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Match the QB with the QB priority

If you read the last post you know the issue: At least eight teams that would welcome or need a quarterback upgrade this offseason. And only four such likely QB upgrades available.

So who mates with whom?

What player makes most sense with which team?

Where's Manning going to end up? Where's Robert Griffin III headed?

What does Carnac the Magnificent say?

Below you'll find the teams I believe are open to a QB upgrade. And with each team I give you what I believe to be their most likely QB answer in order of likelihood. Obviously, when you have duplicate answers you'll see that there is indeed a greater demand than supply.

This is obviously all speculative. All opinion. All fun.

But what the hey, you got nothing better to do.

Miami -- Most likely order: Peyton Manning, Tannehill, Flynn, RG3. Reasoning: The owner wants Manning and he's the boss. Case closed with a team whose coach and general manager cannot stand up to the owner and say, "No!" Miami has already cleared the runway for a Manning landing by saying it will accept a temporary "bridge" QB, no matter what age, as a solution to its QB problem. If Manning goes elsewhere, the apocalypse will descend upon the Dolphins. Locusts will eat approximately half the football staff and the rider of the pale (green) horse will personally haunt Joe Philbin. Oh, and it seems Tannehill would be the next most likely scenario because trading up to get Griffin will be cost prohibitive and Flynn will likely be gone by the time the Dolphins are done flirting with Manning.

Cleveland -- Most likely order: Robert Griffin III, Tannehill, Flynn, Manning. Reasoning: I don't see the Browns chasing Manning at all. He's too risky for their tastes and general manager Tom Heckert Jr. is not likely to deviate from his long-range plan to build that team methodically and through the draft. I do see Cleveland seeing an opportunity to land the most dynamic player on the board at No. 2 and trying to get their using its No. 2 and No. 22 overall selections. I hear the Browns question Flynn's durability, size, and the fact he might be a system guy. If the Browns stand pat, they might hope to get Tannehill with their late first rounder. (Personal aside: Get better Tommy!)

Washington -- Most likely order: RG3, Manning, Tannehill, Flynn. Reasoning: Mike Shanahan is no dummy. He sees the grand gifts Griffin owns. And as a QB guru, he believes he can turn the kid into a big star that will play for him for a decade and then play for his successor, which happens to be his son. The Redskins don't have multiple first round picks like Cleveland does so they'll have to do something outrageous to land Griffin. Before all that plays out, however, the Redskins will be involved in the Manning sweepstakes. I wouldn't say that is their priority, but they could be sold on the idea.

Denver -- Most likely order: Manning, Flynn, Tannehill, RG3. Reasoning: They don't have the chips for RG3. They have more than enough cap space and John Elway is probably quite convincing in making the point that you can win a Super Bowl in Denver as a 37- or 38-year-old QB. If he fails, Flynn might be a fit here, too.

Seattle -- Most likely order: Flynn, Tannehill, Manning, RG3. Reasoning: They don't have the RG3 chips barring a willingness to offer major talent already on the roster. The GM is familiar with Flynn and likes Flynn. Their draft order suggests Tannehill.

Arizona -- Most likely order: Manning, Tannehill. Reasoning: I don't see the Cards chasing Flynn because that would be a repeat of the Kevin Kolb move. They don't ahve the chips to trade up for RG3. It's Manning or bust in free agency. It's Tannehill or someone further back in the rounds during the draft.

The Jets -- Most likely order: Manning. That's it. Reasoning: The Jets will dip their toe in the water. (Yes, I'm still using foot puns for this team and will never stop). They like to make splashy moves and there is none splashier than Manning. I don't see New York factoring much with any of the other trhee. I am guessing the team would draft a QB later if the Manning chase fails.

Kansas City -- Most likely order: Manning, RG3, Flynn/Tannehill tie. Reasoning: The Chiefs are dangerous in that they are serious. They typically don't leak stuff. They typically don't suffer soap opera situations, although the Todd Haley deal bordered on it. They are just a fit for what Manning wants in an organization. They're all football and no frills. They also have a ton of cap space. Worry about this team if you're a Dolphins fan.

The scorecard:

Manning is the most likely choice with five teams. RG3 is the most likely choice with two teams. Flynn is the most likely choice with one team. Tannehill is obviously a fall-back option for just about everyone, far as I'm concerned.


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I am THINKING about dinner today. Not hungry yet. Thinking about Polish sausages, to cook.

Well, like I said on my last post, I'm done with my RG3 campaign. I just hope that this organization finally make the best decision and draft him. Anyway, for everyone who is hoping that Manning will come to Miami, think again. HE IS GOING TO ARIZONA. THEY WANT HIM AND HE WANTS TO GO THERE. So where does this leave us, stuck with average Matt Moore and even worse, another "project" in Tanneyhill.

Armando....be good.

Where's odin? He's the only other one around here that likes to talk about Femmes.

Mr Ross already took Jeff Fisher out to dinner for stone crab, and even gave him a helicopter ride... That has to be worth something right? So we trade up swap this years 1st rounders,2nd, and 5th, throw in next years 1st, and 7th. And BAM! You got the QB of the future.

Stephon Gilmore DB South Carolin
great steal w/ 2nd rd pick

Ny g obviously you have no room to be talking about forms of cancer in men or women because men also have breast cancer but that is neither here nor there and that is a whole other topic. But im sure some people who read your post might take offense to it.

Armando has a heavy hand today. Must be the preoccupation with Religion.

Dr. C, NY G, Many-Me, everyone:

This is a FOOTBALL blog. You are free to say anything you want about football. You are free to mingle amongst yourselves. You are free to comment about the post, me, each other's comments, everything.

But your comments containing language unfit for reading in a family newspaper will not stand. Morever, impersonating other posters will not be tolerated.

Why do I have to remind everyone of this? Why do I have to babysit some of you?

NY "G"
You my friend, are a douche.

we should do whatever it takes to get griffin. best washingtons and clevelands offer


Do you realize that anyone that can read the blog, hears far worse at school, at work, and at the stadium?

Filtering the cuss words, ok, but censoring out posts is Un American (if not Ante American)

Well..., allright, let's give it a try, but wus gonna be awe full bored.(You too, Mr. A).(We'll work around it, won't we?).

Many-me, I understand your opinion about what is American and anti-American. Let me put it this way: It is the American way to make decisions based on your personal situation and taste. If you don't like the way things are done here, feel FREE to depart.

Otherwise, the rules are the rules.

OK, no bad words.


I appreciate your response. What I find a little bit difficult to comprehend, is how you can praise our soldiers and freedom of speech on the appropriate American holidays, but then turn around and censor your own blog.

The key issue with censorship, is once it starts, there is no limit to where it ends. Once various individuals begin deciding what is proper and what isn't, well freedom of speech is gone.

There really is very little freedom of speech left in the mainstream media, and its beyond sad, its a travesty, so I fight for freedom of speech everywhere.

If I'm Indys decision makers I am doing everything I can to rework mannings contract and get him back for 2 more years. I'm also taking a hard look at RGIII. If Manning is Mainning come July/August then he gets the nod. If not he is helping Luck/RGIII. Or I trade him for something I can use.

It is true what Sashimi is saying and we are watching it with interest.

If everyone was free to speak, there would be no such thing as a bad word. If you say any word enough, it becomes just another word, just a sound. Once you ban words, oh those bad words, then they take on a life of their own.

True freedom of speech resolves this problem, be desensitizing forbidden words so that they become common words.

Many-me, your freedom of speech ends at someone else's eyes or ears. There is no freedom to offend, to curse, to say some of the disgusting things that some folks on here post late at night.

I've gotten complaints from people that have been on the blog since it began in 2007. I am responding to their request.

Thanks to you and your many pen names for understanding.

(By the way, you guys do know I can track this stuff, right? I know when you impersonate others and change your names. You know that, right?)

It's pretty funny when some people post a comment and then respond to their own comment with another name -- the same person speaking to himself.

sashimi how bout you just dont make yourself look like an uneducated fool by cussing and respond with respect, that so hard?

Internet is Brand New Stuff, and nobody really knows how to conduct Blogs that fit our usual actual World Ethics and probably interests. Interesting.

Armando, not much talk about the D-Line.
This will be a position of great need with JT gone and rumors about Koa Misi moving to ILB.

What say you sir?

Armando, we (at least me) are well aware you can track names. It's fine. We can track you too :)

I do take issue with your point of view though. Are you some king that gets to decide what is offensive? Whatever you find offensive would not be so offensive if people were free to speak their minds. They would be ignored by those who found it offensive, and the more it was spoken, the less offensive it becomes, we get desensitized to words when they are freely spoken.

Make it a bad word, forbid it, and that is what makes it seem offensive and people only want to use it more.

I don't believe you we will see eye to eye on this point.

I stand by our founding forefathers and the First Amendment. People died to preserve our rights and I take issue with those that feel they are above the nations constitution.

When 10 million Armando Salgueros are deciding what is appropriate and what isn't, well...that is a far cry from freedom of speech, anywhere.

dusty, are you drunk? I have not cussed anywhere. Don't make things up.

misi moving to ilb is because hes awful . saying he will compete for playing time vs dansby and burnett is hilarious. good to see misi gone to the bench


It's your blog and sometimes I don't agree with you but this time I do as the rules are the rules.

I apologize for using words in my page 1 post such as POS, pi$$ed off, freaking and crap. The $$ replace the original letters SS.

sashimi are u awake? u can go cuss all u want, just not here. nobody is forcing u to stay here. go run in a grocery store and start yelling cuss words, see what happens


I have never ever cussed on the blog. I don't know what is possessing you to accuse me of such things, but you are making false accusations and you may kindly retract them.

not accusing u of cussing. im saying if u want to go do it someplace else.

There's talk that a deal for Griffin might happen before Manning's March 8th $28 million deadline.

Rams supposedly believe they can get more now then after Manning and Flynn are gone. They'd like to get the same type of deal as the Manning/Rivers deal.

Chargers swapped first round picks and got a 3rd round pick in 2004 and a 1st and 5th in 2005.

Here are the Rams needs.

OT, WR, OLB, DT and CB.

Fins could make a better offer than the Browns.
(1) 1st pick and a proven WR that's worth a 1st round pick (head case Marshall)and a 2nd tier backup DT player(that has a 3rd round value) and maybe a 5th round pick. ALL IN THIS YEAR. NO FUTURE YEAR PICKS.

Browns are offering their two 1st round picks and what, more picks? Do the Browns have a 1st round quality player they're willing to give up?

Armando - I know you are there.
I can here you breathing.
What's the low-down on the D-Line?

swamy rams dont want marshall, already gonna sign moss. they want picks , and we should give them whatever they want

Freedom of speech goes far beyond cussing. And cusses would no longer have any offensive meaning if they were not restricted.

We hear them everywhere, oh but you can't print them in the newspaper, oh that is bad. Ok, fine. Say any cuss word 100 times and suddenly it doesn't sound like a bad word anymore.

Repression breeds bad things, and not the good it tries to achieve.

and swamy thats wrong on the browns, they offered one of their first rd picks (4) and two 2nd rounders and more next year

There is a blog called Cartas desde Cuba, published in the BBC, conducted by a reporter named Fernando Ravsberg. We really attacked him with politics/profanities about 3 yrs ago and finally he put his foot down. I was banned from there for ~2yrs and only recently am I allowed to be heard from again. A piece of advice. Publish what you expect of the participants, your brand of respect most of all, in the heading of your Blog.

Tim, I believe the Dolphins will re-sign either Langford or Soliai (not both) and then draft a DE to rush the passer.


Since you'd rather talk football.....

When you hear that Ross wants Manning, how much do you believe it, and how much do you consider he may be putting out false information to hide his true intentions?

Thanks Armando.
That's how I see it.
Do we do that in the first round - that is the big question.
I think so.
We get our QB through FA or in a later round.
Luck or RGIII just doesn't seem to be in the cards for us.

I got buddies that died face down in the mud so you could enjoy this little blog! I'm finishing my coffee.

I thought the coach was brought in to bring in Flynn.

yeah armando i think soliai is long gone, which is a mistake. least 10 teams want him. why not franchise him and trade him

mike if that was ever found to be true then this is the biggest mickey mouse franchise ever

We can blame this year's QB draft let down on the Chargers.
CH7 went down against them and Moore starting winning games.
CP10 went down against them.
Didn't BG12 go down against them too?

Hmm....I smell a rat and it's name is San Diego!

But. But. Actual Space is NOT Virtual Space, and that's where the Adapting comes from.

Ross is not putting out false information on Manning.


He is intent on signing the guy "if he's healthy ..." yada, yada, yada.

Truth is everyone in the organization I speak to is fired up about Manning.

I don't agree. But I don't get a vote.


What are the browns willing to give up fro Griffin?

This year's two 1st picks and next year's 1st and 2nd?

Virtual space IS the new regular space. It's the way it is and will be for now.

Tim, I'm thinking pass rusher in the first round, yes. Of course, that assumes the Dolphins didn't strike out on both manning and Flynn and then they'll be desperate on draft day.

All in for Peyton. Manning will be about the money and the atmosphere. He is not about to play outside in KC or Denver. If Ross offers up the $$$ Manning is a Fin.

no swamy sources so far have said browns trying to hold onto number 22 pick.

How are they supposed to deal with the 'if he is healthy' part??? They may have no way to know before FA or even before the draft.

They are gambling too much on a short term solution. Gamble on a trade up for RG3!

Bad thing about Flynn is that the history books are filled with people that have had 15 minutes of fame. Could Flynn's only two nfl starts represent this?

No one can even say for sure if Flynn will ever even be as good as Matt Moore. So we're supposed to just take Joe Philbin's word for it and just pour $50 million in spicey brown mustard all over it. LOL



Who do you think will get Griffin?

What will they give up?

Could Ross and Fisher played a game of "pump me up so I can get a better deal with the Rams and I'll do my best to push for your deal to get Griffin?"

I will assume nothing regarding what Philbin thinks of Flynn. Actions will speak louder than words.

Yeah. In the near Future we's all gonna be able to say, fu,sh,pi,$%!@%%&. Even now, in some permissive Blogs.

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