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Manning might not be available after all ... maybe

Throughout the ever expanding Peyton Manning saga, there's been one bothersome thought that has continued to hound my mind ... and my mind hasn't appreciated the overtime work.

ESPN reported a couple of weeks ago that Manning will be open to an incentive-laden contract in which he would be paid little or no guaranteed money up front with his new team and that he would have to earn every cent he makes strictly through performance.

That got me wondering if Manning would do that for his expected new team why wouldn't he do it for his old team -- you know, the Colts, the team for which he's played 14 seasons and is the face and heart and soul of the franchise?

Well, that's exactly what Manning might have the opportunity to do if you can believe Indianapolis owner Jim Irsay. Irsay spoke with the Indianapolis Star on Tuesday and made the point he wants Manning to return to the Colts as long as Manning restructures his contract.

"We can make it work if he wants to be here," Irsay told the Star. "We'd be excited to have him back and finish his career with us.

"I want him to be able to make the choice. We would love to have him back if he can get healthy and we can look at doing a contract that reflects the uncertainty of the ... healing process with the rengeneration of the nerve."

Suddenly, every team that fancies Manning has to feel a bit disappointed that the almost-certain divorce that seemed destined to happen by March 8th might not actually happen. Manning, as you probably have heard ad nauseum, is due a $28 million bonus on March 8 and if he's not paid that amount, he becomes a free agent.

The Colts have no intention of paying that bonus. But now they have put the ball in Manning's court, basically asking the quarterback to restructure his deal.

The proverbial ball is now in Manning's court. He can still refuse to restructure his contract and get out of Indy. But that would make him a villian in his own town. He can accept the restructure, but then he'll find himself on a team that is diminished by age and is no longer considered a Super Bowl contender -- even with Manning.

So that certain chase of Peyton Manning that everyone in Miami, Washington, and other NFL outposts that value the veteran may not happen. Assuming the worst for the Dolphins -- because that's what I've learned to do after the past decade of team history -- where does it leave them if their priority QB addition is no longer available?

It is funny to me that suddenly the talk of Manning's uncertain health situation has taken a back seat to where Manning is actually headed. Manning has undergone three neck surgeries in the past 20 months. He is waiting for the latest surgery to help nerves connecting to his triceps, which has suffered atrophy and was often numb as a result of the deadened nerves that the surgery was supposed to regenerate.

In rehabilitating from his cervical surgery, Manning has talked often to former FSU quarterback Chris Weinke who had a similar surgery in 1998 and sat out the end of the season before returning in 1999 to lead the Seminoles to the national title.

Weinke will be on Armando and Perk this morning at 8:30ish. You can watch the show here during the interview or anytime between 6-10 a.m.



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Captain, I've been saying it for weeks now...It makes a lot sense. I also think it would be a good trade for the Rams. They REALLY need those picks, and they get a Pro Bowl LT to protect Bradford. The Dolphins finally have a chance to draft a very special QB. Nothing against Peyton Manning, but he's NOT a long term solution, assuming of course he gets to play again, which is not even definitive yet...RG3 in Miami would be awesome!!! Can you say no more local blackouts??

Captain, also, I wonder if it matters to anyone that a pretty good talent evaluator, Mike Shanahan, thinks Matt Flynn is trash. And this guy currently has Rex Grossman AND John Beck on his roster. And he wants NO PART of Matt Flynn (so I hear). Says Flynn isn't tested. Has a noodle arm. Not very accurate.

Sure, Philbin SHOULD know better, as he's seen Flynn close up, but the market for Flynn will tell us a lot about his potential (if it's just us and Seattle, I'd be very worried).

Only in Miami is Matt Moore considered a good QB smh!

Matt Moore is a caretaker. He didn't have a win vs 1 team with a winning record. He threw 192 yards a game (only 188 in wins). Of his 13 games he had 6 games above 60 percent completion percentage but 7 below 60 percent. He did have an impressive 10 TDs to just 3 ints in wins but he is nothing more then a caretaker and a guy who is very limited physically as a QB.

DC had a great point I wonder what his 3rd down numbers were and we all saw his red zone number and yes I know Marshall dropped a ton of balls but he also bailed Moore out just as much and boosted Moore's numbers.

BOTTOM LINE: Moore is an average QB who is destined to be a good back up.

I saw a mock yesterday that had us taking Blackmon at 8. I'm all about drafting a guy like Coples but if Blackmon is there I think you take him. I don't see this guy as another Ted Ginn, totally different player. Him opposite Marshall would give the QBs a couple of dynamic targets to hit. In the case like that, I'd get the pass rush in the second.

his team is young & needs a young leader. Not some old broken done former great. Give Flynn a chance,at least he's young! Or better yet, GROW A SET & DRAFT your own QB.

Sign Manning & we'll be right back here in a year or 2 without a viable QB.

Posted by: Captain Obvious | February 15, 2012 at 10:21 AM

Captain Obvious...

I agree with you that youth instead of a retread is the way to go. But I really cannot see how you can lay Manning in Ireland's lap when neither you or I know if Ireland is even really interested. Yes, they are going to speak, that is called being prudent. I have sen it for some time now and wish that people could or would understand that just because Armando or whomthehellever writes something... does not mean it is what Miami is doing or thinking. I also feel Ireland sis a great job in keeping Miami from buying into a long, expensive contract with Orton even when moronic, classless, tasteless Miami fans were screaming for him while Henne played a free game welcoming fans back to the stadium and into a new football season. Ireland also guided Miami away from non-producers like Donovan McNabb and Vince Young. All of who Miami fans were calling for and both of which had HORRIBLE YEARS.
With exception to Ryan Mallet, who Miami would have likely taken had they not set their sights on Daniel Thomas, Last years QB class was either gone or poor. Miami had 2 years of no 2nd round pick which hampered their chances and ability to trade up (had anyone been there to trade for)... Mallet is rumored to STILL not have the playbook memorized. And has yet to take a snap in anger. I believe Miami would have GLADLY gone after a rookie this year had not a few of the major choices stayed in school. The loss of Barkley & Lance Jones REALLY hurt Miami's plans... that was not any more the fault of Ireland then it was you or I.
But, Miami still has opportunities... Matty Moore was a great grab by Ireland. No, Maybe he is not our franchise guy, but if the rest of our choices (Manning, Flynn or a trade up) go south, we could do much worse then starting Moore this year and waiting until next with Barkley, Jones, Tyler Bray and others going to be out there along with another list of FA. I hear people such as yourself speaking of "Guts & Nuts" to go draft a 1st round QB. I must ask you... if Luck, RG3 & Tannehill are all gone... which QB do you feel Miami should over value just so they can say he was drafted in the 1st round...? Nick Foles...? Tyler Wilson...? Kirk Cousins...? Brock Osweiler...? Brandon Weedon...? Which of these 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round guys should Miami over value and draft at #8 or 9 over all just so a few Miami fans who believe it is the 1st round that makes the players not the players that make the first round can be satisfied and be able to say their GM has Nuts & Guts...?

There are a bunch of folks who need to quit blaming, stop the "woulda, shoulda, coulda 20/20 hindsight hate and get their minds right.

I'll say it again... and get it straight... The PLAYERS make the first round what it is.... The First Round don't make the players do NOTHING.... Drafting a guy who's value is a 3rd rounder in the 1st does not make him a first round player... it just gives him a better pay check.

Ireland is the GM... he isn't going anywhere soon... get with it and learn to deal.... if he fails it will show... so far...based on his moves without Parcells over his shoulder talking about bigger and bigger players who are slower and slower,,, and without Tony wanting a FG..... he is doing just fine by me.

He is getting cut.

QB Matt Moore is DEF Better than QB Flynn

and about 46 million dollars cheaper

One fluke game from Flynn in which his WRs and RBs did an outstanding job w YAC scoring TDS

Flynn fumbled once in that game and in his only other game Flynn threw 3 INTs

QB Manning is doing just fine and will be fully recovered shortly

Armando is just a complete idiot on this topic and should be banned fron speaking about Peyton Manning

Just when Home thought Coconut head Omar Kelly was a shoe in for the biggest idiot covering the Dolphins by refusing to cover QB play last season and for 3 yrs telling anyone that would listen to him that sean smith was going to to the Pro Bowl every year


Pro Football Focus has rated sean smith the worst starting CB in the NFL



If Manning is Ross's first choice, Philbin will have to change the west coast offense to accomodate Manning, right?

Andy, good stuff on Williams (I wasn't aware of Houston's situation, so thanks for the info). Also, hurt last 2 years (I thought it was just one), yeah, that's a bright-line caution.

If the team signs Flynn and we play a team other than the Lions on the last day of the season, when starters on both sides are resting for postseason, here is what will happen.
Flynn will take a beating, Marshall will drop the TD's, and the running game is Bush or nothing.
And then Ireland will blame Philbin and Philbin will have no one to blame because he can't blame Flynn.
The right side of the line is presently Cloumbus and Carey both free agents. In fact we have 7 starter free agents and only 6 draft picks.
More than half of the coaching staff have no ANFL experience.
This is a horrible team.
There are no FA's on the way.
Henne himself does not want to be here, why would he?
But the team and Philbin need a scapegoat and Henne is all they got.
That is why

If Blackmon is still there at 8, I don't see how you could pass that kid up. Regardless of other needs. He's the BPA at his position this Draft, it's a no-brainer.

Price, they won't franchise Henne...Apparently they plan on using it on Marc Colombo instead...


I'm sure you hear a ton from Shannahan being in DC and all but what QB has he ever groomed? Jake Plummer?

If Miami goes for Flynn it's obviously because of the Philbin connection and I would trust what Philbin thinks of him over Shannahan. Sure Shannahan is the bigger name and regarded as a high profile coach but he has failed at the QB position over and over outside of 1 good year from Jake Plummer. At least Philbin has seen over a 4 year period what Flynn is capable of.

If Miami doesn't go hard in on Flynn or even if they pursue but sort of low ball him then we all know Flynn isn't the answer but if they do go in for Flynn then we should all be on board and respect Philbin's endorsement more then what over rated Shannahan thinks


I don't believe Shanahan ACTUALLY said that about Matt Flynn and if he did he's playing games. And I don't know how great a talent evaluator he is when he has John Beck starting and Rex Grossman backing him up, after giving away Jason Campbell.

Mike Shanahan is VERY over-rated. Elway made him!

Firstly Derek, I did not advocate anywhere we should reach for a later prospect in the 1st round. Are you imagining things? Perhaps you should redirect your comments to someone else.

Secondly, if you consider sub .500 seasons 3 years in a row as doing fine, we have different visions for where this team needs to go.

Thirdly, giving up 3 picks for a back up RB tells me Ireland doesn't have a clue. ESPECIALLY when you consider street FA RB's & Rb's drafted after him, didn't cost 3 picks & out produced Thomas.

Fourthly, everyone is saying Ross wants Manning. Not just Armando. Are you ignoring the callings? Ireland is Ross' puppet right now regarding the QB. Even if Ireland doesn't want Manning, he'll do what Ross tells him to do.

Perhaps you should get with it? I'm stating the obvious. I'm not making ridiculous assumptions or speculating on what I don't know so I can convince you to believe in a pathetic excuse for a GM or anything else.

Like in this instance, the truth can be painful to accept.


Agreed on Blackmon! I'd love to see him in Miami. I don't see any which way he makes it to Miami, however. Rams, Vikings, Browns, Buccaneers, Redskins, Jaguars and possibly Panthers if they get 8 over Miami are all possibilities for Blackmon.

I just don't see them teams taking lesser talent or other positions in a pass happy league. I was listen to Moving the Chains with Ryan and Kirwan eveyr day on my way home from work and Blackmon reportedly ran under 4.5 at the training facility in Florida he is working out at and that was on day 1 before they give him tips and tricks on how to run, how to start etc etc.

I think he would go top 5 or 6 even if he ran a high 4.5 let alone if he puts up a 4.4ish type of 40

Andy, you're not a big fan of Matt Moore but you would draft Justin Blackmon...Who's going to throw him the ball??

Give it a rest on Ireland trading up for a RB. Seriously, you think he'd commited a crime or something. Not having a SINGLe running back on the roster after chopping Brown and Williams, there was a huge need for a RB on this team. I hardly think giving up a 3rd, 5th and 7th is a huge price to pay for one of the top running backs coming out of College.

You might not like Thomas and that's a different conversation but the trade isn't absurd. Be thankful he didn't take a running back at 15. A little perspective on why he did what he did for a change might be nice.


I don't see Blackmon dropping to us either but it was interesting to see him mocked to us. I really like the kid but I've read reports that a lot of people don't think he's the player Megatron is. Maybe not but he's a top ten talent for sure.

I have to say, the more I read about Coples the more excited about this kid I get. Great size and a big Julius Peppers fan. He'd fit perfectly on this team, especially if the team loses Soliai and Langford.

Whos better than henne? Thats easy, anyone who is not named henne! Rg3 motherfu#@ers!

The Dolphins' need for a long term solution at the QB position cannot be overstated.

Matt Flynn is an unproven commodity.

A price tag that approaches the $40-$50 million range for an unproven commodity...to me...is unacceptable.

But hey - it's not my money.

Peyton Manning is not a LONG-TERM solution.

Not real warm to the idea of selling the farm for RGIII ala Ditka/Ricky Williams or JJ-Cowboys/Minnesota.

I would speculate that Luck and RGIII will be out of reach and that with the first round pick, the Dolphins will address the right side of the O-Line and pick up a QB in the second round.

It's not about who's the better QB.
It's about who is the best scapegoat.


Yeah I'd love Blackmon. Marshall and Blackmon could potentially be the best duo in the league and in Miami history.

As far as a QB wish list goes:

Manning - pipe dream of all pipe dreams! Yet I still put Manning first. Manning at 80 percent would be the second best QB in the division to Brady and still very good even if he isn't elite. But no one knows how that nerve is working and firing. I don't think he will be able to prove to anyone that he is going to be healthy enough when FA opens March 13th.

Flynn - I like him and not because of the yards or TDs he had but because of his overall completion percentage and feel for the West Coast offense. He doesn't throw a pretty ball or have a rocket for an arm but watching him play he extends plays with good athleticism, moves around well in the pocket and puts the ball in spots that allows his receivers to make YAC which is a must in the WC offense. If Philbin endoreses him then we couldn't ask for a better fit. If Philbin doesn't or doesn't convince enough on behalf of Flynn then we know he more then likely had a fluke 2 games.

DRAFT - I don't even include RG3 because I think that is as someone else put it the "crack pipe dream". I just don't see it happening. Too much competition from teams picking ahead of Miami Cleveland and Washington. Tannehill? I don't think he makes it past Seattle. And in this scenario Miami drafts Blackmon which is going to be pretty hard to accomplish unless they trade up with say Tampa at 5 to jump Washington and Jacksonville.

Guys like Kolb, Campbell, Grossman, Cassel, Wallace, Hasselback, Fitzgerald, Tebow, McCoy and Henne are all valuable because they are


Ireland, Philbin & Ross are here to get paid.
Not to win.
The revenue sharing and depreciation make it worth it.
Wake up and put down the pipe.
learn how to get paid.

Mando how do you stay employed?
You had to hear it from Jim Irsay via the Indy Tribune that Irsay could match any free agent offer that another team could make.
A couple more weeks and you'll be predicitng that

All you retards remember that it was the Master that laid that on you two months ago.
And we can go to the archives to prove it.

Posted by: PriceMaster | February 15, 2012 at 10:03 AM

You must be out of your mind. Not a chance that your prediction is right!

Franchise tag means that the Dolphins would have to pay an equal amount to the average of the top 5 HIGHEST paid QB's in the league.

That estimated figure for a QB in 2012 ....................

Position 2012 Franchise Tag Value*
2012 Franchise Tag Value
$16.1 million

Drew Brees is getting a franchise tag. Chad Henne will make $1-1.5 million per year with someone (likely not the Dolphins).

Bart...all of the options you list would do better than Henne. Matt Moore played much better than Henne. There are other free agents who would play better than Henne. Why are you so gung-ho on a QB that has had his chance and proved a failure as a player and a leader? Henne's gone. Accept it and move on. He'll end up a backup QB somewhere else.

Craig M, perhaps its too obvious to understand. I'm seeing this alot here.

You simply don't trade 3 draft picks, I don't care what rounds, for a RB you could sign in FA for nothing. You also don't do it when you could draft a body later in the draft.

Need examples? OK. Mcgahee, D. Murray. M. Ingram, taken ahead of him & missed about half the season, outperformed him on a game by game basis. Not to mention they are a HEAVY passing team with limited opps for him.

How about on a per carry basis, Ricky Williams put up better numbers. No need to go further, I hope you get the point by now.

You don't need to be smart to understand things. You just have to accept the obvious for what it is. Not twist it to suit regurgitated talking points. Not you per se, but, in general.

Tim in Tampa, I gotta run...But as far as using a 2nd rounder on a QB is concerned, we've already been down that road...3 times...Their names are John Beck, Pat White and Chad Henne...How has that worked out for us?

This is what we should be reading about..

CFL star Jerome Messam has signed with Dolphins

General Manager Jeff Ireland has reportedly added depth to his running back corps, signing former CFL star Jerome Messam to a multi-year contract, according to several Canadian news outlets.

Fourthly, everyone is saying Ross wants Manning. Not just Armando. Are you ignoring the callings? Ireland is Ross' puppet right now regarding the QB. Even if Ireland doesn't want Manning, he'll do what Ross tells him to do.

Perhaps you should get with it? I'm stating the obvious. I'm not making ridiculous assumptions or speculating on what I don't know so I can convince you to believe in a pathetic excuse for a GM or anything else.

Like in this instance, the truth can be painful to accept.

Posted by: Captain Obvious | February 15, 2012 at 11:12 AM


Perhaps a more painful concept is the one taken by someone who list "Everyone" as the names of those who are saying Ross and Ireland are chasing Manning....

Everyone... would mean just that.... everyone...

Fact is... only the media types, and those who have taken the Peyton Manning drama as the official "Pass Time" are making these statement of supposed fact. Those waiting on something more substantial like the draft or the beginning of actual FA and offering players contracts do not buy into you concept of "Everyone is saying so" Something I would expect to hear from a 10 year old girl who likes a piece of clothing because "Everyone" else does....
You say Ireland is Ross's "Puppet" right now.... I would say Ireland is Ross's Employee,and Ross has every right to expect what he wants from his $1.2 Billion dollar investment, yet, If possible,I would ask you to supply me with ONE example of Ross "Pupetting" Ireland concerning a player... And please... no "Everyone say's so" stuff unless something of PROOF... something substantial... Not "Everyone says so" tells me differently... I would say you are just parroting what you hear others tell you... ? Is this a common theme in your life...?
Last year EVERYONE said Miami would draft a QB... WRONG... Every single year the media talking heads have clown spinning in their seats and clinging to every word (undoubtedly from their love of Daytime soaps and other drama situations)...

I also fail to understand what Miami did concerning drafting Daniel Thomas to have any effect on their QB situation. As I said... There was Ryan Mallet. There are "Rumors" of him not having a grasp of the NE playbook, that may or may not be true... what IS true is Mallet has shown Nothing to No one as of yet....

Perhaps you misunderstand me... Captain... I meant not to disway you statment, Infact... I agreed with the fact Miami needs to go young.... but listening to people without the ability to even properly scout a player like a professional bad mouth a man who has reached the levels in his profession that Ireland has (whether you like him or not) is a quite laughable matter... sort of like a guy on a skate board telling a Jet pilot he is an idiot.... After some 46 years 43 of which I have owned season tickets to this team... I have an understanding of what has gone wrong... I just feel those who repeat it over and over accomplish nothing but to allow others to hear them chatter on... which is usually their favorite sport anyway.

Andy/Craig, I'm just saying a respected NFL HC, halfway into his tenure in a very high profile market, with less that stellar results so far, where the fanbase is extremely critical, having one of the worst QB situations in the league, is reported not to think very highly of a FA QB we're interested in.

Yes, Philbin SHOULD know more about Flynn than Shanahan. Yes, Shanahan COULD be just throwing other teams off the scent (he's notorious for not letting his true feelings be known).

All I'm saying is if I'm the GM, I factor that in. Not just Shanahan, but what other teams are thinking regarding Flynn. Philbin isn't some offensive juggernaut. Until he came here, I never heard of the guy. If I'm Ireland, I don't yet take his word as gold.

One question: you're in a trench in 'nam. The year is 1968. Who do you want as your wingman--Home or DC Dolfan? That's the question, brothers.

Andy, what if Manning can't play again? It's a very serious possibility...Then what? Flynn is intriguing...But with 2 games played, can you really have a realistic evaluation of this guy?? Is he that much better than Moore? Hope so, if we're going to give the guy 50 million bucks...RG3, yeah, other teams might want him...But by offering 2 first round picks and a Pro Bowl LT, I think our offer would be hard to beat...Just my opinion of course...


And when you find out you'll s hit your pants.

Posted by: PriceMaster | February 15, 2012 at 10:41 AM

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

WOW- I've heard it all now!

I say get RG3, let him and Moore battle it out, and may the best guy win...RG3 has a lot to learn but when he'll be ready, watch out...Both would be cheaper alternatives than Manning or Flynn so we could use our cap $$$ on other positions, like on Mario Williams or Carl Nicks...

Captain Obvious,

'Ricky Williams put up better numbers'. REALLY? That's your argument? Not sure what football you were watching but in 16 games, Williams didn't put up the numbers that Thomas did in 11 games. Thomas wasn't a guy I wanted (I would have preferred Murray later) but I get the logic in adding a bruiser. Thomas is 24 years old and was hurt an awful lot last year. If this means RB doesn't have to be a priority in the draft for the next 3-4 years then I'm good with that. I actually think he's a pretty good compliment with Bush as the scat back.

Anyway, later guys...I'll be back later this afternoon...

I'd go with Home, as DC is a lover, not a fighter.

Give it a rest on Ireland trading up for a RB. Seriously, you think he'd commited a crime or something. Not having a SINGLe running back on the roster after chopping Brown and Williams, there was a huge need for a RB on this team. I hardly think giving up a 3rd, 5th and 7th is a huge price to pay for one of the top running backs coming out of College.

You might not like Thomas and that's a different conversation but the trade isn't absurd. Be thankful he didn't take a running back at 15. A little perspective on why he did what he did for a change might be nice.

Posted by: Craig M | February 15, 2012 at 11:17 AM


Thank you.... I will never understand the stupidity that has invaded the mind of those who believe that a player must mount a Pro Bowl run as a Rookie to have been a successful pick... DT has all the tools he needs, injuries and a lack of basic blocking mechanics that are rarely taught to RB's in the Spread O's in the NCAA is very common.... Folks do forget Miami cut Williams and Brown (with damn good reason) and needed some power behind the RB position... DT will show his ability in good time... But it seems there are still some Miami fans whop think QB's are magically grown and just APPEAR in the draft to be taken... by pick 15 last year... the cupboard was dry... only Mallet who has yet to take a snap remained.

Henne made Moore look like Joe Montana.

Manning would be foolish to settle for an alternative offer from the Colt's without exploring all options. That can only be done when he is a free agent, otherwise it's tampering. Hence the reason Condon said the contract structure was for a reason (gives him a couple weeks on other free agents as well). That said, Manning very well may end up remaining with the Colt's. Besides money, it's unlikely Manning remailns on the same team with Luck.

The Dolphins must do their due diligence and keep all options open because there are no guarantees with Manning or Flynn signing with them. And as for trading up for RG3, pipe dream only. As for Henne, good guy, works hard, had every opportunity, will not be with the Dolphins unless he wants less money and be lower on the depth chart than Moore.


I understand and it's a good point that another QB starved franchise doesn't want Flynn but everyone has differences of opinions in what they are looking for in a QB. Shanahan's track record with QBs stink since Elway. Charlie Casserly is another guy who thinks Flynn isn't going to be a good NFL starting QB and he drafted David Carr #1 of all people.

The fact that none of us have ever heard of Philbin before this means nothing to me. None of us ever heard of Tomlin, Payton, McCarthy, John Harbaugh either. But I do think Philbin's word means a lot. If he endorses Flynn he is saying to Ireland I feel so strongly about Flynn that I am willing to mortgage my Head Coaching career on him.

That has to count for something.

3 picks for DT was insanely stupid. He's soon to be the 3rd back on a subpar team.

Yes, Philbin SHOULD know more about Flynn than Shanahan. Yes, Shanahan COULD be just throwing other teams off the scent (he's notorious for not letting his true feelings be known).

All I'm saying is if I'm the GM, I factor that in. Not just Shanahan, but what other teams are thinking regarding Flynn. Philbin isn't some offensive juggernaut. Until he came here, I never heard of the guy. If I'm Ireland, I don't yet take his word as gold.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 15, 2012 at 11:43 AM

DC Dolfan...

At this point, things being so close to the draft, one cannot take ANYTHING a HC say's about a player like a Quarterback he desperately needs (particularly a HC hanging by one more crappy year.)

If Philbin gives the go on Matty Flynn to Ross and Ireland, and if Manning does not check out to what I would say to be 90%... Matty Moore will be targeted by Miami....

I will not abuse one of Captain Obvious statements by saying "Everyone say Flynn and Miami are perfect fits"... But I will say that since Aaron Roger sat under Brett Favre for 4 years, and since Flynn has done the same with the same coach's (Including Sherman)under Aaron Rogers in the exact same system GB has been running for over a decade... if Flynn has the tools to be productive, even great in our new head coaches system.... And if Big Jo gives the thumbs up.... how can anyone be so arrogant as to question the decision of a man who has had the guy under his care for 4 years? Only some sort of "I just don't like him, Trip" can be the explanation.... and that is just a load of crap... same crap that sent Breese to NO while Culpeppers stink remained here for us to regret.

Now, on the other hand... if Philbin say's "NO"... then stay away from the guy... who cares what Shanahan and his team that we crushed last year thinks...?


Why are you always so concerned with what other coaches or GM's are thinking? Who gives a sh*t what Shanahan thinks of Flynn? It's Philbin we care about. If Ireland can't have confidence in the guy that worked with Flynn everyday then why the f*ck did they hire this guy in the first place. As I said, I think you are VASTLY over-rating Shanahan. He was wrong about Beck and Grossman. He was wrong about Jake the Snake. He was a washout in Oakland. He's been wrong more often than he's been right. Didn't he draft Brain Griese also?

I'm not attacking you here but I don't understand this notion of getting consent from everyone around the league. I want our GM to be able to think for himself, not follow the same train of thought as everyone else. Ron Wolf didn't become successful by doing what everyone else did. Bill Polian didn't become successful but copying others. These guys lead the way. That's what I want from Ireland. Do your homework, think for yourself and have conviction and make the tough choices.

Again, I don't want to seem like I'm picking on you....I just have a hard time with this, 'if the masses says it's right, then it must be right'. Maybe it's a Government thing (I know you work in Government). Again, don't want to seem like I'm attacking you....we just think differently. Maybe that's a good thing for you....LOL.

...Lets see how a fully healthy Daniel Thomas does this year before putting any label on him. On the same note..To those who think Jake Long is "over-rated" or on the decline...Lets see how he does this year healthy, and ready to go.. Most of us have no idea what is like to play proffessional(Pop Warner for some of you) with a knock. To do it for an entire season?? Get real for a second..Land your spaceships..And think before you just start bashing guys.


You'll never read on here that Ireland was right to chop Williams and Brown, despite the fact that neither shined and there were lots of people that wanted one or both kept. All people will focus on is that Ireland gave up three picks for one, to draft a running back. Never mind that it was a third, a fifth and a seventh. It's the kind of thing guys like Belichek does all the time but as soon as our guy does it it's WRONG....priceless!

Andy, I had heard of Payton and McCarthy before they became HCs.

But, I agree with you that Philbin is the HC, and it's now his team. And if he worked with a guy before, and wants him, he should get him. It's his arse that will be on the line anyway. Even Shanahan's reputation isn't going to keep him in DC for long if he can't win more than 5-6 games.

Andy NJ @ 11:51....nice post....

I am not sure why people only believe that one should only gain credibility...if others find them credible...

I have myy own mind and own thoughts...I will choose for myself what I find to be credible, trust worthy, competent...and so on....

Simply saying....

"i haven't heard of him"....is not a good enough reason either like or dislike a coach or player....

Gather information with your own eyes....and make judgements on what you see....

That is the main reason this blog is so REPEDITIVE.....

Few on here can decipher what they have seen...analyze it...and then draw their own opinion on what they have just seen or heard....they wait...and find out what MIKE and MIKE think....and then run on here to type it as if most on here didn't just watch the same thing....

DC....not an attack on you old buddy...just the statment in general....

Derek, you're pretty uhhhhhhh funny.

You get all PMSy over me talking about Ross wanting Manning. Yes, everyone is speculating. It's unfounded, Rumors! I'm so bad!

Just like the ones you spew about Mallett not knowing the play book. Oops, GOTCHYA! Do I rant & rave on you for doing it? Get over yourself!

Typical & predictable.

Montreal @ 11:45,

There is so many IF's and variables around this whole QB situation for Miami.

Manning - it's about competition for his services but most importantly his nerve and health.

Flynn - also about competition for his services but then you wonder whether or not he was a fluke or is he capable of being a long term solution

RG3, Tannehill any rookie is always anyones guess.

For a change we have to put out faith in Ross/Ireland?Philbin. We have to hope they make the right choice! Whatever the route may be I will be optimisitic until I am proven wrong. I just don't want to go into next year with Matt Moore and some 2nd round guy at least throw me a bone and reach for Tannehill

AndyNJ - some mocks have Tannehill going in the second round.


Looks like I beat a dead horse....many on here beat me to it...


Craig, the reason I look to what others say around the league should be pretty obvious...because the people running the Dolphins don't know SHYT about football. The last 10-15 years should make that fact pretty obvious to anyone older than an infant.

And I understand this is a new FO, and Ireland came from a successful organization in Dallas, but they then seem to revert to morons as soon as they step off the plane. I don't know if it's the Miami heat or what, but no, I have ZERO faith in anyone with any position of authority on the Miami Dolphins.

So, as a fan, yes, I look to the outside to try and get ahead of some of the idiocy that takes place down here. Just so I can be alerted to a huge mistake before I see it during the Season.

That's what happens when your franchise hasn't gone to a SB in almost 30 years. People second-guess you. I guess I'm wondering why so many people continue to give this franchise the benefit of the doubt, when they've proven TIME AND AGAIN they DON'T DESERVE the benefit of the doubt.

Hope that answered your question. Also, by the way, I don't work in government (my wife does). I have a cushy job in the private sector (hospitality industry).


With respect to your post at 12:07 pm, I was actually going to follow up my comments to DC by saying something along the lines of 'I'm a free thinker and I know that gets me into trouble on here sometimes'. It's how I run my business and I usually have 8-10 balls in the air at the same time. Nature of the business.

But I was thinking of you when I was thinking that, because I know you're a free thinker too and there's nothing wrong with that. It may not be conventional thinking but you know what you know and you believe what you believe. I believe that's why we clash on here sometimes. You don't want someone influencing your decision on things too much and I feel the same way....it's nothing personal.


Anyone remember what Ireland's QB order is again?

Posted by: NHFINFAN | February 15, 2012 at 09:29 AM

Guys jeez, don't be so gullible? Does anyone REALLY think and GM is going to leak such things?

It amazes me how some of you buy into anything in print. Some writer just has to say 'insided sources' and you buy it all hook line and sinker.

Flynn, Henne, & Moore!!! Let them battle it out!!! Forget about Manning he's an injury waiting to happen!!!

ALOco go mAKE SOME Mint teA.

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