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Manning might not be available after all ... maybe

Throughout the ever expanding Peyton Manning saga, there's been one bothersome thought that has continued to hound my mind ... and my mind hasn't appreciated the overtime work.

ESPN reported a couple of weeks ago that Manning will be open to an incentive-laden contract in which he would be paid little or no guaranteed money up front with his new team and that he would have to earn every cent he makes strictly through performance.

That got me wondering if Manning would do that for his expected new team why wouldn't he do it for his old team -- you know, the Colts, the team for which he's played 14 seasons and is the face and heart and soul of the franchise?

Well, that's exactly what Manning might have the opportunity to do if you can believe Indianapolis owner Jim Irsay. Irsay spoke with the Indianapolis Star on Tuesday and made the point he wants Manning to return to the Colts as long as Manning restructures his contract.

"We can make it work if he wants to be here," Irsay told the Star. "We'd be excited to have him back and finish his career with us.

"I want him to be able to make the choice. We would love to have him back if he can get healthy and we can look at doing a contract that reflects the uncertainty of the ... healing process with the rengeneration of the nerve."

Suddenly, every team that fancies Manning has to feel a bit disappointed that the almost-certain divorce that seemed destined to happen by March 8th might not actually happen. Manning, as you probably have heard ad nauseum, is due a $28 million bonus on March 8 and if he's not paid that amount, he becomes a free agent.

The Colts have no intention of paying that bonus. But now they have put the ball in Manning's court, basically asking the quarterback to restructure his deal.

The proverbial ball is now in Manning's court. He can still refuse to restructure his contract and get out of Indy. But that would make him a villian in his own town. He can accept the restructure, but then he'll find himself on a team that is diminished by age and is no longer considered a Super Bowl contender -- even with Manning.

So that certain chase of Peyton Manning that everyone in Miami, Washington, and other NFL outposts that value the veteran may not happen. Assuming the worst for the Dolphins -- because that's what I've learned to do after the past decade of team history -- where does it leave them if their priority QB addition is no longer available?

It is funny to me that suddenly the talk of Manning's uncertain health situation has taken a back seat to where Manning is actually headed. Manning has undergone three neck surgeries in the past 20 months. He is waiting for the latest surgery to help nerves connecting to his triceps, which has suffered atrophy and was often numb as a result of the deadened nerves that the surgery was supposed to regenerate.

In rehabilitating from his cervical surgery, Manning has talked often to former FSU quarterback Chris Weinke who had a similar surgery in 1998 and sat out the end of the season before returning in 1999 to lead the Seminoles to the national title.

Weinke will be on Armando and Perk this morning at 8:30ish. You can watch the show here during the interview or anytime between 6-10 a.m.



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amazes me how some of you buy into anything in print. Some writer just has to say 'insided sources' and you buy it all hook line and sinker.
Posted by: Rumor Mill | February 15, 2012 at 12:19 PM



There's always going to be a difference of opinion on many players but particularly QBs. Some QBs thrive under certain systems but would stink in others. I know Shanahan runs a variation of the West Coast offense but the version Matt Moore played in along with Philbin he was able to produce. People keep saying it's because of the Ryan Grant screen or the Jordy Nelson leap over defenders catch but if you took away players making plays for their QB you can throw the entire record books out. Outside of those 2 plays both which went for TDs, Flynn out the ball perfectly where it needed to be that day. He took a chance with Nelson and Nelson made a play and threw a dump off to Grant who took it to the house but WATCH the rest of the game as I did over and over on NFL network at 2 am (I have a 7 month old) and you will see Flynn wasn't perfect or pretty but the ball was exactly where it needed to be.

Was it a fluke? Maybe or maybe not. I do know stop taking away what he did accomplish because his career afternoon was an afternoon some of the best QBs in the league in the same situation with the same team couldn't duplicate. He was feeling it that day, he was in rhythm all day and was confident in everything he did.

How refreshing would that be? A QB with confidence in what they are doing. Flynn knows what Philbin wants and thats why I see it as the best match and most realistic scenario for Miami to upgrade.

Also, you guys can put all your faith in Philbin, but he's a newcomer. He hasn't been supporting this team for 3 decades (like I have).

And he may know something about Flynn, but I know something about THE DOLPHINS. I know they've had like 15 FA QBs, who ALL FAILED. I know the LAST time we had a franchise QB, he was DRAFTED in the FIRST ROUND (not some undrafted nobody). I know we've had a BUNCH of HCs, came in, wanted what they wanted, who only helped the deterioration of this once-glorified franchise.

So if the new guy comes in, and tells me he wants to do what ALL THE OTHER HCs did before him (and failed), yeah, I going to be critical. Now, if it happens, and works out, THAT'S when I'll put my faith in the HC (and apologize for second-guessing him).

But he doesn't just come in on day 1 and get MY approval. You guys do what you want, I've been around the block too long for that.


It's your OPINION that those on the Dolphins organization don't SHYT about football. You're welcome to your opinion....just doesn't make it FACT. Obviously a guy like Parcells who's had success with four organizations in football now and should have been voted into the Hall THIS year (he will get in btw), knows a lot more about football than you and I and he sees good stuff in Ireland. Carl Peterson, who has Ross' ear, also believe in Ireland. If neither were true, he'd be gone. So again, you have a perception that nobody knows anything about football and that's popular opinion and that's fine.

Having said all that, Jeff Ireland has no control over what's happened over the last 30 years, he can only conrol what he's been in charge of for the last 1-2 years. I'm more interested in what HE thinks going forward than what a guy like Shanahan has to say, because quite frankly Shanahan has had VERY spotty results over his time in football and it's the media who puts this guy on a pedestal, undeservedly, in my opinion.

Craig, 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, that's the only FACT that's important.

Kris from my 12:23,

I meant Matt Flynn not Matt Moore who worked with Philbin

Also Craig, in this particular argument, we weren't talking about your boyfriend Ireland. We were talking about Philbin. Ireland will not make the final decision on Flynn. Philbin will, since we all know he has history with him. So, in this case, if we got Flynn, I'd put that all on Philbin, and not give Ireland either the credit or the blame.

Craig M....

well said...and I agree...that is probably why we clash.....

Craig,I said on a per carry basis, Williams was better. And guess what...HE WAS! Go figure huh?

Go check their stats & my original comment. Try reading correctly before commenting.

I also cited 3 other names in my comment that you ignored because it proves the point:

Thomas was a LOUSY choice
Irealnd misused multiple picks
Being Parcells friend doesn't make him Qualified to be a GM

You don't have to agree but, that doesn't change those facts.

Flynn knows what Philbin wants and thats why I see it as the best match and most realistic scenario for Miami to upgrade.
Posted by: AndyNJ | February 15, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Where have you heard Philbin thinks Flynn could be a franchise QB? They happened to be on the same team. We have no idea what Philbin thinks of him so how can anyone possibly claim its the best match.

Guesswork based on media hype, nothing more.


Once again we think VERY differently. I made it clear that Philbin wasn't my choice for HC. I wanted Fisher and got bashed by some for saying so. Having said that, Philbin gets my FULL support because I'm a Miami Dolphins fan first and once they are part of the organization that's who I cheer for. Philbin, Flynn, Moore or whoever else will get my FULL support until which time the team or player fails at which point I'll be asking questions. These guys know a lot more about all this stuff than any of us and I won't be second-guessing until the results aren't there.

I've been a fan of this team just as long as you have. Looks like we're just looking at things differently. I've let go of the past and you're hanging onto it. I'm a glass is half full guy and you're half empty.

Philbin and company get a clean slate from me, until things don't go smoothly.

Craig, 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, that's the only FACT that's important.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 15, 2012 at 12:27 PM

Agreed - you may now stop posting.

Peyton Manning in a Dolphins uniform for 2-3 years?! WOW! Can you imagine the excitement, the electricity in the air at Joe Robbie Stadium (the correct name) on a Sunday night? Leading the Dolphins to a last minute win vs the hated Jets? Sign me up for season tix!

You put Peyton, even at 80%, as the Dolphins QB, this team is playoff bound. And as the Giants showed, once you're in anything can happen!

Come on down Peyton!

Armando is too naive to know when inside sources are using him as a media mouth piece to put out false information.


Ireland's my 'boyfriend' now? Come on man, you're better than that....

You're wrong about Philbin having final say about Flynn. If you paid attention to what was happening with Fisher, you'd have noticed that he didn't come here largely because Ross wouldn't take final say away from Ireland and give it to Fisher. Philbin's input on Flynn will be invaluable but it'll be Ireland who'll have final say.

When REALITY sinks in (which may be never judging from my relatively short time on this blog), we will realize:

1.) Manning will NOT be with the Colts next year....nor will he be with Miami. Neither situation is particularly favorable for Manning, which is the prism that this should be viewed through.

2.) Miami will most likely make a run at RGIII...but there will be a lot of competition and there is a limit as to how high you can go. Most likely scenario for Miami in RE to a rookie QB are Tannehill, Weeden, Foles unless the Phins decide to opt for a prospect after round 2. At anyrate, whomever is picked is not going to be NFL ready and will need some work.

3.) Moore is likely to be the starting QB going into next season and possibly for the foreseeable future depending on how the rookie "project" works out. Moore may end up being a 2-3 year bridge "stop gap" QB for the Phins unless they can pull of a trade for RGIII in the draft.

4.) Barring a trade for RGIII, we will most likely see an offensive or defensive lineman taken with the Phins 1st round pick. If they really like Tannehill, we may see them trade back in the 1st to pick him up somewhere in the 20s.

5.) Henne will not be franchised (absolutely laughable), nor will he be playing for the Dolphins next season. Henne is a dime a dozen QB in the NFL....there are other options for the backup QB position.

DC @ 12:24,

I hear you and I am not some naive fan thinking Miami has turned the corner and will now be the Packers offense of Florida.

I like the Philbin signing for several reasons. He will bring his version of the West Coast offense to Miami and that's a fresh look none of us have ever seen. I like the fact he said he wasn't in love with the 3-4 or 4-3 because it tells me he is willing to see what fits his players first. There are plenty of ego-maniac coaches who would say from day 1 this is what they do, 3-4 or 4-3, smash mouth etc and the teams personel doesn't fit that mold. He is willing to see how things play out. He also is a smart guy. Not saying you necessarily have to be a genius to be a Head Coach but the Tony Sparano, Wannstedt mentality of grunt/football guys has worn on me. I have no confidence in that approach. I also like the fact that although he didn't call the plays he did break down the opponent's film and design the game plan. I was so sick and tired of Sparano's lack of adjusting. Sparano's approach was this is what we do and we will execute it and be damned if we don't over power them. Philbin's press conference when he said he wants to expose mis-matches and run no huddle is a breath of fresh air. GB's offense was all about creating mismatches with Finley in the slot, Jennings in motion, in the backfield, empty backfield etc. I am willing to see how he does rather then come in thinking glass half empty. I think if he gets "his guy" at QB then Miami is going to be a wild card team in 2012.

Captain Obvious,

I LOVE this notion that Ireland is the GM because he's Parcells friend. Sure why not, just bring your 'friend' in to do the job. Don't bring a guy in that might be good for the organization or be one of the up and coming guys in the game. Why would you want to give yourself the best chance to win, when you can hire your friend.

If you look at the roster they built together in Dallas you see some pretty good talent. The hope is that he can duplicate that in Miami.

Hope about Pederson giving Ireland the thumbs up. Were they friends too?

A. Gronkowski with ONE 2nd rounder
B. Hernandez with ONE forth rounder
C. Jimmy Graham with ONE thrid rounder
D. Daniel Thomas for a 2, 5 & 7

Which one doesn't fit?

Some of you idiot dolphin fans are too busy sucking on Ireland's teet with NO clue!

Obvious is right, Thomas was a major whiff. Irelands a stiff who onlyhas a job because of his fat NJ tuna friend.

Craig, they get my support too...ONCE they get on the field. Offseason though is exactly the time a fan should be critical of their team. Bill Belichick once said (I think it was him) that much of what makes a team successful happens before the Season even starts.

Just like last year, Week 1 comes, and I'll be wearing my jersey cheering my team. In Feb. though, yeah, I'm gonna ask questions. LOTS of questions. When we've gone to the Playoffs once in the last decade (yes, it's 2012, I can say that now), I'm going to be skeptical.

Also, I hold myself to a higher standard that whomever comes here. HCs come and go, players come and go, FO's come and go. You know what remains constant? ME (YOU. US.). I'm here year in and year out. So, that's why I take history into account. These guys really don't care about Miami, they're just here for the paycheck. I'm (we're) the heart of the Miami Dolphins. WE own this team (figuratively, not literally), not the people here on a temporary basis running the team.


Thanks for the clarification. It's good we have you on board to tell us an injured runing back is a whiff at age 24. Glad you could clarify that for us.

You're probably one of the guys that told us Odrick was a first round 'bust' after getting injured in the first game of his rookie season.

Good to have you on board. Guess we don't need the NFL Network to cover the combine for us....you've got it all worked out.



Craig, Ireland was a scout in Dallas. Not the GM. Parcells & Jones called the shots on players.

Just like he hired a no name friend as his coach, he did the same with Ireland. Give me a break!

BTW, gave up on the Williams argument I see. Or the other 3 RB's I named being cheaper & better options. It is hard to argue common sense. I agree!


Your scenarios above make a lot of sense. So assuming none of the scenarios pan out, who backs up Moore next year? Flynn? Orton? Campbell? Someone else?

In my mind, they are drafting a guy like Coples at 9 and then trading back into the first round to get a guy like Tannehill. It's risky because I think they will have to get up ahead of Seattle. If they are unable to do that I think they will look long and hard at guys like Weeden, Foles and Cousins.

Could Weeden conceivably back Moore up next year?

Andy, I liked those things too about Philbin. Don't get me wrong, he's saying all the right things (to me). But, like I'm telling Craig, I'm a jaded fan. I take everything with a grain of salt until it's proven.

Also, come camp, or after the Draft, then I'll give Philbin all the room he needs to install whatever he wants to install.

But, today, in Feb., I want him or any of his staff who reads this blog to know what they're in for. That there are people who have been waiting a long, long time for something to cheer about. They won't be given a long leash to make mistakes. If they wanted time, this was the wrong team to go work for. These fans here need to see results. VERY QUICKLY.


Thanks for the clarification. It's good we have you on board to tell us an injured runing back is a whiff at age 24. Glad you could clarify that for us.
You're probably one of the guys that told us Odrick was a first round 'bust' after getting injured in the first game of his rookie season.
Good to have you on board. Guess we don't need the NFL Network to cover the combine for us....you've got it all worked out.

Posted by: Craig M | February 15, 2012 at 12:45 PM

Your welcome. Someone has to try to educate your dumba*s! You can't see the truth if it landed on your face and wiggles!



Craig, when I say Ireland is your boyfriend, I promise I'm not making any sexual insinuations. Does that make it better?

I wish we could hear more on what Philbin is thinking.

DC thanks for the post earlier, I appreciate you reading my post, thinking about it and crafting an intelligent answer.

Not sure who this ozkar character is, but all he seems to do is throw insults when you dont agree with him 100%.

I think we will have a upgrade over Moore in camp to start the season. Hopefully Moore competes at a high level.

But Philbin seems to be keeping things very close to the vest... I hope that is because that is what he wants to do, and not because he is wating on others to make decisions for him.

Rumor Mill,

I never said Philbin said he wants Flynn. I said most realistic fit. Read, bro!

Captain Obvious,

Jeff Ireland was the VP of College and Pro Scouting from 2005-2007. I think that's a little more than being a 'scout'. He was hired as GM of the Dolphins in 2008 but I think most of us believed Parcells was calling the shots for at least a couple of years, while Ireland developed.

I never said he was a GM in Dallas. What I said was, Parcells saw him as someone who had potential to be a good front office guy given time. I'll take Parcells opinion on this one over yours, if that's OK.

Lastly, I didn't know we were having a Williams argument. So what you're saying is you wish they'd resigned Williams and it was wrong to draft Thomas? I'm saying the guy you're bashing for being a 'whiff' outrushed Williams in 11 games, while Williams played 16. I'm not getting your point.

Lastly, with the draft happening in April, it's fine to say 'they should have signed McGahee. They should have kept Williams' but with no running backs on your roster you HAD to draft somebody. You couldn't wait until August and HOPE that somebody would want to play in Miami. That would have been stupid. Thomas wasn't the guy I wanted, but I get the logic.


CraigM - I could see all three of those guys (Tannehill, Weeden, Foles) backing up Moore next season if they were to either trade back in the 1st or take a QB in the 2nd. There are some other options in the 3rd/4th, but they would most likely be #3 guys on the depth.

It's also possible that they bring in a backup through FA, but I think they would look to the draft for someone who could possibly develop into a long term solution.

I haven't included Flynn at this point because, until I hear Philbin sing his praises, I think it's a whole lot of media speculation based principally on the fact that Flynn happend to play in Green Bay while Philbin was there. Thus far, I haven't heard anything from Philbin in RE to Flynn so I'll reserve any thoughts on that until I do....with the exception being that I think Philbin will only go hard after Flynn (with the big $$$) if he indeed thinks he's the real deal.

If Philbin offers him a few million bucks, then I'll be pretty convinced that Philbin likes him, but doesn't necesarily believe he's IT....but is willing to give him a shot. If he goes all out for Flynn, I'm going to have to defer to the Coach that's coached him the last 4 years and trust he knows what he's doing.

It will be interesting come March 8th and after. My opinion is that teams like the Dolphins that want Manning will either need to take the leap of faith or move on. All answers will not be available yet.

It will either be a sign him and hope he works out situation, or move on because of the risk.

I have no idea what I want them to do, but I must admit that those saying Miami needs to grow a pair and move up in the draft to grab a QB, THAT gets me most excited right now, that would be awesome.

Rumor Mill,

I am suggesting what a possible fit would be. Guess word as you called it is correct. That's what most of this blog is about. We state our opinions, get feed back, etc.

I never saw you post, EVER. I assume you are a familiar poster who didn't have the balls to try and call me out. I call everyone out when they get on their high horse. I never said I know what Philbin is thinking. I am saying Flynn knows what Philbin wants out of his QB, that's a fact they worked togther for 4 years.

matt barkley

These blogs have been boring since the season ended

If we cannot draft a first rate QB (candidate) or hire a first rate QB like Manning (if triceps healed) then I think it makes sense to bring in Henne to compete with Moore. I have mixed feelings on Henne, he has done nothing to make me think he is first rate. At best, so far he has seemed a journeyman who has not had a particularly fast rate of progress but some players take longer to become a success. He is not too expensive so I am okay with hiring him on and letting him compete. If he is worse than Moore then this causes no harm. If he has raised his game and is better, great.


Of the three young kids, the only one I think that could back Moore up at this point is Weeden and that may be expecting too much. From all I've seen and heard from people on the kids, they're not ready. I'm intrigued by Tannehill but I think he's at least a couple of years away. That's why if none of this pans out I think it's imperative that they sign a backup.

The guy I'm most high on (and will probably get roasted for) is Jason Campbell. Call me nuts but I still think this guy could be a good QB in the league. He was misused and abused in Washington and showed signs of getting it together last year in Oakland. I'm not saying he's my first option but I am throwing it out there that I think he's as GOOD an option as Matt Flynn at QB. Oakland screwed themselves by making the Palmer trade because at this point in time I'd rather have Campbell than a washed up, beat up Palmer. Just my opinion of course....

wolfman, you nailed it on Flynn... If Philbin does not make a play at him that tells us more on how good he is or perceived to be. Like I said, I wish we could hear a little more from Philbin. However he is playing his cards right if he is interested in somebody, because I have not heard him comment on ANYBODY...


Gotta go guys. Job to do and bills to pay.

Enjoyed the debate....


Bodog has Arizona as the favourites to land Manning, Miami second.

Any chance Jeremy Lin can play qb???


Poizen, I'll always respond to your posts thoughfully. You're a respectable poster on this site. As is Craig. I give him a hard time, but if I didn't respect him I wouldn't debate him. It would be boring if everyone had the same opinion here.

ALoco, I think it's a very popular name in China Land. Over 200 billion males have that name in China Land.

Maybe the Jests will sign Henne to their practice squad. I dont see anyone else signing him.

GREAT! When will all this sh..t end? First we lose on Fisher. Now possibly on Manning. RGIII will cost too much in draft picks to obtain. Meanwhile no word on possible free agent picks targeted by this horrific FO. And to top it all off, a coaching staff with little NFL experience. When will it all end? And for all you morons talking Henne, do the rest of us a favor and flush your laptops down the toilet!!!

Posted by: tiredfinfan


It'll end when Ross SELLS THE TEAM!!

Henne is the best QB since Marino and you idiots keet bashing him. His arm is on par with the best in the league, the guy is the prototypical QB and makes guys around him better. See Davonne Bess. Once he leaves we'll severley miss him, thanks to these Dolphin "fans".




Sparano got fired for wasting 4 years with RoboHenne.

If we cannot draft a first rate QB (candidate) or hire a first rate QB like Manning (if triceps healed) then I think it makes sense to bring in Henne to compete with Moore. I have mixed feelings on Henne, he has done nothing to make me think he is first rate. At best, so far he has seemed a journeyman who has not had a particularly fast rate of progress but some players take longer to become a success. He is not too expensive so I am okay with hiring him on and letting him compete. If he is worse than Moore then this causes no harm. If he has raised his game and is better, great.
Posted by: JT Deth | February 15, 2012 at 01:05 PM


I don't think they will re-sign Henne. It just doesn't make any sense. They could bring in any number of FA QBs to compete that would be on par with Henne.

Sometimes is just best for all involved to go their seperate ways and wish the best of luck. I think this is one of those times. The organization can move on...the fans can move on...and Henne can move on.

Unlike many others, I think there will be some solid interest in Henne as a prospect backup and/or competition for the starting job. Most fans are so jaded in RE to Henne that they can't see why any one would be interested, but far worse QBs have had long careers as journey men in the NFL.

Beyond that, if I put myself in Henne's shoes, there's no way I want to come back to Miami and to all the Henne hate and bashing....I mean crap, fans were chanting for Orton during pre-season games. It would be one thing if Orton were actually on the team....but to be the "starting QB" and here fans scream for a guy that isn't even on the team....that's just gotta suck. If I were him, I'd take make chances just about anywhere else than Miami.

Sparano got fired for not creating a team and a system that was competitive at all. That included all players AND HENNE.

I think if Moore started from game 1, Sparano would still be HC. Henne made EVERYONE look awful.

DolphinMike - I disagree....this team was absolutely not ready to play ball at the start of the season.

Beyond player personell....drafts.....FAs, etc; Sporano's downfall stems primarily from not having his team prepared from game 1. Always seemed like he never had his crap together until about mid season.

Yea Mike, the team has come out and said they were not ready to play until week 7. not in condition for game play. Terrible excuse, but Dansby and a few others let that leak.

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