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Match the QB with the QB priority

If you read the last post you know the issue: At least eight teams that would welcome or need a quarterback upgrade this offseason. And only four such likely QB upgrades available.

So who mates with whom?

What player makes most sense with which team?

Where's Manning going to end up? Where's Robert Griffin III headed?

What does Carnac the Magnificent say?

Below you'll find the teams I believe are open to a QB upgrade. And with each team I give you what I believe to be their most likely QB answer in order of likelihood. Obviously, when you have duplicate answers you'll see that there is indeed a greater demand than supply.

This is obviously all speculative. All opinion. All fun.

But what the hey, you got nothing better to do.

Miami -- Most likely order: Peyton Manning, Tannehill, Flynn, RG3. Reasoning: The owner wants Manning and he's the boss. Case closed with a team whose coach and general manager cannot stand up to the owner and say, "No!" Miami has already cleared the runway for a Manning landing by saying it will accept a temporary "bridge" QB, no matter what age, as a solution to its QB problem. If Manning goes elsewhere, the apocalypse will descend upon the Dolphins. Locusts will eat approximately half the football staff and the rider of the pale (green) horse will personally haunt Joe Philbin. Oh, and it seems Tannehill would be the next most likely scenario because trading up to get Griffin will be cost prohibitive and Flynn will likely be gone by the time the Dolphins are done flirting with Manning.

Cleveland -- Most likely order: Robert Griffin III, Tannehill, Flynn, Manning. Reasoning: I don't see the Browns chasing Manning at all. He's too risky for their tastes and general manager Tom Heckert Jr. is not likely to deviate from his long-range plan to build that team methodically and through the draft. I do see Cleveland seeing an opportunity to land the most dynamic player on the board at No. 2 and trying to get their using its No. 2 and No. 22 overall selections. I hear the Browns question Flynn's durability, size, and the fact he might be a system guy. If the Browns stand pat, they might hope to get Tannehill with their late first rounder. (Personal aside: Get better Tommy!)

Washington -- Most likely order: RG3, Manning, Tannehill, Flynn. Reasoning: Mike Shanahan is no dummy. He sees the grand gifts Griffin owns. And as a QB guru, he believes he can turn the kid into a big star that will play for him for a decade and then play for his successor, which happens to be his son. The Redskins don't have multiple first round picks like Cleveland does so they'll have to do something outrageous to land Griffin. Before all that plays out, however, the Redskins will be involved in the Manning sweepstakes. I wouldn't say that is their priority, but they could be sold on the idea.

Denver -- Most likely order: Manning, Flynn, Tannehill, RG3. Reasoning: They don't have the chips for RG3. They have more than enough cap space and John Elway is probably quite convincing in making the point that you can win a Super Bowl in Denver as a 37- or 38-year-old QB. If he fails, Flynn might be a fit here, too.

Seattle -- Most likely order: Flynn, Tannehill, Manning, RG3. Reasoning: They don't have the RG3 chips barring a willingness to offer major talent already on the roster. The GM is familiar with Flynn and likes Flynn. Their draft order suggests Tannehill.

Arizona -- Most likely order: Manning, Tannehill. Reasoning: I don't see the Cards chasing Flynn because that would be a repeat of the Kevin Kolb move. They don't ahve the chips to trade up for RG3. It's Manning or bust in free agency. It's Tannehill or someone further back in the rounds during the draft.

The Jets -- Most likely order: Manning. That's it. Reasoning: The Jets will dip their toe in the water. (Yes, I'm still using foot puns for this team and will never stop). They like to make splashy moves and there is none splashier than Manning. I don't see New York factoring much with any of the other trhee. I am guessing the team would draft a QB later if the Manning chase fails.

Kansas City -- Most likely order: Manning, RG3, Flynn/Tannehill tie. Reasoning: The Chiefs are dangerous in that they are serious. They typically don't leak stuff. They typically don't suffer soap opera situations, although the Todd Haley deal bordered on it. They are just a fit for what Manning wants in an organization. They're all football and no frills. They also have a ton of cap space. Worry about this team if you're a Dolphins fan.

The scorecard:

Manning is the most likely choice with five teams. RG3 is the most likely choice with two teams. Flynn is the most likely choice with one team. Tannehill is obviously a fall-back option for just about everyone, far as I'm concerned.


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What does Manning have a most 2 years. F HIM! He's too old and is done. I hope you fans are ready to see Manning carted off the field like Pat White was

I can here it now.

"Jake Long whiffs on his block, and Manning is crushed! Uh o Manning hurt he's down and not moving ladies and gentlemen this looks serious!".

Just a pathetic franchise.

Way to delete thoughs previous post Armando and make me first. YESS!

Denver is thrilled with Tebow. They dont need a QB.

Ireland is a former ball boy but he has no balls.

What happens if RGIII goes to Indy? I see that as a distinct possibility at this point. Does Luck automatically replace any team's RGIII consideration? And would that entice Miami to trade up more than RGIII?


Your blog seems to be right on the money. Just that if we signed Manning it makes zero sense to still go after Tannehill(should we fail a RG3 attempt) when Moore played well enough last season. Here's what should happen:

1. Manning.

Just as you assessed the Cardinals, signing Flynn would be like a more costly Matt Moore move from last season. I dont see where Flynn's upside is any better than Moore's.

2. RG3

Even if outbidded for his services, he's the only qb available with clearly more upside available than Matt Moore's.

3. Draft a qb 3rd-5th rd

Manning should be a 2-3yr fix. Moore should clearly be ready to be a great starter by this time. So we should only be looking to buy insurance should Moore flop in 2-3 seasons. The 3rd-5th rd qb should be groomed enough to become a safety net should Moore flop too.

Rumor has it the Skins will take Tannehill with their 6th round pick if they don't get Manning or RGIII. Best case scenario for the Dolphins would be:

Cleveland signs Flynn
Redskins sign Manning

This leaves the Dolphins in best position to get RGIII without having to give up the farm.

RGIII is the best option for the Dolphins. He is young and he has a skill set few other QBs have had in HISTORY. He is a special player and would be the face of the franchise for the next 12+ years.

I fein interest in all of the other players, get Cleveland and Washington to bite on Manning and Flynn and then get a fair trade with the Rams for the #2.

RGIII is the way to go. Does Ireland have the balls to pull it off?

Dear Fans,
We have every intent to sign Payton Manning cause he will sell a lot of season tickets and jerseys. We don't know if he can play, and frankly Mr. Ross doesn't care. We just want the national spotlight and want to make money. Lots and lots of money. So do yourself a favor and renew your season tickets now. Payton Manning will be a Dolphin. And even if he doesn't play, you can be proud to wear his jersey on the sidelines this season while you watch Matt Moore QB your Miami Dolphins. I promise we will further address the QB situation (if Manning doesn't play) within the next decade. (Once we get rid of the cap problems we will have for signing Manning).

Go Fins!!


Ireland doesn't have the authority to get RG3, Steven Ross has Irelands nuts on his desk, and he has his pecker pinned up. Needless to say this team will continue to suck just enough to keep from picking a 1st round QB talent ever again.

This is beyond disheartening if indeed is true. If our owner is so stubborn to go after Manning despite all the red flags it means our beloved Dolphins will never be competitive until Ross sells the team.

If Flynn is the man, Philbin better pray he becomes the next Steve Young because after carefully watching all of his 2.25 games I just can not justify giving him a contract in the neighborhood of $14+million a year plus surrendering probably a 2nd rd pick to the Pack. Worse yet our team will be financially and cap-wise strapped for a couple of years to a fairly unproven guy. If Flynn fails then Philbin becomes the next Camoron.

But the most depressing option by far is to think that Tannehill is even on the radar. Have you seen this guy's games? He is AWFUL. He throws behind receivers even in short passes, no touch on long balls either. All this hype is because he fits the so called prototypical QB height and because he used to be a WR and can run, and he's white of course. The worst part is that to get this guy -a highly potential bust- we will very likely have to get him with a 1st round pick, that is prepsterous.

OF course the brave and courageous thing to do is to go after RG3, a once in a generation QB. You want to compare him to Vick? Fine (besides I wonder why but I digress), he will better than him. He runs just as fast and certainly can throw the ball better than him already and has the height (as tall as Rodgers) to make the throws over the line with no problem. He has the character and discipline you want in a leader because that is who he is. He leads, he exudes confidence, don't you think that is contagious in any field? Take that to the X power in football. This guy will be a monster and we will deeply regret it if we do not even try to get him and instead settle yet again for another team's scraps or unfulfilled projects.

We all know that this is pretty accurate in how it's drawn up however

Rumor has it that nobody has any idea what any team really intends to do.


Make the trade now and watch the Dolphins win MULTIPLE Superbowls! We will be a dynasty the way the Pats have the past decade.


I think I'm starting to come aboard the RG3 train!!

Perhaps Miami could offer players and not so many picks!

You guys fall for the same bait year in an year out. Rumors, false information, smokescreens, and once its repeated, you suddenly think a team is revealing their hand.


Anything at all you do hear about any team most likely can be ruled out as to being intentional false information.

Last year we brought in many, many players for pre draft workouts. The one player they didn't bring in, never even spoke to, was the guy they selected, Pouncey.

Rumors are for teenagers.

skins will take tannehill,loooooooooooool skins are going all out for griffin. no team besides dumb ireland will waste a first rd pick on garbage tannhill

The truth is the Dolphins interviewed Pouncey and had him in for a meeting. Get back in the bottle genie, the truth master is calling.

almsot every mock draft had fins taking puncey

I'm tired of reading that "the Dolphins must compete with New England and Rex Ryan within the division so that makes the Dolphins less attractive...(for coaches and QBs). I'm tired of it - all I ever hear from ballplayers/coaches is "its a challenge" blah, blah, blah. The Dolphins have never feared any of the teams in their division and won't start now.
Any player or coach who is too much of a pu**y to compete against New England or the Jets can go play for another team. Once the Dolphins get a QB (I don't know, in maybe 2027 or so) they will own this division once again and the other teams will talk about how tough it is to compete against the Dolphins year in and year out.

Finheaven blows. Well he's out of the closet now but maybe he should go to the hairstylists blog.

Mando had Pouncey going to Miami in the first round and trading back into the second to draft Daniel Thomas so he must not have been too surprised.

Like I said before,Idiot Ross wants Manning, Damaged or not, I think he throws the farm at him. I hope I'am wrong, but the Wife calls me a Idiot all the time., So my thinking is what would a Idiot Do?

The problem getting RG3 is Cleveland. Cleveland has no intension of signing Manning or Flynn. They have the better picks to give.

If it came down to Miami and Washington, I think uncle Jeffy could pull it off!

There are so many players available in free agency every year that I feel pretty good about giving up a slew of draft picks for RG III - if they make the trade, I'd rather pay for a proven players anyway in free agency.
Make the trade and use free agency over the next few years to supplement the roster for the missing draft picks.

agree jim

The fact that some of the mocks were right about at most 10 percent of the players means absolutely nothing and isn't the point.

When Berger is your center, it wasn't that hard of a call. Miami did not tip their hand, that is the point. They worked out Mallet for several days, Ingram, they didn't work out Pouncey,

Many of you can't follow a simple conversation and wander off point. If you think any of these rumors going around are true then you are plain stupid.

If the Dolphins sign Manning, then expect Jeffy to be very active in FA and that includes Reggie Wayne!

Why would manning and more importantly his wife want to live in kansas city instead of miami?
Mando have you ever been to KC? would live there if you didn't have to?

Genie, So who the Fins Pick IYHO?

I have no idea what the pick will be. I'm just saying I can't believe how many people believe in every rumor that flies. GM's are not leaking info, it only hurts them.

Look for Ross to fill the stadium with Peyton, And look for Odin to skip out of rehab in 1 week.

yea but none of those people had to choose between KC or miami.

almsot every mock draft had fins taking puncey

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 28, 2012 at 06:04 PM

nasty bottoms who is puncey?


SINCE 1948, the NFL or better known as the Obama, Democrat, Feminization League aka "ODFL" league moves 1st game to Wednesday to avoid Obama.

NFL football has been infiltrated since this character Goodwill took over.

First we have the feminization of the players when they are forced to all wear "PINK" for a month to help recognize woman's breast cancer. As such, we fans are paying for all the PINK crap that each team player, coaching staff, stadium, trainers and the NFL itself needs to PURCHASE costing hundreds of millions.

WE PAY FOR THAT. How? Look at your cable bill, Dish bill, ticket prices, soda, beer, popcorn, concession costs, parking costs and just about anywhere they can add a small cost increase to cover the PINK cost.

Nowhere do you see ANYTHING whatsoever to recognize ANY OTHER form of cancer, especially Male forms of cancer. The NFL and Pink people say F U to men.

Second.. The NFL has been taking a sport that we in it's hay day on any given Sunday watched as QB's got their heads taken off, watched as the CB punched the WR in the mouth and head and now it's reduced to FLAG style football.

There is more hitting at a Pop Warner game then the NFL these days. Thanks to you know who.

Finally, we are subject to changing the start of the season for Obama??? NEVER has that been done. The NFL and commish are all in the pockets of the Democrats and the Obama group.

You can BET your bottom dollar that if it were for a Republican it the game would start right on schedule.

Am I the only one pissed off about this political crap and the NFL. I am freaking sick and cant wait until this commis term is up. I don't know how to get rid of that POS but he is just like a politician.

Once they get elected they are lifers. No term limits except for Presidents and Gov.

Typo as I meant to spell Goodell.

Is your Reasoning a smoke screen also?, because I doubt the Dolphins go after and take Manning (Manning accepting any Deal) with the current Offensive Line.

, because I doubt the Dolphins go after and take Manning (Manning accepting any Deal) with the current Offensive Line.

Posted by: tony in miami | February 28, 2012 at 06:51 PM

We just need to pick up 1 OT and we have one of the better olines in the league.


Just leave the QB choice to those who KNOW the best players,Philbin and Sherman.Mr Ross ! you just open your wallet and forget about Manning.


I concur. We MUST shore up the O line on the right side and keeping fingers crossed, we "should be" set for many, many years. The only concern will be Long.

I hope manning signs with arizona or kc or anyone besides the dumbphins. Same goes for flynn. I want to see ross with that stupid look on his face like he always has. These clowns dont deserve a franchise qb. Let them get stuck with tannehill. It will be like henne at qb all over again. Good for them!

Hey ny g, have you ever had a family member pass away from breast cancer or even survive from it? If not shut your mouth. At least they are recognizing it and suppourting it. And what are you to much of a man to not wear pink? Probably not.

why are people suddenly worried about the cost of moving up and getting OUR franchise qb finally? We are not going to get any closer then #8 in the draft with the current talent we have. We started 0-7 and we still managed to not get higher then #8.


It is called getting the most rating as possible, and in turn more revenue.

Does anyone ever wonder why some players leave Miami and become better players? Our o-line has been in shambles ever since that so called line coach was made Dolphins head coach. With better coaches (which I think we now have) the offensive line will improve, and consist of

Same players!
Better coaching!


realistically, what would it take for the dolphins to get the rams #2 overall pick?

RGIII to the Jets.

RGIII wearing his Ninja Turtle Socks would give Rex Ryan major wood.

Which ever team gives up the most will get rg3. How many picks that is wjo knows.

I don't think is only Mr. Ross putting the pressure on to get a healthy Peyton M. It is our very best option to win from the start and perhaps qualify for the Playoffs and beyond.

What is being missed by you Armando, and many other fans, is that Peyton wants to go to a place he can win another SB. Miami is not the place. It is not all about the money nor whom will take him, but if he can win! Why you are on the Peyton bandwagon, is beyond me. You, as anyone one of us knows, there are too many conflicting reports on Peyton's health. That being said, he needs to be ready by March 13. If not, we must go with Flynn, Campbell or Orton, and yes, still address QB in the 2nd/3rd to later rounds. Further, can you print the source, where Steven Ross said, it is Manning or bust? This is total news me, especially with a new head coach, whom is going to run a different offense then Peyton operates.

"Of course, we want a QB that fill seats in the Stadium", Stephen Ross.

TEAMS needing QB Help:
Indy (1)- Andrew Luck
Cleveland (4)- RG3
Washington (6)- Matt Flynn *1R pick=BPA
Miami (8)- Peyton Manning *1R pick=BPA
Seattle (12)- Ryan Tannehill

Kansas City ( )- X
Arizona ( )- X
NY Jets ( )- X
Denver ( )- X

This is the most realistic scenario. I WISH we'd do "whatever it takes" to get RG3, but I don't believe it will happen.

Can Peyton Manning run a WC offence? Of course he can. He might even add some new wrinkles to it.

I have Total Recall.

Hey ny g, have you ever had a family member pass away from breast cancer or even survive from it? If not shut your mouth. At least they are recognizing it and suppourting it. And what are you to much of a man to not wear pink? Probably not.

Posted by: Dolphin 77 | February 28, 2012 at 07:06 PM

Dolphin 77,

Obviously you don't comprehend what you read. Having a family member pass away from breast cancer or ANY OTHER CANCER is tragic. Again, you didn't comprehend what you read. The point is that WHY is it ONLY to recognize one form of cancer and not the other?

If you want to recognize cancer as a whole, I take no issue with that. BUT, when the NFL is being what some call "politically correct" I take a HUGE issue with.

Next time you should engage your brain before putting words to a key board and I don't appreciate you telling ME to shut my mouth, childish.


It is called getting the most rating as possible, and in turn more revenue.

Posted by: JOE PHILBIN'S CLIP BOARD | February 28, 2012 at 07:13 PM


Ratings and revinue for who? The NFL or Obama? lol

I honestly believe that 995 of NFL fans will not be tuning in to watch Obama talk as that can be seen multiple times a day... The Fans will be watching the game.

The League was strong armed into the change without a doubt by the Democrats and Obama campaign. If the NFL had nut's it would have told "them" to change their schedule.

Just my opinion.

I remember my Father, June 18th, 1952, lighting a cigarrette and looking over Habana Bay before us going to dinner.

Nahh, just kidding. I do have pretty good memory, but some People are outtasite, they can tell you the date AND time of events that happened 25-30 yrs. ago.

OC, But do you remember what you ate for dinner?

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