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Mike Sherman: Dolphins not far from Super Bowl

Mike Sherman has a Super Bowl ring from his time with the 1997 Green Bay Packers when he was the team's tight ends and assistant offensive line coach. He wants another ring.

And he thinks the Dolphins are close enough to help him get that ... No, seriously, Sherman sees the Dolphins that went 6-10 last year as being a few tweaks away.

"I've watched the tape, I don't think we're that far away," Sherman said today during a 30-minute meeting in which Dolphins coaches met with the media. "We're missing a couple of pieces here and there and we have a chance to build upon what Jeff Ireland has put together here. After watching the tape, I feel like we get a couple of pieces here and there and we'll be close."


Sherman is clearly excited about Miami's personnel.

"We'll have some very explosive potential with the talent we have on offense," he said. "We have to fill some holes but overall we have some explosive players and that's exciting. If you have explosive players, you should have explosive plays."

When Sherman interviewed with the Dolphins he talked to coach Joe Philbin about what the ownership philosophy is in Miami. And Philbin convinced Sherman that Steve Ross is committed to winning a Super Bowl.

"I looked at tape when I was here and talked to Joe and wanted to know what the ownership philosophy was regarding the franchise and in the conversation with coach Philbin he was adamant about the fact that Mr. Ross wants to bring a Super Bowl, bring a Lombari Trophy to Miami. He's very passionate about that.

"So with that said, it was certainly a very telling statement, a convincing statement that led me to feel we have a chance to do that here with the current level we're able to add to this as well, and hopefully with our coaching we're able to do exactly what Mr. Ross wants to get done."

So I asked Sherman if he's thinking that in terms of years down the road or sooner than that.

"I never think much more than this year so next year or the following year, we're going to be as good as we can be this year," he said. "We'll see what happens and see how it goes. I don't think anyone would have picked the Giants necessarily to win the Super Bowl this year."

Short answer, Sherman doesn't see the Dolphins as a hopeless situation.

"No not at all," he said. "Not in the least."



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The lack of humility is a tremendous problem for this franchise.
Reminds of the playoffs talk last offseason.
How can you "just a few pieces away" after 3 consecutive losing seasons?

or perhaps a few means "15"?

if you actaully watched the games last year - you'd agree this team is 'very close.' They were in every game except the eagles game - even the 1st jets game was close if you take a way the bad officiating. With an easy schedule there's no doubt they make the playoffs

Problem is those few holes are very hard to fill...most noteably the QB...RG3 baby!!!!

Well, what do you expect him to say? This team stinks?

I say we sign Flynn, pay attention to who attempts to sign him, then try to trade up to get RG3. If we can get RG3, then we trade Flynn to one of the teams that tried to sign Flynn to recoup some of what we used to get RG3. That way no matter what happens, we have something to show for.

Dang, he sounds just like another 5 and dime reporter. Has no idea what he is talking about but runs his mouth anyway. Go back to high school football and stay out of the pros, better yet go back to writing the comics, your very good at it!!

This sounds familiar, who was the last coaching staff to tell this to former owner huizenga? In my opinion this team is years from a super bowl run.

ok...just watched 10 mins of Tannehill highlights and observed the following:

1. He made a lot of check-down throws
2. He has average scrambling abilities
3. He made some nice throws in the mid-range.
4. His longer throws of 30+ were underthrown
5. He had a lot of dropped balls

Summary: What you cannot get from video are the intangibles. Is he a leader in both the huddle and the locker room?
By eyesight only, he reminds me a lot of Henne! Yes, that Henne.
He lacks excitement and I don't see Ross signing off on this kid as the savior of the franchise...just don't see it.
Especially after Sherman says the following:
"We have to fill some holes but overall we have some explosive players and that's exciting. If you have explosive players, you should have explosive plays."

I would not describe Tannehill as an "explosive" player.

Do the coaches get tested by the league for marijuana as rigorously as the players do? Just sayin....just sayin

Manning as player/coach (like Strock), or ace in the hole (like Griese), under an incentive laden contract.
Tannehill as a late first or early second round pick, after trading down from the 8/9 pick.
Check out this write up on Tannehill:
...and this one too:
Anybody care to comment?

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/02/manning-had-unreported-surgery-and-may-need-another/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

NH -- Playing Devils adv. Who is Tannehill throwing to in those highlights? He really didn't have much talent to work with.

Fuller was A&M's best WR and he's 4th round at best.

I like it....

Confidence is not a bad thing....

Sexy Rexy's team played with confidence...the result...BACK TO BACK AFC Championship games....with wins over the PATS once a year for the past few years....

Coaches should believe that they are close....


I KNOW DC will not believe we are close until there is a general consensus from the talking heads on ESPN to tell him we are close....

But in the end...Sporano's incompetence cost us more than a few games...we lost a lot of close games during his tenure...we are a GOOD coach away from getting back into the playoffs.....

Am I wrong or was that write up completely condescending?

"And he thinks the Dolphins are close enough to help him get that. No, seriously, Sherman sees the Dolphins that went 6-10 last year as being a few tweaks away."

What did he mean "no really"? Did he think we were all laughing at the notion? We have a good young core and with the addition of a QB,TE, and RG there is no reason why the Dolphins couldn't make a run at the super bowl in the next three years.

Teams come out of nowhere all of the time. They build behind the scenes and then just add a few pieces in the end that get them over the top. The 49ers went pretty far wouldn't you say? And they have Alex Smith! The guy had worse numbers than Henne before Harbaugh showed up.

I'm not going to speak to Armandos train of thought because we all know that train derailed when the radio show started. Seriously, I don't know if he was trying to be condescending or if it was inadvertent but there it is. I'll trust Mike Sherman's judgement over any sports writer in this country when it comes to building a football team.

RG3 or Flynn... And we're good! Even Tannehill doesnt sound bad. Just get SOMEONE. Its not very hard to upgrade from Matt Moore. Let one of these other QB thirsty teams sign Manning so on draft theyll be out of our way. Its also incredibly easy to upgrade from Marc Colombo and Sean Smith cause they both stink!!!... While theyre at it they can cut other trash players like Nolan Carrol who constantly get picked on and torched as SOON as they enter the game!!!

If they dont get Peyton Manning, Ross will be buying boatloads of his own tickets....AGAIN!

Ron Son - I dont give a cr@p if Ross has to buy his own tickets. If he buys a broken Manning, we will suck anyway. Im for going after a young unbroken QB even if hes unproven.


Your right on with your judgement....

Thats what we have come to expect.....don't be confident in your team....cause Armando will make fun of you....


If Fisher had been offered the job...and then Hired (not taken the job as Armando would have us believe)....

and Fisher said he felt we were "close"...this article would have a totally differnt feel....

I can't wait till we start winning....and Armando has to eat all this poison that he spews on the FIN FANS....

Why do I have the feeling Mike Sherman will be eating crow after game 2? LMAO

Brandrop he can justify it by pointing out the thousands of sports franchises who made turn arounds after being a mediocre team. Teams that needed a few pieces to come together. Happens every year in every sport!

As a matter of fact EVERY F***ING team that ever won a title was mediocre at some point no?! So why in the f**k is our team any different? Why can't fans think positively in Miami? Are you a bunch of morons? Couldn't we have just hired the next great coach in the NFL or are we all convinced he's already a failure?

I'm so sick of this nancy boy sissy attitude with Dolphins fans! So many are nothing more than prepubescent whiney little school girls. Man the f**k up and grow a pair.

Mike Sherman = as clueless as they ome

I don't know about being "a few pieces away"...Every team in the NFL believes they're only "a few pieces away" at this time of the year. Reality is we need to draft or sign another QB, we need another WR, TE, we also need a RG and a RT. That's just the offense. On defense, we need another pass rusher, another CB and a playmaking FS. We might need a SS if we cut Bell. That's a lot of "pieces"...Ireland needs to hit on all cylinders in both free agency and draft day. We'll see...

correction, Mandos quote was "no seriously".

..As a coach, it is your job to preach the positive. Especially a coach in a new situation in a culture that isn't used to winning. Take Harbaugh for instance..He had the same message from day 1 preaching team first, and belief in yourself second.. It sounds corny, it sounds simplistic..From the right person, the right leader..These messages can echo deep within a team..If they buy in.

We can be cynical all day long..As fans it goes with the territory. I would rather have a coach who believes that we have a group of players that can be molded into winners. Was Sherman supposed to say..."What have I got myself into?? This is a Jv squad from top to bottom..Nothing to see here?" Lets see how these guys impliment their system, and gow the players react to it...It could be the perfect fit?

I believe that Sherman is right. We lost a few big games but for the most part we were in every game.
We have a decent qb with Moore. Please spare us any Henne references. He only plays on my team if he is the last guy picked and only when everyone else is done.
The defense was pretty good and even great at times.
The team needs some swagger. We have two win at least 4 of the 1st 6 games. And no 0-2 to start.

Waw, that's being a man Phins78! Jeff Ireland looks for a weterboy, perhaps you'll be interested.
Winning teams shut the f::k up and work. They win on the field, they don't talk about winning.

We will know soon enough (March 16th) if it's Tannehill or Flynn.

If the Fins pass on Flynn and go after DL or OL in free agency, then we can assume they are seeking to upgrade the QB position via the draft.

If they sign Flynn in FA....Tannehill is sure to go elsewhere because he will not be there in the 2nd round.

These fukking coaches and their tape. Is this the same tape that convinced Sparano that Colombo could still play?

We are a decent qb away from being a good team. Unfortunately, that's also at least 50% of the equation.

I think Sherman is right, get a QB and Brandon Marshall turns into Calvin Johnson, Bush gets more explosive, and Bess turns into a taller (albeit not as quick) Welker

I don't disagree with Sherman. The thing is they're missing the MOST important piece: Quarterback!

Fact is, Matt Moore's performance this past year was slightly better than average, and the only Dolphins QB to have a better season than Moore's since Marino retired, is Pennington in '08.

They need a top-10 QB. Elite QBs can cover up a lot of holes - just look at the Colts this past year w/o Manning. Plus both Rodgers and Brady led their teams to the playoffs & 1st rd byes, when their teams had the worst two defenses in the league!

Sherman saying we're close is like Ross saying Henne is Marino. It's laughable.

Wow...has it really come down to a choice between Flynn & Tannehill?

Manning is broken and done.
RG3 is cost prohibitive.

Everyone else in FA sucks
The talent level after Tannehill drops like a rock and are likely 'long term projects'.

Flynn or Tannehill...whom do you favor?

Yeah, we should all believe Mike Sherman, because every offense he touches turns to gold. This is pathetic. Sherman was fired in disgrace from Texas A&M, and nobody in the entire NFL wanted him. But then along came his good friend Joe Philbin, and suddenly Sherman is hired. How can Ross allow this? It's yet another reason that we beg you, Mr Ross, to please sell the team immediately.

Forget about the rest, I like this quote.

"We'll have some very explosive potential with the talent we have on offense," he said. "We have to fill some holes but overall we have some explosive players and that's exciting. If you have explosive players, you should have explosive plays."

Sherman is as clueless as they come?

F***ing love it. The coach is well respected all over the league, not a bad word has ever been muttered about this guy but now he's in Miami and the morons/fans will label him as clueless.

It's so funny to read Armando's stories and then read the comments. If you look close you can easily decipher those of us who read, assess, and then make up our own minds as opposed to those who read, don't understand, and are brain washed by Armando's hatred of Stephen Ross (and in turn blindly follow every word he says).

In short there are some of us who are Dolphins fans and some who are Armando fans and couldn't care less about the team unless they want to put them down. If you fall in the second category you are a pathetic loser, end of story.

"Sherman saying we're close is like Ross saying Henne is Marino. It's laughable."

Great point Armando fan! What incredible insight!

I prefer Flynn over Tannehill for the simple reason that he knows the system, has practiced it and actually got to run it against NE and Detroit. Even if those were end of the year games, they were still better than a preseason game.

Explosive players? Randy.Moss.

Some fans already making fun of Sherman...Typical...What a joke...Some of you guys are total pea brains...

Not too late for gruden, false. The Bucs interviewed Sherman for the HC gig.

Bad choice of words though Shermy! Sparano watched the tape too. Missing pieces here n there translates to not having a:

Legit Nickel back & starter opposite Vontae

Yea, we're close alright!

Phins78...I agree. A portion of the fan base will be overly critical of anything they can wrap their brains around. This staff hasn't coached one game, one practice..And already the group is useless, moronic, Gump...

It is easy to spit venom about the unknown..It happens in every arena of life...I think it is wise to at least give this staff a chance to prove their value before declaring them failures..If folks want to be critical of Ireland, or Ross..fine. They both have a rap sheet of gaffs that can be debated.

Brandrop get back to me when you graduate from high school and actually start paying your own bills. Until then you are clueless to how the world works and I couldn't care less about your one line cracks and put downs that offer no intellectual stimulation. He was asked what he thought about where the team stood and he said they were a few pieces away. How is that "talking about winning".

You are so clueless you don't even understand what was written. And to further prove my point about you being clueless, how does anyone misspell water?

Explosive = Marshall and Bush
Holes = QB and right side of the Oline.

Montreal and DD,

For once, I would just like to see a better product on the field instead of saying we aren't far from the Super Bowl. Like Montreal said, it's a close league, except for 3 or 4 teams, nobody is really far from having a chance. Even Minnesota, drafting 3rd can be significantly improved if Ponder progresses.

However, for once, let's not talk about it, let's be about it.

Alot of you are ragging on Sherman for saying we are a few pieces away from contending. But, hes right. Look at NE. They had ALOT of holes on defense and they nearly won the superbowl.

Hey Brandrop I want to apologize. Remember earlier when I called you clueless? I'm sorry I didn't emphasize that enough!

Mark -- For the Vikings it would depend on how healthy AP will be next year. He looked pretty messed up with that knee injury. I hope he comes back full speed. That guy was fun to watch. He has the football passion of Walter Payton.

Not far from the Super Bowl? I havent even read your column and I hate this guy already. How about just shutting up, eating a piece of humble pie and proving something other than that you were an NFL coach until you were fired, then you were a college coach until you were fired. Mike Sherman, you are definitely rending down, yet you are talking about the pinnacle of the highest level? Please. Based on your pattern, the next logical stop was being high scholl football coach (then of course, being fired).
I'll shut up and read the column, but I hate the SB talk. Its more like BS. Just win some games and then maybe we can talk about maybe, just mayvbe a playoff game.

Onlu an absolute IDIOT would critize a coach of the FINS for bein OPTOMISTIC and and CONFIDENT in their abilities....

and that statment does NOT exclude the author of this blog....


Forget all of this QB talk for a moment, and let's get down to brass tax. DEFENSE, it's still all about defense! Look at the conference title games, 3 out of 4 of the remaining teams (Giants, 49ers, and Ravens) are all about DEFENSE! Yes, even in the era of the QB, at the end of the day, it still comes down to playing great defense come playoff time. Also, Drew Brees & Aaron Roders were sitting at home eliminated because their respective teams couldn't play any DEFENSE when it mattered most!

That is why I say, make QB the #2 priority, and focus on the pass rush. LET'S GO GET MARIO WILLIAMS ASAP! If Alex Smith and Joe Flacco can get deep into the playoffs and Trent Difer can win a Super Bowl, then Matt Moore can likely do the same so long as he has dominating defense in support. Pairing Williams with Wake would be absolutely frighting for opposing offenses to deal with! And Williams is a natural fit in the new 4-3 base we will have as he has experience with it going back to college and the majority of time he was in Houston.

Moore and a rookie to challenge him will suffice. Let's make Mario Williams the #1 priority! "Pass Rush" is now king in this league!

We have so many MORONS who are laughing at Sherman but the FACT of the matter if we add a pass rusher a RT and most importantly a QB we are as good as any team in the NFL. Damnn The Giants won the super bowl last year and in the regualar season we had a better points differential and would have beaten them if not for a bogus pass interference call on Marshall. The people who come on here usually lack any kind of NFL knowledge though, there pretty much as dumb as it comes which is why Florida is bottom 5 in education haha

That Guy...

99% of coaches are coaches....UNTIL THEY ARE FIRED....

You can probably count on ONE hand the number of coaches who have retired or walked away in the past decade....

Thats just the way it is....

Sherman is correct.
In this league you can go from worst to first very easily...just look at the NY Jets.

A below 500% team signs a new head coach, moves up in the draft and grabs a QB.

AFC Championships that year and the next!

It can be done!

Texas, I think Ponder will be a bigger factor than whether AP plays or not. Ap is a fantastic back, no doubt.... but I also like Toby Gerhart. He can fill in admirably.

That is why I say, make QB the #2 priority, and focus on the pass rush. LET'S GO GET MARIO WILLIAMS ASAP! If Alex Smith and Joe Flacco can get deep into the playoffs and Trent Difer can win a Super Bowl,
Killerbee is your aimt to come 3rd and 4th? YOU NEED A FUCKING A ELITE QB to win a Super Bowl get a grip you fool. There were 2 QB's in the SB 2 of the 5 best in the NFL if you want to be like the 49ers or Ravens you want to lose this is what is wrong with this PATHETIC fan base

Did you guys see Miami signed a running back from the CFL. Check out the link


Someone said Pass rush is more important than getting a QB this is what this pathetic fan base gets you a bunch people who haven't got a clue about the NFL because of very poor education and settling for 2nd place

..Mark in Toronto..What UP!!

I agree. My point is that this staff was brought here to do just what you said. Turn this team into a winner. I understand talk is cheap. Coaches speak in hyperbole, and we are always a few players away, yet we seem so far from the finish line. I want to see what they can do before I lay any judgement on any of them. I think that is fair?

Philbin wasn't my first choice, he wasn't my second either. Frankly I don't know enough about him to fairly critique him. He was given a chance here because the people who do make the football decisions(a history of some poor ones to be fair) saw something in Philbin that they were made believers. It is easy for me to be critical of anything this FO does because their track record has been spotty at best. I'm hoping for the best. I could live in a fantasy world, and can't see the truth in front of my eyes. I want to see results as bad as you or the next guy..I am going to hold out on any judgement until these results start to come in.

KillerBee, go back to 1986! The giants had the 27th ranked defense in the NFl, the Patriots 31st. The giants were also 29th against he pass and 19th against the run.

Fact is the 2 last teams had awesome QB play and opportunistic defenses. Both teams were top 10 in turnover ratio and passing offense. That's how you win football games. The giants have 3 very good pass rushers. Other than that, it's a pretty ordinary defense.

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