.

Now, we must consider that even though we gave two extra picks, we also moved up from 3rd round to 2nd round. We gave up a fifth and a seventh. 7th round pics rarely ever make the team, so even though we used 3 pics, 2 of them were late round, and we did move up, so value wise its more like one and a half picks.

Confusing maybe, but...let's not judge too quickly. It's only the very rare rookies that make an impact their first season. Many HOF players needed a few years to get in form, so lets give Thomas that courtesy as well. Ditto for any rookie.

Too many fans expect every rookie to be a probowler or label them busts, that is pure ignorance.

Like Cameron and Sparano, Philbin is ANOTHER experiment. Too bad the FO didnt have the sense to get a proven experienced winner.

If I were picking a HC Philbin wouldnt make my top 50.

TGH, like who? What proven experience winner was available????

I heard Joe Paterno was available for a short time...

TO BE OR NOT TO BE ..............


I thought you were going to say Murtha when you stated out with the o-line. Its going to be Murtha and Jerry on the right side this coming season. I'd love for them to sign Hicks at guard but that ain't going to happen because we don't have enough cap space.

To find Miami's hidden talent you need scour the waiver wire and other teams rosters. Miami's hidden talent doesnt become "TALENT" until jettisoned out of Miami.

YG...Great post. Look at Ninkampoop in New England. He became a very important piece in the scheme for them. Did he forget how to play in Miami? It's not like he was a world beater. He was affective. The list goes on you know the examples I don't have to list them all.
I may be wrong. But with the exeption of Wake. Which player aquired off the free agency, or player who was cut then signed here has blossomed? I really can't name any. If you can please remind me.

my post disappeared. LOL


We've sucked finding gems on the waiver wire. Seems other teams do better player evaluations than us. We've had fa catastrophies but seem to have done better of late.

Marshall, Dansby, Burnett, Pennington, Matt Moore, and Incognito has been the Parcellian regime's best fa work.


Not sure if you are still around but Bush and Moore just had their best seasons in the NFL, so I would count them. Fasano was nothing when he came here, so he's been OK.

After that I'd have to give it some thought. Incognito's been OK for us but he was OK in ST. Louis too. You're right....there hasn't been many.


Add Pennington to that list too. It was only for the one season but I think he had his best season in the NFL in '08.

I'll give it some more thought and see what I can come up with.

Starks has been better here than he was in Tennessee but I'm not sure he was brought in by this regime.

Gotta get some shut eye but I'll give it more thought.

Building A Great Team:

1. Draft well, then do better job developing the later picks.

2. Free agency. Have to become primary contyributor at worst.

3. Coaching staff needs to at least be "adequate" at developing waver wire signees. Need to develop a gem in the rough at least every 1-2yrs.


I forgot about Bush and Starks in my post to DD.

Matt Moore has been the biggest FA surprise by far.

Randy Starks was signed as a fa by the "Parcellians" in Feb of 2008. He was signed to 5yrs $21 million, with 47 million guaranteed.

He becomes a fa in 2013.


Starks had $7 million of his $21 million guaranteed.

I was gonna say..that's a sweet deal...a cool 47milli on the tee...kiddn man, good stuff

You guy's hit it there, I can't think of any more right now..possibly ever..

I believe Moore and Henne can lead us to the promised land and it wont cost much. Thats my choice

Just got home from date and read blog. Everybody on Phins is a hidden talent, because Tony had no idea how to recognize or use talent.

ALoco/Oscar/Home/FP4FG's/YG/Dying Breed/Cuban Menace/Amsmith/C63/Ozkar/Ron Son/MJ/TGH/Dusty Bottom.

Considering this aggravating one man show Omar seems like a genius.

Sad but true.

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So very sad but true indeed.

4 Ever Chem Trails I couldn't agree with you more.

I am so glad you agree with me too.

Absolutely so very sad but true indeed.

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Ross sell team.

Fire Ireland.

We have no hidden talent.

Manning sucks.


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I hate to inform you but Matt Moore ran the West Coast offense in High School and set records doing it. His High School was nick named Quarterback-U. It set a record for 5 years in a roll to have their QB's to go to 1-A Colleges and 2 of them are in the NFL. He knew how to run it before it was even taught in GB. Why do you think they call it the West Coast Offense. You guys need to find out what people can do before you throw them under a bus. For your Stats you came up with that came from playing for the Panthers and they had no O-Line and not much talent around him. Just look at Cam Newton he didn't win any more (6-10) games than Matt did (6-10). If you and I quote "from a person who knows football" Why aren't you a GM for a NFL Team. Oh that's right you only listen to the press and make up your thoughts. You probably never even played football before.



That's BLOCO.

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Good post KLC

The non hidden talent is Armando and his less that 1% rated radio show. Perfect person to listen too.

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