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Dolphins win coin toss vs. Carolina

The Dolphins this morning won the coin toss against the Carolina Panthers and will have the eighth overall selection in the April draft.

The Panthers, who shared a 6-10 record with Miami, will have the ninth overall selection.

I would say this is great news in that it gives the Dolphins a better pick if they're of the mind to trade the pick. The pick has more value, obviously.

If the team uses the pick, clearly, they're in position to pick a player clearly with top 10 value.

It's 2012 and the Dolphins are undefeated!

OK, now, what player should the Dolphins pick?



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like that makes a difference.

Well at least we won something!! I was about to blame Jeff Ireland if we lost.


We finally won something!!


Good job Dolphins!!

Sure we had a 50/50 shot, but how many of you really thought we could win a coin flip!

Maybe the Dolphins luck is finally turning around...

Wow.. we won!! I guess it's because our GM had no say in it.... so sad...

1-0 Ill take it!!!

Start the bad Luck rumors!

We needed that big time!!!! Finally some good news!!

I wouldn't mind it if Miami signed Manning, then traded up to get RGIII. Or waited for Blackmon to fall to him.

That said, Miami will probably draft an offensive lineman or defensive lineman yet again this year.

See if you can trade down a few picks (pick 10-15) to pick up an extra second rounder and get best pass rusher available Ingram or Upshaw. Grab a tackle and TE in second round. If no trade take Coples

My first post was censored (deleted). I guess Armando Castro rules with an iron hand, or hammer and sickle?

Rg3 all day!

RG3 will go to Cleveland. They have two 1st round picks and a better draft slot than us. Look for another acorn QB joining our team full of hope and short on talent.

Stick it in our pocket and head to the bank=the nfl draft.

We can only win things we have no hand in. As soon as Ireland gets involved the wins start to disappear along with any good decisions that might be made.

and to answer your question, RGIII For the love of God!!!

Not if they package marshall.

Slow Marshall Butter Fingers? Not nearly enough to compensate over picking 4th and a second 1st rounder THIS year.

I can't believe people are talking about trading down....

Only one of 2 things should be done with this pick....use it to trade UP, or pick the best player available!

Pick a qb! We need a franchise long term qb. Grab Tannehill. Don't grab an o lineman. Grab something that will put up points.

There are no starting caliber QB's within reach on any front. Moore will be our starter. We need to find a better backup than Losman. If Devlin is not the one, sign Henne. Flynn is garbage and we won't be making a play for him because Philbin knows he is no franchise QB.

Good News!! I'm glad to see Jeff Ireland is a better Coin Flipper Caller than anything else he does.

Hey didn't have to call anything........the Dolphins logo was on one side of the coin, so it landed with our logo up, so we won. No calling involved....

Luke Kuechly ILB Boston College

Does that mean we're not cursed anymore? Finally?

trade down to #14 with cards so they can grab R. Reif and we get Kuechly before the Eagles land him.

We would have lost this flip if Ross got involved. He would have brought in Carl Peterson to make the call. Then said that Peterson was just there to advise him on whether to call heads or tails.

Aparently, Irealand also made sure not to ask the coin flipper if his mother was a prostitute.

The good news is this regime is learning.

We deserved this victory. We get the number one pick twice in years when there are no QBs and end up with Ronnie "Flabman" Brown and Jake "Way Way Way Overrated Not a Difference Maker Career is Done after 6 years" Long. Panthers got Cam Newton.

Trade up to get Blackmon or trade back for picks and the ability to get some value players in the first and second rounds. Tannehill will last late into the first round or go early in the second round. If Miami plays it right, they could walk out of the second round with impact picks at DE, QB, and CB/S.

I do not want to see Manning get signed with the Phins. I would be willing to trade the whole draft for a shot at RG3, then fill the holes through free agency. At least in free agency you know what your getting. Otherwise, if they are not going after RG3, I hope they take Flynn and have a good draft. If they take Manning it could be real bad if we dont get anyone else and his nerves dont heal.

Tannehill is a reach @ #8 so pass on him.
Blackmon, my favorite will be gone.
IMO they should pick the best available OL or DL
OL - Reiff or Martin
DL - Coples or Ingram

N.Y have the SB but Miami won the coin flip toss.THIS IS A BIG MOMENT FOR SOUTH FLORIDA BABY!!!!!

I know this is not going to be popular but...how about trading down, picking up Tannehill and getting a right tackle with the first two picks?

trade the house and get RGIII..................

Tim Couch, there was a qb available when ee selected both brown and long. Problem is scouts over analyzed Rodgers and parcells was too scared to pick Ryan.

Tannehill plain stinks. Practice squad at best.

If Miami is to trade down a good trade partner would be the Bengals. They need a RB and the best one this year is Richardson. They have 2 1sts, 1 at 17 and the other 21 so they can deal us the 17th and their second plus a later round pick.

If Miami wants Tannehill they better grab him at 8 tho. He will be gone within the top 12 in the first. Not because of his current value. It is because his potential value that he will be picked early.

If Miami does not get RGIII or Tannehill at 8 then I say we take Upshaw. This kid is going to be a beast and much like Woodley from the steelers.

Is Peyton still in town? Cause he hadn't caaaaalled me!

Are you adolescents going to be on the 'is your mother a prostitute' thing forever? That is about as funny as a pie in the face.

Parcels taught Ireland that if you are going to draft a QB...the number 1 rule is this:

He must be a 4 year starter.

That rules out Tannehill. Let's focus on protecting our pending investment in Manning or Flynn by drafting either Reiff (OT Iowa) or Martin (OT Stanford) with the #8 pick.

A lot of different ways they can go. Trade this pick and the house to move up for Luck or RG3. The Giants traded the house once upon a time for Eli Manning and they now have two more Lombardi's in their trophy case. If they can't move up ahead of the Browns and/or Skins, then they are in good position to trade down with a team that covets Richardson. At that point trade down in the first acquire more picks and depending on Free Agency take Tannehill, DeCastro or Coples if he drops like a stone.

Oh my bad

This means squat. We're still in no man's land being in no man's land between picks 5-20 where the talent level is all the same

I wanted RG3, but Im thinking trade back and take Osweiller, I got a feeling about him much like did when Flacco came out and I wanted him as well!! Remember Marino was the last taken in the 1st round...things that make ya go Hhhmmmmmm

NH -- If Ireland keeps to the old Parcells rules then RGIII would be out too because of height.

How bad is it that I was more excited for this coin flip than I was the Heat game last night?

RG3 measured today over six foot 2 inches. Height not an issue.

There are still people who don't seem to realize trading up for Luck is beyond impossible. The Colts need a franchise QB. Franchise QB's do not come along very often. Trading out of the 1st pick would make no sense for them. They need to replace Manning and they are fortunate the best prospect in years is in their hands. Let him go and they will be searching another decade for a QB like us.

Life in the offseason is so boring.

RGIII measured 6'2" 3/4".

Brees is 6'0" by the way

Maybe our Luck is changing?

With those measurements and he's saying he's going to run a sub 4.5. If the sub 4.5 happens which I believe that it will the rumors may start flying that he might sneak up into that coveted 1st overall pick.

Either I have hemorrhoids or I took too much of a pounding last night.

And the dolphins offseason began after week 2.. this year. And to think at midseason, we had the number 2 pick in the draft. Thank you dolphins for those ultra harmful victories.

i like what perfect72 says at 928am. if we can get RG3 i like our chances. i like jerry and murtha too. given patience and the right coaching they could be a young wrecking crew on the right. additionally,we should move r jones to his natural position at SS and sign reggie nelson in FA to play FS. with any picks left after the RG3 trade grab the best available DE's/OLB types to groom for mr bradys nightmares

Tim Couch, there was a qb available when ee selected both brown and long. Problem is scouts over analyzed Rodgers and parcells was too scared to pick Ryan.

Mark in Toronto | February 24, 2012 at 09:17 AM


The thing about A.Rodgers was that he replaced Kyle Boller at Cal. If you remember the Ravens traded up for Boller who put up the HUGE numbers at Cal. and the guy flopped. At the time Brian Billik was considered an O Guru (I believe overhyped) who was a QB away from turning Baltimore into a Dynasty. He after all turned R.Cuningham around in Minnesota during that record breaking 98 Season of their's were they broke all kinds of point records.

The thinking was that it was Dave Telford's system at Cal. that was making the QB's and Rodgers a Jr. College transfer was more of the same. If not for Boller given the numbers he put up Rodgers would have been #1 overall (Rodgers suffered from an NFL Kyle Boller hang over). The Matt Ryan deal however was the belief of Parcells who had won S.B.'s with the likes of Jeff Hostetler and Phil Simms while turning Romo into a player that he didn't need to invest that high on QB (BIG MISTAKE) He forgot that in N.E. he drafted Bledsoe who got him to another dance in 96 #1 overall.

like that makes a difference.
Posted by: will | February 24, 2012 at 07:42 AM

It does

Trade back to 13 with Arizona. Grab Upshaw and bank an extra 3 and 5 pick.

If mc carthy looks at footwork first when it comes to evaluating a qb, he should fall on love with Russell Alvarez from Wisky.

In a perfect world they'd sign Mario Williams in free agency and move up the draft to select RG3. Realistically, if they stay at #8 they should grab Ingram or Upshaw...or Claiborne (if he drops that far). If they think they could get Ingram/Upshaw later in the first round I wouldn't mind seeing them trade out of that spot to get another 2nd round pick THIS year. Then they could grab a RT and a TE in the 2nd round. They need to play catch up with the Patriots who annually seem to two 1's and two 2's.


1. Colts - Andrew Luck QB Stanford. Stop suggesting RG3 is in his class because he is not. Luck is the best QB prospect since Peyton Manning and RG3 is in the Cam Newton class of hit or miss porspect. Cam hit last year I doubt RG3 lives up to expectations to make it 2 in a row. History is not on his side of that happening.

2. Rams - (trade #4) Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma St. Blackmon is not in the same class as Megatron as some suggest but he is a legit #1 WR and with the trade back Blackmon is well deserving of the pick.

3. Vikings - Matt Kalil OT USC. Complete no brainer here. The Vikings need to surround Christian Ponder with better overall talent and the need up front is greatly needed, even more so then skill positions.

4. Browns - (trade #2) Robert Griffin III QB Baylor. I don't think Griffin is the same type of player or talent as Luck but he is someone that has the potential to be a very good QB but I doubt right away. The Browns have nothing on offense outside of Joe Thomas. RG3 will ignite the fan base and buy more time for Holmgren to right the ship. While I don't think RG3 is in Luck's class he is a very intriguing prospect at the most important position in all of sports.

5. Bucs - Morris Clairborne CB LSU. The Bucs have no play makers on either side of the ball but with the way RB are viewed in today's NFL I don't see Richardson being the pick for new coach Greg Schiano. Clairborne plays a premium position and in a division with Brees, Newton and Ryan he is greatly needed.

6. Redskins - Luke Kuechly LB Boston College. The Redskins are in no mans land. Do they reach for Tannehill? Possibly. Do they throw everything the Rams way and trump Cleveland? Possibly but with them being stuck at #6 they may just take a safe prospect who can learn from one of the most under rated players in recent memory in London Fletcher who has about 1 solid year left in the tank.

7. Jacksonville - Quentin Coples DE UNC. The Jaguars need to upgrade the talent around Blaine Gabbert but at #7 Kendall Wright is a huge reach. Any WR under 6 foot doesn't belong in the top 10. Too hard to project. Coples has all the makings of a star DE witrh size strength and good speed. The Jaguars could have a very good front 4 with Mincey (if he resigns), Coples, Alualu and Knighton.

8. Dolphins - Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina. Miami like the Redskins are in no mans land and have to think outside of the box and I think they will.
I know Jeff Ireland is from the school of Bill Parcells and believes in all the measurables but Melvin Ingram is athletic freak and although he is only 6'2 he does have a thick, muscular frame at 275 lbs and will run under 4.7 in the 40. Philbin stated he may run both 4-3 and 3-4 looks and Ingram can play either. Think Dwight Freeney!

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