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Free agency only one month away

Today is February 13th. One month from now, on March 13th, the NFL's second season begins when free agency kicks off in earnest.

Offseason? What freakin' offseason!?

This is the NFL and it's a wonderful ever-expanding snowball rolling downhill in soon-to-be avalanche proportions. There is no stopping it!

And so with one month separating the Dolphins from the first day of free agency, I want to discuss ... what else ... free agency.

First let's begin with Miami's free agents:

The unofficial list of Miami unrestricted free agents: Vernon Carey, Marc Colombo, Ike Alama-Francis, Chad Henne, Kendall Langford, JP Losman, Phillip Merling, Marvin Mitchell, Steve Slaton, Paul Soliai, Will Allen.

[CORRECTION: The Dolphins tell me Merling is actually a restricted free agent based on the fact he did not play enough games in 2010 when he was on the non-football injury list for it to count as a credited season. So he has three years of experience, thus he is restricted.]

The unofficial list of Miami restricted free agents: Lex Hilliard, Lydon Murtha, Ryan Baker.

Am I concerned about either list? I suppose the short answer is no.

There is only one Pro Bowl player on the list and that's Paul Soliai, who earned a trip to the game this past season as a substitute for another player. I have serious doubts Soliai will be coming back to the Dolphins based on the fact his agent David Canter is very aggressive and Soliai doesn't intend to give the Dolphins any sort of hometown discount.

Kendall Langford is a also a nice player although I believe the Dolphins should not overpay for a player who basically has more of a reputation for not making mistakes rather than, you know, making plays.

Phillip Merling? So much potential. So gifted. But it simply doesn't seem to come together for him for whatever reason -- be it immaturity or lack of professionalism.

Everyone else on the unrestricted list is likely done with the Dolphins. Vernon Carey, 32 in July, might be able to stay in Miami as a minimum salary guy but that is frankly the high end of his value. His days of getting a big contract ended after he got his big deal after the 2008 season and then he delivered two inconsistent years in 2009 and '10 in which his play rose and dipped like a nervous stock market. Any team that is willing to go that route again will likely suffer the same result.

Bottom line on Carey is he's a good player when he's hungry and the only way to keep him hungry is to keep him on a one-year contract.

I assume with Tony Sparano gone, the Dallas Cowboys offensive line connection to Marc Colombo will also disappear. Sparano believed in Colombo to the point when the media openly questioned the acquisition of the past-his-prime stop-gap Colombo last summer, Sparano came to his defense and offered, "I watched the tape," on Colombo as proof certain Colombo would be good.

And Colombo was good if one eliminates pass-blocking from his list of responsibilities. He yielded nine sacks in 2011 by my unofficial count. He gave up about twice as many pressures. The man was simply overmatched at times out there because he simply hasn't the quickness to get in front of people. Run blocking was his forte and he did it with enthusiasm and proficiency most of the time. Unfortunately, the NFL is a passing league now. And so pass-blocking is at a premium.

And so, if the Dolphins even attempt to re-sign this guy, it'll be a joke and a statement that upgrade is not what this offseason is about. But I believe that is exactly what this offseason is about so I'm not worried about Colombo being part of the mix again.

I am going to miss Colombo serenading the media in the locker room as he did once this season. Yup, a group of media people were apparently standing too close to his locker for his comfort once during the season while they were waiting for another player to interview.

Colombo, who dislikes the media, went to his locker and began singing, "(bleep) you mother(bleepers), (bleep) you all .... mother(bleepers) ... (bleep) you ..."

He used a word more colorful than "bleep."

It was a shining moment of NFL professionalism.

Chad Henne remains on the lips of many Dolphins fans and general manager Jeff Ireland continues to include Henne every time he discusses Miami's quarterback situation. But who are we kidding?

Henne is better off elsewhere. And Henne will be elsewhere if the Dolphins do what they have to do and address the QB situation this offseason.

Simply, there is no room for a former starter in his mid-20s on the team. The club is looking for a starter and if that man is found, Matt Moore will be the experienced backup -- not Henne. A fourth QB, you say?

That fourth player should be a developmental quarterback that might ascend to something rather than have to recover from a poor (31 TDs, 37 INTs) record as a starter, which is what Henne has to do.

I wouldn't be surprised seeing Henne in Washington or Detroit or Indianapolis.

Tomorrow: Free agents Dolphins should be interested in.


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First* Can't spell today!


First, to answer your questions Kris (I hate when people don't answer questions I pose to them). Yes, I agree with you. Looking objectively at a 0-7 team, that then goes 6-3, yeah, that's gotta be on the Coaching (or preparation side of the ball). Starting slow last few years, ok, I can accept that's probably mostly on the Coach.

09, NOT on Coaching. The difference between your Giants example and us was the QB of the Giants was Eli. The QB in Miami, Chad Henne. If that's your reasoning (that we held our future in our hand and then lost those games), then I'd say blame your GM, for not getting you a quality QB.

And Craig, if you look back at my post, I did try to say "whomever was acquiring talent", so as not to put it squarely ALL on Ireland. But Ireland had the title, and still has it.

Am I one of the guys who's saying Ireland never did anything right here? No. What I'm saying is, if you guys are saying you're judging Sparano by the record, then I'm saying that's how I'm judging Ireland too. Strictly on the record, and the judgment from others around the league. And that judgment has not been Miami has all the talent in the world, just don't know how to develop or put together a winning strategy.

The analysis I've heard about Miami is like I said, holes everywhere, no QB, no fierce offense, lack of playmakers. That's the general consensus about us. I don't care what Ross thinks (he's not a football mind), I'm going off what FOOTBALL analysts on espn and nfl channel and the like are saying.

Just wondering, what's the problem with that? For example, do you think there's anything in Brandon Marshall's game to criticize? If so, I AGREE! How about Dansby? Again, I'd agree if you said yes. See, to me, if you're a team that went 7-9, 7-9 and 6-10, there's a LOT of criticism to spread around to all members of the team (Coaches, players, etc.). I'm just saying Ireland does deserve some criticism for the moves he's made. Not too sure why that's so controversial. I think it's clear as day.

Because you cannot mortgage your team on the HOPE that this kid will be good. You know how long it would take for a team to recover from loosing three # 1 pick's and a starting (Pro Bowl) left tackel? Talk to the Vikings after they traded all those pick's for Herchel Walker or New Orleans when they traded all those picks for Ricky Williams. Those seemed like good ideas too at the time. End result the people who made thiose trades got fired

If all of these FA's walk it's not that bad. Solai would be nice to keep but we have Starks and Odrick to fill that space with a 4-3 and can settle with just Starks as a 3-4. Put someone opposite Wake at DE and we'll be fine at DL (if 4-3) not to mention at least $10 million more to spend on FA's

albert, difference is Walker and Williams are RBs...We would do this trade for a QB...The Giants paid a price for Eli...If you're convinced the player you're trading for is worth it, just like Eddie Accorsi was convinced Eli was the real deal, you have to do it. It's all about QBs...I would NEVER make a trade like this for another position but QB...Just my opinion of course...Anyway, really gotta go...See you later albert...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a chance on a CFL Player. I think was have one right now. He worked out great. And this guy is big time smash mouth. We need a couple more meanees.
Henne is not as good as Moore. If we can possibly upgrade at qb then keep Moore and if we can't keep Moore over Henne. Losman? I forgot we had that guy.
Solai? Big deal. Won;t need a big rock in the center of the defense with a 4-3 and I don't know where they get he is a probowler. That is just a trick so we can waste another 12 mil on the guy. He is a 4 or 5 mil a year guy for the next 2 years.
Allen, sign him.
The rest are a game time decision.
Sign a pass rusher or two.

#1 Dolphin fan in Montreal,

A more likely scenario I think is this. If either Matt Flynn OR Ryan Tannehill are any good they might be the one that this new administration picks. Philbin coached Flynn in GB, as we all know. If Philbin thinks Flynn has what it takes then I suspect he will try to get him. If NOT then he will ask Mike Sherman our new OC if Tannehill is an starting caliber NFL QB. Sherman had Tannehill in Texas A&M. He might be the guy the Dolphins draft. They would let him develope for a year behind Matt Moore and then play him.


Aren't we really talking about the move of bringing a guy in from the CFL that we don't have to draft? Wasn't it you and others that have been hitting Ireland over the head for drafting a RB in the second round? So this would be a good move, right?

As for all the other stuff, I'm not really looking to talk about that. You have your opinion on Ireland and I have mine but strictly judging this move on it's own merits, I don't see anything wrong with it.

Mark, not sure if you're around but you for one should be applauding this move. You're a huge proponent that you can get running backs from 'anywhere' and that's what Ireland has done. Doesn't change the fact that he drafted Thomas second round but it does fir with the types of moves you are looking to see.

Maybe he's started to listen to you at long last....LOL.

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Took a chapter out of your book.....was at the gym at 5 AM sharp this morning before work.

So Merling is in fact a RFA. Does that mean he comes back for another year. Probably. Disappointing player. I wouldn't want to count too heavily on him for much.

Hey Paul, no-one cares about you, take a leap.

LOL, I don't want Henne here either, but I am smart enough to know he is better than Matt Moore. Show ever made the open your eyes comment, I ask you to do the same. And your ears as you would have heard the players say they were not prepared to play to start the season.

Also, Craig, I think you got caught up in my terminology. I probably didn't mean to say "gimmick" in the negative way you're taking it as. I was trying to say Ireland seems to be going back to these certain wells (be it the CFL, or Montana, or the Cowboys) to get talent. Taken independently, no, there's nothing wrong with it.

But put in the context of the team, and Ireland's history (or the history of talent acquisition since '08), along with articles which have been written which I've read concerning ex-Cowboys, or Ireland's connection to Montana, or his exploration of the CFL, I think it's fair to ask what the outcome of these tendencies has been.

I'd say it's a mixed bag. One sure playmaker was Wake, I think we'd all agree. Hopefully we'd all agree Lex Hilliard and Jimmy Wilson (so far) have been more role players, not necessarily dominant in their respective positions. Not saying Wilson couldn't become that, just trying to lay out the picture right now.

As far as ex-Cowboys, I'd say the general consensus is those players didn't work out too well. Exemplified by Colombo, who I have yet to hear 1 good thing about from any poster.

So, it's a mixed bag (how well these tendencies are working). And I'm just wondering if there isn't better talent to be found elsewhere. So don't get caught up with the word "gimmick." That's taking you much further away from what I think I'm saying here. I'm just trying to make some objective deduction. Not trying to hit Ireland over the head because he's acquiring some guy from the CFL. I don't know the guy at all. Could be a stud (like Vonta Leach when he was on the Texans). I don't know enough about him to know.

Yeah poizen and henne's excuse I mean the teams excuse for the other years was??? None as he stunk. I was always taught you dont make excuses you get the job done, and if you fail you admit it and thats that. Henne is not a leader and cannot be one for this team. i dont care with the future holds for him, but it cannot be here. Moore proved himself and I would want him as a 1 or 2 on this team.

Craig, to answer you, yes, I think it's GREAT we got a backup fullback in FA. I have no problem with it. That wasn't the point of my initial piece.

My initial piece was questioning the height of the peaks and the depths of the valleys in Ireland's drafting. Like, he made some good choices, and some not so good. Peaks and valleys. Compared to other GMs, how high are his peaks (and how many does he have) and how low are his valleys (and how many)? These are questions I'm specifically asking you. This is just my general thinking in to how one might compare/contrast Ireland to other GMs (to decide how good a job he's doing here).

Sorry, at 4:44pm, meant to say these aren't questions I'm specifically asking you. Just throwing them out there.

ct, If your a fan of this team you would agree this team was disfunctional the last couple years all around... If you think it was just a QB you are clueless.

this was not an endorsement of Henne, yes I think he has the talent to be good. But I want him to move on also.


Sorry man, as a Henne backer, even I have to admit the team played better with Moore at the controls. Moore took over a team that was 0-4 and from the get go you noticed a difference in the effort from ALL the players, not just the player on offence. It's like they finally had somebody to believe in, somebody to rally behind. Surely you see that and can believe in that. So he took over a team that was flat, dead in the water and injected some life and some energy into it. Had the defence played better his record would be a lot better than 6-6 as the starter. You're looking purely at stats, while the only stat I care about is if the team plays hard and wins.

So, just for arguments sake, what would the team's record have been if Henne had been the starter for the whole season? Curious?.....

If they're gonna sign this RB from the CFL the new coaches must have decided that (3 for 1)D Thomas is a bust.

If Henne started the whole season we would've gotten Andrew Luck. 0-16 or 1-15,


I don't know Ireland's record over the last couple of years but when I consider that he's brought in Bush, Moore, Dansby, Marshall, Burnett and Wake in FA and drafted guys like Pouncey, Odrick and Thomas, I'll put his track record up against anything Belichick has done in the last two years. What's he done? I'm counting Gronkowski and Hernandez. Others will count Mallett. I'll put a big undecided against that one. When you look at the moves for Haynesworth and Ocho and the number of second and thrid round picks that haven't worked out, then you start saying 'hey, maybe this guy knows what he doing after all'.

Also, the talking heads you referred to earlier that are bad mouthing Ireland, most of them don't know their head from their arse! Who are are we talking about? Warren Sapp? Michael Irvin? Joe Theisman? Who were these guys as front office personnel to have ANY clue what they are talking about?

If HennePuke comes back Da Beast will go ballistic!! LOL

The talking heads on TV are paid to talk. Most of them repeat and parrot what they've heard other places. Most of them aren't even that smart. Jamie Dukes? Come on! They get paid to flap their gums and be controversial. Truth is none of them can think for themselves and none of them would be hired to be a part of any front office. You've got to cut through that stuff and think for yourself, not be swayed by popular sentiment.


I am a fan and for being out of state have not missed a game in 13 years. ( first 25 years did not have direct tv). So please dont question me on that. Being a fan I know when I see talent, he is one of the worst QB's we have had. I would take Brian Griese, Lucas, Fiedler, Trent Green, Penne over him. In this fan's opinion, Moore is a gunsligner who is fearless. Maybe Henne is dysfunctional on his own, and needs to never play here as the hometown QB again. If he does though I will support!

Not drafting any QB last year was insanely stupid. It was the best QB class in 20 years(14 drafted) and Irescum takes none? But gives 3 picks for a 3rd string RB? WTF?

No single person Craig. And I can't even recall where I read/heard these criticisms. This is all just info I recall and put together in the scrapbook of my brain.

That's fine if I guess you're implying that Ireland has no warts. That's how passionately certain you were on all the other things you later changed your mind on (Sparano, Henne, the importance of a franchise QB). Maybe in due time (though I hope not, because that would mean our team never got out of the doldrums) you'll come to view Ireland's luster in a different light as well.

Again, I implore you to allow criticism to help form your opinions. They are helpful. If we listened to you, last year we would have drafted Ingram. You were SO SURE he was the pick. That we'd make a horrible mistake if we didn't pick him. We touched on it early in the Season, and you saw the error of that belief (now you're touting Pouncey as a great pick by Ireland).

I'm not like these other guys (and clowns) that keep calling you on your mistakes. I would just suggest your certainty in these matters becomes comical, especially when you have to backtrack on many of these issues. Having a healthy skepticism of the team you're a fan of is a much better philosophy to have (generally). Then you won't be surprised by too much that happens. Or better yet, from this team, heartbroken.

Ok, like Kris and Ohio, it's gym time. Have a good night all!

Craig, jsut signed in at the end of the day. Busy time. Yeah, I like the move of signing the RB. There's no money involved, why not? All he's doing is taking up a training camp spot. These are the exact kind fo moves that can only provide upside - no downside. And there's a history of CFL players being solid NFL contributors. Why not indeed ...

Randy Moss coming back

Desean jackson to be franchised.

Should've signed this CFL guy BEFORE Ireland wasted 3 picks on D Thomas.


You're twisting some of what I said to meet your needs. I said Henne and Sparano deserved more time. I wanted Henne to have time away from Henning before chopping him. Less than 32 starts wasn't enough time for ANY QB in this league. As for Sparano, my logic was to be making the move at the time everyone wanted, with a lockout shortened horizon and little to no camps made no sense. He got that chance, as did Henne, so it's time to move on. So please don't twist my words.

As for Ireland, it's obvious you hate the guy because even a move like picking up a running back from the CFL where he rushed for over 1000 yards in a passing league rubs you the wrong way. I'm just not sure what this guy can ever do right, to get in your good books. So as I said to you earlier, I'm not going to debate Ireland with you. You have your mind made up on the guy and that's fine. I tried to compare what Bellichick has done with what Ireland has done and you can't even be objective on that. It's a lost topic for us, so let's just let it be.

Ok, now that Sparano is gone (and we have a new head coach), I guess I can start adding my two cents to this blog again! We still have a lot of holes to fill on this team; right side O-linemen, TE, another WR couldn't hurt! And, on D-fence, help in the secondary, pass-rush, and more LB's to start with.
I'm glad to see we're finally going with a West-Coast style offense and I like the move to a 4-3 defense (that should scare the beejesus out of Brady and Sanchez). I think we may actually go to the friggen Superbowl this year with the right pieces and good coaching. Prediction: Miami and Niners! You heard it here first!

The oline's a trainwreck. Proof of that is Incognito, who's no threat to make amyone's pro bowl team anytime soon, is far and the best guard on the roster period. Jerry who was drafted to start at guard, now seems to be the team's best backup left tackle.

Carey's both the team's best RT and Right guard. That isnt saying much. After Long and Pouncey we dont have much of an oline. Our oline backups after John Jerry(LT)are just shy of being practice squad material.

IMO, to be "a really good oline" this year, we may need need to keep Carey(RG) and draft Riley Reiff. Even though I absolutely hate the idea of having to use another #1 pick on the oline.

Reason Im for Jerry being the permanent backup LT is because Long is now having some issues staying healthy an entire season. Jerry did very well as a fill in for Long last year.

Its a shame, now 4 full seasons after the trifvctus took over, we still have so many holes needing fill. There are at least 3 positions on this roster that could justify using our #1 pick at. Geesh!

yeah no way do we resign any of those bums, glad they are gone

what about this 6'3 240 LB running back out of Canada? Real deal or bust? What say you Mando???

this rb will be a 3rd string nobody.

well moss is coming back, which team will sign him? d.jackson will be franchised, and wayne sounding like he will be a patriot


If we let Carey walk, here's the oline I suggest(Especially with Sparano now gone):

LT-- Jake Long
LG-- John Jerry
C--- Incognito
RG-- Pouncey
RT-- Reilly Reif or Jonathan Martin(trade down)

I like this oline especially if we sign a big money fa qb.

Jerry did his best work leftside subbing for Long. leftside of line maybe his natural fit. Sparano may have hurt his progress as a rookie giving him training reps on both sides of the oline.

If Jerry does good work at LG, move Cognito to center and Pouncey to RG. I feel Pouncey would be good no whether where you play him. Just may have to use our #1 pick at RT to make sure we have someone that run and pass blocks very well. Though I hate using another #1 pick on the oline.

thankfully carey and columbo are gone, huge start

This year Ireland really needs to hit big on at least 2 of our draft picks besides our 1st rounder. We cant continue to count on hitting big on fa signings every year to fill voids. We'll quickly run into salary cap issues if free agency becomes our primary source of effectively filling starting roster voids.

Question. As I'm on the fence as well.

When do we stop chasing a QB and let one develop? I ask this because, as Mando pointed out also, Eli was horrible starting out, and so were a lot of QBs that turned out great or very serviceable like SF Smith. Believe me, I see what a great QB can do, I want to win, etc... But with the way this team is going, I'm blind now, my head has spun too many ways and my hopes been crushed too many times.

Is Chad H just not worth allowing to develop?
Is Matt M just not worth it...
Was a bad Eli so much more quality that we could see past the garbage...

I'm not hoping for either Matt or Chad... I'd like new blood with Flynn or RG3 (or draft next year) but I find myself trying to figure out what direction is better (Sticking with or revolving). I've just heard that you have to develop (like Eli) and trade up for (like Eli) from Mando but also after a year or two with a QB we are also ready to call for his head...

wont hold my breathe on that, ireland has never drafted good


Problem is we havent spent #1 picks at qb. If you'll notice, the qb's you mentioned(Eli, Smth) were both high 1st rd picks. So they may have a better chance of working out.

All we've ever chsed(since Marino) were retreads and lower rd qb picks. Yeah Henne was a 2nd rd pick but we've all seen enough of him to know he doesnt have the "IT" factor even in the least bit.

But, I could see Henne doing well on a roster that's already championship calibre on both sides of the ball. Nothing less because Henne's not going to put any team on his shoulders and win a game.

henne is horrible

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DC at 4:15, you hit the nail on the head. But then I'm one of those guys who thinks Ireland is a problem.

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Kick the whole lot of them out!

...DC. I gotta stick up for my Montana guys..Lol.

I can't figure out if I am an Ireland ditractor, or secret closet apoligist...I have gone on record as saying he hasn't lived up to his end of the bargin, the roster filled with too many holes, and lack of depth to celebrate his accomplishment of "Top G.M."

Then someone like D.C. comes along and sights some of the weaknesses of the team, and Irelands tendancies..Just pointing out the truth. And I immedietly go into defensive mode. A little hypocritical on my part, I know.

I have said that Irelands story has not yet fully been written. If this was an Oliver Stone Movie..The first part in the Ireland movie would be the slow, ease into the story line sort of setup Stone is famous for. Will the middle be action packed, and exciting, or will it continue to be a yawner not worthy of the price of the addmission ??

Alot of opinions one way or the other regarding who stays and who goes, some give opinions (which I respect) some only criticize while offering none. I'll drop my two cents!

On our FA players:

M.Mitchell is an adequate back-up with ST's value, I put a premium on this and remind all of the ST TD's scored in 96/97 (one was a doozy fake punt Vs. Houston Oilers) when Westhoff was still here and Larry Izzo was the Capt. when they both walked that aspect of the Fins has been a ???

Don't agree with letting Solia walk but get the math and YES that's all on Ireland who balked on the 30 Mil/5 Yr. deal he could have signed him to at the end of 2010.

Merling is a slacker and he stays only because of the fact you try and see what you can squeeze out of him in a 4/3 rotation.I would replace Langford with Arz. DE Calais Campbell whom we should have taken with the 1st pick of Rd.2 in 08 out of UM instead of Merling.

The rest are NFL SCRAPHEAP! Henne could be a serviceable back-up but not in Miami were anything short of great play at QB will have some NUT out there screaming to get him on the field, GOOD BYE and GOOD RIDDANCE!!

On potential FA acquisitions:

Before everybody screams OG Carl Nicks I'll remind he's looking for the deal N.O. teamate Jahri Evans got which was a 7 Yr. 58 Mil. deal and over 9 Mil. a Yr. on an OG isn't what I want to see.

I like as OL in FA ( I know out of the box) Houston Center Chris Myers moving M.Pouncey back to his more natural left OG spot next to J.Long. I then move Incognito back to his natural RG spot (always played either there or at Center before Sparano) while giving J.Jerry a shot at RT were he played at Miss.St. in the SEC adding some stop gap FA help with Carey and Murtha in the mix. If not grab OT Demetrius Bell (Buff) and give J.Jerry another shot at RG, DON'T INVEST A MINT HERE THESE GUYS ARE ADEQUATE IF PROPERLY USED!!!

At RB we need a dependable Bulldozer to go with R.Bush and I hope it can be D.Thomas but given the injury history with these two I'll toss another couple of names on my list of wants, Micheal Bush (Oak) and Mike Tolbert (S.D.) these 2 will be my most targeted at the position and should come at a reasonable price

WR isn't a priority but if you want one Laurent Robinson (Dall) made plays and can run. I for one LOVE J.Blackmon and if by some miracle he is there he would be my pick Rd.1

T.E. Jermicheal Finley, PLEASE!!!PLEASE!!!

LB's Ahmad Brooks and Rocky McIntosh are interesting because they can play the 4/3 and at a high level I believe.

At Safety you've got Leron Landry (FS) AND Micheal Griffin (SS) on the market but for my money I would add Deshon Goldson (SS), you remember him the S.F. player who was knocking out his own teamates in the NFC Champ. game!

You target these players but can't possibly sign the entire wish list, so it's simple I wait FA out then give my opinion on the draft after I fill out via FA because like in the game of Domino's the one move will dictate the next!

Actually Giselle made 45 million last year as the world's highest paid super model

Tommy made 18 million

so once again Tommy is not only Eli's Bietch, but Giselle to as she is the top earner in that fam and wearing the pants!

albeit she looks quite hot in dem pants ;)

Posted by: Home 4 Christ's Sake ;) | February 13, 2012 at 01:30 PM
Giselle looks hotter with no pants!

fin4life...I think that we must address tight end in some fashion this offseason..I know we have a ton of holes to fill. I would put TE 4th on the list of priorities behind QB, Pass rusher, & Right Tackle.

Looking at the free agent list. Of course Finley is the top guy. Even with his drops(He had 20 drops last year regular season) I don't know if he will be franchised. I'm assuming he will be back with the Packers..If not I would proceed with caution signing him.

Fred Davis would be the second guy on the list IMO..He has some substance abuse problems. If we are not concerned with this, and believe he has overcome this. He could be another guy that is a possibility. He may be a guy that fits with the cap space issues we may run into. I don't like using this an excuse, as it isn't my money being spent. The Phins will have to figure out a way to get the right players inside of our cap number...

Off the top of my head these are the only 2 guys that come to mind as far as pure pass catchers..TE Shianchoe was a huge weapon for Minnesota a few years back. I don't know if his decline is on him, or because the QB play declined from Farve year 2-to last season. I think our best bet is to address this spot Via the draft..We should have an opportunity to take a shot a the top guys...Free agency will tell the tale.

If Lex Hilliard is still on the roster in 2012, we are in trouble. Finally they got rid of Cobbs, now its time to jettison this guy that takes up a roster spot for nothing, they don't trust him. He has had plenty of time to crack a roster spot. Move on.


No way we adequately address qb, pass rush, and Te in fa. Draft neither because the earliet we can address the position is 3rd-4th rd. Meaning if he's not in the Henandez/Graham mold it could be at least a season before he's fully ready to play.

Besides, Fred Davis is one bad urinalysis from a year's suspension, I dont see Finley going anywhere(he would be too costly for us anyway), and Schianco is though of as a terrible blocker. Schianco's up there in age too.

After qb, pass rush may be the next top priority. Robert Mathis may be the best fa option opposite Wake here. But this begins Mathis' 10th season. We havent seen anything to suggest Misi's ready.

We should have an opportunity to take a shot a the top guys...Free agency will tell the tale.

Darryl Dunphy | February 13, 2012 at 07:54 PM


I find it comical to think draft before waiting out the FA wish list. The ability to feel needs with young players like the ones I listed will scratch needs and dictate the draft.

In J.Finley you have a guy who can run at around 4.7 speed which isn't AWE inspiring but he seems quicker, lots of burst. I like him best because I feel he will open up the middle of the field and force the SS back or the FS into the middle of the field. I also believe this position as priority and given the scheme the Pack runs believe Philbin will grab one, by the way good call on Vicente Shancoe I didn't realize he was a FA and he is a nice seam threat.

Your thoughts on the other guys on my wish list??


To talk draft before seeing what we can address in FA is impossible! We cross off some needs through draft and add needs through losses and players we couldn't get, then build our board by priority.

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