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Starter QB demand double that of supply

How good are you at economics?

I ask because this post is about a fundamental principle of economics and good ol' American capitalism. This post is about the principle of supply and demand.

This post, by the way, also is about quarterbacks.

Simply, this offseason is not going to be very much different than the past couple of NFL offseasons in that there will be a number of available quarterbacks that seem on the surface to be potentially elite.

And there will be a number of NFL teams searching high and low for the available quarterbacks that seem on the surface to be potentially elite.

And the number of teams is greater than the number of candidate QBs.

That's bad if you're one of those quarterback-needy teams because someone is definitely going to be left looking beyond the draft's first round or beyond the first day of free agency for the elite quarterback they were supposed to find early in each process. Oh-oh.

Before I get into the ramifications of this, let's do the exercise.

The number of teams searching for a starting-caliber quarterback this offseason is eight by my count. Truth be told, it is probably more than that, but these are the teams most NFL people believe will be actively in the market for one of the available quarterbacks.

Those teams are Cleveland, Kansas City, Washington, Seattle, Arizona, Denver, possibly the New York Jets and, of course, the Miami Dolphins.

I did not include the Indianapolis Colts because unlike the other teams, we can be certain they will fill their QB need. They will either keep Peyton Manning (less likely) or they will draft Andrew Luck with the first overall selection (more likely).

The Colts could also do major damage to everyone's supply side economic plan by doing both, thereby taking two QBs off the market and creating a major scramble. But this is probably the least likely of the scenarios.

Beyond that, there are a number of quarterbacks seen as probable instant fixes to teams' QB issues. I'm not including QBs about to be picked late in the first round or on the second or third day of the draft because these, with few exceptions, cannot be instantly counted as immediate starters.

For our purposes, we're talking about QBs that teams will likely reach for with the expectation that they will immediately start in 2012.

And that number of quarterbacks after Luck is only four -- Peyton Manning, Green Bay free agent Matt Flynn, Heisman winner Robert Griffin III and Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

I would say even Tannehill is something of a reach as an immediate QB answer. From what I've seen, he's a project that will need a lot of work, a lot of honing, a lot of coaching to grow into an NFL starter. And even then there are questions.

Nonetheless, the grand need for start-capable guys almost forces me to put him in this group because folks at the Indianapolis Combine are talking about this kid being a top 20 pick and perhaps even higher if someone gets desperate enough.

So let's see ... the customers wanting to buy a QB will outnumber the so-called quarterback answers by about two to one.

Are you ready for a Black Friday-like scramble for the QBs? Are you ready to watch as somebody's going to be very, very disappointed?

For our purposes I'd like to eliminate the Jets from the conversation as a team wanting to draft a QB. The truth is they have what they think is a starter. And they have other needs. But because this teams is always wanting to do the back page headline grabbing thing, we cannot eliminate them as a suitor for Manning in free agency. That's the only place they probably factor.

As to how serious they will be, it must be said they can argue they're only a QB away from making a push deep into the playoffs because they made that push in 2009 and 2010. They can make the argument that there's no better place to succeed at QB than NY.

But they have salary cap issues and might have only $3-$5 million in space when the league year opens March 13. And to chase Manning, you have to convince him you're going to address your other obvious needs, thus surround him with a great chance to win now.

The Jets might not be financially able to make that argument.

That still leaves seven teams chasing four players. Let's examine those situations:

Denver? They also are only a threat in free agency. They have already stated they are going to bring in a QB to compete with Tim Tebow for the starter's job. So they are adding someone. But because they don't draft until No. 25 overall, they aren't a huge threat in the draft. They won't have the chips to move to the to top 10 to become a factor there.

The Broncos, however, are dangerous to the other teams if they chase Manning or Flynn. And that is possible. Fact is the Broncos can offer either QB perhaps the most playoff-ready team of any of the ones chasing a veteran QB. That is inarguable because not only did the Broncos go to the playoffs last season, they advanced to the divisional round after beating Pittsburgh. So they can make the case they have talent.

The Broncos also have a ton of cap room available, assuming they use approximately $27 million in carry over from this season. The Horsies can boast over $48 million in cap room to not only sign a QB but also address other issues that might concern a quarterback such as Manning.

Finally, the Broncos play in a division where 8-8 got them in the playoffs. That seems like a much easier assignment than say, playing in the AFC East where last season you had to win 14 games to beat out the 13-3 Patriots.

So consider the Broncos a (sorry for this) darkhorse candidate for Manning. They lurk and that is dangerous.

Cleveland is the most dangerous team on draft day. They have the No. 4 and the No. 22 overall selections in the first round of the coming draft. That means when the St. Louis Rams put their No. 2 overall pick on the block to the highest bidder, the Browns are a step ahead of everyone else in being the highest bidder if they wish.

What does that mean? It means the Cleveland Browns probably have first dibs on RG3 if they want it. They have the most chips on draft day and can offer St. Louis an immediate return in trade that no one else can match unless they throw in proven, young, outstanding players already in the league.

Overall, the most dangerous team out there seems to be Washington. They have both major salary cap space to work with -- approximately $41 million under the cap -- they have a proven Super Bowl winning coach, they have a hungry owner that isn't afraid to spend money, their revenue stream is consistent, and they also have the sixth overall pick in the draft.

So the Redskins can chase both Manning and Flynn if they want and if they fail to land either, they could offer the next most attractive package (as in having the highest pick this year) to the Rams. The Redskins are also probably the most desperate franchise searching for a signal-caller. They don't have anyone to play the position so they must add. And coach Mike Shanahan is likely soon feeling the need to produce a winner after failing to do that his first two seasons with the team.

That's not good for one of the highest-paid coaches in the league.

The Redskins are a dual threat both in free agency and the draft. They have a high pick and big cap room. And they can be portrayed as desperate enough. That makes them perhaps the most dangerous of the teams chasing a QB this offseason.

The Chiefs were flying under the radar until the Indianapolis combine because general manager Scott Pioli likes it that way. It's a smart approach. But behind the scenes they are clearly intent on bringing in quarterback competition for Matt Cassel. They said as much at the combine.

And while Pioli played coy about the possibility of adding Manning, coach Romeo Crennel opened the door to the idea. And everyone who heard him say KC would consider talent such as Manning's can see the Chiefs chase Manning.

They can make a strong case. They have nearly $48 million in cap room so they can not only fit Manning under the cap, but also add pieces to make him feel surrounded by talent and capable of competing immediately. That is probably attractive to the soon-to-be 36-year-old Manning.

The Arizona Cardinals are viewed as a team capable of attracting Manning. They can pitch the fact Larry Fitzgerald is elite and they have other offensive weapons on hand. They can pitch a domed stadium in which to play. They can pitch playing in a seemingly soft division. They can pitch the idea that adding Kurt Warner years ago got them to the Super Bowl and so a redo is possible.

But the Cardinals have only modest cap space estimated at about $10-$12 million. They have a proven offensive system already in place and might not be willing to change that all around for Manning. They're also somewhat committed to Kevin Kolb, who cost them a ton in contract money and compensation last year.

So I don't see them over-extending themselves for Manning. Chase him? Maybe. Land him? They probably are not a favorite.

As for their chase of Flynn or a draft pick, I don't see them repeating the Kolb exercise with Flynn and their No. 13 overall selection makes them a non-factor in the RG3 chase. They could factor for Tannehill.

Seattle seems a likely destination for Flynn. Their GM was in Green Bay when Flynn was drafted there. They have the feel of a franchise that wants to address the QB issue long-term rather than with a temporary bridge guy, which is what Manning seems to be.

Given that, the Seahawks could go all crazy and chase Manning and owner Paul Allen has $31 million in cap space to play with to surround Manning with talent if he desires. The Hawks also play in a winnable division. And Pete Carroll strikes me as a coach comfortable with turning over the offense to Manning where, say, a Ken Whisenhunt in Arizona doesn't.

Seattle owns the 12th pick in the draft. They'll have a hard time competing for RG3. They probably can chase Tannehill if they decide to go that direction. But again, this team seems like a good fit for Flynn.

And then, of course, there's the Dolphins. I'd put them down as a triple-threat kind of team. They don't have the most ammunition to get Manning because they are expected to have only approximately $15 million or so in cap space and while it is not so much about using that space on Manning, it would be necessary to use it on other players with whom to surround Manning with talent.

Miami is also a darkhorse team in a trade-up possibility for RG3 because they love the kid, general manager Jeff Ireland is well familiar with his abilities, and believes he has inside information on the kid. The Dolphins, owners of the No. 8 overall pick, have already spoken with the Rams about a potential trade-up to No. 2, according to one NFL source.

If the Dolphins do not land Manning or Flynn, I see a strong, strong push for RG3.

But let's face it, Miami's priority is Manning. Has been. Will continue to be. And it is probably solidified by the fact other teams now are viewing Manning as a good possibility. That mob mentality suggests the Dolphins are not failing to see something on Manning other teams are seeing.

No, both the Dolphins and other teams think Manning will continue to be a stud (I don't) so the Miami resolve may be strengthened. The fact both Ireland and new coach Joe Philbin said at the combine they are not tied to a 23, 29 or 33-year-old quarterback (Philbin's words) opens the door for the Manning chase.

The Dolphins don't mind going after the bridge QB. They're basically preparing you for that.

Miami loves its chances because Manning loves it in South Florida. As I reported first last week, he was working out in South Florida and as I reported first during Super Bowl week, he owns a condo here. The Dolphins see all that as an advantage.

The weather is also an advantage. The fact the defense was decent last year is a plus. The fact Miami has relatively high picks to use on players to surround Manning with talent is another advantage.

But the cap situation is not optimal. Competing against the Patriots every year is not a major plus. And even competing against Rex Ryan, who for all his faults is a good defensive coach, is also not a plus.

The Dolphins will be all in on Manning. If they fail there, that is a major, major setback. Where they go from there, I cannot tell you. The Dolphins haven't said how they feel about Flynn which would be the next chip to fall.

So that's it overall.

Later today I'll break down for you which players are most likely pointing to which teams. Obviously, the Dolphins are most pointed toward Manning. They are tilting the demand for the former Pro Bowl player heavily in a supply-poor environment.


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He must have meant defensive backs. Safeties, anyone?



225 44 times???

Wow, almost as strong as me...

haha, Tracy McGrady! Go Raptors!!

Bunch of outstanding WR's in this Draft.

The Rams aren't exactly in the best position in my opinion. Personally, I think the Browns either stay with McCoy or go hard after Flynn and keep their two first rounders. They have too many holes to fill to give up a ton of picks to land in the #2 position.
The Vikings already said they want to try and trade down.
The Redskins will try and land Manning and they are also another team that has a lot of needs. So, they can't afford to be giving up a lot of picks this year and next year. Then there's Miami. If the Rams are looking for too much to get from #8 to #2 the Fins may stand pat at #8.
I explain it at www.professorlousnfldraftblog.wordpress.com

Trade down nothing. There's too much huge talent available for us at #8.

Brandon Weeden will be an instant starter for a team. While his age means he won't be drafted early it also means he'll be prepared to go right away.

I'd like to see the Fins trade up to get Justin Blackmon in the first round and pick up Weeden in the 3rd.

It won't happen though. They'll force the QB issue by drafting Tannehill way too early. Or they'll trade their 2nd for Flynn, thus eliminating potential to trade up for Blackmon.

Kid will be a superstar who would make Matt Moore a pro-bowler.

I predict Phins will sign Manning. This owner and GM actually believe the roster is loaded with underachieving talent, and that they are a few players away from contending. If they go this route they will address the O-line in free agency also. Then draft a DE at #8. The Manning affect will attract veteran free agents like Reggie Wayne willing to take less money. Plus if Manning is not healthy, you still got Moore under contract for one more year. It's an "all-in" plan for this year. If it doesn't work, you can still plug-in another QB next year.

As for trading up for RG3, I have mixed feelings. If the Phins trade up, then this means we are in re-building mode now rather than 2 or 3 years down the road. You need to give RG3 time to develope. You have to trade the farm in order to move up. At that point you need to trade or cut your current value players. I would be willing to trade one entire draft for RG3, but no more than that. The way I see it, Ireland only averages two starters per draft anyway. The rest of his drafts are back-ups or busts. So to give up one entire draft isn't that much more.

The worst option is Flynn. No point in elaborating. We have been down this road before. It's fool's gold.



wolfman is right. john has the understanding of an 8 year old despite his many years.

nobody wants Long. that's not a fair deal. they want a QB too.

ctphins is even stupider. you have it backwards. Long and Marshall plus the next 8 drafts are not enough. they want a QB too

Posted by: dld | February 28, 2012 at 11:19 AM

Hey brain surgeon I was talking about trading with ST Louis for a number 2, your r a dumb cluck.

Who cares what waterboy Ireland says?

I think Cleveland is in a GREAT position for Flynn or RG3. Mando points out the draft power they hold and therefore they can offer a lot to St. Louis if they want RG#.

But they could easily go with Flynn. Holmgren has strong Green Bay ties, he has proven track record of something similar with Hasselback to Seattle and he would benefit from keeping his 2 first round draft picks that he could use on other players. This would allow them to put a 4 year experienced NFL QB into their starting position and keep their young/unproven QB under Flynn.

I would love to be in Cleveland's position for this offseason.

Do you know how to say acorn in Irish?


Cause Waterboy Ireland is the one making the decision.

Waterboy Ireland has no balls.

Trade up for RGIII now!!
RGIII will be the face of the franchise for the Next 15 years!!


If you've got 10 mins to spare...here is the head-to-head match up between RG3 & Tannehill from this past season.

It appears the tortoise beats the hare once again!
Slow and steady always wins the race, and Tannehill schools RG3 on what a real QB looks like!


Sorry. Not too high on Weeden. We tried that with John Beck, I believe. Didn't quite pan out.

No, despite what all of these arm-chair GM's want, I'm going with what most of the professional draftniks say: Miami will take Manning. And, we should probably wrap our heads around that concept; for better or worse. It's as much of a roll-of-the-dice as anything else. We'll know more in a few weeks...

Oh, and my last name isn't McGrady...just for the record.

If Ireland waited until round 7 to pick a qb to compete with Moore you would all be angry.

Yet so many of you want Flynn, a 7th round pick who will never be a starter for very long in the NFL. How some of you think he is suddenly a franchise QB is beyond me.

So you never played for the raptors or magic or rockets?

IMO the Browns and Redskins are on the table more than the Phins for the Rams #2 spot. I think Ireland is just window shopping. The price would be too high for him. He's doing his due diligence so that people think he really tried but couldn't get a deal done.

I think RGIII stock went through the roof at the Combine because the athletic ability yes but I would bet he killed the interviews.

So the Rams best chance to make that trade is while the iron is hot. They would get the best deal as soon as they can pull the trigger. And the number 2 spot is the right place at the moment.

Ross wants Manning in order to sell some tickets so it doesnt matter what Irescum wants.


I seriously doubt that Luck will be a bust but if he is expected to be the next Peyton Manning than I really beleive that organizations is delusional. As unique as he is, Peyton Manning was even more special. He not only helped a defense which was not built to be durable but the offensive line as well which was overrated. Colts may get an A rating in this upcoming draft for picking Luck but they'll get an F if they think they're getting another Manning era. Reality is a tough pill to swallow. It couldn't happen to a more classless organization.

IMO the top 5 QB prospects in the draft talent wise.

Luck 1st, a slight edge over RGIII but have no doubt both will be very good to great QB's in the NFL. RGIII might sell more tickets.

Tannehill 3rd but that is mostly on potential. He is very talented yet very raw. He has flaws but all the flaws can be fixed with coaching and experience.

Cousins 4th with a slight edge over Foles at 5.

The trade up for RGIII would be my favorite option at the moment but less likely because of Washington and Cleveland.

Tannehill would have to be taken in the first and may be too much of a reach. I feel that he may be the most likely choice for the Dolphins. I don't like the reach part but if they feel he's going to be a franchise guy then they need to grab him at 8.

My second favorite option would be to trade down and get more picks. Then pick up Cousins or Foles in the early 2nd round.

A good option for a trade partner would be Cincy. I know they are going to want Richardson if he's available at 8 so a trade down to 17 and pick up their 2nd round pick at the 53rd spot would be great.

Then at 17 we get best available and a few options might be:

Mercilus DE
Floyd WR
Ingram DE
Kuechly ILB
DeCastro OG

There will be a number of good options at 17.

Then at 40 we take either Foles or Cousins. Right now I prefer Cousins.

At 53 we take best available but if Fleener is available we take him.

I may be dreaming but for now it sounds reasonable. :)

Guys, will Ireland ask RGIII if his momma's a hooker?

Unlike most of you I feel the dolphins are in a very good position regarding the QB position. They currently have a fairly good QB in Matt Moore that was top ten in QB rating. Does he have weaknesses? Yep, but he’s a pretty good with potential in the right system to get better. They seem to have the inside track at getting Manning and Moore gives them better insurance then any other Manning suitor against the possibility of another Manning injury. They have more knowledge of Flynn, through Philbin, then any other team and. again, have insurance in Moore should Flynn bomb out. Lastly, they are in a good position to move up for RG111 should they feel he is worth it but keep in mind the that a top five QB pick is not a certainty. Here’s the list of QB’s drafted top five since 2001; Newton, Bradford, Stafford, Sanchez, Ryan, Russell, V. Young, Alex Smith, Eli Manning, Rivers, Palmer, Carr, Harrington, Vick. How many hall of famers in there? How many franchise QB’s? Lastly, should all else fail, the dolphins could draft one of the QB’s not named Luck or Griffin and have this guy learn behind a top ten rated QB in Moore for a year. There are intriquing options in Tannehill, Osweiler and Weeden. All in all the dolphins have a lot of viable options.

For all you dummies who want Weedon, there still a learining curve that every single player has to learn when they get drafted in th NFL. Ask Weinke and Beck. He played with kids, now he'll be a man amongst animals in the NFl.

Great thoughts from Peter King today on the possibility of getting Manning and Wayne as a tandem. Would fit perfectly here in Miami. Add a guy like Ingram in the first and a RT and S in the second and third and I'm starting to get really excited about this team.

Now granted, it's all hypothetical right now and so much depends on Manning's health, whether the team has the cap room to do all this and whether these guys even want to come to Miami, but it's still an exciting thought. Think a healthy Manning and Wayne would sell tickets? And Wayne played his College ball for Miami and Manning likes it here. Far from a slam dunk but it's an interesting prospect.

Guys, will Ireland ask RGIII if his momma's a hooker?

Posted by: MJ | February 28, 2012 at 01:43 PM

What tiny minds some have. The hooker joke was played out and boring a week after it happened, yet some of you are stuck on it like little boys giggling at the lingerie ads.

Good Morning Fin Fans, Who else here thinks the Jets have taken a step back aquiring Sporono as there OC?, Think about it, They have a below average QB and a O-line thats old,Look for Fat Rex to be the next NFL coach in the NFL to be on the Hot seat next year, Cant wait for Tony to put his 3 year Touch on that offense., Hope they have a good FG kicker, Sporono in NY Makes Miami a better team IMHO.

Clue, it's "you're." It's a contraction for "you are." Basic 3rd grade stuff here.

GMan, agree the Dolphins do have options. But the only sure thing is a healthy Manning. And we cant possibly think Ireland will make the right decision/s.

I forgot to add that I do like Moore, but question whether he could win a SB.

The one thing I'm happy about is that we didn't get Fisher, who is an unmitigated bafoon.

All of you who wanted Fisher are (1) sheep and (2) also unmitigated bafoons.

I really do have a nice mustache. The problem is it always smells like shiiiit.

Unfortunitly for us fans Anthing Ross and Ireland does will be wrong seeing the track record these two have.Sorry.

The poor Rams are even more pathetic than us. That's why they have the number 2 pick, which is an emperical fact. Now they are going to, out of loyalty, stick with Bradford and give RGIII away!! What morons. Bradford is a bust. Hopefully we can benefit from the fact that the Rams are a garbage organization and outsmart them.

Sorry. Not too high on Weeden. We tried that with John Beck, I believe. Didn't quite pan out.
No, despite what all of these arm-chair GM's want, I'm going with what most of the professional draftniks say: Miami will take Manning. And, we should probably wrap our heads around that concept; for better or worse. It's as much of a roll-of-the-dice as anything else. We'll know more in a few weeks...
Oh, and my last name isn't McGrady...just for the record.
Posted by: Tracy474 | February 28, 2012 at 01:32 PM


Sorry, but Weeden is not Beck...the only comparison here is his age. If you value to opinions of professional draft nicks and scouts, then you undoubtedly know that the only reason he's projected as a 2nd rounder is due to his age.

If he was 5 years younger, he would be a projected top 10-15 pick (that according to numerous "professional" scouting reports and draft nicks) based on his NFL readiness (fundamentally speaking) and elite calibre arm and accuracy.

The downside is obviously his age. He's going to have to prove (as he did in college) that he's a quick study and will not have an overly long learning curve.

I've been saying for awhile now that, in addition to Tannehill, there would be another projected 2nd rounder who moves up into the first round. I think that guy is going to be Weeden...just have a hunch.

By the by, with the new CBA in place, it really isn't all that damaging to take a flyer on a guy like this (or Tannehill) in the top 10. We all know surprises happen in the draft, particularly at the QB position. I think the new CBA will create even more of these surprises. I mean really, who had Ponder going early in the 1st last year? To boot, he only cost a bit over $10M over 5 years with a $5.8M signing bonus. That's chump change relative to what that same pick would have cost under the old CBA.


Heck, if they knew they werent gettin Cowher or Fisher, they probably would've kept Sparano. Philbin has Cam Cameron written all over him.

2008--Pennington becomes available. Henne drafted 2nd rd.

2012--Manning becomes available. Tannehill drafted 2nd rd?

Penne-Henne, Manne-Tanne. How ironic would this be. Will Brady be injured again in 2012 opening the door for another afc east title too? Anyone seeing the startling symbolance here?

The problem with Weeden.....

He won't start in his first season because no way he beats out Moore with no prior NFL experience. So now he is on the bench a year minimum, he doesn't become a starter until he is 30 or 31. It doesn't make sense to invest in that.

Weeden is a early 2nd maybe late 1st 4th QB taken

Look people as long as Miami picks up Manning,Flynn,RG3 or Tannehill I will be very happy.Of course Manning will only be a 3 to 4 year fix while we are groom another QB.ANY WAY YOU LOOK AT IT YOU PEOPLE ARE GOING TO COMPLAIN NO MATTER WHO WE SELECT BECAUSE YOU ALL HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS ON WHO WE SHOULD GET. Now all of them will serve a purpose & be good NFL QB's,but out of all of them only Tannehill isn't quite ready & require a little time before he starts to hit his ceiling.Peyton,RG3 & Flynn will come in & be successfull immediately.

Gman......I can understand everyone gets an opinion, but 'learning under, around, or over' Matt Moore is not an option, and it kinda makes me sick that people think its okay to say things like that. Matt Moore is one of another qb since Marino that has plagued this team. Him and Kyle orton and jay fiedler that one good year he had does not a qb make, and if u want to go 7-9 again, then by all means, let's keep him as a potential starter! Because he compares well with Tom Brady or the jets defense. Let me ask u this. Is there any way Matt Moore is ever going to be a superbowl qb? The answer is a resounding no, very simple, and that's why we need manning, that's why we need rg3, why we don't need tannehill, or Flynn, and of Ireland mortgages
Every pick this draft just to trade up to get rg3 then instead of hating the man for what he's done to this team I will applaud him, because our draft pcks are expensive disappointments anyways, and there are plenty of PROVEN weapons in free agency.
Ohh, and yes, the jets made a major mistake in hiring sparano. He's an idiot. And it's great for the dolphins.

1. Sign Manning
2. Draft Riley Reiff OT, Iowa w/#8 pick
3. Draft Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson w/2nd round pick

We should also consider signing Reggie Wayne or Jeff Saturday to give Manning some comfort with familiar players.

Execute the above steps and we WILL COMPETE next year for a playoff spot, guaranteed!

Okay, anyone hating on wheeden......these are all speculations. The comments made border on stupidity. Playin with boys? So did luck and rg3. So did Andy dalton, even Moreso. How does andy dalton have success? Easy. Aj green and jermaine gresham. I watched every game. We need Blackmon, Reggie Wayne, somebody beside b marsh. It will change us more than u know. Brandon Marshall deserves a real qb to throw to him and not be shadowed by safeties because our other receivers are allergic to the end zone.

Royal T - In large part I agree....personally, I'm not that big on the idea of Weeden, simply due to the age thing. That said, It's really not that great of an "investment". If we were talking old CBA....and the guy was going to get upwards of $30M guaranteed, then yeah...stupid. With the new CBA, if he ends up moving way up the board...say even top 10, he'll be in the neighborhood of $10M.

If he doesn't work, you go back to the drawing board....if he does work and turns out to be great, then at least you still have a good 6-8 years. As much as everyone talks about "long term"....like most things in life, the NFL is more a series of "short term" solutions for "short term" gains, in hopes that success will breed success.

Tannehill is a bigger version of Thigpen, but no better.

We'll nsign Manning, probably draft Tannehill, then in 2013 probably let Matt Moore walk.

Knowing our luck, Matt Moore becomes the next Drew Brees after we let him walk in free agency, then after Manning's done Tannehill becomes the next Chad Henne.

Reality.... I would prefer a healthy Manning too but unfortunately that is still an unknown. Again, the thing the Dolphins have going for them is that if they gamble on Manning and lose, they still have a pretty darn good QB in Moore. Can he win a SB? That's a good question as most recent SB winning QB's were elite. Still, no guarntees with any of our options.

I cant decide if Matt Moore is Joe Montana, or if he just looked like it compared to HennePuke. lol

And I think if we get manning (or god forbid Flynn) then our best option by far is to trade down to Seattle, Arizona, or whoever later because trust me, there are going to be at least five qb hungry teams that will want tannehill for some reason so we should use that to our advantage and get whichever of the following that fell for some reason to wherever we are at: janoris jenkins, coples, Ingram, keuchly, and make sure that no matter what we draft tommy streeter or someone similar in the second.....his time at the combine and his size proves he's the offensive version of jpp (one year starter, tremendous upside)

This team hasen't set up a good coaching staff since Shula was fired & Jimmy Johnson suddenly decided he didn't want to coach anymore.Therefor you people should quit being ignorameses & give this new staff a chance to work their majic to build a power house here.You guys need to remember now Philbin & his staff are determining the players they want instead of Sparano with his run oriented style.

B Marsh deserves a real qb throwing to him? If he couldn't catch TD from Henne and Moore how can he catch from a real QB?

RG3 aced every X and O test at the combine. He will memorize the entire play book by the start of training camp. He will instantly become the leader of the offense. Who is our leader now? I forgot, we dont have one!

We'll nsign Manning, probably draft Tannehill, then in 2013 probably let Matt Moore walk.
Knowing our luck, Matt Moore becomes the next Drew Brees after we let him walk in free agency, then after Manning's done Tannehill becomes the next Chad Henne.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | February 28, 2012 at 02:16 PM

YG/DB, Your cred. Is Zero,First you say Sporono will be the next Colt HC, Next you say.... Oh Never mind, Your a Idiot that posts for 18 stright hours using different names. Your posts are useless.You flip flop more then a fish that's just been reeled in.
BTW, Are you related to Odin?, Just wondering

I don't get why guys are getting worked up about Manning. It's not like he's going to get guarantess in his contract and it's not going to be a huge deal. If we add him and it doesn't work out we still have Moore and should be drafting a young kid to develop as the Green Bay Packers do regularly. To me this is a better plan than handind all kinds of money over to Flynn, which will include guarantees.

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