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Free agency only one month away

Today is February 13th. One month from now, on March 13th, the NFL's second season begins when free agency kicks off in earnest.

Offseason? What freakin' offseason!?

This is the NFL and it's a wonderful ever-expanding snowball rolling downhill in soon-to-be avalanche proportions. There is no stopping it!

And so with one month separating the Dolphins from the first day of free agency, I want to discuss ... what else ... free agency.

First let's begin with Miami's free agents:

The unofficial list of Miami unrestricted free agents: Vernon Carey, Marc Colombo, Ike Alama-Francis, Chad Henne, Kendall Langford, JP Losman, Phillip Merling, Marvin Mitchell, Steve Slaton, Paul Soliai, Will Allen.

[CORRECTION: The Dolphins tell me Merling is actually a restricted free agent based on the fact he did not play enough games in 2010 when he was on the non-football injury list for it to count as a credited season. So he has three years of experience, thus he is restricted.]

The unofficial list of Miami restricted free agents: Lex Hilliard, Lydon Murtha, Ryan Baker.

Am I concerned about either list? I suppose the short answer is no.

There is only one Pro Bowl player on the list and that's Paul Soliai, who earned a trip to the game this past season as a substitute for another player. I have serious doubts Soliai will be coming back to the Dolphins based on the fact his agent David Canter is very aggressive and Soliai doesn't intend to give the Dolphins any sort of hometown discount.

Kendall Langford is a also a nice player although I believe the Dolphins should not overpay for a player who basically has more of a reputation for not making mistakes rather than, you know, making plays.

Phillip Merling? So much potential. So gifted. But it simply doesn't seem to come together for him for whatever reason -- be it immaturity or lack of professionalism.

Everyone else on the unrestricted list is likely done with the Dolphins. Vernon Carey, 32 in July, might be able to stay in Miami as a minimum salary guy but that is frankly the high end of his value. His days of getting a big contract ended after he got his big deal after the 2008 season and then he delivered two inconsistent years in 2009 and '10 in which his play rose and dipped like a nervous stock market. Any team that is willing to go that route again will likely suffer the same result.

Bottom line on Carey is he's a good player when he's hungry and the only way to keep him hungry is to keep him on a one-year contract.

I assume with Tony Sparano gone, the Dallas Cowboys offensive line connection to Marc Colombo will also disappear. Sparano believed in Colombo to the point when the media openly questioned the acquisition of the past-his-prime stop-gap Colombo last summer, Sparano came to his defense and offered, "I watched the tape," on Colombo as proof certain Colombo would be good.

And Colombo was good if one eliminates pass-blocking from his list of responsibilities. He yielded nine sacks in 2011 by my unofficial count. He gave up about twice as many pressures. The man was simply overmatched at times out there because he simply hasn't the quickness to get in front of people. Run blocking was his forte and he did it with enthusiasm and proficiency most of the time. Unfortunately, the NFL is a passing league now. And so pass-blocking is at a premium.

And so, if the Dolphins even attempt to re-sign this guy, it'll be a joke and a statement that upgrade is not what this offseason is about. But I believe that is exactly what this offseason is about so I'm not worried about Colombo being part of the mix again.

I am going to miss Colombo serenading the media in the locker room as he did once this season. Yup, a group of media people were apparently standing too close to his locker for his comfort once during the season while they were waiting for another player to interview.

Colombo, who dislikes the media, went to his locker and began singing, "(bleep) you mother(bleepers), (bleep) you all .... mother(bleepers) ... (bleep) you ..."

He used a word more colorful than "bleep."

It was a shining moment of NFL professionalism.

Chad Henne remains on the lips of many Dolphins fans and general manager Jeff Ireland continues to include Henne every time he discusses Miami's quarterback situation. But who are we kidding?

Henne is better off elsewhere. And Henne will be elsewhere if the Dolphins do what they have to do and address the QB situation this offseason.

Simply, there is no room for a former starter in his mid-20s on the team. The club is looking for a starter and if that man is found, Matt Moore will be the experienced backup -- not Henne. A fourth QB, you say?

That fourth player should be a developmental quarterback that might ascend to something rather than have to recover from a poor (31 TDs, 37 INTs) record as a starter, which is what Henne has to do.

I wouldn't be surprised seeing Henne in Washington or Detroit or Indianapolis.

Tomorrow: Free agents Dolphins should be interested in.


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What a monument to Cantiflas!

Chad Ocho Cinco:
17 games this year, 16 catches......GREAT add for the Pats!

Albert Haynesworth:
I believe 7 games, THREE tackles.
Two GREAT adds.....

Posted by: Craig M | February 13, 2012 at 11:34 AM

Of the guys mentioned I would only want to see Langford, Murtha, possibly Soliai (under the right terms) and possibly Carey back. Possibly Baker too.

Guys will ROAST me for this but Chad Henne would still be like a plan F for me. If nothing comes together for them this offseason and we're faced with a prospect of a bunch of scrubs to back Moore up, I would actually bring Henne back. It would be a LAST resort. If we couldn't get a guy in the draft or a Manning or Flynn or even a Campbell, and we're looking at scrubs then Henne could come back. I'd still take him over a guy like Curtis Painter.

If the Dolphin's get all the way down to plan F at quarterback it will mean, once again, they have F'd it up.

Merling is a restricted free agent, not unrestricted.

I would bring back Chad Henne, hire Matt Flynn and trade Matt Moore. Focus on them to find the better starter and create a competitive situation.

Why? Well Flynn lacks of Gameday experience to beat most teams while Henne needs more knowledge on WCO derivation to implement. And him who offers the best chance to start should do it.

Chad Ocho Cinco:
17 games this year, 16 catches......GREAT add for the Pats!

Albert Haynesworth:
I believe 7 games, THREE tackles.
Two GREAT adds.....

Posted by: Craig M | February 13, 2012 at 11:34 AM

When you are in the playoffs every year and have the most SB appearances of the last decade, it seems like nitpicking to say a couple of their FA acquisitions didn't work out.


Not my point at all. There's no nitpicking involved. We got bashed by this stuff by more than a few people on here that 'the Pats just keep on getting better' and these were the two guys people used as examples.

What it shows is that Bellichick and New England make mistakes too.


Please name me an organization that doesn't make mistakes. They all do. Making SB appearances though shows the majority of your decisions are good, so it's nitpicking to point out some players didn't work out for them. We shouldn't be mocking quality, we should be trying to emulate it.

Pats went to the SB this year. I'd say that is doing better than last year.

Not sure if it was talked about on the weekend but what do guys make of the Dolphins looking to sign this RB coming out of the CFL. He's a big back, who became the first RB to run for 1,000 yards in season since 2000. Ended up being the league MVP, I believe.

Do people see this as a depth signing or someone to push Thomas or both? I don't know a lot about him other than he's big and runs over people.

You don't hire Matt Flynn, you sign him. Moore proved with his 87.5 QB rating that he is absolutely worth keeping. Henne needs a change of scenery, he may be ok elsewhere, but not here.

With failed acquisitions the Pats still make the SB. We acquire star players (Marshall Dansby Bush) and cant even make the playoffs.


Very simply, if guys are going to criticize Ireland for making mistakes, they need to realize some of the better teams do too. It's not a sliding scale.

NE wins because they've got a great coach, great QB, offensive line and a couple of good TE's. That's it! Oh yeah.....they don't crumble every time they face a little adversity, like a team we support.

NE wins for lots of reasons, they know how to use their personal to the maximum advantage and their coach is great at making adjustments mid game.

People will criticize Ireland but the fans of other 31 teams criticize their GM too. Fans are dumb fanatics far removed from the reality of what goes on.

Craig, he wasn't the MVP, he was the most outstanding Canadian. And he wasnrrhe first back in 12 years to rush for 1000 yards, he was the first Canadian since then to do it.

If he turns out to be as good as mark Dixon and cam wake, then we should be so lucky. The fact that he's not getting a signing bonus doesn't give me much hope.

CFL RB is just a guy. They aren't even willing on giving him a bonus to sign. As far as Haynesworth, and Ochocinco, they were among the numerous free agents many on this blog wanted the Phins to sign, they also included Donovan McNabb, Derrick Mason, Plax, and the like. Player get release for a reason, like they're past their prime.


Thanks for the corrections. Didn't seem right to me. I have to go back and see what I read but I think the source I was reading got it wrong.



Add Vince Young and Braylon Edwards to that list too.....

There were others.

Oh yeah VY and Braylon Edwards, 2 more who are on the downward slide.

Pittsburgh desperately needs offensive line help because their line is horrible. Ben Roethlisberger hates Pitt now that Todd Haley is the new OC. Can we trade Colombo and Carey to the Steelers in exchange for Roethlisberger? We could also throw in Henne to fill their QB void.

Craig, I think the CFL signing is gimmicky. Like the Wildcat. Like signing players from Montana. It's a well Ireland continuously goes back to because I fear he has nothing else. It worked once, and now becomes like a staple in our talent acquisition. COULD we get a Cam Wake, Kurt Warner-type playmaker, sure. Is there's a better probability this is a role player or worse, probably.

Instead of these gimmicky-type games, I wish Ireland would concentrate on getting TRUE playmakers with the top draft picks. That's what we REALLY need, not these type of additions that usually don't work.


I read the stuff wrong on the guy from the CFL. Thanks for the corrections.

We are looking for, doing everything we can to find and get a potential franchise QB right? After 13 years of misery, missed playoffs and crap QB play, we are doing everything to fix the problem right? After watching Superbowl after Superbowl won by a stud QB our team will do whatever is necessary to get a potential franchise QB right?

Well then how come we are considering Matt Flynn? Does anyone think Flynn has a chance to be a top 5 QB? Doesn't Flynn seem more similar to the past 15 QBs we have had rather then a potential All pro?

9/11, if you ask me, no and no. I guess Miami thinks if it tries and fails 99 times through FA (in getting a franchise QB), maybe it'll work the 100th time.


Sorry man but I don't think your comment is fair. Ireland's been ripped on here by many for trading up and getting Thomas in the second. He's been ripped because guys like the guy in Houston were undrafted and are having success. I think you have to give him credit for trying to find a different way of doing things that doesn't cost anything. I have no idea if this guy will be any good or not but at least he's trying. He could sit on his hands and do nothing and stick with his guy Thomas. To me this says 'we've got to get better at RB', either by pushing Thomas to get better or adding some depth. I like the move, even if it does nothing to help.

We criticized him for not looking into guys like Logan from the CFL before. He's doing that here and he's still getting criticized. 'Gimmicky'.....sorry man, don't feel that's a fair comment at all.

Arian Foster was the guy I was thinking of DC. Undrafted...

What about surrounding Moore with playmakers? Improving the offensive line? The guy isn't Rodgers,but he had a really good season for miami. Taking a chance on Manning with the neck surgeries,or giving an unproven QB a ton of money,seems foolish.Just my opinion.

We were happy that the players never gave up on the season but still like sticking it to the HC for defending Colombo!

Craig M...I agree with you...

Ireland is unfairly critisized at every turn....

damed if he does...and damed if he doesn't....

In one instance we say this team has talent to win....then in the next breath we blame Ireland for NOT stocking the team with enough talent....

Ireland has sone well....and Ross has retained HIS services...and NOT Sporano's for a reason....

Why not trade Moore and keep Henne as a backup? What if Moore could fetch a 1st rounder? Flynn or Manning would be primary QB.


The guy is a roster spot....perhaps the best TALENT in a small talent pool...

So you give him a shot to see if he is ready to be a big fish in a BIGGER pond....

Maybe he is Arian Foster....maybe not....

in either case....very little lost....

Like Craig M said....@ least Ireland is attempting to correct his mistake...

In short...he see a potential weakness (that he drafted)...and is trying to make the postion better...

He is doing his job....

we dont need solia if we move to a 4-3. But then we should try and keep langford and merling. The both can be go DT in a 4-3

Jack Tatum, you're joking right. This type of post is frightening.

Moore is not better than Henne. If you think Henne needs to be out you must think Moore needs to be out.

Coldumbo better be moving on, it will take him over 3 weeks to get out of his 3 point stance to move to a different team.

All the Flynn talk... I don't get it. Our coach knows him more than anyone, if he does not sign him, he was not worth the risk.

I hope we take a flyer on Peyton Manning though. Especially if it is an incentive based contract, that seems like the biggest no-brainer going.

Moore for a 1st round pick, no brainer... We should offer Lex Hilliard for the 1st over all pick and get Andrew Luck... Problems solved... :)

In the Dolphins new 4-3 defense

They dont need a NT Phat Paul

So we scratch that 15 million dollar waste right off the table

Resigning safety Y-Bell in important in a 4-3
cuz u need a real good run stopping safety in the 4-3 defense

or maybe folks here dont know FOOTBALL, or Chemtrails or HAARP or Illuminati or Puppet Pres or deliberate economic collapse or insane gas/food/water prices

Some sheeple even want a QB who flashed in only one game and threw THREE INTERCEPTIONS in his only other NFL game for $50,000.000 ?
over a moderately priced incentive laden deal w one of the smartest QBs ever,4 time NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP QB Peyton Manning!

Keep back up LB Mitchell for cheap $

cut the rest of the scrubs!


Agreed. Good points.


Explain to the slaves
That we dont need way overpriced Phat Paul @ NT in the 4-3

So scrape him off the roster

and explain how Randy Starks will now get back to form on the defense


NT Phat Paul wants more than the 12 million that Peyton Manning is suppose to fetch

R U Kidding

Get the Puck outta here Phat Paul!

Go Phins!

Honestly it sounds like we'll have a lot of cap room available for Philbin to go get the guys he really wants (of those available). I'm sure we'll try to keep a couple of those guys, mainly the ones Armando mentioned, and rightly so.
But Columbo should be gone, as will Henne.
I'm surprised Armando didn't mention the Jets. My bet on where Henne ends up.

Maybe he is Arian Foster....maybe not....

Posted by: Kris | February 13, 2012 at 12:42 PM

Messam, 6-3 and 245 pounds

He cracked a teammate’s jaw in a fight and also pleaded guilty to an altercation in a nightclub, which resulted in a $250 fine.

Check out his photo Kris. If you ask me, he bears a striking resemblance to Sugar Ray Leonard.

Home knows that song, ... Henne & The Jets

by Elton John


I'm reading Randy Moss wants to make a comeback. Hope this isn't what we are going to be hearing all offseason....man!

Maybe he ends up back with the Pats....who knows.

enuf already

rated at the bottom of the barrel

rated a BUST by Pro Football Focus

Fraud, Poser Boy CB


That scumbag Columblow. If he did his job half way decent the media and fans wouldnt have any reason to bash him as hard as they did. Ray Charles, Stephen Hawkins and Muhammed Ali could see Columblow sucked but not Sparano. HA. Hope he doesnt wonder why he's gone..

just watch one video of the toxic chemtrails over Miami instead of jocks spitting tobacco

you tube:

Debunk This Miami Beach Chemtrails


Tom Brady is Eli Manning's ... Bietch!

Tom ain't nobody's Beatch!

Just ask Giselle...........uh..........?

Columbo to the Jets blocking for Henne and brain stem warm soup bellied Sparano kicking field goals or calling the QB to take a knee in the first half at mid field w 1:55 left and all 3 time outs


Good luck NY Jets ;)

Considering the situation we have at LB and the switch to a 4-3, I'd definitely keep Marvin Mitchell. I'd let him compete for a starting spot for sure.

Since Sparano thinks so highly of Henne, maybe he can convince the stinkin Jets to bring him in as Sanchez' backup.

Actually Giselle made 45 million last year as the world's highest paid super model

Tommy made 18 million

so once again Tommy is not only Eli's Bietch, but Giselle to as she is the top earner in that fam and wearing the pants!

albeit she looks quite hot in dem pants ;)

Yeremiah Bell?

I think SpOrano goes with Henne's Skillset over Sancheese's.

How you ever noticed how GREAT Henne was running on and off the field for the WILDCAT?

Fist Pump!

so once again Tommy is not only Eli's Bietch, but Giselle to as she is the top earner in that fam and wearing the pants!

Posted by: Home 4 Christ's Sake ;) | February 13, 2012 at 01:30 PM

Ummmmmm.........YEAH! That was my point-LOL.

Thanks for explaining that to everyone else though.


I'm feeling most chipper today!

thought that was you


Got snow ?

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