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Mike Sherman: Dolphins not far from Super Bowl

Mike Sherman has a Super Bowl ring from his time with the 1997 Green Bay Packers when he was the team's tight ends and assistant offensive line coach. He wants another ring.

And he thinks the Dolphins are close enough to help him get that ... No, seriously, Sherman sees the Dolphins that went 6-10 last year as being a few tweaks away.

"I've watched the tape, I don't think we're that far away," Sherman said today during a 30-minute meeting in which Dolphins coaches met with the media. "We're missing a couple of pieces here and there and we have a chance to build upon what Jeff Ireland has put together here. After watching the tape, I feel like we get a couple of pieces here and there and we'll be close."


Sherman is clearly excited about Miami's personnel.

"We'll have some very explosive potential with the talent we have on offense," he said. "We have to fill some holes but overall we have some explosive players and that's exciting. If you have explosive players, you should have explosive plays."

When Sherman interviewed with the Dolphins he talked to coach Joe Philbin about what the ownership philosophy is in Miami. And Philbin convinced Sherman that Steve Ross is committed to winning a Super Bowl.

"I looked at tape when I was here and talked to Joe and wanted to know what the ownership philosophy was regarding the franchise and in the conversation with coach Philbin he was adamant about the fact that Mr. Ross wants to bring a Super Bowl, bring a Lombari Trophy to Miami. He's very passionate about that.

"So with that said, it was certainly a very telling statement, a convincing statement that led me to feel we have a chance to do that here with the current level we're able to add to this as well, and hopefully with our coaching we're able to do exactly what Mr. Ross wants to get done."

So I asked Sherman if he's thinking that in terms of years down the road or sooner than that.

"I never think much more than this year so next year or the following year, we're going to be as good as we can be this year," he said. "We'll see what happens and see how it goes. I don't think anyone would have picked the Giants necessarily to win the Super Bowl this year."

Short answer, Sherman doesn't see the Dolphins as a hopeless situation.

"No not at all," he said. "Not in the least."



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better depth??? we lost solia, get real. misi is horrible

Starks in the middle i meant not Odrick although he could also

The only way they are close to the Super Bowl is if the game is played in Miami, then they are the team that is the closest to the stadium.

Misi might be better in a 4-3 he played DE in college

Still have Starks, Odrick, Wake, McDaniel, Misi and Merling.

maybe Langford if not Soliai

Dear Mr. Phins78,

Please see my name.

Thank you,

Phins, I'm gonna take a stab at your point. If only we beat the Browns, Broncos, Giants, Cowboys and Pats (2nd game), we would have been 11-5. Am I right?

Because those were our closest games.

My counter (I admit, a bit sarcastic) is that when in the last decade (other than '08) did we win all the close games on our schedule?

Even though we were close in points, in reality, we weren't really that close to winning those games. If you allow Colt McCoy (no elite QB) to lead a game-winning drive, then you really weren't that close. Ditto Tebow (though our game started a nice little run for him). Eli Eli'd us, we had no chance. Ditto Romo. Ditto Brady (he's done it a ton against us).

So it was smart of you to use the "11 points" phrasing, it acted like a side mirror, making things look closer than they really were.

So....nobody cares we actually signed someone for real today?

DC those are the pieces we would need to be the best team in the league.

If we were to get half of those pieces you CAN NOT say without doubt that we wouldn't be close. I have watched teams with less talent beat teams that were loaded. We all have and that's the point here. Sherman is saying with some additions we will be close, as close as any other team that had holes who made it far. The Jets had tons of holes coming off of 7-9 and made it to the afc championship. San Fran had holes,,,and get this,,,at QB going into last season. Quick, raise your hand if you picked San Fran to play a championship game at home last season.

These teams had the same problems we have. They fixed those problems but not so much just by signing pro bowl players like some of you are suggesting is the only fix. They had players with character and they had coaches who knew how to coach. They had Harbaugh who knows how to get the best out of all of his players. He adjusts his playbook to play to the players strengths. That's exactly what Philbin said in his firstg interview and he said it was the "key" to finding success on any team. It is exactly what Sparano lacked, no vision, forced his way on players that didn't fit the system.

Oh boy would it be great to sign all of the best players in the league, then we could be just like the Eagles, or better yet the Dolphins in Shulas last season!

go fins!

best team in the league on paper. When I say we need these four pieces to contend it is true and in no way laughable. Only laughable if you don't understand my meaning and inject your own for lack of understanding. I didn't say we need to sign Tom Brady, Gronkowski, etc. We obviously need upgrades at positions. Why LOL thinks that is funny and impossible to do is anyone's guess.

Here's a list of the top 20 (ish) listed draftees NOT named griffin or Luck, and NOT O-linemen. Playmakers.

Claiborne CB, Blackmon WR, Still DT, Kirkpatrick CB, Coples DE, Brockers DT, Perry DE, Wright WR, Kuechly ILB, Jenkins CB, Ingram OLB, Upshaw OLB, Floyd WR

Any of these folks come to us in round 1 and I'm satisfied we did right.

*I left out RB (Richardson). Seems a waste to draft him unless we trade Thomas for something else. I might be OK with that too.

Phins, yes, if we have a real HC who knows how to strategize, we'll be close. If we have an OC who uses formations that work in today's style of football, then we'll be close. If we have a staff that can get the team ready for Week 1 (instead of 7), we'll be close.

Sure, teams can turn things around quickly, with the right staff and personnel.

Doesn't mean we definitely have that (not saying we don't).

I just know teams usually have to crawl before they walk. They have to learn to win close games. Then learn to get into the Playoffs. Then learn how to win in the Playoffs. Then learn how to win the SB.

We're still at the 1st step. I'm just saying don't hold your breathe.

Moore is not the problem here. We could use another or a big play receiver. Bess will be a beast in this offense. OL fixed and we are looking much better

Our D has several holes to plug.

Phins, not impossible. Improbable.

My guess is LOL is playing the odds. He probably knows the past. Might even figure past is prologue. Just guessing (not taking sides).

jeff, I hope they don't get rid of Bess. I agree he can be a beast. For some reason he wasn't targeted last year. Let's hope they don't make the same mistake they did with Welker.

Ohio, even though he is a fellow Canadian, even I am not excited. He was signed without a signing bonus. It will be an accomplishment for this guy to even make the roster. If he stars, he will be the Miami version of jeremy Lin.


BTW, we can also trade down, and still pick up some of those dudes above, and also names like:
Barron SS,
Hightower ILB,
Jeffrey WR
And I'm sure a bunch of other dudes I know little about that kick butt.

they better not get rid of bess??!?

bess will thrive in the wc o.

come on mando, why don't you berate mike sherman for having optimism? you're pretty good at that.


Oh.....ESPN talked him up a bit then, sounded like he had a chance.

Mark, don't let Craig hear you say that. Hear him tell it, and this guy is the Hope Diamond in Ireland's chest. I tried saying I didn't think this pick amounted to very much, and you would have thunk I said let's gather our pitchforks and invade Ottawa.

Bess would do well in the WCO. Agree 2 watt.
Small quick guys are who you want there.
LaMichael James, or Chris Rainey would be good pick ups for that spot if not.

Fair enough DC.

My point is that if we had upgrades at a few positions those three points could have easily been erased.

I know you're saying it wasn't as close as it looks in the points column. My contention is that if we had better play from certain positions this might be a whole different argument. And we're going into the offseason where we can fill some of those holes. The Pats, Ravens, Colts, Steelers etc. are all getting older. We're a young team with a good core. There is no reason why some upgrades wont help the fins get closer to a ring.

The argument was why would Sherman say the Dolphins could be close with a couple pieces here and there. As if (THIS BEING THE FANS CONTENTION) there is now way the signing of Flynn, Coples, a 2nd round TE, etc. could help the Dolphins get closer. My answer was because he's right. It's really simple, it would get us closer.

But then when people don't read the debate (that started on page 1) everything gets misconstrued. My points were not understood because people came in late. I mean the one guy said he didn't even read the article, just read the headlines and now he's convinced Sherman is an idiot. WTF? tHESE ARE THE THINGS THAT GOT ME DEFENDING (FREAKIN CAPS LOCK!) what Sherman said. He said with a couple pieces here and there the Dolphins would be close. I agree. Close means winning a playoff round to me. It seems to other people close means being in the super bowl next year.

If the Dolphins add the right pieces there is no reason why they can't win a playoff round, this season. I'm not arguing this any more, if people don't agree I don't care.

Phins, I get your point. You're a good optimistic fan. You're right, we could be close.

Pessimistic fans (like yours truly) will think differently.

Don't let us get you down. I'll be right there with you in June (this happens to be my rainy Season in fandom-land).

js, bess will be to flynn what welker is to brady.

DC, not to say it isn't a good signing, just that it's a flyer. I don't think you can bank on this guy but it's more like let's wait and see what happens when camp opens. Guys come out of nowhere every year. And this franchises' history of scouting in the CFL has been pretty good in recent years.

Disagree on the Flynn part, 2 watt.
But Bess prob does well with our next QB.

rbs are a dime a dozen

Hopefully Sherminator is right!!

Let's hope this coaching staff can solve this puzzle of being Average!

Brandrop, because we outscored our opponents overall last year, finished the year 6-3 shoulda been 7-2, and we should have been 10-6 last year, and we were up 17-0 in 5 games that we lost, including against Pats and Cowboys in their house.

That was my only point Mark. The guy sounds like a heck of a player in the CFL. But will he be a ProBowler within a year (or 2) like Wake, I dunno (Wake is from my area, Beltville, MD I believe, so it was easy to see how he could be very, very good. But this guy is from Canada, soooo....just kidding).

Like you said, let's see if he makes the team first. Then how much will he be utilized. I just HOPE he can block.

DC I always speak in maybe's and could be's. I NEVER say this is what will definitely happen. I'm not a physic nor am I a gambler. I go into every thing I do with an eye on caution. So yes, I definitely understand, as with any team that there are a lot of if's involved and don't for one second think this is a slam dunk.

On the same note I never dismiss any upcoming season. I am a fan and the only thing that keeps me going is hope. I notice a lot of people use cynicism to keep them a float and to each his own. But I am hoping the team has a turn around like I have seen hundreds of other teams on every level in every sport go through. Get in the playoffs and hopefully win a round. Even getting in is a step in the right direction.

We have the second easiest schedule in the
league next season. hope

We have a top ten draft pick, hope.

We have a chance to sign an upgrade at QB, hope.

There are a lot of things to be excited about, why anyone would choose to be negative right now is disturbing and doesn't say much about that persons personality. Seriously, what a f***ing drag some of these people are. Could you imagine actually hanging out with some of these cynical sons of bi**es? Negative people are toxic. Half of this blog is a toxic waste dump.

sherman is awful, still pissed we hired this fossil

Seriously speaking DC, the recent trend of play in the NFL with wide open offenses has been the way the CFL has played for years so players should be more easily integrated.

I tell you, if Anthony Calvillo of Montreal was 10 years younger, he would be an excellent dark horse signing at QB for Miami. This dude is smart and is a killer.

Scott is correct. Many of you are stupid or apparently did not actually watch the games. We were in every game but perhaps 1 or 2, should have been 10-6 or at least 9-7, outscored our opponents overall, even with losing record, lost 9 of our games by a total of about 14 points, were up 17-0 in about 5 games that we lost, including Broncos, Pats, and Cowboys in their home.

Next time, please try to pay attention or refrain from showing your ignorance on this blog.

Oh, and we did all of that with Sparano as the coach and no O line.

All we need is a better O line, a 2nd receiver and defensive backs.

Next year might be 7-9, but it could very possibly be 12-4 with Matt Moore at QB, as long as Bush has another good year.

They don't call them acorns anymore. Now they are "hidden gems" there(Sherman on the the R side of our OL).

Correction, Fossil = Dan Henning

Dusty I love you, but Sherman is awful already? ha, how you can you say that in Feb?

Correction, Acorn = POS

Double corrections: Acorns = Dallas players POS

If there are any hidden gems anywhere on this team, the R side of the OL certainly isn't it.

DC, correct. You appear to be level headed with real expectations!

Take the Pats. They had 3 big holes this year. Pass rusher, better #2 corner & FS. They got where they did because of ELITE TE's, QB's, Oline...everything we DONT have.

78 talks of needing a FS, OLB, STELLAR TE & QB. As hard as it is to fill ONLY those 4, imagine if it were only that easy!

Add RG, RT, SS, #2 & maybe a #3 CB. We're close if we sign a few guys? LMAO That's just pure stupidity. We've been looking for a QB for 13 years, we're gonna find one now all a sudden & be ready to lead us? LOL

Since when did the NFL become like Fantasy football where STELLAR TE's grow on trees & GOOD QB's are readily available? With a salary cap, how many holes do people expect to get filled in 1 year?

This team is nowhere close to being "close" & those who "think" that way, better come to grips with improbability & impossibility!

Talking crap is certainly a very good way to discredit yourself.

DC I read that last post after I wrote mine at 4:09. I guess we were coming to the same conclusion at the same time!

But I don't see you as utterly pessimistic. And your posts bring valid points and arguments to the equation. You're never negative just for the sake of being negative.

We need people like both of us in here. The optimists need to hear the other side as well as the pessimists needing to hear some good. It definitely evens us out and we can all learn from eachother.

It's the one line, no thought put into the post, people that drive me crazy. They make up words and statements and then chastise the coach or player for saying something they never said. They are never objective nor complimentary.

I may be an optimist but when something bad happens I don't put my head in the sand (see my posts about Sparano, Colombo, and Henne for proof).

And you may be a pessimist but I have seen you give props to plenty of good things in the past.

Objectivity is king. Doesn't matter what side of the fence you fall on as long as your objective.

Now I wish we could get the politicians and people who vote for them to follow suit!

Phins, from your lips to God's ears brother.

We'll know more in about a month. Hope this regime starts things off the right way. And Ireland gives them what they need. It'll be interesting to see the changes they implement. If we're halfway as efficient on offense as the Packers have been lately, then we're in for a special treat.

Until then, keep motivating me (I'm not fully part of the dark side yet)!

Most of the regulars here are so white trash bud light drinking trash that it's unbelievable. You guys criticize the few people who write correct, intelligent opinions using proper grammar.

Like Aldo this morning (I swear I am not he). He is dead on accurate, but you are too stupid to even follow his oft-repeated statement.

Here are the correct opinions about this team:
1. we are "close." We should have been 9-7 if not 10-6 last year, we outscored our opponents, we should have beaten the Super Bowl champs, we finished 6-3 after starting 0-7 and we should have finished 7-2 if not 8-1. We lost 9 games by a total of 15 points. We were in every game but about 2.

2. the starting QB for next year's team should be Matt Moore.

3. Henne is not terrible. He's not Brady but he might be the best option for next year, he's certainly more proven than Flynn, and he might be the next E. Manning. He's only 26, he was going to have a breakout year this year until the O line got him killed.

4. The team was not ready to start the season under Sparano. Well, Henne was, but his teammates were not. It was 1 (Henne) vs 22 the first 4 games. Henne played *heroically*>

5. Henne's had only 2 full seasons as a starter. Last year was going to be his 3rd but the O line got him killed.

6. Henne's had several 350 yard games and a 420 yard game, with no O line and Sparano as his coach, and only 1 good receiver, and having his TE have to stay in to block, all of which Aldo explained this morning.

7. Moore is also only 26. He's shown great promise.

8. again, if you *watched* the games, unless you know nothing about football, you know that we "shoulda been" 9-7 minimum if not 11-5. I know that woulda shoulda coulda doesn't count, but this is just the fact. We were indeed "close."

9. We do have playmakers on this team, just as the coach said.

I take it with a grain of salt. Wasn't it Johnson who promised a SB, and how did that turn out? No leader is going to come on and preach doom and gloom. Attitude is so important so they work on promoting a positive attitude. Take any failing business and bring someone else in and they will believe they can turn things around, their wise they wouldn't come, but that doesn't mean it will happen. I sure hope he is right about being close.
I heard Tannehill this AM and he said Sherman wants to run first to establish the pass, but in this day and age it seems like the run is primarily used to keep the defense honest. We will see what we will see. Go Fish!

Beerfin,finally, someone agrees with me that we need a true MLB. This draft is heavy on them. I like Burfict--projected in 2nd or 3rd. The knock on him is he is too mean. That's not possible for MLB. Also for a WR upgrade that we should be able to get around there; I like Brian Quick. Big and strong and of course quick. Catches the high throw great. Can post-up DB's in the WCO easily. Runs good routes.

Your Lord and SAVIOR WHO ARE YOU?!!!! How do you know my name? hahahahaha is this you God? Too funny. Oh you remember me from NYScott! Nice.

Just checkin' in and ah, lets see...same old pessimistic BS..what awesome fans we have!

See ya.

It is true what our D-line Coach said that it doen't matter if it's 3-4 or 4-3, at the end, you have to beat the guy(s) in front of you.

Hey Nostradumbass you know close means getting in the playoffs right? Like when the horrible 7-9 Jets signed a ,,,,,and get this,,,,,QB (DRAFT) GOOD TE, (DRAFT), PASS RUSHING LB, RB, ANNNDDDDDDD SHUT DOWN CB.


But you're calling me an idiot because I believe the Dolphins could do the same thing?


Our DC, Coyle, also said that pure 3-4 or 4-3 bases are long gone. I guess now the scheme to be used is situational.

ohio i can say that from watching him coach for the last 103 years or however old he is

and fellas get off this matt moore garbage, we arent gouing anywhere with him starting

LOL, trust me I know where you're coming from. But stranger things have happened in the NFL. Who woulda thunk the 49'ers would have been 14-2 (I mean, I thought they could be good, but not THAT good)? Or that Tebow could beat the Steelers? Or the Jets could get to the AFC Championship game two years in a row (with losing to us twice one year)?

I'm just saying this blog is for us to offer our opinions and debate them. If you're too strong in your attacks, posters tend to get offended. Calling people dumb is not the best way to win an argument. My suggestion is try to get your point across without disparaging someone, and you might find them more receptive to your position.

Just some friendly constructive criticism, take it for what it's worth.

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