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Manning source: There is no short list

INDIANAPOLIS -- Peyton Manning is completely focused on getting as healthy as he can as quickly as he can and that is all he's thinking about, said a source close to Manning who also mocked the idea the Indianapolis quarterback has a "short list" of teams he'd like to join.

A South Florida newspaper reported earlier this week that Manning had such a short list of team, although it gave no details about what teams are on that list other than the Dolphins. That report followed a Miami Herald report that said Manning owns a condo on South Beach and he and his wife like South Florida.

"The fact Peyton's got a condo on South Beach is a fact but the idea that he's spent any time compiling a short list of teams that he's going to want to join if he moves on from the Colts is ridiculous," the source said Sunday. "Where do people come up with stuff like that?"

That's not for me to answer. Not my worry.

My concern is whether indeed the Dolphins are a viable landing spot for Manning or not.

"Look, I wouldn't get into that," the source close to Manning said. "And Peyton would never get into that at this time. The only thing he is concerned about at this time is getting back to being 100 percent so that he can play football in 2012. That's it. Whether that's with the Indianapolis Colts or somewhere else, all he's thinking about is getting healthy."

The source said Manning will meet with Colts owner Jim Irsay in the coming week to discuss the quarterback's future with the club. The Colts must pay Manning a $28 million bonus by March 8 to continue his career. If the club does not pay Manning the bonus, he would become a free agent able to shop his services to other teams.

Most NFL pundits expect the Colts to release Manning.

That, however, is not the primary concern right now.

"You media guys crack me up," the source said. "Short list? Really? That's asinine at this stage."