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Match the QB with the QB priority

If you read the last post you know the issue: At least eight teams that would welcome or need a quarterback upgrade this offseason. And only four such likely QB upgrades available.

So who mates with whom?

What player makes most sense with which team?

Where's Manning going to end up? Where's Robert Griffin III headed?

What does Carnac the Magnificent say?

Below you'll find the teams I believe are open to a QB upgrade. And with each team I give you what I believe to be their most likely QB answer in order of likelihood. Obviously, when you have duplicate answers you'll see that there is indeed a greater demand than supply.

This is obviously all speculative. All opinion. All fun.

But what the hey, you got nothing better to do.

Miami -- Most likely order: Peyton Manning, Tannehill, Flynn, RG3. Reasoning: The owner wants Manning and he's the boss. Case closed with a team whose coach and general manager cannot stand up to the owner and say, "No!" Miami has already cleared the runway for a Manning landing by saying it will accept a temporary "bridge" QB, no matter what age, as a solution to its QB problem. If Manning goes elsewhere, the apocalypse will descend upon the Dolphins. Locusts will eat approximately half the football staff and the rider of the pale (green) horse will personally haunt Joe Philbin. Oh, and it seems Tannehill would be the next most likely scenario because trading up to get Griffin will be cost prohibitive and Flynn will likely be gone by the time the Dolphins are done flirting with Manning.

Cleveland -- Most likely order: Robert Griffin III, Tannehill, Flynn, Manning. Reasoning: I don't see the Browns chasing Manning at all. He's too risky for their tastes and general manager Tom Heckert Jr. is not likely to deviate from his long-range plan to build that team methodically and through the draft. I do see Cleveland seeing an opportunity to land the most dynamic player on the board at No. 2 and trying to get their using its No. 2 and No. 22 overall selections. I hear the Browns question Flynn's durability, size, and the fact he might be a system guy. If the Browns stand pat, they might hope to get Tannehill with their late first rounder. (Personal aside: Get better Tommy!)

Washington -- Most likely order: RG3, Manning, Tannehill, Flynn. Reasoning: Mike Shanahan is no dummy. He sees the grand gifts Griffin owns. And as a QB guru, he believes he can turn the kid into a big star that will play for him for a decade and then play for his successor, which happens to be his son. The Redskins don't have multiple first round picks like Cleveland does so they'll have to do something outrageous to land Griffin. Before all that plays out, however, the Redskins will be involved in the Manning sweepstakes. I wouldn't say that is their priority, but they could be sold on the idea.

Denver -- Most likely order: Manning, Flynn, Tannehill, RG3. Reasoning: They don't have the chips for RG3. They have more than enough cap space and John Elway is probably quite convincing in making the point that you can win a Super Bowl in Denver as a 37- or 38-year-old QB. If he fails, Flynn might be a fit here, too.

Seattle -- Most likely order: Flynn, Tannehill, Manning, RG3. Reasoning: They don't have the RG3 chips barring a willingness to offer major talent already on the roster. The GM is familiar with Flynn and likes Flynn. Their draft order suggests Tannehill.

Arizona -- Most likely order: Manning, Tannehill. Reasoning: I don't see the Cards chasing Flynn because that would be a repeat of the Kevin Kolb move. They don't ahve the chips to trade up for RG3. It's Manning or bust in free agency. It's Tannehill or someone further back in the rounds during the draft.

The Jets -- Most likely order: Manning. That's it. Reasoning: The Jets will dip their toe in the water. (Yes, I'm still using foot puns for this team and will never stop). They like to make splashy moves and there is none splashier than Manning. I don't see New York factoring much with any of the other trhee. I am guessing the team would draft a QB later if the Manning chase fails.

Kansas City -- Most likely order: Manning, RG3, Flynn/Tannehill tie. Reasoning: The Chiefs are dangerous in that they are serious. They typically don't leak stuff. They typically don't suffer soap opera situations, although the Todd Haley deal bordered on it. They are just a fit for what Manning wants in an organization. They're all football and no frills. They also have a ton of cap space. Worry about this team if you're a Dolphins fan.

The scorecard:

Manning is the most likely choice with five teams. RG3 is the most likely choice with two teams. Flynn is the most likely choice with one team. Tannehill is obviously a fall-back option for just about everyone, far as I'm concerned.


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signing manning could be the death of this franchise. please do not sign a broken down career over qb


Robert Mathis is a fa. He's played the p[osition opposite Freeney that he would play if we placed him opposite Wake. This 9is why IO feel Ireland should make a very reasonable attempt to sign Robert Mathis before spending a #1 pick on a guy who may give us 5-7 sacks next year at most.

Robert Mathis still has enough left in the tank to at least give us 7-8 sacks next season blind folded.

As it relates to PM18, I'm with you Armando.
Multiple cervical neck vertebrae surgeries just screams "Stay Away!!"
If Manning takes the field next year it's on borrowed time.
If it's in Miami, Colombo the turnstile could be the catalyst to neck surgeries #6 and #7.

so far the skins have offered the most

On Friday, CBSSports.com's Mike Freeman wrote about Griffin's future, noting that "League sources maintain at least three teams are strongly considering moving up in a blockbuster deal with the Rams to snag Griffin. Those teams, sources say, include Washington, Miami and Seattle. Team officials also say Cleveland has interest in trading up, though not as much as other teams."
Freeman added that "It will likely take two No. 1 picks (at least) to make that trade, and the reason is some teams view Griffin as similarly talented as Luck or such a close facsimile in terms of potential that the difference isn't a great one."


Nice to have you on board. Always a pleasure. You've been doing some really good work lately and we appreciate the insight. We disagree on Manning because quite honestly I don't get the downside of signing him other than it will eat into the cap. But we can always cut him if it doesn't work out and I'm in favour of drafting a QB too. I'm also in favour of drafting a guy like Ingram at 8 but Reiff would have his advantages too....

But the heart wants what the heart wants. And if Snyder is convinced that RG3 is the answer in Washington, we wouldn't be surprised if he had a roster-building relapse. Other potential suitors would be priced out of the bidding, which is great news for the Rams. Still, even if the 'Skins show restraint in the race for RG3, St. Louis should benefit.


Do you really think Ross is going to invest on Peyton if he thinks it's damaged goods? Pleeeease

Fins need to take a chance. Why get a franchise QB on the decline when u can get a cant miss talent like RG3. I'm jumping ship if they don't take him. Take a dam risk and make a move.

If we sign Manning then we better draft some insurance.

But we haven't heard any specific potential trade options for RG3. Until Tuesday, when we heard a report about what the Redskins are willing to offer in exchange for the second-overall pick. According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, Dan Snyder's team is willing to part with two No. 1 picks "plus other selections in the middle to early rounds" in exchange for the rights to RG3.

Presumably, the Redskins would use their No.1 pick in 2012's draft (sixth overall) and package it with their No. 1 pick in 2012 (currently undetermined) and try to create a package similar to what the Giants used in 2004 when they acquired Eli Manning from the Chargers. At that time, the Giants gave up two No. 1 picks (one of which was Philip Rivers) plus a third- and fourth-round pick in that draft in exchange for Manning.


I believe Manning comes here and at least have the same impact Chad Pennington had in 2008. AFC East champs(of course Brady would have to go down again, lol), comeback player of the year, and a 1st rd playoff loss.

I also believe he could eventually have the same fate as CP had in 2009-10. Injured within the 1st four games of the following season, and in the season after that, done for good.

This is a no brainer guys... RG3 is "the man", we can deal with trading some number 1's for this RARE talent. RG3 it has to be!

The Giants made that kind of trade for Manning...guess what they won 2 SB's...trade the picks Jeffy and Steve..it's worth it

if all manning can bring us is a first rd loss then forget it. going after the franchise qb in griffin is the right move, we would be set for yearssssss

Peyton would not be a good choice..I agrees below..he would be a CP type...maybe get us one playoff show and then gets hurt or just can't game like he used to...

It will be five or ten years before there is another Luck and RG3 in the draft. Give it up for RG3, handle your needs next year in FA.

Man, many People here want RG3, so I will obey the majority.

Here's a blockbuster deal that would shake the NFL!

Ross signs Manning and gets Griffin to learn from a HOFer by holding the clipboard for the next 2 to 3 years a-la-Farve/Aaron Rodgers.

Those of you whom don't want RG3...if we don't get him..just watch how whatever team that did will end up...they will be great for years to come.
So he costs a lot of picks..it didn't hurt the Giants did it...no it didn't. Even trading a lot of picks we can still fill holes with FA and non first rounders the next two years...RG3 is really our best choice

My BEST Fits and WHY!

Matt Flynn: With all do respect Mando he's a better fit in Cleveland than he is in Seattle. The Offense in G.B.(West Coast S.F.) is one that was installed by M.Holgrem since way back in the early-90's everybody who's coached the Pack since has kept it while adding there own wrinkles. McCarthy is more vertical given his unique pieces but don't forget the 96 Pack was as well when they had Andre Rison to go with R.Brooks and Freemen at WR and Keith Jackson, Mark Chumura at TE also Dorsey Levens was a better threat in the pass than run game. Holgrem took his system with him to Seattle and traded for M.Hassalbeck who flourished in it having learned it while a back up to Favre.

In Flynn Holgrem knows what he gets and keeps his picks in a deep draft to address needs across the board. He knows how to use the draft and build teams and can see him going this route rather than mortgaging his team into 2014. Everybody forgets that if not for horrible phantom calls in S.B. XL Holgrem would have been the 1st H.C. to win S.B.'s with 2 different teams and he maybe the one Team Exec. out there who isn't exactly looking for an RG3 but more his type of cerebral signal caller having gone the other route with Seneca Wallace whom he drafted in Rd.4 in 03 while at Seattle instead opting for a trigger man to run his W.C. Offense, early in Favre's career his improv. style caused clashes with the controlled tempo Holgrem prefers in his W.C. Offense.

Peyton Manning: Seattle may actually be the front runner for P.Manning if not for the fact they essentially play for a European type plane ride (8 to 12 Hrs. from the Gulf Coast moving down South) on the other side of the Country in the Pacific Northwest near Vancouver, Canada. They have the H.C. who would let Manning do it his way (He often did with his Vet. QB's at USC) and some real nice pieces on O with Z.Miller, Sydney Rice and Marshawn (BEAST MODE) Lynch at R.B.

Anybody who has seen Peyton play knows he is at his most dangerous when he has solid play out of his T.E. and WR along with some balance at RB freezing LB's looking draw or screen keeping him from pressing and allowing him to dictate the pace.

Washington: They may have alot of CAP space but they have NO R.B. or WR's (PLURAL) to speak of except a bunch of declining old vets and Chris Cooley is always hurt as well as their "PREMIER" LT Trent Williams who is also another failed drug test away from a 1 Yr. suspension after being the 4th overall pick 2010. You then factor that the interior of their OL is a MESS and I don't see Manning going there. I will give you that Shanahan now more repentant than ever in taking that job would love to get Manning in an attempt to go out on top but don't see Peyton buying what they're selling.

The Cardinals: They are more or less in the same boat as Seattle in terms of distance because I don't think Manning will want to move his family across the Country. I think the BRONCOS and Chiefs are probably our biggest rivals in the Peyton sweepstakes derby because they do offer a Div. that even a 75% Peyton would dominate and have enough talent that he could challenge career nemesis Brady right away, these are the teams we should definitely fear!

The Jets: They blew their window in 2009-2010 and are declining in age. They aren't that big a contender and have all of Miami's same flaws with the exception we are a young nucleus while they're an older team across the board. The dysfunction that the group Rex built brings with their larger than life drama will be a huge turn off for the ALL BUSINESS Manning.

In the RG3 sweepstakes everybody will be in play it will just come down to who wants him more and yes Minnesota included who would be shopping Ponder if that situation would arise IMHO!

Swany - do you have some cap space numbers for us?

Oscar, it's really a no brainer my friend...just look at the Giants man

I know a lot of dolfans are writing Moore off as the Dolphins future at qb. But short of being able to land RG3, Moore may be our absolute best plan B.

Moore had a rocky start. However, what do you expect of a qb who hadnt taken a single first team rep the entire training camp, plus learn a brand new offense. After settling in and getting better with offense, Moore had a 6-3 record and 87 qb rating for the entire season that he played.

Short of being able to land RG3, if these coaches can tweak certain elements of Moore's play. He could end up being the surprise, surprise, surprise dolfans have waited for since Marino.

RG3 should be the number 1 option without question! I hope they make a competitive offer. We have been missing a franchise QB for far too long and his will excel beyond expectations.

15 mill tim

I like Matt Moore a whole helluva lot better than reaching and drafting Tannehill 1st rd. Tannehill cant even hold Matt Moore's jockstrap right now!

yesterday come on dude. if moore starts for us ever again we are right back to square one. he just isnt very good, solid backup. leave him there

agree on tannehill, guy sucks

It won't surprise me if the market for Flynn is far weaker than anyone expects. Flynn is more over hyped than Kolb was. Flynn is no franchise QB anywhere.

All reports point to Manning throwing according to schedule and some say he has looked sharp doing so. Why not kick the tires if he has interest in playing in Miami? Signing Manning costs money, trying to get RGIII will cost a lot of picks which is obvious.

How do we know the Colts are set on taking Luck? Yes, they may be saying that now but that could be part of their strategy to shake up the draft a bit.

I also like signing Robert Mathis in fa a helluva lot better than spending a 1st rd pickl on a pass rusher who'll only give us 5-7 sacks as a rookie. Mathis has the ability to give 10 sacks on the other side of Wake right away.

There isnt a "TRUE" game changing pass rusher available in this draft. Not unless he's a late round gem the absolutely no one saw coming!

i think flynn has solid potential. guessing he gets around 30 mill, wont be near the 55 mill fans in here were worried about.

yeah yesterday def dont want coples, guy never even tries, takes many plays off

The Dolphins only have about $15 million in cap space, assuming the cap doesn't go down.

So how do you 1) Sign Manning, 2)Sign Reggie Wayne, 3)Sign Mathis, 4) Re-sign either Langford or Soliai, 5) Draft and sign seven more players, 6) Add UDFAs, 7) tender the restricted guys, 7) save some room for the season so you can make moves 8) Add a full practice squad?

The math simply doesn't add up even if they get cap relief from Jake Long.

fin4life - great post.

With Coach Philbin you have to think he'll take a shot at Flynn.
I don't like the idea of paying Flynn 30 or 40 or 50 million however.
He needs to prove his worth first.

The needs on defense seem to get lost here on this blog at least lately they have.
We need a great need for a pass rusher.

March 13th can't get here quick enough.


I keep posting "short of getting RG3" when I mention Matt Moore. I definitely think Matt Moore is better than any qb in the draft afdt6er Andrew Luck and RG#.

Moore had zero 1st team snaps in training camp. Meaning he didnt get to practice the full offense. That's the reasoin for the rocky start. After settling in and getting the neccessary reps he would post a 5-3 record and a 87 qbr for the season.

This suggest to me Moore's game just needs to have a few things tweaked and he could be possible franchise material. Believe it or not, a 87 qbr suggest a guy is just barely on the outter fringe of becoming a franchise qb. IMO, a franchise qb is a qb that can consitently become a top 10 qb. Elite status is reserved for the top 5 qb's.


Forget Wayne, Sokliai too if it comes down to a pass rusher or run stuffer. Doesnt too much good to have 3rd and longs when teams continuosly converts them.

Our run stop game may suffer slightly without Soliai. But I dont see it happening to a drastic degree.

Also trading the entire draft for RG3 would help a whole lot with the 2012 salary cap. It would give a little more room to sign Manning, Mathis and Soliai.

Great question Armando.
Rhetorical though I imagine.
I know I can't answer it.

Let's see if you have any takers!

What do we do if Trent Richardson is staring at us at #8?

You guys want to go all out on RG3. OK. Many factors to consider. So, St. Louis gets our #8 this year + our #1 next year(in the 20's if we are good enough) plus some extra picks. Allright. Then, how much $ is RG3 going to ask for? I don't know, but might be accomodated. So, is he good enough to invest all of that? I have to watch more of him, his workouts.

Seeing how Soliai made far over his actual on the field value as a nt last season. He maybe willing to help us out a little by signing a contract with enough incentives to make it feasible enough to bring him back.

You never know. But if greed, not team is primary moptivation. Let the greedy mother-sucker walk!

Armando - thanks for chatting with us tonight.
Makes the blog fun.


Soliai made 12 million last season. his play was worth about 8 million max. Maybe they can convince to consider the at least 4 million he was over paid last season to count as part of signing bonus money this year.

Ya neva kno............!

Makes me absolutely sick that the Dolphins are only looking at the short-term solution with Manning. I thought the Dolphins were trying to build a dynasty that could compete every year for the Superbowl.

So Miami is going to blow it's load this year on Manning. Let's take the best case scenario and Manning plays well. Do you really think this team competes for a Super Bowl? Playoffs maybe, but Superbowl no.

Then what in a year or two? No QB. Back at square one. Oh Ireland's got a solution for that. He is going to draft a "project" QB. Great.

This team needs to build a dynasty. To do that, they need to get a young stud QB. There are only two likely available in the draft -- Luck and RGIII.

Do whatever it takes to get RGIII!!

RGIII will be a stud for the next 12+ years!!

We don't want Manning. We want RGIII!!!

Everyone's life seems so much more complex for one simple reason and one alone:


We might, just might, get by with Jerry at RG and Murtha at RT. But we have no depth. The killer this year is we have no depth. 9-7.

Ireland Sucks,

You cant build a championship dynasty until you first learn to build a playoff dynasty. 2-3 playoffs in the last 15yrs proves we havent even gotten this close as a franchise.

You can forget you have to first make the playoffs when constructing championship plans. Without first making the playoffs or becoming a playoff dynasty team. Your chances of ever winning a championship are absolutely ZERO.

Some gm's just cant see the trees for the forest. Championships are the forest and the trees are the playoffs.

A forest doesnt become a forest until it first has many trees!

dusty you hate everyone and like Flynn? you are nuts. 7th round pick, weak arm, Flynn sucks. Moore is way better.

There are many great scenarios facing the dophins this offseason. However, Im fully confident they'll fidn ways to screw each and every one of them up. LOL

The Dolphins have an easy schedule this year. We will not be drafting high in 2013. Give away this years #1 and #3 and next years #1 and #2 and let's bring RGIII to South Florida!!


It behooves me that this franchise would spent $50 million to gamble Flynn just might be better than Matt Moore. There's no consistent and tangible eveidence to suggest Flynn will ever even be as Moore was last season.

Nah, I don't have the balls to do it. I'm too traumatized. And if RG3 fails, I don't want to go through another 3 years of misery. Let Ireland decide.

Even if we sign Peyton Manning. Im sure Ireland finds a way to screw up on the neccessary moves needed after we sign him. We'll probably sign Manning and "back into" the 2012 playoffs at best.

By the final 2-3 games of the season we'll be depending on 15 teams to loose or win so we back into the playoffs. Remember you heard it first.

Philbin happened to be on the same team as Flynn, or visa versa. This does not mean Philbin sees Flynn as a franchise QB. I would be shocked if he did. We don't need any more backup types. Its time to cut to the chase and go for the gold! Flynn is not even aluminum!


Its not about getting RG3 alone. Ireland needs to make a series of competent moves to get this franchise to where it needs to be.

Without making nthe series of competent moves neccessary, sure we would be back in the stone ages if the RG3 move fails. When a teaqm suffers "serious setback" it wasnt one move that caused it. A "series of moves went very wrong. Its just that the one big move sticks out like a sore thumb.

Saints still managed to become a sb championship team less than a decde after the Ricky move. This is because competent enough people came in and begain making a series of nice moves. With Drew Brees being chief amongst those series of moves.


I would chop Bell and renegotiate Marshall and Dansby. That should free up a few bucks. Priorities should be Mannning and Wayne. Still have to resign Wake and then draft Ingram, OT and S. Should be doable.


Flynn is aluminum? He's more like one helluva an expensive roll of tin foil to me. He isnt even Reynolds wrap. He more like a generic brand! LOL

A gm's job is similar to a chessmaster's job. When a chess plasyer gets in trouble during the mid or end game. The problem deidnt develop in the mid or end game.

It most likely developed within the first 10 series of moves. Its just that it dint rear its ugly head until the mid or end game.

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