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Mike Sherman: Dolphins not far from Super Bowl

Mike Sherman has a Super Bowl ring from his time with the 1997 Green Bay Packers when he was the team's tight ends and assistant offensive line coach. He wants another ring.

And he thinks the Dolphins are close enough to help him get that ... No, seriously, Sherman sees the Dolphins that went 6-10 last year as being a few tweaks away.

"I've watched the tape, I don't think we're that far away," Sherman said today during a 30-minute meeting in which Dolphins coaches met with the media. "We're missing a couple of pieces here and there and we have a chance to build upon what Jeff Ireland has put together here. After watching the tape, I feel like we get a couple of pieces here and there and we'll be close."


Sherman is clearly excited about Miami's personnel.

"We'll have some very explosive potential with the talent we have on offense," he said. "We have to fill some holes but overall we have some explosive players and that's exciting. If you have explosive players, you should have explosive plays."

When Sherman interviewed with the Dolphins he talked to coach Joe Philbin about what the ownership philosophy is in Miami. And Philbin convinced Sherman that Steve Ross is committed to winning a Super Bowl.

"I looked at tape when I was here and talked to Joe and wanted to know what the ownership philosophy was regarding the franchise and in the conversation with coach Philbin he was adamant about the fact that Mr. Ross wants to bring a Super Bowl, bring a Lombari Trophy to Miami. He's very passionate about that.

"So with that said, it was certainly a very telling statement, a convincing statement that led me to feel we have a chance to do that here with the current level we're able to add to this as well, and hopefully with our coaching we're able to do exactly what Mr. Ross wants to get done."

So I asked Sherman if he's thinking that in terms of years down the road or sooner than that.

"I never think much more than this year so next year or the following year, we're going to be as good as we can be this year," he said. "We'll see what happens and see how it goes. I don't think anyone would have picked the Giants necessarily to win the Super Bowl this year."

Short answer, Sherman doesn't see the Dolphins as a hopeless situation.

"No not at all," he said. "Not in the least."



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Does anyone really think Sherman, the new OC, is going to come out and publicly say there is no talent? Seriously? Of course he is going to say there is plenty of talent and just missing a few pieces. It's the most obvious politically correct statement. Let's not be so gullible.

More so now, with this device we have in our hands(no, not that!), the Internet.

It pays to go to school, no really, it does....it costs thousands and thousands of dollars....and that motivates me to learn more!!!!

Just wish my job would pay thousands and thousands of dollars for my education...*lol*....just sayin!!!

sherman is definately no "dead" henning.....take that for what its worth i guess....


watch your mouth aloco, thats a dirty word......I forgive you for that...This time!!!!

Yeah, GG, but he's putting himself on the spot. What if they acquire those 2-3 offensive pieces and they look worse than Daboll's offence? uh?

Off the record, Sherman admitted that getting the Dolphins out of the cellar will be a monumental task.

Unless is Ross telling them to hype the Team.

The ONLY team that isn't a few pieces away is the Giants.

Show me where a new OC comes to the microphone and says anything different. Gullible crowd here.

There is a G-spot and there is an A-spot.

Let me guess oscar, you are for the A-spot.

Chris, maybe what we do is all get together and ask Mando to ban your butt for writing stupid, time-wasting posts. How about that?

Hey, what happened to the other commentary by GeeGee.

I read Kris's comment and went back to read the post to see where Armando criticized Sherman. And it simply is not there.

Kris, the language is English. It is spoken in America. It can be very useful to those who understand it.

Get a tutor to help you with it before you post again.


No way, Gigi, I'm after a G-spot, but have no luck.


Kris is not able to distinguish between his imagination and reality. He superimposes all kinds of off the wall thoughts onto things and assumes his wild unlikely guesses are true.

Heck, if Sherman told me the Dolphins were a few pieces away, I'd laugh too!

Super Bowl or bust is a great mentality. I appreciate that Ross is expecting it, not just wishing for it.

Mando, just want to make a point from the last post. I listened to Ryan Tannenhill in the interview and he sounds like a smart kid with a good head on his shoulders.

I would not mind one bit trading back and picking up an extra second round pick and getting him later in the first round if Sherman is convinced he could be a franchise guy.

Good interview by the way.

Some folks on here have some latent anger issues. Kris? Kris?

Seems you been driving during rush hour too much bubba.


you KNOW your making progress when Armando sends his BLOG-HIT -TROLL-GOON SQUAD after you....

All those sign in names I have never seen...one even in blue....

Top notch operation you got here Armando....

Hey Phins78, if you hate the reporting why are you here?

To read what the reporter has heard from the team, no?
To read Mando's opinion, no? To see what he's learned, no?

That is what this blog is about. You're like a guy that goes to Burger King and complains they have burgers and not health food.

Mike Sherman is Green Bay's Tony Sparano. Think about it.

Actually here is what Kris said;

"Only in Miami can a coach say he feels he is close...and the negative sportswriter slants it in a negative light".....

Ya see, he never said Armando criticized Sherman, he said he slanted the story in a negative light. Those are two very separate accusations.

The funny thing is Frank accuses Kris of not understanding the English language while he completely misunderstood and misread Kris' post.

Here's how Armando slanted the story in a negative light.

"And he thinks the Dolphins are close enough to help him get that ... No, seriously, Sherman sees the Dolphins that went 6-10 last year as being a few tweaks away."

Further proving Frank has no clue what Kris was talking about. Armando says "no seriously" as if all of the readers were laughing at the notion that a few players could get us in the playoffs.

AND Armando wrote,

"Short answer, Sherman doesn't see the Dolphins as a hopeless situation."

Really,,,,hopeless? That's obviously what Armando thinks because the word hopeless hasn't come out of any other writer or coaches mouth that I have read.

So the writer is suggesting that even the notion of the team being close is laughable and that the teams situation is hopeless.

Yet Frank and one other nut who is probably the same person (Frank) sticking up for himself by having a conversation,,,,, with himself, says Kris doesn't understand English.

I hope this post proves how much smarter Kris is than you. If you're going to call someone out for not understanding, maybe next time you should ask someone who is close to you to read the story and posts so they can explain the big picture to you. You might look less ridiculous.


Wow I hope I elevate enough to have my own bodyguard like Phins78. I wonder if he wears knee pads.

There are medications to Control bipolar disorders.


Thanks.....that is an excellent post by the way @ 7:43....you put way more thought into that than I would have.....and it is much appreciated.....

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Phins78, being close to winning is one thing, but anyone, anyone who believes the Dolphins are close to a SUPER BOWL as is the context of this post about Sherman has to approach it with a good dose of skepticism.

I have watched the Dolphins tell us they're Super Bowl bound for years and they ALWAYS fall short unless you're talking about 30 years ago.

So it is not illogical for anyone, including the sportswriter who sees more than you and me and is around the team all the time, to allow a hint of show-me-don't-tell-me to his blog.

It's a blog! It's supposed to be cynical and confrontational and opinionated.

Maybe you want all of us to act like sheep and simply accept that a team that was a joke at 0-7 and fired its coach and is in the middle of replacing its quarterback is close to getting to the SUPER BOWL.

But some of us want to see more proof. And I have no problem with Mando using levity or whatever by writing, "no seriously," in carrying the message that Sherman believes he's got a Super Bowl team on his hands.

I notice you haven't mentioned him saying what Sherman said was "cool." Doesn't fit your argument?

Mando should call your bluff. If the Dolphins get to the Super Bowl as you seem to think they're close, he lets you write an entire post about whatever you like.
And if the Dolphins don't make the Super Bowl, much less win, then you STFU and apologize for being somethhing of a whiny tool.

You see now Dr. Libo? These "off the wall thoughts" as you contend are actually the musings of an intelligent individual who understands exactly what the writer was saying.

We have read Armando's stuff from the first day he took over the blog after Jason Cole. His articles are objective but this is a blog and he writes a lot of opinion pieces. It is also no secret that Armando dislikes Stephen Ross, something I'm sure he wouldn't even deny. So reading between the lines becomes quite easy for someone who is used to having a reading comprehension level above the grade school level.

Armando's shtick is to disagree with everything the Dolphins do and let us fight it out while he sits back and laughs as his page counts go through the roof.

When the Dolphins are good again it will change to all praise BECAUSE,,,LISTEN UP PEOPLE.

When a team is bad the majority want to pile on. For some reason in this country it is now cool to want people who have accomplished more than us to fail. When they do fail people love to pile on, they love to talk bad and scream the sky is falling. It makes insecure people feel better about themselves. Armando is just giving the public what it craves. He's a smart man and knows how to play the game. Don't fault Kris for understanding the rules. When the team gets good it will be all rainbows. Even if they make a bad move it will be sugar coated. That's the way it works in most every open forum imaginable.

Wake up and accept it. But don't sit with your head buried in the sand yelling at the rest of us to grab a shovel and join you.

I know I am repeating myself, but if any of you are over 30 and can't see that everything Sherman said was nothing but politically correct mumbo jumbo, standard fare, then you are indeed naive.

The fact you are drawing conclusions from his generic, programmed statements is mind boggling. Wake up. What else would he have said??? Every new OC in the league said the exact same thing.

The worst part Phins78...is that it is SO TRANSPARENT that the blog-hit-troll-.....

None other than our very own Oscar....

So transparent....so obvious....so simple....


Armando did not take over this blog from Jason Cole because Cole never wrote a word on this blog. The archives show that. But I guess you don't have to let the facts get in the way of your comment.

Frank I was going to say something about cool because it came off as condescending. You read it as Armando saying "woooowww cool that's great". Do you honestly believe that he doesn't believe anything the Dolphins say (as you contend) but thinks it's COOL that Sherman feels the way he does? Come on man, stop being naive.

And you're twisting the argument, stick with the facts. Kris said Armando slanted the story and you said he didn't, that Kris didn't understand English. You made fun of him instead of objectively discussing your opinion as being contrary to his.

And now you're admitting there was some animosity in Armando's blog! So which is it? He didn't slant the story in a negative light or he did? Or are you going to champion both sides of the argument?

Ummm Frank,,,,Franky,,,,,Frankford I didn't say the Dolphins were going to the superbowl, neither did Sherman. I can't f***ing believe how people don't understand this.

They asked him how close the phins were and he said not far off from contending for a super bowl. He didn't say not far off from winning one, NO ONE KNOWS THAT! Not far off was every freaking team that was in the playoffs last year.

And if the Phins find a way to finally sign a franchise QB do you honestly think in your opinion they wouldn't make the playoffs with the second easiest schedule in the league?

For s**ts and giggles lets say Manning recovered to 90% of his old self and we signed him. Would you not be saying to yourself after looking at the schedule "s**t, I think we can make the playoffs at 11-5?

So Pennington came in and took over a 1-15 team and got us to the playoffs but a Manning,Flynn, RG3 has no shot even though they have the #6 defense in the league on the other side of the ball? Do you remember what a mess the Dolphins were when Sparano came in? THEY WENT 11-5 THAT SEASON! And now we have a better core of players and a great defense (yeah it's f***ing great, #6 is pretty f***ing great!) But you guys are saying they're not even close to making the playoffs.

And remember, close to a superbowl as Sherman said is making the playoffs. Only have to win 3 games at that point to go to the dance.

finheavens what happened, did I offend you somehow? Wasn't even talking to you my man. Hey Kris, check it out, what's up with fins? I think it may be him not oscar who is posting under multiples. Why are you mad at me fins?

I don't give a f**k what the archives say. I've been reading the Herald for yeeeeaaarrrrssss and Jason Cole was the only one who had a Dolphins blog back in the 90's. Lebetard did something for a bit but it petered out. But Coles blog was named something different. That's why it isn't in the "archives" you putz.

Phins78, when I read "Cool," it doesn't mean "this is crap and sucks bigtime," in my mind.

It means, I accept what the guy is saying. Or it means, fine.

Maybe you have the same issue with English that Kris does. Or maybe you're just a negative guy who goes on the blog to hate. Or maybe you are Kris for all I know.

Also, I notice you ran away from the debate on whether a 6-10 team is close to being a Super Bowl team. I notice you didn't mention that you totally blew a gasket on the context of the blog post which was SUPER BOWL and not being close to simply winning which could be defined as 9-7.

Finally, I notice you didn't take up my challenge about how you would apologize if Miami doesn't go to the Super Bowl. If Armando reads our comments (doubt it) I hope he challenges you.

No worries. That's cool. You have your right to be wring your hands and gnash your teeth if you want. By the way, cool in my post means fine. FYI.

I'm out. GN all.

finheavenblows which guy are you? Frank or Dr. Libo? You're obviously one of those and probably more. I never said a word to you and come out attacking me? Forgot to change the name back huh? Waaaahhhhhhhhhh Jason Cole never wrote in this blog,,,waaahhhh. Yeah, no crap, this is Armandos blog but they all wrote in blogs on the Herald and Cole was writing long before Armando came around. Look that up in the archives. And while you're at it how about sticking to one name?

Aloco, no offense but I'm not here to talk about my personal life. You want to discuss the Dolphins or this blog with me have at it, I'm all ears!

I hope that this coaching staff ain't blowing smoke up our a s s es with this team is close!
We all have heard the likes of JJ we are going to be special bull crap and Nick Satan hiring 50 coaches and getting nowhere and Cam Cameron?? Will really didn't get a fair shot, I totally for got about Dave the stach!
So let's all hope this coaching staff really is the turn around of our bad luck, or the Shula curse!!

Jason Cole didn't start working at the Miami Herald until 1999 so the idea he did something on a Herald blog in the 90s is severely limited to a one-year possibility. Problem with that is The Herald didn't start offering blogs until 2004 when Dave Barry's was the first. So again, the facts are not your friend.

Franks gone but I have to comment on this. Apologize to Armando for what?! ROFLMAO. For having an opinion? He doesn't apologize for his opinion and further more would probably lose respect for me if I did apologize. And do you think he's actually going to read this garbage? I'm offended that I'm even in here reading and writing. Trust me, Mando has better things to do with his time.

I went into great detail about why a 6-10 team is close to a super bowl, you must have missed my 20 posts today on the subject as well as the post I just wrote 20 mins ago explaining my opinion. I'm not going over it again. Agree to disagree. how is a 6-10 team close to going to a super bowl? Sheesh really? You haven't watched football until this season I take it? And then you must have missed the fact that THE 49ERS WERE 6-10 LAST SEASON AND THEN WENT TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME THIS YEAR.



They are all part of the Oscar sign in personality.....

The Oscar personality is part of the night-shift....and he keeps things going with his multiple screen names...

Think about it....who would come on here to argue the point about who started the blog....unless it was someone who felt they SHOULD have intimate knowledge of such details....

Oscar can call him selves as many sign in names as he likes....

He will always be JUST a blog-hit -troll to me.....

Wait a minute I'm negative? LOL and DC already pegged me as an optimist, now I don't know who I am! :)

Phins78 loves Krissy. Krissy loves Phins78. How manly.

For the love of Pete finsheaven you're right okay? I don't know the exact years, you caught me, original point was that I have been reading the Herald Dolphins blogs for a long time and Cole was the first one I read, Armando wasn't doing it yet. I was trying to prove how long I've been reading the blog. And apparently I've been reading and contributing longer than you because you're looking all of this stuff up. But my point was made, I was wrong about the timeline and I apologize. Hope that gets you off my back! :)

Kris and Phins78 favorite song?

Stuck in the middle with you.

Could Ireland have found a worse coaching staff? LOL

What is even sadder, not even Armando who has been doing this for 30 years can recognize Sherman is giving the very same old rap that every new OC gives.

Talk about naive, gullible, and plain brain dead. 32 OC's give that very same rap every year.

Ha! That's funny Kris and you're probably right. I don't usually come in here at night so I'm not familiar with this special breed of nut.

I didn't mean to get into the middle of that but I hate when people get ganged up on. You've been a great poster who has added a lot to this blog and I'm sick of people I haven't ever seen in here, (and we're talking around 14 years now right finheaven ? ;) coming in for the first time and starting trouble with the good people in here. If it is the same person then that is just ultra pathetic but I can't tel for sure so I will argue with them all. Would love to take the trash out more often but don't have much time to come in here. Bottom line is too many good people have been chased away by mental midgets, I'm sick of it and will speak up every time. Have a good night .

When you read the article.....Sherman only say...that he wants to

No, I love you "it's sweet". I am so hot for you right now I just wish I knew your real name so I could pay you a visit. Then we could have some real fun ;) Gotta go, searching for my one true love tonight, it's sweet. Paying attention sexy? I'm all about you.

And now that you are properly freaked out go and change your name again idiot.

The amazing thing is I simply made facts known without attacking anyone or mentioning anyone's name.

I think I made my point with civility.

It's all good. I just spend days on end reading what the posts on here say and most are factually screwy. I guess I blew up tonight and had to correct stuff. I'm sorry if I offended anyone.

I'll go back into the shadows now.

Love the blog, Mando. Keep it up!

The St Louis Rams will see a SB before the Dolphins do. Losing Fisher was a nightmare for this franchise.

Phin78....Thanks....and I do appreciate it....to many times the CORE member of bloggers sit back while one of the blog-hit-trolls invent multiple names...and 'appear' to gang up on a regular poster....when in actually it is one troll.....

I have asked bloggers in the past to STAND-UP and defend they're blog from the troll...but in most cases....many of the regulars take a 'at least he isn't messing with me' attitude....

Phins78....your words don't go unnoticed....and if this blog had more posters like yourself.....we would have less blog-hit-trolls like Oscar and others like him.....

Wow! Debbie Downers around here! We have all suffered mediocrity for a decade but do we have to M.F.R everyone in this organization? Go Phins!

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