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Free agency only one month away

Today is February 13th. One month from now, on March 13th, the NFL's second season begins when free agency kicks off in earnest.

Offseason? What freakin' offseason!?

This is the NFL and it's a wonderful ever-expanding snowball rolling downhill in soon-to-be avalanche proportions. There is no stopping it!

And so with one month separating the Dolphins from the first day of free agency, I want to discuss ... what else ... free agency.

First let's begin with Miami's free agents:

The unofficial list of Miami unrestricted free agents: Vernon Carey, Marc Colombo, Ike Alama-Francis, Chad Henne, Kendall Langford, JP Losman, Phillip Merling, Marvin Mitchell, Steve Slaton, Paul Soliai, Will Allen.

[CORRECTION: The Dolphins tell me Merling is actually a restricted free agent based on the fact he did not play enough games in 2010 when he was on the non-football injury list for it to count as a credited season. So he has three years of experience, thus he is restricted.]

The unofficial list of Miami restricted free agents: Lex Hilliard, Lydon Murtha, Ryan Baker.

Am I concerned about either list? I suppose the short answer is no.

There is only one Pro Bowl player on the list and that's Paul Soliai, who earned a trip to the game this past season as a substitute for another player. I have serious doubts Soliai will be coming back to the Dolphins based on the fact his agent David Canter is very aggressive and Soliai doesn't intend to give the Dolphins any sort of hometown discount.

Kendall Langford is a also a nice player although I believe the Dolphins should not overpay for a player who basically has more of a reputation for not making mistakes rather than, you know, making plays.

Phillip Merling? So much potential. So gifted. But it simply doesn't seem to come together for him for whatever reason -- be it immaturity or lack of professionalism.

Everyone else on the unrestricted list is likely done with the Dolphins. Vernon Carey, 32 in July, might be able to stay in Miami as a minimum salary guy but that is frankly the high end of his value. His days of getting a big contract ended after he got his big deal after the 2008 season and then he delivered two inconsistent years in 2009 and '10 in which his play rose and dipped like a nervous stock market. Any team that is willing to go that route again will likely suffer the same result.

Bottom line on Carey is he's a good player when he's hungry and the only way to keep him hungry is to keep him on a one-year contract.

I assume with Tony Sparano gone, the Dallas Cowboys offensive line connection to Marc Colombo will also disappear. Sparano believed in Colombo to the point when the media openly questioned the acquisition of the past-his-prime stop-gap Colombo last summer, Sparano came to his defense and offered, "I watched the tape," on Colombo as proof certain Colombo would be good.

And Colombo was good if one eliminates pass-blocking from his list of responsibilities. He yielded nine sacks in 2011 by my unofficial count. He gave up about twice as many pressures. The man was simply overmatched at times out there because he simply hasn't the quickness to get in front of people. Run blocking was his forte and he did it with enthusiasm and proficiency most of the time. Unfortunately, the NFL is a passing league now. And so pass-blocking is at a premium.

And so, if the Dolphins even attempt to re-sign this guy, it'll be a joke and a statement that upgrade is not what this offseason is about. But I believe that is exactly what this offseason is about so I'm not worried about Colombo being part of the mix again.

I am going to miss Colombo serenading the media in the locker room as he did once this season. Yup, a group of media people were apparently standing too close to his locker for his comfort once during the season while they were waiting for another player to interview.

Colombo, who dislikes the media, went to his locker and began singing, "(bleep) you mother(bleepers), (bleep) you all .... mother(bleepers) ... (bleep) you ..."

He used a word more colorful than "bleep."

It was a shining moment of NFL professionalism.

Chad Henne remains on the lips of many Dolphins fans and general manager Jeff Ireland continues to include Henne every time he discusses Miami's quarterback situation. But who are we kidding?

Henne is better off elsewhere. And Henne will be elsewhere if the Dolphins do what they have to do and address the QB situation this offseason.

Simply, there is no room for a former starter in his mid-20s on the team. The club is looking for a starter and if that man is found, Matt Moore will be the experienced backup -- not Henne. A fourth QB, you say?

That fourth player should be a developmental quarterback that might ascend to something rather than have to recover from a poor (31 TDs, 37 INTs) record as a starter, which is what Henne has to do.

I wouldn't be surprised seeing Henne in Washington or Detroit or Indianapolis.

Tomorrow: Free agents Dolphins should be interested in.


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..Clyde. Why would you think having Lex Hilliard on the roster would spell trouble? He did fine playing fullback last year, and was a top special teams player.. You understand that in Philbins offense(Or what I think we will see). Fullback plays a huge role in the pass game. Lex to his credit is an excellent pass catcher. In fact he probably is a better reciever out of the backfield than a runner..Lex may not be the flashiest of backs, and you may be happy, because he will have to earn his spot. If he does, it will be because he has value to the team. If he doesn't, or isn't resigned so be it.


The unkindest cut of all, is after 4 full seasons under the Parcellians, we still have so many starting and depth positions rhat need to be adequately filled. It seems we'll never get to a point of being only 2-3 players away to being a legit championship contender.

I believe some of you are overestimating Wake. He has one move, and one move only. NE's rookie RG handled him easily. Wake will start the season in his 30's. He has one or two seasons max on this team.

RT not RG

YG..I agree. I was just looking at the priorities from my point of view. Weather or not we can fill will be seen. I also agree that trying to fill all the voids we have via free agency isn't likely, or again IMO the right way to build a team..At some point good teams have to develop players. Trying to buy guys to fill every void year after to year is asking for trouble..

fin4life...Again..I agree with your point. Free agency is going to be the starting spot for how our draft board will be set. We will not be able to address everything in free agency. The shape of our draft board is dependant on what we do in the free agency period..


If we sign a qb(Peyton or Flynn) its going to be costly. JerMichael Finley will be costly. I highly doubt he leaves GB to come MIA anyway.

Pass rush is a far more pressing need than TE. Best available fa is Robert Mathis. I believe Mathis/Wake could be the tandem we need.

As for TE, Shockey could be the cheapest block/catch TE available in free agency and doesnt mind coming here. But I have a feeling Fasano just might still be here this year.

We are too far off to think about being competitive in 2012. Draft some core players, continue to build the foundation. Our competition is way ahead of us. This is another 3 year project. Fasten your seat belts.

WR Freddy Solomon passed away today. Only long time dolfans may remember him. In 1984 he was traded to the 49ers.

Also its a very little known fact that Solomon was Joe Montana's 1st option on the famous " the catch" play to Dwight Clark.

RIP Freddy!

fin4life..I should have been more clear. When I said we will have an opportunity to take one of the top guys..I was reffering to the draft. We are in a good spot should we decide tight end is a position we want to address via the draft..We select in the top part of each round, so there should be guys available if we decide to go this route. There are so many different possibilities it can make your head spin..I guess this is why we debate this stuff.

Freddy Solomon was a former Dolphin wr. The emergence of Duper and Clayton made him expendable to us. Leading to Don Shula trading him to Frisco in 1984.


Mathis could be a nice addition and yes your direction isn't wrong either by a long shot. You are talking however about a player who also will want his payday given he's I believe going to be 32 this Season compared to a player in Finley who is all of 26 and played for Philbin.

I don't agree the Packers see him as all that given he was hurt in there S.B. run but I do remember as you do his Playoff game Vs. eventual S.B. NFC rep Arz. a few Yrs. back when Dansby won it in overtime and Finley housed Adrian Wilson all day and was the reason the Pack came back. I believe featured with Marshall they will give the Safeties fits and can do damage.

By the way in FA would you invest in either M.Bush or M.Tolbert, I think we need another tough inside runner and when on their game these two bring it and neither is over 27.

Freddy Solomon was a former Dolphin wr. The emergence of Duper and Clayton made him expendable to us. Leading to Don Shula trading him to Frisco in 1984.

Yesterday's Gone | February 13, 2012 at 08:34 PM

Sorry pal but Freddy Solomon was on the 49ers 81 Championship team we traded him in 78 and he played for the 49ers till 85 winning 2 titles (one against us)

Duper and Clayton were in Jr. High at the time, Shula also got rid off Delvin Williams who was a beast in 80/81 because of ongoing issues with drug use by both.

Under Shula there was little tolerance in this dept. unless you went with Wife Dorthy to NA, true fact (Hollywood Henderson)

fin4life....I like all the guys you mentioned in your post. This isn't a copout. I'm just really in a daze just thinking about what the right moves are. I don't think it is smart to spend a ton of our budget on another offesnive lineman. I know we need help on the line. But I think that we can do it if we are resorcefull. I would spend on players that have gamechanging ability,If this makes any sense? Spend on a saftey(it seems to be thin in this draft) Spend on a tight end, a pass rusher..I'm not advocating that we try and sign all of these positions. This is what I would concentrate on if I had to make a choice. Running back, I think we are set. I have to think that Danile Thomas is going to be healthy this year, and that he is the compliment to Reggie Bush...If we go out and get another guy, it would suprise me. I just see it low on the list of priorities. WR may be a position that we look at in free agency as well. Perhaps a guy that isn't a premiere name, but fits into the system...More playmakers always helps.

...@ 8:46 I wouldn't be suprised if we signed another running back.


Mathis is 30yrs old right now. This means he'll be even more willing to have his contract heavily "INCENTIVES" laden. No one gives a 30+ year old player a huge guarranteed contract.

We can clear enough room under the cap to afford a $10 million signing bonus to lure him in. Then maybe 4-5 million a year guarranteed and the rest in incentives.

So, a 4yr 40 million contract with big signing bonus and other half in incentives is a very good offer for a 30+ year old player. Works very well for the cap too.


Only thing I know for sure is Freddy Solomon was a former dolphin. So you could be right. LOL

As usual YGDB blowing smoke about that which he knows nothing about.

dilbert acting like a small donkey .

ALoco acting like donkey poo.


Agree its true. Its funny and sad.

Its awful hard to be a Dolphin fan these days. They do very little right.

Katy Perry is solid, down, and up.

Freddy had the moves, man. But not Shula's type of player.

It's true what ALoco says. We Fans throw all that $ around as it was chump change. Yeah, that's why we are Fans. Let's keep spending It!

I mean is there anyone competent within 100 miles of the Dolphin office?

The Office, is(was) far away.

I know there are many Henne haters out there, but until another QB is signed Henne is the best we have. He is also better than most of the free agents on the market. Moore cannot beat out Henne in competition for starting QB that's for sure!

I've never been able to save a penny in my life. I remember going to this Bank's ATM and finding out I had $10,000 over what I needed. I was with this Lady and told her, "let's spend it immediately". And we did. She was very happy at that Time.

Well, if they brought RoboHenne back at least we'd have someone to boo.

I believe The Miami Herald is one of the more successful newspapers still in print throughout major Cities in the Nation. Many People here in Miami don't have Computers and buy at the newstand.

Check Down Chad gets booed at PRACTICE!! LMAO

On the Bleacher Report site, Scott Altman gives his version of the Fin's next draft:
1-Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB, South Carolina
2-Zebrie Sanders, OT, Fla. State
3-Orson Charles, TE, Georgia
4-B.J. Cunningham, WR, Michigan State
5-Ryan Steed, CB, Furman
6-Stephen Good, OG, Oklahoma
7-Derrick Moye, WR, Penn State

Not a bad draft prediction. But, glaring holes! Guess he figures we'll go Free Agent for QB and LB's. If we're going to a 4-3, we're gonna need LB's! We can get by with what we've got, but we need depth at the position.

And, I guess that means he's expecting us to go Manning or Flynn or stick with Moore. It's going to be another crazy year of off-season, FA, and Draft! And, another new coach to get used to. Does this one know how to make pizza's?

Test icle!

Well, it's gonna be the FA and the draft that define this team! We'll see, RT, O-line, D-line, critical needs!

Each & every player on both lists Armando, can leave, no big deal. Soliai isn't worth the money, Carey is out of shape and past his very short prime, Henne sucked and will never take a team to the big game, Merling just sucked period, Lanford is just average at best, and the other no namers? Yuck! Maybe Ireland can propose some kind of trade using some of these losers. I don't know. NO BIG DEAL!

Good luck replacing Solaia. There are not many people walking this earth that size that can play football. It would be dumb to let him go, you watch him go to another team and get a ring if we do let him go.

I've only read a few sentences of Armando"just cashing a check"Salgueros' current post.And I must admit.I F U C K I N G LOVE seeing chad ineffectual henne's name on the discard list.Sayonara chump!

Chump ineffectual henne will ALWAYS need a team to carry him.He broke Our backs and WE suffered an 0-7 start.Let him be a decent backup qb elsewhere.Good-Riddance fool's gold!

What Salguero ??s about Colombo is what I ??s about Armarndo.Where is Armando Salgueros' P R O F E S S I O N A L I S M when it comes to the objectivity of covering the Miami Dolphins?
Perhaps Armando's feelings have been hurt by being left out the loop of info.Your still cashing your checks aren't you?
Be objective Salguero and keep your 2cents.

I am Pappy. Come here and touch me.

I say we offer the 3 1st round picks to Indianapolis and draft Andrew Luck.

Could the signing of the CFL running back mean that Reggie Bush will be traded to Indianapolis or St. Louis as a package deal?

Posted by: ALoco | February 13, 2012 at 09:25 PM
Agree its true. Its funny and sad.
Posted by: dilbert | February 13, 2012 at 09:41 PM



Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I would like to see how many of the geniuses who claim Moore is better than Henne actually wanted us to draft Brady Quinn, or mortgage the franchise for Orton or Kolb, or want Manning regardless of whether he can throw the ball.

I want Henne to go to the Jets. I want to see him beat us twice a year for the next decade. I want to see the Jets win multiple Superbowls with Henne at QB. Not because I like the Jets but because I despise the stupidity some here display with regards to judging QB's. I won't mention the stats prove these morons are wrong because the morons don't understand facts anyway.

Coach.. Henne isn't going to start for any nfl franchise man.. He is second rate at best. He has the physical tools but not the mental part... Can't argue that can you?

You would think with the shear size of henne's head that he would actually have the mental part down patt..not the case here

Agree SAM, we must sign the big guy, letting him go would be a disgrace. How many times do we have to go through this garbage of either letting good players just go over money or just releasing them... Not very smart

Anyone see Pawn Stars tonight? Some dude was selling a 1966 Dolphins playbook. It even had notes from whoever had it, they never did say which player or coach it came from. It was pretty cool, it listed Joe Robbie and Danny Thomas as owners. I think the pawn shop offered $400 for it. Not Surprisingly I think Ole Tony Sporano was using the same playbook.

I want Henne to go to the Jets. I want to see him beat us twice a year for the next decade. I want to see the Jets win multiple Superbowls with Henne at QB. Not because I like the Jets but because I despise the stupidity some here display with regards to judging QB's. I won't mention the stats prove these morons are wrong because the morons don't understand facts anyway.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | February 14, 2012 at 12:47 AM

Facts you say? You mean like Henne ending his season on the NFL's longest losing streak? Henne was on the team 4 years, Moore in a few weeks posted a better record than Henne ever did.

NFL network had comments that the running back is over-rated. I will have to agree with that. NFL network was meaning that running backs can be found in numerous rounds, even in the CFL. 6-1 and 235 lbs with the ability to run over and thru people. He needs a change of scenery too. Now, you give someone like this some blocking and it's all good. We need a grinder. We seen our offensive line make Bush look real good running between the tackles. Now we need two really good linemen on that right side that can pass block and run block. We stuck with Ireland so get over it.

D C fan keep your hate in DC with the dead skins where you belong you sad little man or did they exile you for your lack of knowledge and big hateful mouth.
GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys screaming for Henne are crazy. He needs a new team. Some day he may become great. He was far from that with the Dolphins. if they had henne as QB again, Dolphins stadium would be a ghost town.

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