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Dolphins win coin toss vs. Carolina

The Dolphins this morning won the coin toss against the Carolina Panthers and will have the eighth overall selection in the April draft.

The Panthers, who shared a 6-10 record with Miami, will have the ninth overall selection.

I would say this is great news in that it gives the Dolphins a better pick if they're of the mind to trade the pick. The pick has more value, obviously.

If the team uses the pick, clearly, they're in position to pick a player clearly with top 10 value.

It's 2012 and the Dolphins are undefeated!

OK, now, what player should the Dolphins pick?



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Let's not underestimate what happened this morning with the coin flip that the Dolphins won to take the 8th overall pick. They now have a lot more leverage whether they decide to move up or down or stand pat. Teams that may want to jump ahead of the Panthers to acquire a defensive linemen may ask Miami for a trade. They can also now really be in play to move up(but I don't think they should) to get RG3. You can never have enough options. They also have one notch up throughout all the other rounds. This is huge.

Robert Griffin III. Time to gamble, draft a quarterback high and nab the face of the franchise for the next decade. No more retreads!

No to RGIII !!!! No to RGIII !!!! No to RGIII !!!! No to RGIII !!!! Do I have to say it again. No to RGIII !!!!. A McNabb, Vick clone doomed to failure.

For those arguing this isn't important, you're wrong because with this coin toss Miami's winning a spot on each round.

If you don't get Manning you move up and get RGIII

sign Manning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

draft Reiff, Claiborne, Blackmon or Ingram


The more I think of it (quarterback situation), a two-player plan would be the best. The Dolphins have doubled down-ed before, why not with quarterback? Yes, it will probably take up all our resources but this is the time to do it. Manning and RG3 or Tannehill. Or better, Flynn and RG3 or Tannehill. I'm thinking acquiring a top-tier veteran AND a rookie this year will set us up for the future.

I will tell you guys what the FO will do.. you want to hear it? Why not me telling what the outcome will be...we are a bunch of cry babies sucking on the nipples of a huge entertainment institution. The FO will get Manning with a bunch a clauses to protect themselves, then they will use their first round pick to pick a defensive player and go for Weeden on the second round even if they have to give something to get him.. that is it folks.. if Armando can talk nonsense so can I.

That's not such a bad scenerio "who cares". You have such depth of defensive linemen in the draft I can see them even going for Brockers out of LSU. Remember, they are switching to a 4-3(or a hybrid)and they will let Soliai go. I would even be happy if they pick up Reiff out of Iowa (OL) Going for a QB in the second round wouldn't be that bad either.


either tackle from iowa or kid from south carolina of course trade up for rg3 if we don't land manning or flynn.!

The guy who said Tannehill sucks either didn't see him play or didn't understand what he saw. The Aggies dropped more catch able balls than any team in Div 1. He was always playing catch up because of a D that got worse as the game progressed.

Either trade up and get RG3 or use the pick on Melvin Ingram. If the thought is win now I think those are the only players that will help us do it. O-linemen don't score touchdowns or give the other teams panic when passing.

Trade whatever you have to for RG3 or be ready to be a losing team for 5 to 10 years

I would pick Luck or RG3 if they were still on the board with the 8th pick.


Really undefeated??? What about losing the Fisher battle, forgot already??? 1-1

Can someone please explain why so many people are willing to sell the farm for a smaller version of Mike vick? who wouldn't even fit into our new offensive game plan, and wont get past 2 yrs of solid play time. please xplain.

Mando, it isn't a question here man...trade up for RG3 at all costs...even if we suck for one more year we will be great for a long time after 2012-13

It isn't the "farm" markus... So what do we do here..the same thing we've been doing the last 15 years?? It's time to change it up, spend some picks on RG3, and get Miami back to elite status... BleedDat!

Whew! That was close. If Tony Sporano was still here he would have won the toss and then deferred.

If they don't get the opportunity to trade up to get RGIII or Luck, I would trade down as much as possible and perhaps get 2 additional 2nd round picks... I would rather draft 4 players in the top 68 than just 2... we need help at various positions.

My ideal situation would be for the Fins to offer Jake Long + a future pick to the Rams for the 2nd overall pick... Draft the QB of the future (RGIII or Luck), and then a tackle with the 8th selection. We've paid top $$ to Jake Long, and he hasn't taken us to the Super Bowl, it's time we invest that money in someone else (a QB or top WR), that could score TDs.

Melvin Ingram for me makes most sense or Quentin Coples

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