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Manning source: There is no short list

INDIANAPOLIS -- Peyton Manning is completely focused on getting as healthy as he can as quickly as he can and that is all he's thinking about, said a source close to Manning who also mocked the idea the Indianapolis quarterback has a "short list" of teams he'd like to join.

A South Florida newspaper reported earlier this week that Manning had such a short list of team, although it gave no details about what teams are on that list other than the Dolphins. That report followed a Miami Herald report that said Manning owns a condo on South Beach and he and his wife like South Florida.

"The fact Peyton's got a condo on South Beach is a fact but the idea that he's spent any time compiling a short list of teams that he's going to want to join if he moves on from the Colts is ridiculous," the source said Sunday. "Where do people come up with stuff like that?"

That's not for me to answer. Not my worry.

My concern is whether indeed the Dolphins are a viable landing spot for Manning or not.

"Look, I wouldn't get into that," the source close to Manning said. "And Peyton would never get into that at this time. The only thing he is concerned about at this time is getting back to being 100 percent so that he can play football in 2012. That's it. Whether that's with the Indianapolis Colts or somewhere else, all he's thinking about is getting healthy."

The source said Manning will meet with Colts owner Jim Irsay in the coming week to discuss the quarterback's future with the club. The Colts must pay Manning a $28 million bonus by March 8 to continue his career. If the club does not pay Manning the bonus, he would become a free agent able to shop his services to other teams.

Most NFL pundits expect the Colts to release Manning.

That, however, is not the primary concern right now.

"You media guys crack me up," the source said. "Short list? Really? That's asinine at this stage."


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So now we are gossiping about the gossip.

manning will be a niner

Has Ireland been fired yet?

A handful of players like Patriots running back Danny Woodhead and wide receiver/cornerback Julian Edelman are already on the field lightly warming up.

Ryan Mallett is looking sharp in warmups.


The Giants are going DOWN!


He's a couple letters short. He's JUST Eli!

Gee I wonder what Rivers, Rodgers, Brees and Rothberg are doing today.

I told you before the season started I am elite. Now go check out my last 5 games, 5 wins against some of the best, and now, watch me get my second ring.

Odin...so then at 6 pm I should definitely switch to Robin Hood for the 3 hours ....

Gee I wonder what Rivers, Rodgers, Brees and Rothberg are doing today.
Posted by: Eli M. | February 05, 2012 at 05:02 PM


Question re Manning.....would he not be a restricted free agent?.....that would allow the Colts to not pay the bonus...then counter any offers...thus restructuring in essence, with health and performance contingencies.....

...I'm guessing Peyton will do everything short of professionasl suicide to finish out any remaining productive years as a Colt....

...but I doubt, Mando, that they outright RELEASE a talent like Peyton IF that production is still there

hmmm...HOTTIE IN WAITING would infer a female author........in that case the comments are so elegant and ladylike.....NOT!..

in any case...where is the censorship there?



I'll bet you a klondike bar there will be no blow out tonight!


Robin Hood had the most original plot to a Robin of Loxley movie to date but it was put together a bit foolishly, to bad.

Anyway...time for me to split...

enjoy the game friends....


on the way out thoughts...

...I like this Robin Hood flick.....

...will NOT be a blowout......

...in Philbin WE Trust


Stephen Ross please sell the team you’ve already ruined.


Okay Hottie...

...I suspect your idea of pure content needs some work....

....meanwhile how bout we start with you losing the CAPS...

...appears as if your yelling , and someone with your clairvoyant skills should have little need to yell....

(I'm sure I'll regret not leaving while ahead)

Dear Mr. Salguero

Being first to post has lost its luster without a true nemisis like YEAH!.

Its like Superman having no Lex Luthor or Austin Powers without Dr. Evil.

Leif Garrett vs David Cassidy, Davy Jones vs Bobby Sherman.

Has YEAH! retired...is he ducking me, faking an injury ?

YEAH! was my......KAHN.

Soiled :)

P.S. Go Giants....sports talk

yes..thanks ...it will be the game...

....have to run....ciao....

...but I doubt, Mando, that they outright RELEASE a talent like Peyton IF that production is still there

Buster | February 05, 2012 at 05:10 PM

The question for me is IF they terminate the contract or release him??

Remember if terminated he is an UFA but if released I believe like with Deion Sanders, Shawn Merrimen and a host of others he has to clear waivers?? In the case of Sanders the Chargers blocked his ability to join Oak. in the 03 S.B. and with Merriman it gave his rights to Buff. who claimed him blocking Mia. from signing him. I'm not exactly sure about the rule here but do know there is a significant difference between being terminated and released.

The Colts have ZERO leverage here one way or the other given nobody in their right mind is going to give up a high draft pick for a 28 Mil. cap hit with a player that will be released one way or the other. The only way he stays in Indy is if he will be kept or renegotiates his salary which is another BIG consideration nobody is talking about.

My friends in Boston just laugh when I mention the Dolphins.

Jenny, dear, bring your friends down here, and yourself, of course....

I just finished roasting the Chicken. Quick, uh?

My friends in Boston just laugh when I mention the Dolphins.

Posted by: Jenny | February 05, 2012 at 05:23 PM

You have no friends here in Boston.

Sorry, Turned off the caps.My Bad.

thats why a source close to the situation is almost always bull, but my question would be why is it assine for any one to thing he might be on another team next year, something will happen very soon one way or the other, if he is healthy I would see no reason not to keep him and groom the young guy for a year and then trade him a high pick and if he is not then they get rid of him and it will be up to other teams to figure out if he will be able play, he very well could be on another team so the only ass is the source close to manning

Don't say that Mayor, we are always open to Friends, aren't we?

What's up PHINLAND?????, So what are you today, A Giant fan or a Pats fan?, Me Iam going with the AFC tonte., Just as long as its not the jets I'll take the AFC team.

Bro, if I were Peyton, I will hang them up... somewhere.

I think the Giants win tonight, final score



I will see what strategy Belichick uses against Victor Cruz. Great stuff.

The Pats going with rookie RB Ridley?

Life, Like I said Last nite I see Brady and Belicheat taking this one due to the last S.B. Loss (Stopping there underfeated season) and true The G-Men won late in the year VS The pats it's hard to beat a team 2 times in thesame year, Also adding to it I cant see Brady having 2 bad games in a row. JMHO.

Peyton Manning is one of the most cerebral players to ever play the QB position. He has been off for an entire season with nothing to do but rehab. It is ridiculous to think that he does not think about his playing future. What we are witnessing now is a chess game between Manning and the Colts. Every statement and every leak out of Manning's camp is calculated and well thought out. He knows exactly what he is doing and he absolutely know which team(s) he would like to play for next season.


G -MEN 34
PATS - 20

"short list" was Omar....LOL Mando, ain't you glad you didn't say that?

Brian, I would bet he would love to play for a team in the colts division, Whos there? Jacksonville, Baltimore,Houston.., Who do you think???


I like the G-Men tonight as well but see it a little tighter, like I posted earlier

G-Men>-27 // Pats>-24

alot of opinions on here but outside of us don't see any predictions!

At least the digs at the competition were subtle. I'm sure few will be able to figure them out. Otherwise, it would be petty.


Baltimore isn't in the AFC South but North, the other team is Tenn. and IF it were in his Div. I believe if healthy he would take Houston to a S.B. next year.

What's happening Cuban? Heard you moved.

Indy QB situation involves cap and also whether Peyton and Luck can coexist.
Odds are he will be released.
Cap number for Peyton is somewhere around $40 M.

Giants have to execute, remember, execute on D. Otherwise, they are going to lose.

Now its gonna be nothing but manning talk, screw manning, draft rg3 and lets get this thing going. Why would you want a pinto when you could have a brand new benz?

Never stated I was a Peyton backer.
Just want as many FAs and draftees as possible of value to open up fin chances to get new blood at QB position.

Manning a Pinto?? really??

Alright you Eli lovers. Eli is elite with a SMALL e. He will never be elite with a big E like his brother and Tom.

He better win. If he wins, I will elevate him to big E elite status. If he don't win, then he goes down as the next Trent Dilfer.

I am waiting for the National Anthem...

I sure could deal with less snarkiness about "the other paper," as if they had been irresponsible when the Herald would never write a story without checking all sources. The other paper happens to have much better writers than the Herald; the only Herald reporter worth his salt is Edwin Pope. Every time I read an Armando article, I understand all the criticism hurled his way.

"I sure could deal with less snarkiness about "the other paper"

Well said Rob H.

Mando easily could have put forth his info without acting like a middle schooler.

Posted by: Rob H | February 05, 2012 at 06:03 PM

"I sure could deal with less snarkiness about "the other paper," as if they had been irresponsible when the Herald would never write a story without checking all sources."

LOL! What? They would never write a story without checking all sources?!?!?!?!??! Is that why they ran a story claiming some rapist was on the loose when in fact the girl was lying her butt off?

Hey Rob H, I've always been kinda snarky but I like the Herald. It's in Miami you know?

I think Chris is on the $ today.

Yeah a pinto. He is at the end of his career. He is a quick fix, not the long term solution.

There use to be a time when a retraction was the death sentence to all media organizations. Now its just MY BAD.

LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coco, Yes Moved to the pacific.

Electrifying. And it's not even my Team.

Yeah, times change, bro. I know.

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