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The Dolphins offseason plan? Possible version here

Jeff Ireland has "a plan" for the offseason. He isn't giving details of what that plan is. He has no intention of unveiling it for public scrutiny to the point where he told Dolphins coaches not to even talk about quarterbacks or needs or free agency during their recent media availability.

Makes sense.

But, let's face it, this isn't rocket science.

Miami's needs are easy to understand if you watched the team the last couple of years. The players that are or will likely become available are also public knowledge. And we know there is a finite amount of ways the Dolphins can actually add players -- through free agency first, the draft and, of course, trades.

So what does Ireland's plan likely look like?

Let's begin with the problems the plan must address:

The Dolphins need a starting QB first and foremost. They would love a franchise quarterback, of course, and that's the first order of business. But at the minimum they need a quarterback who will compete with Matt Moore for the starting job in training camp. That is known to everyone.

So how to address the QB question?

Peyton Manning, if relatively healthy, will be the team's top target if he's available. Simple. Ownership has sent this commandment down from the Dolphins version of Mount Sinai. I've written Manning is the QB priority if he's healthy and until Manning either stays in Indianapolis, or retires, or shows he is incapable of throwing the football (the latter of which will not happen), he will be the thing for Miami.

If Manning is out of the picture, I think the Dolphins go with Matt Flynn. The fact is Flynn will come with a starter's price tag and not a lot of certainty. But he comes with more certainty than any possible draft pick not named Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. Flynn in free agency seems to be more logical, given his history and connection to Joe Philbin, than say, using a first-round pick on Ryan Tannehill. Flynn is young and more experienced and probably more NFL starter ready than Tannehill. And if you pick up Flynn, you can free up use of the first-round pick for another major need while still having the option of drafting another QB -- perhaps Brandon Weeden -- later in the draft.

If the Dolphins cannot add either Flynn (who will have other options) or Manning (who is a huge wild card) in free agency, you can pretty much put the first-round card in right now for a QB.

Does that mean Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are out of the question? Nothing is out of the question, I suppose. But I don't see the Dolphins paying two first-round picks, plus more resources, such as a second and perhaps a third round pick, or perhaps even three first-round picks to go to the No. 2 overall spot where getting Luck or Griffin will be possible.

Using that many chips to go high enough for the two QBs could cripple the franchise for years if the QB it brings in return is not a franchise player. And as Bill Parcells said, they don't sell insurance for this stuff.

Moving on.

The club needs a right side to the offensive line -- with both right guard and right tackle a question mark. Marc Colombo is done. If he finds himself in a Dolphins uniform again in training camp, something went horribly wrong because he is simply not a starting-caliber NFL tackle any more. Assuming the club intends to fill one of the right side needs, either at guard or tackle, with an "on campus" solution -- such as John Jerry or Nate Garner or Lydon Murtha -- that still means the club needs to solve the other right-side problem by adding a body.

There are great free agency options such as Carl Nicks at guard. I love the prospect of Jared Gaither at tackle in free agency. But both will be very, very, very expensive. Nicks today said he's looking for a deal above $56.7 million that averages more than $8.1 million per season -- the deal signed by teammate Jahri Evans. No way the Dolphins pay that!

Despite their history for spending extravagantly on the offensive line in free agency, I think the Dolphins aren't going down that road. I think they'll try to solve their offensive line issue in the second wave of free agency or in the draft -- not the first round.

The club also needs a pass-rusher. The truth is I believe this is the top need and the only one that rivals quarterback. Simply, the Dolphins need to pressure the quarterback better, need to find a pass-rusher so good as to make Cameron Wake the complementary pass-rusher, and need to make sure this player is also a viable run-stopper on the edge. I know that Mario Williams will be available in free agency. Cliff Avril will also be on the free agent market.

But again, I don't see the Dolphins spending their money here. I see them spending draft picks here and an early pick at that -- probably their first pick assuming the quarterback issue is resolved in free agency.

There's a need at free safety. There's a need at tight end. There's probably a need at wide receiver because a high-priced or high draft pick QB needs as much help on the other end of his passes as possible.

These are all issues tackled in the second-wave of free agency or on the draft's second or third days. I assume the Dolphins still have very high hopes for Charles Clay as a hybrid tight end so they're not going to invest a high pick or a great deal of money there. They obviously didn't last year.

My big concern is that Miami will continue to be lulled into a sense of false security at WR. Davone Bess did not show well last year -- certainly not as well as he did the previous years. And while Brian Hartline had solid moments, he still hasn't proven he's a good No. 2 starting WR despite owning the job two seasons.

Me? I'd get the QB more help. I'd get Brandon Marshall some help. I'd get solid WR wherever I could find him. By the way, did I hear Green Bay may be parting ways with Donald Driver? I scoop him up. He'll be familiar with the system, he's an awesome locker room presence, he knows how to win, and he would make Flynn a nice security blanket.

Yes, he's 37 years old. I get that. But he was also Green Bay's best WR in the playoffs. I hope the Dolphins get that.


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Offseason plan: get a QB. Same thing it's been for the past decade

The problem is our #8 position (maybe 9) is just not that desirable in this draft. If St. Louis doesn't draft RG3, they will want the prize OT in the draft, they won't get him at #8. No way do I see Ireland letting go of Long, the best player on the team.

The Saints mortgage they're whole future to get Ricky Williams, did that cripple thy're franchise for years? Do something diffrent out of the ordinary we've been irrelevant for a decade!

I'd love to see Driver in a Dolphin's uniform! And, I hope they can do just that. But, I don't see it happening. They'll spend whatever they have to get Manning or Flynn. Everything else will probably have to come through the draft; another QB to groom, pass-rusher, TE, D-back, etc.

get ted ginn jr back

Offseason plan? Get a real GM and an owner with a clue.

1. Sign Flynn, pay him the starters money.
2. Sign Driver, he will help the other WRs out learning the WCO.
3. Sign FS Nelson and re-structure Bell's deal if not cut him and move Jones to SS.
4. Address Pass Rusher opposite Wake.
5. Address the right side of OL (I like Murtha as the RT, Garner as the RG) but need depth.

Smoke-screen it up on Manning to drive his price up for the other teams with no real intention on signing him. I like Manning a lot, but the neck is a serious injury and not something to mess with.

sign peyton if he doesnt work out go after berkley next year

Philbin and Ireland will address the needs, I am confident of that. I look forward to seeing who is signed.

I'd make Bess & Hartline available to the Browns & Rams in a trade up scnario. Both teams are hurting for WR's. See if you can deal Misi and or Bell to Atlanta for a pick and reunite them with Nolan.

Miami has to find a way to fill all these holes. Try dumping some dead weight!




"IF" St Louis traded down with us becaquse we were willing to make a better offer. LT Jonathan Martin(Stanford) is still expected to be available at #8-#9. So Rams still get thier premium LT.

Didn't we pick Ted Ginn with the #9 overall pick? Deja Vu.

Now would be a good time to sign Jake Long to a long-term contract to free up some cap room. Just saying...


You forget Indy pass rusher Robert Mathis is a fa. Fortunately for us, the age factor may bring his value down to our spending range(heavily incentive laden contract). So if we spend a mint to draft RG3, Mathis buys us 2-3yrs of great service until we once again have our full array of draft picks.

I belie4ve Mathis would be as great a compliment to Wake as he is to Freeney in Indy. Plus we already know exactly what Mathis brings to the table and he could be affordable within our spending range becuase of his age.

Jake Long may be finished. 5 different nagging injuries. Trade him if he can pass a physical.

Jeff "THE SCOUT" Ireland and his tight lipped off season crap is just THAT.. BS.

I can tell you all now what the big secret is for Jeffy Boy. He will be looking under the rocks for more Acorns and trading away our 1st round and more for 'VALUE".

Just look at what he accomplished in the past and get ready for more of the same.

Now for the first time I see that Armando has even joined up with my call for drafting a WR.

Justin Blackmon IS who we need to get and move up and take him. Make the deal and get it done.

IMO I haven't seen a more gifted athletic dominant WR come out in many, mannnnyyyy years.

The HELL with what Parcells has to say about anything, he's just a big sore loser who never stuck around to finish anything since he left the Giants.

The Pats and Jets are going to make a play for Blackmon and we do NOT want them to get him. If we do, look for us getting our butts kicked for the next 15 years.

The pats have a boat load of picks to pursue Blackmon and Rex is going to be extinct after next season if he doesn't make it to the bid one. Rex MUST win this season or he's fired so look for a very aggressive Rex and Blackmon for Sanchez will just be what tips them into the bowl.

We have a solid 10% on Luck and please... we don't need RGIII as he is not a fit and would require a ton of behavioral training to teach him to take the snap and allow the play to develop before running for his life.

I see a huge potential for RG and our O line to be injured especially as our O line is running all over trying to counter for where RG steps, it's a disaster waiting to happen. So unless you got 2 years to re-train RG, pass.

We take Blackmon and walk away knowing that for the first time we got a PLAY MAKER. Blackmon will make the O line, QB, D all better as we line up Marshall and Blackmon and use Bush in play action. Even with an average QB we are contenders for the playoffs.

Shore up the O and D line and pursue the future QB in FA.


I think the QB position will be settled between Philbin and Sherman. Whoever convinces the other of who is better Flynn or Tannehill, that's who the next QB will be. If neither is "NFL starter caliber" then you move on down the line and get Matt Moore the best possible competition fom the "B" grade list of QB's in free agency. I still can see the Dolphins trading down in the draft and picking up extra choices or maybe another #1 in next years draft. DE/OLB/RT/S/CB are all in play with the Dolphins #1 pick.


Clue- Yes that did set N.O. back, they didn't do anything from 1999-2005 until Brees came in 2006. So yes trading to much away can hurt

Don't trip the only way this new coach gets to coach out his 3 garunteed years on his contract and the only way Jeff Ireland keep buys more time is if he drafts a young quarterback i.e. RG3, this would give time and secure his job, oh yeah, if he is the stud that we know he (rg3) is the dolphins will be picking so late in the first round for the next 12 years that 2+ first round picks is a bargain. Remember, the giants mortgaged there future for manning and got two superbowl rings, in return.

I told you and all the NY Giant fans that the Giants stink and Miami is number one, except for Brandon Marshall, the MVP of the entire Prob Bowl.
Man do i know football or what?

^ Pro Bowl

Back to the gym which i own all by myself and i dont use steroids. Nope not today!


I will give you all my draft picks over and over again and i know this year at least one pick will finally be right.


The Ricky trade didnt set the Saints back. They were competive with Dellohme at qb. Drew Brees pretty much came in and placed them over the top. The Ricky Williams draft day deal was far from a franchise killer for the New Orleans Saints.

Although Ricky never equalled what the Saints gave up to get him. Still he was a very productive player for them when healthy.

Clue - Yes....giving away the farm did criple New Orleans for a time. They made some of that up in the trade to Miami for Ricky....but yeah, they were hurting there for awhile.

Donald Driver, R U FREAKIN KIDDING ME? A 37-yr old WR. He's the best receiver in the Playoffs is a laugh, Miami has made the Playoffs exactly ONCE in a decade.

I'd rather go back to Greg Camarillo than get Donald Driver. Heck, why waste the space and money and just live with Hartline another year.

Also, to say Bess didn't have a great year is missing a HUGE point...HE WASN'T TARGETED TOO MUCH! When he finally got more targets end of year, he made the most of those plays (including TDs). I think it would be an epic screw-up if Miami traded Bess or let him go or thought they could improve at that position by bringing in a 37 year old. The Redskins tried that (and finished even worse than we did).

YG, Agreed that the Saints were not set back for years with the Ricky Williams trade, we haven't done anything the last decade and have been set back, so my solution to that is do something bold and new. Cmon Ireland grow a set of balls.

PYRAMIDS.....................36 YEARS
ROME.........................1 DAY
MOON.........................1 MILLON YEARS
EARTH........................7 DAYS
HOVER DAM....................2 YEAR
GRAND CANYON.................39 YEAR

No way do you get rid of long,bess or hartline.

Also, what's "relatively" healthy (concerning Manning)? I thought we already been through this Mando. You said in a past blog (which was apropos) that Manning's health won't be "knowABLE" by the time he's let go.

So it's a risk any way you look at it. Either Miami decides it will risk taking Manning (though he may never play a down) or they don't. There's no "relative" health to know about, because we won't know by then if those nerves will ever regenerate and allow him to throw a football like he used to.

Dolphins should trade Bess to the Patriots.
I never liked Bess or Welker, they are only a little taller than me although i never played any football, just like to talk a lot about it.
My wife gets so mad, but I know she's having sex with a guy from work, so who cares?

Yet ONE MORE blog about how our QB priorities are in order:

Wrong, double wrong, and triple wrong.
Armando, man, I'm with you an awful lot, but we are so far apart on this list.
And by the way, saying that Flynn is less uncertain than Luck or RG3? ... Ouch. Creditability hit there, my friend.
yes, I know Ross' plan is to go after a healthy Manning (snipe hunt), but perpetuating this nonsense isn't helping. Nor is the Flynn hype, which will rival Linsanity by FA time, and will fall flatter than a Kim Kardashian marriage. Nor is the Tannehill as next best draft QB babble. Watch the video on this guy - PLEASE!
Ugh! Armando, you're better than this.

I'm on the Blackmon bandwagon!! After the two-top QBs are gone, the price to trade up should diminish. Trade up a few slots and select Blackmon who is going to be a STUD!!

Yeah Tim! LOL you are the best man.
Let's meet for chicken wings, Yeah!

Who's going to through to Blackmon? Matt Moore. I mean seriously the guy throws the ball with his eyes close sometimes. Is that who some of you guys think is franchise material?

You know it, Tim!
Cannot wait to see you again. YUM!


Brandon Marshall and Bess suck dont they Tim?

At wr we've seen all of the upside Bess has to offer. Move Hartline to slot.

Then could Gates be one of the hidden gems that that our nwe oc sees on the offense? If so, the new #2 wr is already on the roster.

I can blog on the SS for 20 hrs straight about a bad team. I have no life.

Yes NJ. You the man. The steroid man.

Must cleanse this house of acorns makes a decent point.

The Brownies & Rams are desperate for help everywhere, especially WR. Hartline can be replaced by guys like Wallace, Gates, etc...

Package up Bess or Hartline, Misi, this years 1, 2 & next years 1 to get RGIII.

Bess reach his peak! A guy who moves his feet fast, but looks like he's running in quick sand in the open field. Hartline is a white WR ENUFF said not fast enough, cant get open, he should be traded for a 5th if that even possible. Gates cant even start for UM right now.

YUP! Especially Bess even though he was second best slot receiver in the NFL on third down a year ago and 2nd best punt returner last year, I tell everyone I hate that Bess because he sucks and one thing I know from never playing or living anywhere near the team ina different state is the Miami Dolphins!
NJ tell me more about the gym that you and only you own 100% by yourself. Man you are cool NJ!

Cap, No one wants Bess, Hartline or Misi LMAO

No Tim, You are cooler than me!

You love when I speak in the 3rd person, huh NJ you beast!

At TE, in free agency, Fred Davis may can be had for pennies on the dollar. That's because he's one bad urine test from 1 yr's suspension.

However, on the bright side, he is a huge upgrade to Fasano and a definite talent at TE. I would definitely sign him if the price is right.

I play skin flute. But I'm only 5'9' in heels.

Gosh Yes, Usual place Tim ;) ?

In the 1999 draft, Mike Ditka traded away his entire draft as well as the 1st and 3rd round picks the following season.

Folling with 1999 season, Ditka and his entire coaching staff was fired. Having nothing to build on in RE to rookie talent, the Saints brought in 8 FAs in 2000 and Hasslett was named coach.

2000 was a great season and the Saints finished 10-6; however, many believed them to be a paper tiger, and they were.

I'm not sure how one could say the Saints were competitive during this time:
1999 - 3-13 No playoffs (Ditka fired)
2000 - 10-6 playoffs (loss)
2001 - 7-9 No playoffs
2002 - 7-9 No playoffs (traded Ricky to Miami)
2003 - 8-8 No playoffs
2004 - 8-8 No playoffs
2005 - 3-13 No playoffs (Hasslett Fired)

Also, while Delhomme did play for New Orleans, he was the practice squad guy....and then the 3rd stringer. Not sure how you can come to the conclusion that New Orleans was competitive after the Ricky trade fiasco.....nor can I see how one could come to the conclusion that they were competitive with Delhomme.....who didn't do much more than hold the clip board.

wolfman, there record after they traded away there whole draft is exactly the same record we've had the last couple of year. Give or take a game or two. the point is, the trade didnt cripple there franchise. So thanks for making my point.

Tim how old are you anyway, mid 50s?


NJ Bro that's not nice!
I'm 51 yrs old but a lot of guys think I'm younger from never doing anything physical, except for you know. lol

lol @ AlOCo

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