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The Dolphins offseason plan? Possible version here

Jeff Ireland has "a plan" for the offseason. He isn't giving details of what that plan is. He has no intention of unveiling it for public scrutiny to the point where he told Dolphins coaches not to even talk about quarterbacks or needs or free agency during their recent media availability.

Makes sense.

But, let's face it, this isn't rocket science.

Miami's needs are easy to understand if you watched the team the last couple of years. The players that are or will likely become available are also public knowledge. And we know there is a finite amount of ways the Dolphins can actually add players -- through free agency first, the draft and, of course, trades.

So what does Ireland's plan likely look like?

Let's begin with the problems the plan must address:

The Dolphins need a starting QB first and foremost. They would love a franchise quarterback, of course, and that's the first order of business. But at the minimum they need a quarterback who will compete with Matt Moore for the starting job in training camp. That is known to everyone.

So how to address the QB question?

Peyton Manning, if relatively healthy, will be the team's top target if he's available. Simple. Ownership has sent this commandment down from the Dolphins version of Mount Sinai. I've written Manning is the QB priority if he's healthy and until Manning either stays in Indianapolis, or retires, or shows he is incapable of throwing the football (the latter of which will not happen), he will be the thing for Miami.

If Manning is out of the picture, I think the Dolphins go with Matt Flynn. The fact is Flynn will come with a starter's price tag and not a lot of certainty. But he comes with more certainty than any possible draft pick not named Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. Flynn in free agency seems to be more logical, given his history and connection to Joe Philbin, than say, using a first-round pick on Ryan Tannehill. Flynn is young and more experienced and probably more NFL starter ready than Tannehill. And if you pick up Flynn, you can free up use of the first-round pick for another major need while still having the option of drafting another QB -- perhaps Brandon Weeden -- later in the draft.

If the Dolphins cannot add either Flynn (who will have other options) or Manning (who is a huge wild card) in free agency, you can pretty much put the first-round card in right now for a QB.

Does that mean Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are out of the question? Nothing is out of the question, I suppose. But I don't see the Dolphins paying two first-round picks, plus more resources, such as a second and perhaps a third round pick, or perhaps even three first-round picks to go to the No. 2 overall spot where getting Luck or Griffin will be possible.

Using that many chips to go high enough for the two QBs could cripple the franchise for years if the QB it brings in return is not a franchise player. And as Bill Parcells said, they don't sell insurance for this stuff.

Moving on.

The club needs a right side to the offensive line -- with both right guard and right tackle a question mark. Marc Colombo is done. If he finds himself in a Dolphins uniform again in training camp, something went horribly wrong because he is simply not a starting-caliber NFL tackle any more. Assuming the club intends to fill one of the right side needs, either at guard or tackle, with an "on campus" solution -- such as John Jerry or Nate Garner or Lydon Murtha -- that still means the club needs to solve the other right-side problem by adding a body.

There are great free agency options such as Carl Nicks at guard. I love the prospect of Jared Gaither at tackle in free agency. But both will be very, very, very expensive. Nicks today said he's looking for a deal above $56.7 million that averages more than $8.1 million per season -- the deal signed by teammate Jahri Evans. No way the Dolphins pay that!

Despite their history for spending extravagantly on the offensive line in free agency, I think the Dolphins aren't going down that road. I think they'll try to solve their offensive line issue in the second wave of free agency or in the draft -- not the first round.

The club also needs a pass-rusher. The truth is I believe this is the top need and the only one that rivals quarterback. Simply, the Dolphins need to pressure the quarterback better, need to find a pass-rusher so good as to make Cameron Wake the complementary pass-rusher, and need to make sure this player is also a viable run-stopper on the edge. I know that Mario Williams will be available in free agency. Cliff Avril will also be on the free agent market.

But again, I don't see the Dolphins spending their money here. I see them spending draft picks here and an early pick at that -- probably their first pick assuming the quarterback issue is resolved in free agency.

There's a need at free safety. There's a need at tight end. There's probably a need at wide receiver because a high-priced or high draft pick QB needs as much help on the other end of his passes as possible.

These are all issues tackled in the second-wave of free agency or on the draft's second or third days. I assume the Dolphins still have very high hopes for Charles Clay as a hybrid tight end so they're not going to invest a high pick or a great deal of money there. They obviously didn't last year.

My big concern is that Miami will continue to be lulled into a sense of false security at WR. Davone Bess did not show well last year -- certainly not as well as he did the previous years. And while Brian Hartline had solid moments, he still hasn't proven he's a good No. 2 starting WR despite owning the job two seasons.

Me? I'd get the QB more help. I'd get Brandon Marshall some help. I'd get solid WR wherever I could find him. By the way, did I hear Green Bay may be parting ways with Donald Driver? I scoop him up. He'll be familiar with the system, he's an awesome locker room presence, he knows how to win, and he would make Flynn a nice security blanket.

Yes, he's 37 years old. I get that. But he was also Green Bay's best WR in the playoffs. I hope the Dolphins get that.


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Last week I believe it was ESPN that had Blackmon going first round 2nd pick overall and RG at #4. But like i said, it's all a crap shoot and risk. I'm 100% sure it will be wobbling all over until closer to Draft day.

Nobody is talking about it but I think Ross will be making an offer for Tim Tebow. Yes, he's a winner, but more importantly to Ross is he'll fill the stands to capacity. If Denver would take our 1st rd pick I think the deal will be done.


I recall it in this draft order... but I haven't checked it this week. it's like the stock market.

1 - Luck
2 -Blackmon
3 -Kalill

FED UP FIN, the trade was a 5 and a 7 to switch our 3 for their 2. We gave up 2 picks not 3.

Anthony, what have you been smoking? Trade our 1st for Tebow? Ain't happening!

I stand corrected.. Here is todays sequence;

1. Andrew Luck*

2. Matt Kalil

3. Robert Griffin III*

4. Quinton Coples

5. Trent Richardson*

6. Morris Claiborne*

7. Michael Brockers*

8. Riley Reiff*

9. Melvin Ingram

10. Courtney Upshaw

11. Luke Kuechly*

12. Justin Blackmon*

13. Mark Barron

14. David DeCastro*

15. Ryan Tannehill

16. Janoris Jenkins

17. Jonathan Martin*

18. Michael Floyd

19. Fletcher Cox*

20. Kendall Wright

21. Dre Kirkpatrick*

22. Brock Osweiler*

23. Devon Still

24. Chandler Jones*

25. Coby Fleener

26. Vontaze Burfict*

27. Mike Adams

28. Nick Perry*

29. Cordy Glenn

30. Brandon Thompson

31. Jerel Worthy*

Whose list is that? Doesn't seem familiar to the few I've looked at.
Blackmon at 12? Wow. 10 lower than last I saw.

Back to the gym which i own all by myself and i dont use steroids. Nope not today!

Posted by: NJPHINFAN

LOL not today but you use them any other day!
Go back to your loser crowd at the sun sentinel and talk about What food you eat or how the weather is ..LOL



At this time of year you'll find mocks all over the place.

After the combine and Pro day workouts you'll see the uniformity and consensus start to shape up.


Check ESPN Draft Home page. It seems to fluctuate as it had Blackmon at #2 last time overall and a few weeks ago at #8 so for whatever reasons it changes.

It's been fun gents.

I'm out so until next time...


Franchise QB required pick the one you want - Flynn, Tannehill, or RG3 and pay what it takes to get him period. See NYG paid 2 first rounders and a third for Eli - 2 SB MVPs later and San Diego still competitive but clueless.

Funny how everybody is dropping/climbing and nobody has done a darned thing.
Well Blackmon's 40 will put him top 4 or top 20. Speed seems to be the issue everyone wants to see.
Griffin will drop if one of two things occur:
1. He measures shorter than 6-1.
2. He somehow manages to match Cameron's throwing drills.
I think #1 is more likely than #2.
I wouldn't count on Blackmon lasting past 4, either. ESPN is blowing smoke.

Yesterday's Gone,

I didn't say the Fins would get both Manning AND Flynn! Just gave a scenario where we took Peyton as a player/coach to back up Matt Moore, then added a rookie. I expect we will pull the trigger on Manning OR Flynn in free-agency. Not both! Geeze Louise!!!

Todd McShay has RGIII falling to the Browns. That's where the "RGIII is Falling in the Draft" is coming from. No one knows how far he'll fall or what GM's are liable to do. If you have a crystal ball...please share!

Also, Cyril Handal at The Bleacher Report has Blackmon going to the Rams and Matt Kalil to the Vikings. He believes that Flynn goes to Miami instead of the Browns.

And, on The Bleacher Report: NFL Analysis (Miller's Picks) they show the following off their video--
8-Russell Wilson 4th Rnd Broncos
7-Cousins 3rd Rnd Packers
6-Tannehill 3rd Rnd Bills
5-Nick Foles 3Rnd Eagles
4-Weeden 2nd Rnd Seahawks
3-Brock Osweiler 2nd Rnd Miami
2-RGIII 1st Rnd Redskins
1-Luck 1st Rnd Colts

Basically, all the draft gurus are all over the place except for believing that Luck will go to the Colts...and no one is really sure about that!

It's all fun speculation!

GO FINS !!!!

Franchise QB required pick the one you want - Flynn, Tannehill, or RG3 and pay what it takes to get him period. See NYG paid 2 first rounders and a third for Eli - 2 SB MVPs later and San Diego still competitive but clueless.

Posted by: RR


Odin, I agree o' wise one! The mock drafts are all over the place and no one has done anything yet. Once the combine and Pro-days are over with, then it should settle down into some kind of order. Plus, we'll know more about who takes what free-agent.

I salute you, sir!

I wonder how many on here have even see RG3 play.....

How many nationally televised games did Baylor play...

I saw one game....the Championship game for whatever conference Baylor plays for (what conference is that again).....in that game he played neck and neck with the opposing teams QB.....neither was very impressive.....one could argue the other QB out played RG3.....

I'm not saying RG3 is less than advertised...he may be the real deal......but my question is.......

Who among you on this blog has seen it and can attest to it....and who is just parroting what ESPN wants you to believe.....

ESPN would have us believe that Tim Tebow is the Messiah in a football uniform...and GOD cares wether or not the broncos win.....

ESPN would now have you believe that Jermely Lin is the basketball version of Tim Tebow....

and ESPN wants us to believe that RG3 is something he may very well not be....

All I am saying is......before you buy into the hype.....take a look to see if you have seen any evidence of this....or if you are just repeating what you have been told since NOV of last year.....


Davone Bess wasn't as productive, because he wasn't thrown to as much. He needs to be involved more in the offense. Anyone can recognize he has amazing talent that wasn't used properly last season.

Matt Moore wouldn't be the worst thing people.

I find it laughable that Mando says that drafting up could "cripple the franchise for years" when NOT doing so will for an absolute certainty. Anything other than RG3 and we are screwed for years and years and years

"Using that many chips to go high enough for the two QBs could cripple the franchise for years if the QB it brings in return is not a franchise player."

Back and forth we go. And now they shouldn't go all in on a potential franchise qb, like the medias been harping for for a decade. Make up your mind. Or just be honest, you would rather have flynn

No, I would not. The guy had ONE good game on a vastly superior team. It's ludicrous in the extreme to think that he could replicate that with ANY consistency anywhere else.

IMHO, anything other than RG3 and we might as well ignore the next 5 to 10 years

Ya know, every year there is going to be needs here, needs there. But its time to throw all the chips in for a great young quarterback. Yeah, Payton is a phenomenal field general but, my God, how long would we have him? He can't be the future. We are building. I want a quarterback for the future. A possible franchise quarterback. Spend what ever it takes to get one, and now!

It's been a week or so since I Graced this blog and it's the Same IOld Cackling Hens here, Odinsmell,Kris, And Iam sure Odinsmells Buddy will be here any minuteFinforlife, Oh well its slow at work, What are you girls talking about tonight?

Michae, we gave up 3 picks not 2 for D Thomas. We would've had 3 players if we didnt make that insanely dumb trade.

Actually, we could've had Ryan Mallett, Andy Dalton, and Roy Helu Jr instead of D Thomas. Can u say MAJOR BOTCH? Thanks Ireland you IDIOT!

Hartline is about the only sure pass catcher miami has had since...I don't know...Wes Welker?

Marshall is great in big games like the pro bowl, but he dropped a lot of passes. So demote or trade a better receiver (albeit more of a slot receiver)to apease a "star" who has been consistently incosistent?

It is this kind of thinking that allowed Welker, and a few other Dolphins, to have great careers in New England.

Why are you dissin' Hartline? Just askin'

With that CFL back, DT will now be the 3rd RB option.... pretty useless. As far as Tebow, he is worth much more then a 1st rd pk from a financial standpoint. He could literally bring in 100 million extra to a struggling franchise like Miami. And no doubt he gets the W's, but I doubt Denver would make that deal.

We were talking about the trade, what we gave up was a 5 and a 7, period. We then drafted Thomas who ran for 570 yards in 13 games, Helu rushed for 640 in 15 games. Pretty big difference in performance. Mallett didn't play a down, and Dalton was the 35th pick and Thomas was the 62nd..........wrong on all counts.

Saw the possibility of a trade between rams and fins that might make it happen.
Fins #8/9 and Marshall for Rams #2 plus swap of #2s.
Balances on trade scale with Marshall as #10 pick and Rams can get OT at #8/9.
Worth thinking about and discussing.
Plenty of good FA WR available to add to current staff for fins.

BTW his name is Jerome Massem, he got a 350,000 none guaranteed contract with no bonus. I'm sure he's going to beat out DT. You don't know the politics of the NFL.

FED UP FIN, accelerating Marshall's signing bonus from his Dolphin contract into 2012 will make them over the cap, way over. It works on the grid, but not the cap.

I don't know were you get your info from or if you even watch football, but our WR are top notch. Bess had a down year because of Moore only throwing to Marshall, and the same thing happened with Hartline. How about Miami puts in "Clyde" gates and use him like a Randy Moss figure to take the top off the defense??? Might just open up some lanes.

Madden settles the need for an additional RB in FA or draft as a backup for DT.
One issue put to bed.

Meant Massem, sorry.

Madden are you kidding me. Madden.

Just a typo.

Mando, I am not a fan of adding very old people, you build teams based on young talent, not on a one year patch. I wonder why Green bay will let him go. He gets catches because WR Jennings gets the double teams, not to mention their TE Finley.

The Dolphns gave up the 79th pick, the 146th pick, and the 217th pick to get Thomas. Thats 3 for the idiot that thinks its 2! LMAO

Green Bay has no choice. Both Flynn and Finley are free agents. They can bid for both, or Franchise one, but GB is up against the salary cap so they problem won't get into a bidding war. They may franchise Finley because top 5 money for a tight end isn't extremely high.

Just a question for discussion....
Name the last 146th or 217th pick for the fins that is still on th current roster and making a difference.

DolphinDave, moron they gave up the 5th and the 7th, we just switched our 3rd for their 2nd. We didn't give up anything more than the 2 lower round picks. That's the way Armando explained it, that's the way Omar Kelly explained, If you don't have the brains to understand that it's not my fault.

We paid a 5th and a 7th, to get to switch our 3rd for their 2nd. Understand...........

Are we going to trade our 3rd for their 2nd straight up. Don't think so. The cost was the 5th and 7th picks.

Michael you're dumb. We would've had 3 players with the three picks! GEEZ you're dumb! LMFAO!!

yes awful trade, yes we understand cobb went 2 picks later, or d.murray went 9 picks later

This trade is exactly what many say the GM will not due to get a franchise QB.
Pick the player you want and get him.
Never will all agree.
Just for the record, have no dog in the hunt for franchise QB.
Will support any the coaches/org select.
They get paid to make the call. Just want to see winner.

3 picks get 3 players. Whats so hard to understand michael?

Guys, Michael is obviously mathematically challenged. No point argueing with a moron.

Roy Helu went later also.

Stupid we got 1 player and gave 2 picks. We already had a one of the picks. Maybe I can explain it better for your pee brain. Our 3rd rounder was just exchanged for their 2nd, we didn't lose a pick there. We gained a better pick. To do that we had to pay something, the payment was a 5 and a 7. If you can't understand your pretty stupid.

Sure Mike. Whatrever you say. LOL

I guess Omar Kelly and Armando are wrong right. Stupid. We could have gotten a total of 3 players with the 3 picks. Instead we got 1 player instead.. The bet sum was losing 2 picks.

1) 79th pick
2)146th pick
3)217th pick

So....which one of these 3 didnt we give up? I'm waiting...

DolphinDave, did you finish high school.

Have real trouble understanding new math.
Please explain how 3 minus 1 = 3.

DolphinDave, Did you forget we got a higher pick back. We already owned a pick in the 3rd, had we done nothing, we get 3 players right. Instead we trade a 5 and 7 to move up to 2. The end sum was instead of getting 3 players we got one for a total payment of 2 players.

Michael you're dumb. We would've had 3 players with the three picks! GEEZ you're dumb! LMFAO!!

Posted by: DolphinDave

Yeah but we got their second round pick you idiot!!! so we only lost 2 picks (or 2 players)
..which we probably won't have kept anyway cause 5th and 7th rounders never stick anyhow.


1) 79th pick
2)146th pick
3)217th pick

So....which one of these 3 didnt we give up? I'm waiting...

Posted by: DolphinDave | February 21, 2012 at 10:09 PM

You forgot we got one back. The 62nd pick That's why we only gave up 2 picks moron. The 3 we gave up was a switch.

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