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Manning might not be available after all ... maybe

Throughout the ever expanding Peyton Manning saga, there's been one bothersome thought that has continued to hound my mind ... and my mind hasn't appreciated the overtime work.

ESPN reported a couple of weeks ago that Manning will be open to an incentive-laden contract in which he would be paid little or no guaranteed money up front with his new team and that he would have to earn every cent he makes strictly through performance.

That got me wondering if Manning would do that for his expected new team why wouldn't he do it for his old team -- you know, the Colts, the team for which he's played 14 seasons and is the face and heart and soul of the franchise?

Well, that's exactly what Manning might have the opportunity to do if you can believe Indianapolis owner Jim Irsay. Irsay spoke with the Indianapolis Star on Tuesday and made the point he wants Manning to return to the Colts as long as Manning restructures his contract.

"We can make it work if he wants to be here," Irsay told the Star. "We'd be excited to have him back and finish his career with us.

"I want him to be able to make the choice. We would love to have him back if he can get healthy and we can look at doing a contract that reflects the uncertainty of the ... healing process with the rengeneration of the nerve."

Suddenly, every team that fancies Manning has to feel a bit disappointed that the almost-certain divorce that seemed destined to happen by March 8th might not actually happen. Manning, as you probably have heard ad nauseum, is due a $28 million bonus on March 8 and if he's not paid that amount, he becomes a free agent.

The Colts have no intention of paying that bonus. But now they have put the ball in Manning's court, basically asking the quarterback to restructure his deal.

The proverbial ball is now in Manning's court. He can still refuse to restructure his contract and get out of Indy. But that would make him a villian in his own town. He can accept the restructure, but then he'll find himself on a team that is diminished by age and is no longer considered a Super Bowl contender -- even with Manning.

So that certain chase of Peyton Manning that everyone in Miami, Washington, and other NFL outposts that value the veteran may not happen. Assuming the worst for the Dolphins -- because that's what I've learned to do after the past decade of team history -- where does it leave them if their priority QB addition is no longer available?

It is funny to me that suddenly the talk of Manning's uncertain health situation has taken a back seat to where Manning is actually headed. Manning has undergone three neck surgeries in the past 20 months. He is waiting for the latest surgery to help nerves connecting to his triceps, which has suffered atrophy and was often numb as a result of the deadened nerves that the surgery was supposed to regenerate.

In rehabilitating from his cervical surgery, Manning has talked often to former FSU quarterback Chris Weinke who had a similar surgery in 1998 and sat out the end of the season before returning in 1999 to lead the Seminoles to the national title.

Weinke will be on Armando and Perk this morning at 8:30ish. You can watch the show here during the interview or anytime between 6-10 a.m.



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Still nobody answered this question I posed in the other blog, they only did some bashing that didn't answer the questioin. Which QB of all the options would do better than Henne in 2012?

Peyton Nerve Dead Manning?
Matt Last Round Flynn?
A Rookie?

Don't see it.

(I'm not a Henne fan, but he is better than Losman, McNabb, Beck too)

Armando, Adam Schefter was on Mike & Mike this morning and said the Irsay statement made it LESS likely Manning would stay with the Colts.

C'mon man! Anyone really believe anything coming out of the organizations regarding Manning or anyone? All information is calculated smoke screen, not worth repeating. It's serves no purpose other than for gossip and gossip queens to 'discuss'

Jim Irsay said "its not about the money" well looks like it is totally about the money



We don't want to pay Paul Soliai, and the Colts don't want to pay Peyton Manning.

I say we swap players.

Bart - All of the above will be a better direction than keeping Henne.















henne = barkley in 2013. yeah. henne will get the phins the 1st over all.

Craig, think of yourself as the Nova Scotia coast. And think of me as the North Atlantic. My single goal in life is to reshape you. I'm in it for the long haul. I don't need one tsunami to wipe away your shore, I prefer to do it little by little, rock by rock. You will try to remain intact, not give ground. I respect you for that. However, my waves will keep lapping up, keep eroding your edges.

It's a battle that has no end.

By the way, you keep wanting to compare Ireland and Belichick (is he the GM of the team, or is he the sole person responsible for talent acquisition, not sure myself?). However, what I can tell you, is the Patriots have won the division every single year of Ireland's reign except 2008. That's really all the info I need to make a comparison, and frankly, Ireland wishes he knew what Belichick did in that area.

Irsay is either skitzo, just loves to hear himself talk or both. Wouldn't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

Healthy or not Manning wants to play football. If not in Indianapollis then somewhere else.

Good morning guys,

This is such a waste to even talk about. I know the point of blogs are to speculate and give personal opinions. I get that but Manning to Miami, a healthy Manning who will be elite? I doubt it.

Flynn is a more realistic option if Philbin says Flynn is the real deal as a potential long term answer in Miami.

Justin, correct. Peyton played day 1. Cam Newton played day 1. A first overall QB pick in today's NFL is likely to play day 1 (especially one as highly touted as Andrew Luck). There's absolutely ZERO chance I see of Peyton playing while Luck is on the bench.

the colts' organization and Irsay are both 100% garbage.

I agree with Bart that there is too much hate of Henne, but I'd answer your question by saying you left Matt Moore off the list.

I'm willing to bet that there is no way manning goes back to the colts. Why would he? He wants to play for a winner and the colts are certainly not that.
Irsay is worst owner in the nfl. I'd be running away.

Amando, Irsay is playing the public relations game with Manning by saying he can return the team if he really wants to. That is a loaded statement and made to place blame squarely on Peyton if does not return. It makes no sense for Peyton to settle for less without hearing from other teams. Someone may be willing to guarantee money that the Colts would not. It may be worth it for someone like the Dolphins or Redskins to guarantee, say $10-15 million, while it may not for the Colts with their many holes to fill.

I have been reading comments on blogs for days where miami fans were talking as if we had manning in the bag. A lot of people are setting themselves up for heartache because the teams that come out and publicly say they are interested in a player usually do not end up signing them. The team that wins the signing battle shuts their mouth and jumps in at the last minute.

Anyone remember what Ireland's QB order is again?

Was it... Manning/RG3/Flynn------or Manning/Flynn/RG3?

Point being, if Manning is fading fast as an option, who is in the cross hairs as of this moment: RG3 or Flynn?

no heartache,

there are other opportunities.

Manning comes first cus his time as a free man comes first.

If say Washington gets Manning, then it gets us closer to RG3. Same with Flynn. Let the chips fall where they may. all other talk is just that.

that said, Manning has no supporting cast in Indy and players who tell you otherwise (the kicker) are feeding you the colt dogma.

Andy, it's a fun parlor game for February. Whether we're just posturing or not, I think it's good to put Miami's name in the bag to compete for Manning. It might make other teams who need a QB overpay for him (or get antsy and move quickly when the time comes) . Hopefully that takes them out of contention for any other move at that position, therefore opening up chances for us to make the move Ireland really wants to make.

This is a game of poker, and I'm hoping Ireland is using every trick in the book to win in the end.

NH, haven't heard an order. I think those are the top 3 choices in improving the position. Wouldn't even want Ireland to make his preferences known, as that might hinder his ability to make it happen.

Let's assume the Colts do release Peyton...but he cannot throw the ball with any zip or accuracy.
Do teams like Miami wait until he CAN throw with accuracy, or do they take a CHANCE and sign him right away with the HOPES of him recovering in time to start the season?

That could be a nightmare situation where we pass on both Flynn & RG3, keep Moore as our starter while Peyton rehabs on the sidelines.

Either way, Manning isnt coming to this trainwreck.

Bart, all three options including Moore are better for the majority of the fan base on this forum.

I agree with you, I hope Henne signs here for the team, but for this blogs sake I pray he does not.

Anyway, the big problem I have, is I have an opinion of Henne that is defferent than others. I have my reasons, but then you get attacked for liking the guy here, and then they say all we do is make excuses for why he is not successful.

Yet, there are excuses for Moore's poor performance in his bad times in Carolina, from the Moore supporters. I happen to like Moore also, I just really do not feel he is better than Henne.

So are the excuses excuses? Or possible reasons?

According to the players the majority claimed this team was not in poroper condition to play until after week 7. That is an excuse by players. Funny how we started 0-7. Henne lost 4 Moore lost 3.

then we are out of the playoffs, and play some "bum teams and we start winning." Was that beacuse of Moore? Or did the D start playing better also? Did Marshall actually hold on to a TD? Did they start running Bush more? I know the answers I watched every game. Please ask your self some of these questions.

We also were 0-7 and it is a fact like the Giants did this year, that many teams play down to the competition, so did that contribute to our success at the end of the year?

I hope to never make a Henne statement again, but if Philbin does not sign him, which I am assuming he wont, then it is still up in the air if he will pan out anywhere. But if Philbin signs him as a successful o-coord. then maybe there is more to him than you all are seeing.

I am finished with Henne talk... i think.

I come on this blog and see that guys are wanting Henne back?

Why would you want a guy that can't hit a receiver on the run? Throws to ball into the ground? Can't escape pressure. Does way too many checkdowns and doesn't check down when he should.

Moore after game 9 did all of that and actually improved immensely after that game. The biggest threat he has against opponents is hitting guys that are on the run. Henne can only hit receivers that are stopped seriously affected YAK.

Please lets move on. Moore is a much better option. Go get Flynn and make the 2 compete for the job.

Or Brady gets beat by pass rush and great d. Lets do that.

Still nobody answered this question I posed in the other blog, they only did some bashing that didn't answer the question. Which QB of all the options would do better than Henne in 2012?

Peyton Nerve Dead Manning?
Matt Last Round Flynn?
A Rookie?

Don't see it.

(I'm not a Henne fan, but he is better than Losman, McNabb, Beck too)

Posted by: Bart | February 15, 2012 at 08:09 AM

Okay, Bart... I'll take a shot at answering your question. Truth is however, If you already have Henne as the right person for the job and are just looking for someone to banter with about it.Nothing I say will change that and my answer fall on deaf ears connected to a "Preconceived mindset"... But here goes....

What QB will be the best option for 2012...?

First, Lets look at Matt Moore. Matt played well in the 2nd half of 2011.Moore has the ability, accuracy & guts to take down field shots. He was successful throwing high yardage plays where Henne simply sucked at it.He hit receivers in stride both down the seam, and on the sideline where Henne often was well off target and short. He also took way more shots into the end zone then Henne. Dropped passes cost Miami DEARLY.Without the many drops, Moore would have certainly improved from 16TD passes to 23 or 24.
And finally, concerning Matty Moore. Wrap your mind around this. Miami lost 5 games to a TOTAL of 11 points. NOT 11 per game.... 11 points, PERIOD
Lost to Cleveland... 17 to 16.... 1 point
Lost to Denver...... 18 to 15.....3 "
Lost to The Giants...20 to 17.....3 "
Lost to Dallas.......20 to 19.....1 "
Lost to NE in NE.....27 to 24.....3 "
...Total of 11 Points in 5 games...

Can you imagine last year being a 11-5 instead of 6-10 season...? It was only 11 points away and Matty Moore was in charge of that. But I still think Matty is not enough to get Miami where it wants to go. Henne is not even in the race...

Manning..... In this I agree with you. Unless Manning can prove he still has the ability to play and throw the ball like an NFL Elite QB by Mid March when FA begins... Miami would be taking a DISASTROUS GAMBLE by allowing Manning to freeze them fro taking alternative action. I simply do not see that happening. BUT... If Manning IS 90 - 95% healthy and ready to go... I cannot see how Miami does not take a shot at him. Does not mean he gets him... just means they try.

Matty Flynn.... You make the statement he is a "Last Round QB"... I would not care if he was a FA walk on... If Matt Flynn has our New Head Coach convinced that he can play Coach Philbin's system the way I have watched him play in many pre season games and in 2 unbelievable games in regular season... I cannot think of a QB whop is a better all around fit then Flynn. Only those predisposed to some silly "Don't like him" trip cannot (or refuse)to see that Flynn sitting under Philbin for 4 years and being taught his system is a big break.Thing is Flynn is in a situation JUST LIKE Aaron Rogers, who ALSO sat 4 years under a QB. His mentor being Brett Favre (Although Flynn having Rogers ain't bad at all)Flynn also sat for 4 years ON THE SAME TEAM with the SAME COACHES and learned his system. If you or anyone cannot admit to that, and believe it to be a fit made in heaven UNLESS of course Joe Philbin say's he is not... I just cannot have respect for their opinions.

So... Flynn in the Top spot, Moore Second (along with a draft pick to mentor) and Manning on a outside (Ton of things can go wrong) deal... Those are my top 3..

You can ass a RG3 to the situation, but with Cleveland relying on Colt McCoy, and a new salary cap for Rookies, and a Player like Rg3 who many feel is a franchise level guy, and with Cleveland having 2 1st round picks this year and St Louis hungry to give Bradford tools... RG3 goes and Miami never gets close. I don't even think Tannehill will remain... I may be wrong. The Draft may be a good avenue for Miami... But Flynn is still a better bet IMO...

So... no matter what you do, Bart.... Henne just don't stack up. Henne could not even move Miami 15 yards against Cleveland for a Field Goal with 1 Time out and a first down... even after Bess gave him KILLER field position Henne just folded like a cheap lawn chair and Miami lost to a BAD TEAM... He needs a new view... but I don;t believe it will help much. He just is not a high level QB.

There ya go... I'm certain you don't wanna hear any of it but a tried.

Poizen and all, The biggest flaw with Henne was his leadership, temmates didnt respect him nor did he command the huddle. Was there ever a doubt who's team it was when Marino was QB. No! He's inaccurate, not clutch, throw boneheadeed picks and when was the last time you guys remember a 4th Q comeback by Henne. Really seriously tell me.. He even sucked in practice, Henne is a backup at best..


I'm with you on Chad Henne. On Matt Moore, well he played his best football on 2011 and I don't expect him to do anything above that.

I mean Chad put excellent numbers on Week 1 destroying NE defense even with several dropped passes on the end-zone, poor support of his running backs and behind an O-line that allowed constant pressure over him.

Those four games we lose with Chad, weren't his fault. We lose because the entire team was unprepared for the season. Just as evidence of poor condition, our starting CB got crams.

After that changed (and with Chad on IR), our running game started to work and pass protection allowed the passer to make his job, so Moore looked pretty well.

But don't drink the Kool-Aid. Matt can't beat Chad as starter and I think our best option should be to get an open competition between Chad Henne and Matt Flynn.

Chad deserves a chance to prove his worth under WCO. He has the experience, while Matt Flynn has the knowledge of this system but lacks of Gameday experience.

Let the best man to start.

Mando how do you stay employed?
You had to hear it from Jim Irsay via the Indy Tribune that Irsay could match any free agent offer that another team could make.
A couple more weeks and you'll be predicitng that

All you retards remember that it was the Master that laid that on you two months ago.
And we can go to the archives to prove it.

You're so full of hot air Poizen.You're ineffectual henne's PR b itch.You'll defend that chump over and over.

First off Chad Henne SUCKS.
You have to be able to make a "Pre read" in the WC Off so that automatically disqualifies CH.
He's not going to have this massive wall of mauling Olinemen anymore but rather quick, nimble & athletic. The QB has to know where to throw before the snap it's about timming & route rutes so ..... he's out.

Buhh Bye Chad ...!

2nd of all Irsay's comments are nothing short of a politician laying land mines.

"we'd love for Peyton to finish his career here & he has to make that decision" is code for ... waive the resigning - massive pay cut & guarantee you'll tutor/mentor Andrew Luck.


CHUMP CHAD SUCKS! His teammates know it that's why you'll never hear anyone of then come out and defend him.They're as eager Us some of are to see him go.GO henne.Leave henne.Good Riddance chump!

Open question a bit off topic,

Who do we franchise now that Soliai may be gone in FA.

Couldn't we franchise him again this year?


I hope you are right with your 9:36 post. I agree that I hope Ireland is doing his research and/or posturing at the same time. I'm sure it is a little of both. In the end I willquite nervous come draft day if Miami has no answer at QB other then Matt Moore.

It would take a lot to move up that high to get Griffin. Miami is 8 or 9 and to move up all the way to 2 seems like RG3 better be the real deal from day 1. Outside of RG3, Tannehill is the next option on most draft boards and his connection with Mike Sherman makes it a a possibility.

I still personally hold out hope that Flynn is the considered by Philbin as a long term answer. Miami proved to be a very competitive team down the stretch and seem closer to playoff contention then some might assume. I still hope for Flynn and the 1st draft pick to be a pass rusher preferrably Coples or Mercilus.

It was unfortunate Henne got injured last year. He had us in the midst of the Suck for Luck race.

To the Moore supporters (over Henne): you say Moore is so MUCH of a better QB than Henne. How's Moore in clutch situations (3rd down, 4th quarter, must make 1st down to move the chains)? Here are Moore's wins: KC, Skins, Bills (twice), Raiders, Jets. Other than the Jets, are you SERIOUSLY giving Moore credit for beating those teams? Poizen's probably right, Henne most likely wins all those games too.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't like Moore better (I probably do based on both their histories). What I'm saying is whatever they are, NEITHER is a franchise QB. They are BOTH placeholders, temporary solutions.

And I'm more interested in finding a permanent solution than a band aid. And if we MUST have a band-aid, I'd rather it be a future HOF'er like Manning (if healthy).

I posted last week that Flynn has a Wonderlic Score of 39, which is freaking off the charts!

I also matched completion % into the formula and Flynn was not above 60%, but came in around 58.5% between college & NFL.

Point being, to run a west coast offense you need to be INTELLIGENT. Something all the great QB's posses. But smarts alone don't do it, case in point is Matt Leinart...similar IQ, crappy comp %.

Manning is pipe dream
RG3 is a crack pipe dream
Flynn is in and should be given the chance to compete with Moore.

Andy, what about Mando's idea about going after Williams. You really think Houston's letting him go?

Henne will be a back up. Every team has seen enough of him. Shocking some Miami fans haven't.

Please Arman, enough w/Manning. I know you're against it. Me too. Frankly, anyone who doesn't have scrambled eggs for brains knows it's a bad idea too.

Enough of the short term fixes & instant gratification for fans with other teams old, washed up or injured QB's.

Ireland has no clue how to address the Qb situation so he hopes a veteran falls in his lap every 2-3 years. But this started with his predecessors.

The end result? Miami will never have a young QB to be the franchise. Feeley, Harrington, Culpepper, Griese, Fiedler, Mccown, Pennington, Moore, Manning...every teams garbage we try to turn into gold, for what? To AVOID having to find our own QB.

This team is young & needs a young leader. Not some old broken done former great. Give Flynn a chance,at least he's young! Or better yet, GROW A SET & DRAFT your own QB.

Sign Manning & we'll be right back here in a year or 2 without a viable QB.

Moore can be a top 10 QB. He gets it. He's got a better QBR then Marino. Even his detractors have to admit he was a pleasant surprise.

Irsay has done everything possible to chase Manning away. Why would Manning ever become a "villain" in Indy by leaving? C'Mon man!

I've commented it before.I'll comment it again. Matt Flynn is the best fit for Our current roster.

Matt Flynn started 3 games and was a 7th round draft pick. Bust written all oer him

Clue....you could say the same thing about Kurt Warner & Tony Romo...both UNDRAFTED QB's with NO NFL starts under their belts.
They turned out to be pretty good QB's


At least Flynn has potential to be good IN THE FUTURE. Moore has potential to be what we saw last year. Manning WAS great. Right now, he can't even play & no one knows if he ever will. If he does, he might get hit into retirmenet even sooner.

Flynn would be in the same system, same coach. He'd have a leg up on Manning & Moore right off the bat. It's the no brainer choice. If Philbin thinks he's worth it.

What jersey # will Matt Flynn wear as a Dolphin?
Howdy Captain Obvious.Enjoying reading your comments this morning.


Houston has to resign ther best offensive player Arian Foster. That's right I said it BEST! Houston's running attack is good without Foster but it's the best in the league with him. He is a restricted FA and the highest tender of 1st and 3rd round is possible but they need to do the right thing and sign him to a long term deal. If they don't I would sit out if I were Foster.

With that being said Mario Williams did have 5 sacks in about 5 and half games last season but Conner Barwin stepped up and had 11.5 and rookie Brooks Reed looked promising as a rookie with 6.

Williams has 4.5, 14, 12, 9 in his 1st 4 years in which he played all 16 games. The last 2 seasons 8.5 (13 games) and 5 in (5 games). I don't see where that warrants a 22 million dollar franchise tag. He would be do a maximum increase of a certain percentage but that percentage ends up being 22 million. Franchise QB money for a DE who everages less then 10 sacks a year in his career. Buyer beware!


And when you find out you'll s hit your pants.

Captain Obvious,

I agree 100% with your post from 10:32! From start to finish!

Dolphins fans so stupid. Peyton not come here. Flynn not come here. Mario Williams not come here. Acorns come here. Acorns belong on end of wang not on football field.

lay off the lsd price, for your own safety.

The Dolphins have a pretty good QB on their roster. His name is Matt Moore. Now step 2 requires something the Dolphins haven't had in years. Balls. Move up to the no 2 spot and draft RG3. Yes, it will be pricey. Yes, there's no garantee. So what? By doing it, you're showing your fans you want to win. Who cares about the risk! What if you risk it and become great? What if RG3 becomes your franchise QB for the next 10 years?? Wouldn't that be worth the risk?? So what if we lose a few first round picks, it's not like we've been drafting Pro Bowl players anyway...Give up next year's first, 2014's first and Jake Long. Man I wish the Dolphins would have some balls for once...Jeff Ireland, instead of trading up for a running back, trade up for a QB!!!

Sign Mario Williams and some good safeties. Draft OL (again) and let Moore and a FA and/or rookie QB battle it out for #1. Ireland and his scouts get another year to find a franchise QB.

That is ALL they should be thinking about.

#1 Dolphin, thats exactly what I said in a previoous post. The Dolphins have been afraid to find their own qb for over a decade. Instead, relying on other teams left over garbage.

Time for Miami to finally show conviction & get their qb of the future. Grow a set, pay the price & get your QB.

GREAT! When will all this sh..t end? First we lose on Fisher. Now possibly on Manning. RGIII will cost too much in draft picks to obtain. Meanwhile no word on possible free agent picks targeted by this horrific FO. And to top it all off, a coaching staff with little NFL experience. When will it all end? And for all you morons talking Henne, do the rest of us a favor and flush your laptops down the toilet!!!

NO TRADING UP.Once Matt Flynn is obtained Let's use Our picks to fill needy positions on both sides of rhe ball.Build the foundation of tough team.Playmakers can always be acquired trough FA.

Isn't Flynn really 'fallback' guy in all of this. Isn't it about getting Luck or RGIII and if we can't get one of those two then Manning? Then I think it becomes are we better off starting Moore or having Flynn on board. I think that's the way it all breaks down. Obviously, if Manning isn't healthy then that changes everything about him.

For me, if all that fails, I'd be OK going with Moore again because if he fails I think there's a chance we get one of those three young QBs next year. I'm also starting to hear good things about Foles, who I think we could get in the third.

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