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Peyton Manning had unreported procedure and may need another surgery

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated reported today that Colts QB Peyton Manning has actually had three neck surgeries and another previously undisclosed 'procedure' that might or might not have been a surgery in a 19-month period rather than the three surgeries everyone has until today reported.

Banks also reported that Manning has potentially developed bone spurs above the point where the latest surgery fusion surgery occurred. And, in what was a sad narrative of an injured aging warrior trying to overcome his body's failings, Banks writes how Manning tried hard to get back on the field for at least one of the final two games of the season but failed.

Manning was so unable to be his old self in late December that he only worked on red zone offensive plays because he couldn't really complete a pass of more than 20-22 yards at the time. And even that attempt failed.

If this doesn't add another layer of concern to the actual state of Manning's health, I cannot fathom what else can. Interestingly, none of the pro-Manning media types over at ESPN have refuted the story or come to Manning's public relations defense. If that is to happen, it will happen Thursday.

So do Dolphins fans that have been super excited and advocating Manning's signing in case of his release remain in favor of the move?

I would say that it has been six weeks since that failed late December attempt by Manning to return. And by accounts he has improved his arm strength. Former Florida State and Carolina Panthers QB Chris Weinke said today on my radio show that when he had a similar surgery in the winter of 1998, he basically had to re-learn how to throw the football and that he was not ready for spring football in 1999.

Weinke did say he regain his strength by the following fall so he's told Manning to be encouraged by that.

But none of that makes a bone spur on the cervical spine requiring another surgery good news.

I'll continue to try and flush out as much of the story as I can. Banks, who I've know for nearly 30 years, will be on my radio, Armando and Perkins on Thursday at 9 a.m. You can listen on 640-AM in South Florida or watch the show by clicking the link to webcast right here starting at 6 a.m. You can also join the chat or call in toll free from anywhere in the United States.


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..If Peyton isn't 100 percent. What I could see is him re-structring his contract with the Colts..Going on IR..and then possibly try to seek a trade the following year..If this doesn't happen. The other most obvious choice would be to retire..He will not play if he doesn't think he can play at a competitive level...Manning has nothing more to prove.

I'm not getting as crazy and hyped up about this Manning thing as everyone else, I seriously doubt this regime goes after him, he's a beat up QB on the wrong side of 35. I was actually happy we didn't reach for a QB last year, reaching for a QB never works, u just pretty much have to be in the right spot, at the right time. We drafted in the top 3 twice in the last 10 years, one year we drafted jake long, and one year (Ronnie Brown). That's Nick Saben, but the year we drafted Brown there was no Top QB, just bad luck. The year we drafted Jake, there was Matt Ryan, yeah I would probably take Ryan in hindsight, but they wanted Henne and Long, whatever, Ryan still couldn't put up more than 3 points in a playoff game with 2 stud wideouts, cause they can't protect him, u need both a QB and a Left tackle. I'll continue to believe u draft the best available player regardless of need, over and over and over, and eventually u win, as simple as that

Peyton is done, damaged goods.

Flynn, flash in the pan star of 1 game, weak arm 7th round practice squad player.

Luck, RG3, out of reach.

That leaves only one real option to back up Moore. You guessed it!

Welcome back Chad Henne!

Go after Flynn draft right offensive tackle and guard forget manning

I think the Dolphins have had MORE then enough of Chad Henne.

Who in their right mind would go after Manning??? This is not the MVP Manning, he is broken down and not likely to make it through a full season.

What does he fix? 2 years of sporadic starts and then its back to finding another QB?

This year we know, luck and RG3 will both be gone by the time we draft, I would try and do what we can to sign Flynn, get him in here with Moore, if that fails, maybe bring in Orton as a backup to compete with Moore, then I draft a talented offense tackle or pass rusher with our top 10 pick, maybe pick up one of top TEs at pick 2 if they are there and pick best available going forward, if u have a QB in there as your best available, u take him in later rounds and develop him, see what happens, but don't get hung up on "we have to draft a QB in rd 1 or 2." You can always draft your guy next year and have a great supporting cast around him, instead of a busted pick, we can win 9, 10 games with Matt Moore with a solid draft this year

There will be no QB within our reach worth drafting, none good enough to start in the event Moore goes down.

Best option available? You guessed it!

Welcome back Chad Henne!

Henne > Flynn

By a mile.

For decades Miami always finds a way to see another teams junk QB as fools gold.

Will they be fools again? Will they pay ransom $ for a 7th rounder?

I really don't think they will try to sign Henne, u have a new coach and system and the fans have just crushed the guy and would continue to crush him if they brought him back, so no way they try to resign him, and do u really think Chad would want to resign here and take that abuse, so no, he's moving on to a new start, as soon as he gets a chance, enough said about Henne returning, agreed?

Stop messing around and do what it takes to get RG3 and develop him and make him successful. That is all.

I always thought they should've kept Beck and cut Henne.

A year with Peyton and all the bagage and drama doesn't excite me. I'm all for shooting the moon for Luck or RG3 but, if that's not going to happen then I'm glad the HC and OC are very familiar with Flynn and Tannehill. Moore is the incumbent under contract. Bring in a young arm with tons of upside and let the competition play out. I had no faith in the prior coaching staffs ability to develop a quarterback. I really hope this coaching staff can get it done.

Since when does the fans opinion matter? It counts for nothing.

Do you or do you not sign the best player available? There is no better option to back up Moore than Henne. Simple as that.

No GM is going to bow down to fans howling.

Fans know nothing. They do nothing but mirror the opinion of the day over at ESPN.

GM's spend 70 hours a week studying the situation with far more tools at their disposal. Fans are nothing more than ignorant whiners unless their team is winning the SB.

Since when does the fans opinion matter? It counts for nothing.

Do you or do you not sign the best player available? There is no better option to back up Moore than Henne. Simple as that.

No GM is going to bow down to fans howling.

Posted by: Aldon | February 15, 2012 at 11:52 PM


Not true. The fans opinions mattered in Denver with Tebow and its been the right move.

Wrong. Orton was a total failure. Tebow got a shot only because they knew Orton had no future. They had to see what their wasted 1st round pick could do. Worst starting QB in football. Tebow can't throw, his stats are horrible.

The fans count when u crush a guy like Henne And mess with his mind, u don't think the chanting of we want Orton messed with him, it had no effect on him? And resigning with fins, the fans will no effect on that? That's what u are saying? It won't even weigh in his decision, his failure in Miami?

Profootball Talk is reporting now that Tebow is working on his throwing motion in LA.

Did you ever see report of a franchise QB needing to work on their throwing motion?

Did Marino have to work on his throwing motion 2 years into his NFL career?






Manning 1?

Manning 2?

Only Teblow.

Flynn is this years Kolb, Cassel, Orton, or fill in the blank.

Some people don't learn from others mistakes.

Henne didn't fail in Miami.

The entire organization from top to bottom did.

Aldon your right. Henne got booed and benched because he was so good. lol


Try sticking to the argument. Of all the QB's available, who will be most capable of backing up Moore in 2012? Not Losman, we need someone better. Henne is the best option available.

Don't be stupid. Nobody is saying Henne is a franchise QB. He is the best and maybe only worthwhile option to back up Moore this coming season.

Please! Henne didn't fail, what a joke, give drew bress, Aaron Rodgers, Eli manning, Philip rivers, Tom Brady, on and on and our roster, with a stud wideout in Brandon Marshall, and u don't think they would have even made the playoffs? Henne is dumb, can't find open receivers, can't go through progressions fast enough, is not accurate, cant move in the pocket, cant run, and is not a leader, besides that, he's great.

All those QB's would have failed on this team. Bad coaching, bad players. Marshall has butter fingers , he is a distracted troubled player.

None of those QB's would have prevented our D from being out of wind in the 2nd quarter.

It seems none of you can follow a simple discussion. You are debating Henne is not a franchise QB. I'm not.

I'm saying we need someone to back up Moore. None of you have provided a better solution. Henne is better and has far more experience than 7th round weak arm Flynn.

aldon,I agree

lol,you watchin the 77 replay of portland and phila? Big brawl,don't remember that.And no can't help.

D dawkins was an animal

Aldon: Chad Henne sucks and you belong in a lunatic asylum.

redsky where are you on the henne thing?Bring him back or cut him loose?

Eric what direction should we go at QB?

Maybe Henne can go practice with Tebow in LA and learn how to find open receivers, go through progressions faster,be accurate, move in the pocket,be a leader.He does have one hell of an arm tho.I say we offer The rams this year and next years 1st round picks and throw in a second round from next year for RG3, and if we so happen to beat them this year they have to give us our second round from 2013 back.

Whats really going on here?

I suspect a class A circle jerk.

Everytime Irsay says he's cutting Manning loose, he's intantly the media darling of Free Agents to be.

The SECOND Irsay says he wants to keep Manning, magically, according to the so-called media, he's an invalid.

Listen, I wasn't born yesterday. This bullshyt has swung back and forth three times now. To borrow a phrase from Homes(gulp)don't believe this garbage you dumb downed sheep.

This might not be a conspiracy as audacious and evil as the dreaded Chemtrails. But you can bet your butt it's a conspiracy. It's an old school Power Play. Nothing More, nothing less.

An undisclosed "PROCEDURE"? This could be something as mundane as having his toe nails clipped! Or, simply a blood patch, which commonly follows ANY spinal surgery and has no bearing whatsoever regarding overall recovery.

Unfortunately, Roger Goodells WWF/NFL is rearing it's ugly head again. The FACT is, contrary to supposed credible NFL insiders, they just can't have it both ways. Yet almost every so-called media outlet HAS reported it both ways.

Nice going Roger, but ah, we can see right through this garbage. As my Grand Pa use to say:

You got a C O O N in your Wood Pile!

Please! Henne didn't fail, what a joke, give drew bress, Aaron Rodgers, Eli manning, Philip rivers, Tom Brady, on and on and our roster, with a stud wideout in Brandon Marshall, and u don't think they would have even made the playoffs?

Posted by: Steve | February 16, 2012 at 12:17 AM

What a dumb Fvck!

I usually try an ignore stupidity of this magnitude, but stupid is as stupid does.

With Colombo and Carey manning the right side(due to Spazano having seen the tapes), the QB's you mention above would have been lucky to find their way to the right side lines!

Hate on Henne all you want. He's provided plenty of material for you to work with.

But your above argument(obvious retardation)is about as ignorant as it gets.

PS: Steve, sober up and try again-ROTFLMAO!

PA yuengs, if we get a QB, cut Henne, if we don't, keep him as backup and let him compete with Moore. I think Manning is done, Flynn is promising, and there are several draft choices available!

Matt Flynn or Ryan Tannehill.

It would take Henne 3 years to learn a new playbook....

Has philbin said anything that would make anybody think he would want to bring flynn to the phins?He would know flynn the best and if he has IT.Have not heard any kudos about how great flynn could be or how good he can be.Don't have time to research everything but I know you guy's do.ODIE?

sorry,will be.beverages.

Maybe Henne can go practice with Tebow in LA and learn how to find open receivers, go through progressions faster,

Posted by: Mr.A | February 16, 2012 at 01:12 AM


Lets see, Colombo GUARANTEED at least one guy came free every down.

Fasano had to cover for Colombo guaranteeing we had at least one less receiver enroute every down as well.

Seeing how Pouncey was getting blown up quite frequently those first three games, you'd think Henne had plenty of time to find open receivers and go through progressions faster.

Mr. A, let me guess, you met Steve on a Online dating service for dumbshyts........didn't you?

Don't answer, we already know-LOL!

Unfortunately, letting Henne go won't open up much cap space!


I don't have a clue about Flynn.

I can tell you this:

In two games I saw a lot of good, upside, potential, etc, etc.

In two games I didn't see a scared Rabbit panicking and throwing INT's.

For me it simply comes down to risk/reward and Philbins belief in the guy. We simply won't know until it pretty much a done deal or otherwise. Philbin won't be holding any pre-signing pressers.

I'll tell you like this though. If I'm Ross, I'm not paying 30 to 40 million for a kid that's looked DECENT on a Super Bowl winning team. It just ain't happening. I don't care what my newly hired Coach has to say.

Bottom Line: If the Packers as an organization felt Flynn was really all that, they would have found a slightly better way to showcase his talents than giving him two starts in 4 years.

Not to mention draft picks or franchising him. I mean if Flynn is really all that, why are they simply letting him walk?

I'm no Dawn Aponte or Jeff Ireland, but I guarantee you, if I had the next best thing since sliced bread, I'd figure a way to profit from it!

Plain and Simple!

sorry,will be.beverages.

Posted by: P.A yuengs-n-wings | February 16, 2012 at 01:48 AM

Not sure what you meant by this?


"Beverages" ROCK!!!!

We have fallen so far that after 3 years of crap Henne, we are still talking about him...we have lost full confidence in any chance of acquiring a potential elite QB.

slide the chips across the table and go all in for RG3. there is no better potential stud QB. Hopefully the Redskins chase Manning and the Browns take Flynn.

Aldon, you say some really dumb things.

Unfortunately, letting Henne go won't open up much cap space!

Posted by: redsky | February 16, 2012 at 02:02 AM

Actually Henne already had his back against the wall Pre season last year.

Jeffy screwed the pooch again.

Fans were boo-ing him and chanting for Orton during training camp. Christ, people even want Vince Young over Henne!

How difficult would it have been to extend his contract one year(or two)with a slight raise and all kinds of performance incentives?

Had this been done(as it should have)we could be dealing Henne for at least a 5th or 6th round pick(if not a 3rd or 4th)in another month or so!

This admittedly isn't much. But it's a perfect example of Jeffy just letting shyt get by him and giving away stuff for nothing.

Ireland's in over his head just as much as SpAzano was. Ross will be too as long as he's depending on the Ball boy!

I don't post too much but read alot so I'm gonna say this,sign williams and draft WR,then a RG or TE after that bpa and let the QB situation work it self out for this year.Stuck between a rock and a hard place.We can't have everything and anyone that thinks we can win the superbowl this season is insane.QB next year or we get NE lucky with a QB in the 5,6,7 round.NITE

We could draft a right tackle or DE at #8, and then trade our second and third round picks to move up to 20th on the first round, that would give us 2 first round picks. This way we can draft the third best QB in this draft: Ryan Tannehill.

With so many teams needing a QB I just don't think he will be available to us bythe time we pick on the second round. If we cannot get RG3, and we miss out on Flynn, we really do not have anyone (top caliber) to back up Moore. I really hope we are not desperate enough to draft Tannehill at #8 in the first round. OK so we probably might have a back up plan if that happens, to take one of the other QB's available on this draft, but probably not any higher than the 4th round.

I agree we have to forget about Payton and Henne. Neither one is good for our long term plans for the Phins.

Another option is to trade down 10 to 12 spots. Tennessee at #20 is a real trade down partner for us, since they need a good OT and could trade up to 8th to get one of the top 3 OT’s, and we get our QB plus an additional second rounder and select Ryan at #20 in the first round, plus 2 second round picks.


I like Matt Moore. I believes he deserves a chance to try and take the next step with this team. He did come in as cold as cold can be. Going 6-3 under the circumstances shouldn't be over looked.

However, I'd give ALMOST anything to see RGIII in Aqua and Orange come April.

There's two problems though(maybe three). The Rams, the Browns and the Skins. The Rams will probably deal the pick very cheaply(all things considered)to Holmgren and the Browns.

The Skins and anbody else, just like us, won't be able to get in front of Holmgren. If you think he stands pat with McCoy when RGIII is almost in his grasp, you got another thing coming. Holmgren wants him just as bad as Snyder and us.

Now, even by some catastrophic coincedence that we have the chance to move ahead of Cleveland(which we won't)the cost would enormous.

Think logically now. Ireland was a Ball Boy/Field Goal Kicker brought up under Parcell's trade-down/acorn hunter philosophy. The two gutsiest moves Ireland has made(or been part of)is trading up for a Running Back in the second round(WTF?)which hasn't panned out yet.. And trading two 2nd rounders for Marshall(who has NOT really panned out)considering he lead the league in drops and dropped TD passes.

Considering Ross has just purged all the Parcelites-EXCEPT IRELAND(for some reason), I'd say Jeffy knows he's under the microscope.

Now, on top of hanging with Henne, sticking with Colombo, trading up for Thomas and trading away 2 seconds for the league leader in dropped TD's, do you really think Ross will let Ireland sell the farm for a Baylor QB?

Do you really think Ireland would even want too?

Even if you think Ireland would want too, do you really think Jeff "The Don Knotts" Ireland would have the Ball Boys?

Long Story Short: RGIII just isn't a realistic or viable option for a Jeff Ireland led Miami Dolphins.


The 3rd best QB in the draft?

Maybe if you're Mel "The Hair Piece" Kiper!

Foles and Cousins are both better than Tannehill.

I don't know how many time I've posted this, but I'll post it again.

Tannehill came out of High School as a Highly touted QB. He played 4 years of college ball. He lost the QB competition all four years. He didn't even make BACK UP until his senior season. Believe me, thwe guys he lost out two were worse than Pat White and Akili Smith combined. He lost out to these guys. Guys that couldn't hold a candle to Tim Tebow.

Tannehill finally got to start-BY DEFAULT-week 3 of his senior season. On top of not being able to beat out ANYBODY he went up against in College, don't forget that he wasn't even the back up his Junior year.

If that doesn't make you puke, check out his stats. After you clean up your Key Board, REALIZE: In 7 starts he managed to get his Head Coach fired as well as almost the entire staff!

Tannehill ain't no Tom Brady in waiting. He's not even a poor mans Tim Tebow. Tannehill is a Pipe Dream for fans DESPERATE to make a change for changes sake!

Manning would be better than Tannehill LEFT HANDED!

Nice to see the "Usual Suspects" still haunting the blog. ;)

My two cents being thus...

There are tons of ideas and answers people have for the team. Time will tell if any are right or even viable.

Prediction: Whitney Houston WILL die...oh that's hindsight, that's right. Just like many folks that align all the studs from the previous draft on one would be "perfect storm" after the fact draft card. Right or wrong...we are all guessing and mistakes will be made.

That said, my stab at this would go...#1) Matt Moore is already here and without the benefit of camp or much help early, he rallied the team and had us in many games most thought we would lose automatically. Dallas at their house on Thanksgiving had to come from behind against us. Up 17 zip at NE at the half are two that come to mind. He has definitely earned a right to compete.

#2) Flynn... I know this is unpopular with some and I am not convinced he has answer written all over him but his age says he could be longer term than say Peyton Long in the Tooth Manning. Money will be spent. Yes he has a super small sample size but I am thinking Philbin will know (like others have stated). If Philibin will go out on the limb after watching the guy up close for years than I would say he has a punchers chance to do damage as a viable starter QB. If he's not sought out, Philibin speaks volumes with that choice as well.

Some say keep Henne. For me that ship has long sailed. He had enough starts to put up wins. It didn't happen...everyone else's fault or not...check please, he's axed. Being a cheap option is not enough for me. For the record, I don't think he will amount to much anywhere.

Many say draft early (1st or 2nd round QB's like Tanneyhill, Osweiler, Cousins, Weeden). I am not enamored with any of these guys. I would prefer to take shots at other positions early.

I believe RGIII and Luck are not going to be part of some knarly Herschel Walker lopsided trade up. We need a franchise QB but the price for an uncertain outcome would be hard to overcome if the player was average or a bust or got hurt.

My #3 option is wait until the 4rth - 5th round and take a shot with QB Case Keenum. Little short but rocket arm, great at uptempo and is a good leader. Stats galore with average players on offense. He would be a great groomer, sort of a TJ Yates type that winds up on a team and comes up big when pressed into service.

That's my take. Sure to piss some off, make some agree halfway or get on the 3 solid QBs option bus.

At #8-#9 I take grab pass rusher DE Coples (maybe trade up 2 spots?) or sit tight and take best Off Tackle option. I think WR Blackmon is gone.



I liked your post from 1st page last thread. Well put.


Ok now we MUST go all in for RG3. As I suspected Manning would not be ready for the start of this season anyway, so what do we have to lose besides some picks that may not even pan out. Manning is a warrior albeit an old one but he will try to come back and if RG3 fails -which I doubt he will- then maybe Manning will be ready for a comeback, he could give us then a few good games and tutor the young QB.

Please no more 2nd rated QBs, NONE of the QBs in the draft other than Luck and RG3 are worth a pick much less a high round one. We already have such experiment in Devlin and he may turn out to be the answer.

Flynn? Please no more noodle arm QBs, I'm 100% sure Philbin will not bring him in, Moore is a very good backup but that is it. I hope we do everything in our power to get RG3. We do have a bargaining chip in a WR like Hartline that we can trade to the WR-needy Rams, Washington and Cleveland do not have that luxury, it will still cost us an arm and a leg but if we make Hartline part of the package not only we can assure we land RG3 it may cost us a tad less than what we think.

Worst case if we can't land RG3 then we need to trade down, no need to draft an OL with the 8th or 9th pick, this draft class is littered with lineman, we could trade down, earn an extra pick and still land someone like Mike Adams or Kelechi Osemele. Riley Reiff? Please he's no lock to be great instead his late "surge" smells a lot like Blaine Gabbert's. Besides we do not need a #1 OL, we already have that in Long, as long as we get a reliable OL to protect the right side we would be ok. I rather see us making a bold move to land someone like Dwayne Allen from Clemson.

Oh by the way you brilliant bloggers Philbin can not make any comments about a player still under contract until march 13th, it would be tampering. Further Roger never made a start for the packers,so who knew what he could do????

All the more reason to forget about manning and draft rg3. Aldon you idiot no one is out of reach. It comes down to who will offer more as far as draft licks. Bottom line.

Picks. Chad henne is done. Why are there still henne jock supporters here?

First off Manning should not be considered - at the absolute best he could be a very expensive short term solution - absolutely not what we need! (We have plenty of other holes in the roster to throw money at)! As for Flynn I don't see the weak arm previously mentioned. The last game he played against a decent Detroit D he made all the throws & that evidence is worth much more than some draft gurus opinion. As for the round he was drafted in - who says the draft is a scientific breakdown of a players talent? It's all about opinion & need. What round was Tom Brady drafted? What round was Ryan Leaf drafted? Who on earth would take Leaf over Brady now? Forget where Flynn was drafted & watch the most recent film of his development. If he can be got without breaking the bank bring him in to compete with Moore & use the draft for other needs. I would like to see more improvement on the Oline as Moore took a beating but still looked like our best prospect AM. (After Marino!!!!!)

Oh by the way you brilliant bloggers Philbin can not make any comments about a player still under contract until march 13th, it would be tampering. Further Roger never made a start for the packers,so who knew what he could do????
Posted by: tony r | February 16, 2012 at 05:16 AM

Rodgers was drafted in the first round when Favre was nearing the end of his career and as the eventual replacement to Favre.
The same can't be said about Flynn. He wasn't drafted to replace Rodgers. Teams hardly expect a 7th round pick to make the roster let alone be starting material.
He did nothing in his college years at LSU and he has done nothing in his four year career in the NFL and will continue to do nothing in his career in the NFL.
There have been other prospects that were drafted higher and that had better resumes than this guy who haven't panned out. The odds of this guy succeeding are slim and none.
Whether there are rules against tampering or not I hardly think Philbin and Ireland have had anything more than a very short conversation about this guy, if any.

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