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Starter QB demand double that of supply

How good are you at economics?

I ask because this post is about a fundamental principle of economics and good ol' American capitalism. This post is about the principle of supply and demand.

This post, by the way, also is about quarterbacks.

Simply, this offseason is not going to be very much different than the past couple of NFL offseasons in that there will be a number of available quarterbacks that seem on the surface to be potentially elite.

And there will be a number of NFL teams searching high and low for the available quarterbacks that seem on the surface to be potentially elite.

And the number of teams is greater than the number of candidate QBs.

That's bad if you're one of those quarterback-needy teams because someone is definitely going to be left looking beyond the draft's first round or beyond the first day of free agency for the elite quarterback they were supposed to find early in each process. Oh-oh.

Before I get into the ramifications of this, let's do the exercise.

The number of teams searching for a starting-caliber quarterback this offseason is eight by my count. Truth be told, it is probably more than that, but these are the teams most NFL people believe will be actively in the market for one of the available quarterbacks.

Those teams are Cleveland, Kansas City, Washington, Seattle, Arizona, Denver, possibly the New York Jets and, of course, the Miami Dolphins.

I did not include the Indianapolis Colts because unlike the other teams, we can be certain they will fill their QB need. They will either keep Peyton Manning (less likely) or they will draft Andrew Luck with the first overall selection (more likely).

The Colts could also do major damage to everyone's supply side economic plan by doing both, thereby taking two QBs off the market and creating a major scramble. But this is probably the least likely of the scenarios.

Beyond that, there are a number of quarterbacks seen as probable instant fixes to teams' QB issues. I'm not including QBs about to be picked late in the first round or on the second or third day of the draft because these, with few exceptions, cannot be instantly counted as immediate starters.

For our purposes, we're talking about QBs that teams will likely reach for with the expectation that they will immediately start in 2012.

And that number of quarterbacks after Luck is only four -- Peyton Manning, Green Bay free agent Matt Flynn, Heisman winner Robert Griffin III and Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

I would say even Tannehill is something of a reach as an immediate QB answer. From what I've seen, he's a project that will need a lot of work, a lot of honing, a lot of coaching to grow into an NFL starter. And even then there are questions.

Nonetheless, the grand need for start-capable guys almost forces me to put him in this group because folks at the Indianapolis Combine are talking about this kid being a top 20 pick and perhaps even higher if someone gets desperate enough.

So let's see ... the customers wanting to buy a QB will outnumber the so-called quarterback answers by about two to one.

Are you ready for a Black Friday-like scramble for the QBs? Are you ready to watch as somebody's going to be very, very disappointed?

For our purposes I'd like to eliminate the Jets from the conversation as a team wanting to draft a QB. The truth is they have what they think is a starter. And they have other needs. But because this teams is always wanting to do the back page headline grabbing thing, we cannot eliminate them as a suitor for Manning in free agency. That's the only place they probably factor.

As to how serious they will be, it must be said they can argue they're only a QB away from making a push deep into the playoffs because they made that push in 2009 and 2010. They can make the argument that there's no better place to succeed at QB than NY.

But they have salary cap issues and might have only $3-$5 million in space when the league year opens March 13. And to chase Manning, you have to convince him you're going to address your other obvious needs, thus surround him with a great chance to win now.

The Jets might not be financially able to make that argument.

That still leaves seven teams chasing four players. Let's examine those situations:

Denver? They also are only a threat in free agency. They have already stated they are going to bring in a QB to compete with Tim Tebow for the starter's job. So they are adding someone. But because they don't draft until No. 25 overall, they aren't a huge threat in the draft. They won't have the chips to move to the to top 10 to become a factor there.

The Broncos, however, are dangerous to the other teams if they chase Manning or Flynn. And that is possible. Fact is the Broncos can offer either QB perhaps the most playoff-ready team of any of the ones chasing a veteran QB. That is inarguable because not only did the Broncos go to the playoffs last season, they advanced to the divisional round after beating Pittsburgh. So they can make the case they have talent.

The Broncos also have a ton of cap room available, assuming they use approximately $27 million in carry over from this season. The Horsies can boast over $48 million in cap room to not only sign a QB but also address other issues that might concern a quarterback such as Manning.

Finally, the Broncos play in a division where 8-8 got them in the playoffs. That seems like a much easier assignment than say, playing in the AFC East where last season you had to win 14 games to beat out the 13-3 Patriots.

So consider the Broncos a (sorry for this) darkhorse candidate for Manning. They lurk and that is dangerous.

Cleveland is the most dangerous team on draft day. They have the No. 4 and the No. 22 overall selections in the first round of the coming draft. That means when the St. Louis Rams put their No. 2 overall pick on the block to the highest bidder, the Browns are a step ahead of everyone else in being the highest bidder if they wish.

What does that mean? It means the Cleveland Browns probably have first dibs on RG3 if they want it. They have the most chips on draft day and can offer St. Louis an immediate return in trade that no one else can match unless they throw in proven, young, outstanding players already in the league.

Overall, the most dangerous team out there seems to be Washington. They have both major salary cap space to work with -- approximately $41 million under the cap -- they have a proven Super Bowl winning coach, they have a hungry owner that isn't afraid to spend money, their revenue stream is consistent, and they also have the sixth overall pick in the draft.

So the Redskins can chase both Manning and Flynn if they want and if they fail to land either, they could offer the next most attractive package (as in having the highest pick this year) to the Rams. The Redskins are also probably the most desperate franchise searching for a signal-caller. They don't have anyone to play the position so they must add. And coach Mike Shanahan is likely soon feeling the need to produce a winner after failing to do that his first two seasons with the team.

That's not good for one of the highest-paid coaches in the league.

The Redskins are a dual threat both in free agency and the draft. They have a high pick and big cap room. And they can be portrayed as desperate enough. That makes them perhaps the most dangerous of the teams chasing a QB this offseason.

The Chiefs were flying under the radar until the Indianapolis combine because general manager Scott Pioli likes it that way. It's a smart approach. But behind the scenes they are clearly intent on bringing in quarterback competition for Matt Cassel. They said as much at the combine.

And while Pioli played coy about the possibility of adding Manning, coach Romeo Crennel opened the door to the idea. And everyone who heard him say KC would consider talent such as Manning's can see the Chiefs chase Manning.

They can make a strong case. They have nearly $48 million in cap room so they can not only fit Manning under the cap, but also add pieces to make him feel surrounded by talent and capable of competing immediately. That is probably attractive to the soon-to-be 36-year-old Manning.

The Arizona Cardinals are viewed as a team capable of attracting Manning. They can pitch the fact Larry Fitzgerald is elite and they have other offensive weapons on hand. They can pitch a domed stadium in which to play. They can pitch playing in a seemingly soft division. They can pitch the idea that adding Kurt Warner years ago got them to the Super Bowl and so a redo is possible.

But the Cardinals have only modest cap space estimated at about $10-$12 million. They have a proven offensive system already in place and might not be willing to change that all around for Manning. They're also somewhat committed to Kevin Kolb, who cost them a ton in contract money and compensation last year.

So I don't see them over-extending themselves for Manning. Chase him? Maybe. Land him? They probably are not a favorite.

As for their chase of Flynn or a draft pick, I don't see them repeating the Kolb exercise with Flynn and their No. 13 overall selection makes them a non-factor in the RG3 chase. They could factor for Tannehill.

Seattle seems a likely destination for Flynn. Their GM was in Green Bay when Flynn was drafted there. They have the feel of a franchise that wants to address the QB issue long-term rather than with a temporary bridge guy, which is what Manning seems to be.

Given that, the Seahawks could go all crazy and chase Manning and owner Paul Allen has $31 million in cap space to play with to surround Manning with talent if he desires. The Hawks also play in a winnable division. And Pete Carroll strikes me as a coach comfortable with turning over the offense to Manning where, say, a Ken Whisenhunt in Arizona doesn't.

Seattle owns the 12th pick in the draft. They'll have a hard time competing for RG3. They probably can chase Tannehill if they decide to go that direction. But again, this team seems like a good fit for Flynn.

And then, of course, there's the Dolphins. I'd put them down as a triple-threat kind of team. They don't have the most ammunition to get Manning because they are expected to have only approximately $15 million or so in cap space and while it is not so much about using that space on Manning, it would be necessary to use it on other players with whom to surround Manning with talent.

Miami is also a darkhorse team in a trade-up possibility for RG3 because they love the kid, general manager Jeff Ireland is well familiar with his abilities, and believes he has inside information on the kid. The Dolphins, owners of the No. 8 overall pick, have already spoken with the Rams about a potential trade-up to No. 2, according to one NFL source.

If the Dolphins do not land Manning or Flynn, I see a strong, strong push for RG3.

But let's face it, Miami's priority is Manning. Has been. Will continue to be. And it is probably solidified by the fact other teams now are viewing Manning as a good possibility. That mob mentality suggests the Dolphins are not failing to see something on Manning other teams are seeing.

No, both the Dolphins and other teams think Manning will continue to be a stud (I don't) so the Miami resolve may be strengthened. The fact both Ireland and new coach Joe Philbin said at the combine they are not tied to a 23, 29 or 33-year-old quarterback (Philbin's words) opens the door for the Manning chase.

The Dolphins don't mind going after the bridge QB. They're basically preparing you for that.

Miami loves its chances because Manning loves it in South Florida. As I reported first last week, he was working out in South Florida and as I reported first during Super Bowl week, he owns a condo here. The Dolphins see all that as an advantage.

The weather is also an advantage. The fact the defense was decent last year is a plus. The fact Miami has relatively high picks to use on players to surround Manning with talent is another advantage.

But the cap situation is not optimal. Competing against the Patriots every year is not a major plus. And even competing against Rex Ryan, who for all his faults is a good defensive coach, is also not a plus.

The Dolphins will be all in on Manning. If they fail there, that is a major, major setback. Where they go from there, I cannot tell you. The Dolphins haven't said how they feel about Flynn which would be the next chip to fall.

So that's it overall.

Later today I'll break down for you which players are most likely pointing to which teams. Obviously, the Dolphins are most pointed toward Manning. They are tilting the demand for the former Pro Bowl player heavily in a supply-poor environment.


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Ireland will be just fine now that he is free of Poppa Parcells influence.

I think Flynn is our best, most logical option but Ross demands we go after Manning. I guess I'm ok with this temporary bandaid solution so long as he's healthy.

RG3 will be a great player (for the Redskins?) but would cost us too much in picks traded.

I agree we need a future plan. I just think we would have to give the farm for RG III since cleveland and washington have far more to offer.

We should be drafting a QB every year at some point in the draft that has potential imo, because you just never know.

But signing Manning if not to much up front $$ necessary seems to be a no-brainer to me.

But I agree we need a future option also from somewhere, if we sign manning.

I think you over-estimate. There are only 2 teams that will not be outbid. They are Washington and Miami. There are two teams that have keen interest in QBs and may drive up bidding (Seattle, Cleveland). The other teams (Jets, Broncos, Chiefs, Cardinals) have QBs that they have to ditch to sign another. I just can't see them doing that....even for Manning.

Weak armed backup Flynn would be an interception machine. If he played 16 games, he'd throw 24 picks. Except he won't play more than 5 games before getting injured.

Get RGIII whatever it takes. Did you see his quadriceps?

My thought is St Louis needs to get a deal done before FA and Manning saga plays out, if they wait, a couple of these teams will already have their qb, if Miami gets neither manning or flynn, the price will drop. ST Louis has serious cap issues and will trade, maybe a 1 and 2 and 2013 1???

I will make this declaration right here, right now and it will reiterated to all my family and friends. Being a Dolfan for 40 plus years I am declaring if the Dolphins are stupid enough to buy Manning, I will no longer a Dolphin fan. This is the most sickening thing I have ever heard. I can only HOPE this long distance love affair with Manning is only a smoke screen and the Dolphins are actually planning to offer the Rams one first rounder (8) along with Jake Long in a trade for the second overall selection. Add Marshall if required. Then do what makes sense. Select RG3 with the second overall pick. Simple and easy. Who cares if it does not work out. Give up the complete draft for a top QB. Then do it again next year and the year after UNTIL they find the right guy.
We need a quarterback more than we need a head coach. Sell the farm if needed to get the right guy. Sell it all.
I would give up the entire draft for Luck. Just like the Saints did for Ricky Williams. Every single pick and never look back even if Luck failed. Then I would do it again next draft.
I am hoping Ross is not as stupid as he seems to be.

Bye John hate to see you go as a fellow 30 plus year fan, you obviously were drunk for 40 years, a 1,long and marshall? Thats like getting a 1 2 and a 3. Plus we lose our two best players. HA HA HA HA. St Louis would laugh. I want Manning and Moore, or RG3 if the price is right.

Give up the whole draft to Indy and pull the trigger on Luck.
Or, give Fish Face Fisher the 8th overall pick and Jake Long for their pick. Add Marshall to the trade if required to make it happen.

I would push for Luck with our first pick along with next years pick and trade Long and Marshall.
We could have gone every single year since Marino left and never made one draft pick and would we be any worse off than we are now? No. Nothing matters anymore. It's either Luck or RG3 for this to a successful off season.
Nothing else matters. Every draft pick does not matter. Only Luck or RG3 matters. Face it!

John, The problem is, you may need to sell this year and next years draft to get him at this point. That is a lot for one guy.

I get your point and see it as valid in some ways. But to sell out the next two drafts is scary. I do not think the scenerio you gave will get him anyway. Long our 1st and a 2nd. They are going to be offered multiple 1st's from other teams.

@ John Valdes - You could offer up the entire draft to Indy for Luck and they would not take it......they're drafting Luck, period, end of story. They don't have a price. They're not shopping the pick to the highest bidder....they're taking Luck.

Giving up Long and Marshall would be stupid....yeah, maybe we'd get a QB...but then there would be nobody to protect his blind side and nobody to throw to....brilliant.

Sounds like the Phins will go after Manning because if they get him it is a great PR move whether he is great or sucks. It appears Ross doesnt really care about long term or even winning as long as he can possibly make a buck or two at the end of the day...Very unsettling as a Dolfan.

John, you're a newcomer, apparently. As I've told the other blinded idiots: it is not the other teams' goal in life to help your Fins be good. They want Luck and RGIII too. They also want to win and please their fans.

You don't say "we'll give you broken down old about to retire Long plus an 8th" plus Hartline or whatever for RGIII. They are not stupid. They want RGIII too. Get it? They watch the same tape we do.

They also watch the super bowl every year. They also know it is now a league where you have to have an elite QB. They also want their franchise QB. Luck is probably the next Manning. They want Luck too. The no. 1 pick is not for sale for ANY PRICE.

I guess the Rams are stupid, but if they were smart they'd also not sell their pick for any price and would take RGIII for themselves and then trade Bradford, who sucks and will never amount to anything.

Lineman and WR are a dime a dozen, franchise QB are not, I agree with John give up the entire draft to select RG3 since the number 1 isnt being shop around. We've got Davis, Dorick, Long in the first round and have been mediocare, sell the damn farm. Although I diaagree about doing it 2 years in a row. Sign some free agent and sell the farm!

I know, let's trade Long and Hartline plus our 8th pick for the no. 1 pick so we can get Luck.

: )

(news flash: it is not the other teams' goal in life to help us--they also want their franchise QB; nobody wants Long or Hartline, who have ZERO trade value, none whatsoever)

Whatever we do, I hope the Rams get the trade done before FA starts. That way, Ireland has a better chance to take the best option he feels available. Because if he really wants RG3, I think with the timing, it's a lot of hoping things work out for the best, because he's going to have to bypass Manning and Flynn, and STILL might get outbid for RG3.

So for our sake, I hope the Rams find a partner in the next week (best case scenario for Miami). This also takes 1 team away from the bidding war for Manning/Flynn, so it helps all the way around. That's what we all should be hoping for (no matter what you want to see done in the end).

Trade for the Viking's #3, and we'll be the selecting the guy who is drafted right after RG3.

Clue, you started out well, but then you faded. Here's what you forgot: the other teams know what you know too--that linemen and WR are a dime a dozen. So they don't want our broken down fungible linemen and WR either. They also want RGIII. Use your brain. It is NOT the other teams' goal to help us get our QB. They also want a franchise QB, not useless Long and Hartline or even Marshall.

You complete morons state correct facts (that Jake Long is useless, for example), but then you act as if you and the Fins are the only ones with this magic knowledge. The other teams know too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rams are going to surprise everyone and not trade the pick, take RGIII for themselves, and then trade Bradford, not the pick.

We are at the mercy of the other teams and our 8th draft pick is 120% useless.

Our only hope is that Moore continues to be a winner and perhaps we can go 12-4 next year with the team we already have.

whatever the the decision will be it sounds expensive. Thanks for the assessment mando!


Ross doesn't care about winning. He cares about selling tickets. If he wins too, bonus! With Manning he accomplishes that. Miami becomes a top story if Manning is signed. Miami sells season tickets in Manning is signed. Miami sells jerseys in Manning is signed.

And this all is guaranteed whether or not Manning ever recovers or even takes a snap!

It is a sure-fire win for Ross.

Miami will sign Manning no matter what. Ireland doesn't have the balls or the authorization to trade away the picks necessary to get RGIII. Ireland is too much of a wuzzy to take a shot at RGIII. Everything Ireland does is SAFE.

That is why Miami has a bunch of SAFE players on the roster but very few studs.

Wake up people!! As long as Ireland is running the ship, these dreams of RGIII are just that. A pipe dream!!

Jeff Ireland is the emperor with no balls.

Long's about to retire? How'd I miss that story? Would be the shortest career EVER. The guy isn't even 30 yet, in his 5th year, I think that would be surprising for everyone in the organization to hear (even Long).

Geesh, can't a guy be hurt? We're talking about Jake Long, not Channing Crowder. The guy will be playing another 8-10 years, count on it.

Man it is so frustrating to read your stupid posts.

Here is a typical fan post:

Linemen and WR are fungible (a dime a dozen), so let's trade our linemen and WR for RGIII !!!! Brilliant.

But, you idiots, the other teams agree with you that WR and linemen are interchangeable. They are not here to help US, so we have nothing to offer whatsoever.

We have to try to win with good coaching and what we already have: Moore, Marshall, Bush, Bess, Thomas, Clay. They, quite simply, have to get better individually and as a team.

We need our team, which finished the year 6-3 shoulda been 8-1 to simply be what it was the last 9 games of the year, but better.

Sell the House for RG3, no one will care if we make the Wild card this year and countinually make the playoffs.
And peolpe say RG3 had this great O line becuase 2 of them will be in the NFL. Guess what? The Dolphins have 2 1st round picks on their O line and still gave up the 3rd most sacks in the league. And peopl here still want to waste another 1st rd pick on an O line man. Hilarious...!!

Wow! Reading through this blog it sounds like we're screwed no matter what we do or who we take as a Quarterback! And, we haven't even had training camp yet!

On another note, nice write-up, Armando! You presented the issue in a clear, concise, and logical way. Which is kinda shocking in itself.


It has already been reported Miami cannot trade up to #2 because they simply can't outbid Cleveland or Washington for the pick. If it were 2 1's, a 3rd, and a 5th, Cleveland and Washington offer more because their picks are higher than Miami's. Miami would have to give up 2 1's, their 2nd, their 3rd, and their 5th at minimum to accomplish this. So, anyone advocating a trade for RG3 (or Luck, if the Colts actually take RG3) is wanting to pull a "Ditka for Ricky." trade. How did that work out for New Orleans and Mike Ditka? RG3 to Miami? Not a chance unless teams in 3 - 7 do not want him.

Why would a team in desperate need of a franchise QB give up the chance to take Luck? Do you think Indy wants to be like us and go 13 years with no decent QB? Do you realize how rare it is to pick in the top 3, and how rare it is to have a prospect like Luck?

There is no offer that can be realistically done to get the #1 pick away from Indy this year.

DC, you missed it by being a typical fan who doesn't pay attention. Do you work out? Long is too big. He's a natural giant who has not worked out hard in the gym. I have a better physique than he does and I'm a casual gym guy who doesn't eat all that well. Look at Long's lack of triceps. He's 100% genetics (huge) but the exact opposite of a Zach Thomas type, who had to work his tail off to weigh 220 and was ripped.

Long is literally too big for his own body, especially his knees. He's already having trouble moving. Age 30 for him is like age 38 for a QB or receiver like Moss. He's declining fast. He wasn't all that good--certainly not worth a number 1 pick--the last few years even when not injured.

You heard it here first: Long's career will be over in less than 2 years. He has no trade value whatsoever and drafting him was a monumental error.

Anyone who knows my posts knows I'm a QB guy. That's all I care about. And I WOULD have taken Ryan 1st in '08 regardless of everything that's happened since.

With that said, "Jake Long is useless?" Do you people watch American football, or futbol, and then come here thinking we're talking about soccer?

Tell the rest of the NFL Long is useless. His peers seem not to understand that (as they named him the best offensive lineman in the NFL). HC's and other football "experts" didn't get that memo either, as he's a 4-time ProBowler.

So, where does anyone get "useless" from that resume? Again, I'm not a fan of the draft your lines high and skill positions low strategy. I'm against that. And I'd rather get a franchise QB (or try to get one) than a lineman everyday of the week. But we have Long, can't do anything about it. And he's a beast, best player at his position in the league, something we don't have at ANY OTHER POSITION ON OUR TEAM. The 2nd part of that thought is a problem, but the answer isn't to get rid of the 1st part (unless it's part of a deal to bring a franchise QB to the team).

I Hate the Colts for puropsely losing to get the 1st pcik in the draft and treating Peyton Manning like garbage. I hope they're ruined for many years to come like before they got Peyton. Maybe Luck does not want to play for the Colts like John Elway did.

Yes, the rest of the NFL knows that Long has no trade value whatsoever, and that will be proven with emperical evidence. The way linemen are selected for the pro bowl is by randomly throwing papers down a staircase, the way law school exams are graded. Instead of believing that Long is the best because you keep reading it, try watching games. He gets beat *routinely*. He's now old and injured.

Manning comes to Miami. Period. Why? For Manning in his career being in a division competing against Brady is a good thing - he wants to cement his greatness and beating the Patriots will do that and he would have a capable but non-threatening backup in Moore if needed. Moreover at this age Miami is the nicest of the available locations. For Miami if they get Manning then they have great draft picks to fill our remaining holes - pass rusher, cornerback, right tackle (and maybe a later round development project QB). Manning will have excellent wide receivers plus Bush as targets, a clever offensively minded head coach, and solid runners in Bush and Thomas. Moreover he will be with a team that has a defense that can be dominating and with a little upgrade in pass rush and cornerback can generate turn-overs. Perfect opportunity for him to finish his career on a high note and perfect opportunity for Miami to fill their remaining holes.

I'm a little nervous about Flynn. Good backups tend not to live up to starter quarterback status when they come here like Jay Fielder.

What was Matt Moore's record with Long out last year?

Whether Long is in the game or not has no effect whatsoever on whether the team wins the game. None.

Left tackles are interchangeable.

Long does not work out? LOL. The guy is an animal in the gym.

This poster is just looking to get a rise out of someone. Probably the same guy who comes on here saying Long gets pancaked flat on his back almost every play.

Junior GM is correct. That's what I've been saying. The other teams want their franchise QB too. It is not their goal in life to help us. Rather, they want to win and please their fans too. The Luck pick is not for sale for any price.

If the Rams are smart, they will also not trade their pick and will keep RGIII for themselves and instead trade Bradford, who is about as good as Henne (a starting caliber QB but not a star).

I agree DC, Jake long is a beast. I mentioned him in a trade for RGIII a couple days ago along with Hartline. There is no doubt that Long has a good amount of trade value.

Hartline however has just a little but it adds to the trade for the rams because they have very little at the position and need bodies. Hartline could at least be a slot guy for them or a 4th WR.

The trade I mentioned to swp 1sts this year was next years first, Long and Hartline. Maybe even give up Bess. Just throwing options out there.

To get us a LT replacement I was thinking we could pick up Massie in the 2nd. And for Hartline or Bess we could go after guys like Aj Jenkins or Devon Wylie. Devon Wylie to me is a faster Welker. Welker 2.0. :)

Hypto, love your comment dude. Totally agree.

Eff the Colts, a garbage organization before they got Manning. Colts and Irsay are pure garbage.

Home also confirmed 2 months ago that
QB Peyton Manning WILL sign with the Miami Dolphins in 2012
... the rest is conversation

Posted by: Home on the Herald | February 28, 2012 at 05:38 AM

Confirmed by Home
St Louis Rams are trading away the number 2 pick for RG3

ThanX Home!
Posted by: Home on the Herald | February 28, 2012 at 05:37 AM

The Home Prophecies. Talk about going out on a limb with those 2. How long did you deliberate your choices?

Nobody cares about your no brainer predictions, Mr. lame brain ego maniac.

All a troll has to do is come on here saying Long is done or useless, and like puppets you all chime in and defend him, while he sits back and laughs at you all.

Mustache, that's a bold prediction. I'll remember that and we'll see how right you are in the next 2 years. I happen to think you're nuts. Long's touted as being one of the leanest lineman out there (has very little body fat). He's a big boy, you're right, and yes, might have problems with his legs (knees, etc.), but I've read he's in impeccable shape (so not sure where you're getting your information from).

Left tackles are interchangeable? REALLY? LOL What about RT? Maybe since LT are so easy to find lets just put Colombo at LT and go ahead and start Moore next year. We better draft 4 or 5 more QB's tho.

That's a really good point about Luck perhaps pulling an Elway. Of course he says the right things, but going to the garbage Colts means, like Manning, he'd be a one man show who would have to be *spectacular* to perhaps win 1 SB in 15 years, just like Manning.

Colts organization is garbage, they've disgraced themselves with their treatment of Manning, who would have won 6 super bowls by now had he gone to a good organization like the Giants like his little runt brother was lucky enough to do.

Manning has had NO help his entire career.

That's what Luck is in for if he goes to the garbage Colts.

DC Dolfan don't be so gullible entertaining that guy. He is yanking your chain.

LOLOLOL Texas, you outsmart yourself.

They don't want that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's like me offering you $3.00 (3 dollars) for your 2012 Mercedes s class.

Your one sided scenarios won't work because the other team wants to win too.

Hartline has no trade value, at all. Whoever they have on their practice squad is the equal of Hartline.

Great Mustache, are you some sort of retard, Long is a beast of a oline man is nothing but muscle, The guy weighs 315 and its all musccle, give us a favor a stop posting BS.

The imposter post was by Clue. One can tell from the timing and lack of punctuation.

Too bad we're not looking for a Defensive Tackle! This kid, Dontari Poe, out of Memphis benched 225 lbs. 44 times then ran a 4.87 (unofficial) 40 time at 6'4" and 348 lbs.! His official time was a 4.98!
Ndamukong Suh ran a 5.03 at his combine and was 40 lbs. lighter.
The kid's real raw in technique, but that can be coached.

Oh, well...back to" The Quarterback Diaries of the Miami Dolphins" I guess...

Clue trolls no one, Im too cool for that.

I know more than all of you. So, it's wise to back away from your keyboards & read the rest of this post very carefully!

I am smart
I am cute
I have a cat
I have a boyfriend

I am the Mustache Man! Holla at ya boi` WOOO WOOO

Too bad we're not looking for a Defensive Tackle! This kid, Dontari Poe, out of Memphis benched 225 lbs. 44 times then ran a 4.87 (unofficial) 40 time at 6'4" and 348 lbs.! His official time was a 4.98!
Ndamukong Suh ran a 5.03 at his combine and was 40 lbs. lighter.
The kid's real raw in technique, but that can be coached.

Posted by: Tracy474 | February 28, 2012 at 11:58 AM

That's what they said about workout wonder Gholston (bust)

I Hate the Colts for puropsely losing to get the 1st pcik in the draft and treating Peyton Manning like garbage. I hope they're ruined for many years to come like before they got Peyton. Maybe Luck does not want to play for the Colts like John Elway did.
Posted by: Hypnotoad | February 28, 2012 at 11:40 AM


If this were the case, we'd already be hearing it. It was no secret with Elway and was no secret with Eli and San Diego. Luck is going to Indy....you people need to get over it....it's going to happen.....it's practically set in stone!

Tracy McGrady, we are looking for a DT, Soliai is more than likely not returning, will this guy be available in the second round or later?

You guys who take over someone else's name are losers. Not cool.

DC responsed to me because he's educated and he can detect proper grammar. It's rare here and it shows seriousness.

If Long is a beast in the gym, where are his triceps? Look carefully. His arms are very skinny. I weigh only 170 lbs but I'm a 5'11" normal guy. But I've worked out (not with an NFL personal trainer and personal chef, mind you), I don't take roids, and my arms are "bigger," proportionally, than Long's. In other words, if I magically had his giant genetics, I'd weigh 360 of lean muscle. Or stated the other way, the Jake Long version of me would be that way. Long is a "natural giant" who is huge but not ripped.

Shaq is similar. Perhaps it's not their fault when they're that big.

So DC's response to my post was rational. Saying Long is indeed a "big boy" and acknowledged potential knee problems shows that DC understood my point.

Most of you, on the other hand, lack a basic 4th grade understanding of English, because you didn't arrive in this country until you were 9 years old.

Its like boom bye bye in a batty bwoy head, rude bwoy naw promote dem nasty mon dem haffi dead.

Go Dolphins!

Musatche Man, I've come to the conclusion your not the brightest apple of the bunch.

Too bad we're not looking for a Defensive Tackle! This kid, Dontari Poe, out of Memphis benched 225 lbs. 44 times then ran a 4.87 (unofficial) 40 time at 6'4" and 348 lbs.! His official time was a 4.98!
Ndamukong Suh ran a 5.03 at his combine and was 40 lbs. lighter.
The kid's real raw in technique, but that can be coached.
Oh, well...back to" The Quarterback Diaries of the Miami Dolphins" I guess...
Posted by: Tracy474 | February 28, 2012 at 11:58 AM


He is impressive, but most have him pegged as a NT, considering we're moving to more of a 4 man front, I don't see it happening.

Quentiin Coples I can see happening at DE. Not a true pass rush threat, but looks like a good everydown LDE who just makes a lot of tackles. I think he lacks the speed to be a legit threat as a pass rusher though.

Tracy McGrady, we are looking for a DT, Soliai is more than likely not returning, will this guy be available in the second round or later?
Posted by: Clue | February 28, 2012 at 12:03 PM


Most likely first round. I've seen a few boards with Carolina taking him at 9.....though if I'm not mistaken, I believe they play a 4 man front as well.

Michael Floyd is climbing draft boards. I've seen a couple mock ups now with him going before Blackmon. I still think Blackmon is going to go before Floyd, but Floyd was definitely impressive at the combine running a low 4.41 and high 4.47 at the combine. 6'2" and 220 and 36.5 vertical.

Wolfman I seen Floyd durin skills competition, and he looks like a man child. Another B Marsh but with hands.


Ireland said that the most important positions in Football are QB, pass Rusher and cornerbacks. Cornerbacks?

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