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Mike Sherman: Dolphins not far from Super Bowl

Mike Sherman has a Super Bowl ring from his time with the 1997 Green Bay Packers when he was the team's tight ends and assistant offensive line coach. He wants another ring.

And he thinks the Dolphins are close enough to help him get that ... No, seriously, Sherman sees the Dolphins that went 6-10 last year as being a few tweaks away.

"I've watched the tape, I don't think we're that far away," Sherman said today during a 30-minute meeting in which Dolphins coaches met with the media. "We're missing a couple of pieces here and there and we have a chance to build upon what Jeff Ireland has put together here. After watching the tape, I feel like we get a couple of pieces here and there and we'll be close."


Sherman is clearly excited about Miami's personnel.

"We'll have some very explosive potential with the talent we have on offense," he said. "We have to fill some holes but overall we have some explosive players and that's exciting. If you have explosive players, you should have explosive plays."

When Sherman interviewed with the Dolphins he talked to coach Joe Philbin about what the ownership philosophy is in Miami. And Philbin convinced Sherman that Steve Ross is committed to winning a Super Bowl.

"I looked at tape when I was here and talked to Joe and wanted to know what the ownership philosophy was regarding the franchise and in the conversation with coach Philbin he was adamant about the fact that Mr. Ross wants to bring a Super Bowl, bring a Lombari Trophy to Miami. He's very passionate about that.

"So with that said, it was certainly a very telling statement, a convincing statement that led me to feel we have a chance to do that here with the current level we're able to add to this as well, and hopefully with our coaching we're able to do exactly what Mr. Ross wants to get done."

So I asked Sherman if he's thinking that in terms of years down the road or sooner than that.

"I never think much more than this year so next year or the following year, we're going to be as good as we can be this year," he said. "We'll see what happens and see how it goes. I don't think anyone would have picked the Giants necessarily to win the Super Bowl this year."

Short answer, Sherman doesn't see the Dolphins as a hopeless situation.

"No not at all," he said. "Not in the least."



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never use the word um either...or commas....duh.....

You can just take of your padded helmet and go for it kiddo.
I don't know you and could care less about your existence. You'll never matter to me.

Everyone knows most of what mando writes is crap and biased. He's playing the game and most here eat it up. That's just fine.

What I was suggesting is for those that spend their time whining about it to stop whining and do something productive instead.

Wouldn't really expect you to comprehend though, so just you continue spouting gibberish in caps and let the adults handle things

Now I remember why I rarely post @ night.....

If they knew they werent going to get Cowher or Fisher, I'm guessing they would've kept Sparano.


If ya dont like Armando's writing YOU ARE FREE TO LEAVE!!!! DUUUUHHHHH! BYE BYE!

Who, me? Kris?

That's mostly cannon fodder for training camp and PS(the DB and RB) that Ireland is signing.

But, is it kris, Kris, or Chris(btw, that's a queers name).

It is good that Ireland does not waste picks on bodies that will be cut at the end of training Camp. That I remember last year, only that NT was cut.

This is very simple, if they find a QB, the coach is a genius and Ireland goes from villain to hero overnight. However chances are they draft another offensive lineman and the same song continues.

Kris is so FOS. Who does he think he is fooling? kris Kris and the others, then he comes on here pretending to be some righteous blogger. He is a FartHead for sure.

Is it soooooo complicated to change the name on one of your computers so that you are always Kris or kris? Of course it is, because you my friend are others too. I am one who can prove it.

Let's not forget, the internet is an open medium for those who know how to look inside.

Just incase you guys forgot Pilbin is the coach not Sherman. So Philbin is gonna do whatever the f**k he wants and get whoever the f**k he things we need. They are all smart men who know what they are trying to do so STFU and prepare for a great couple of years. If you have a problem with my team then go f**k yourselves.

I would say, sign flynn, get RG3, Manning if he is interested, and let them all compete with Moore :-). We will have a QB next year.

I'm really smart. I have two heads. Come and get me.

Yes, lets sign Flynn because ESPN says he is the sought after FA QB. Who cares if he was a 7th round pick. Lets pay him 10 million a year and pray.

So I guess I have to soften it up. Anyway, we aren't remotely close. We will be terrible for years. In fact, not only are we going to be bad for 5 to 10 years, Ross isn't remotely focused on a super bowl. His number one priority usua finding celebs to party with

It's a complete joke. And philbin and these other losers will all be out thus time next year after what I'm guessing will be a 2 to 4 win season. We will never win anything as long as Ross and Irekand are here. Period.


You're clueless. Ross is richer than all the celebrities, they seek him to party with him. Don't underestimate Ross. He is a powerful man.

Ross is the WORST friggin owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's a powerful moron who knows zero about football. His entire world revolves around creating a nightclub in the stadium. You must be drinking the kook aid

Go ahead and support him all you want. I'll just sit back and watch the disaster unfold. Will save me stress.

Finfans can rejoice the day Ross sells the team!

Good night all

If you want to call self made billionaires morons, what does that make you? (petty white slave)

Mj, you got it right. Speak with your wallet. He won't sell the team until it bottoms out.

Dude, he's a football idiot. Not an idiot in general. If you think having money makes you a genius, you are completely wrong.

Morons don't have private jets and two fine young Romanian girls to suck their testicles while traveling.

Slezdo, I'm too old drunk abs tired to argue with you. Go ahead and stay on board the titanic. I'm getting in a life boat. Good night

Who wants to be a genius???? They are all underpaid. I'd rather be a rich idiot and live the super high life.

Notice my question was not answered. Frivolous fools run and hide from reality. They call self made billionaires idiots, so what do they call themselves? Camel poo?

When you get killed twice by the Patriots and once by the Eagles, and you start the season 0-7, the word Super Bowl should not even be mentioned right now.

Didnt idiot Ross say RoboHenne was the 2nd coming of Marino? LMAO!!!!!!!

How can that be side? Just six wins and this team will now change to a 3-4 from a 4-3 defense and install a new "supposed" high speed offense that currently doesn't sport and "elite" QB or high end receiver outside of Marshall (who has managed to drop as seasons worth of catches since coming to the Dolphins -54). The Phins plan on this with an Offensive Coordinator that has never run this type of offense and a new Def. coordinator with no proven skills with this defense. We aren't closer, we're rebuilding. If the Dolphins are smart (which they haven't shown) they will get Flynn signed from Green Bay as soon as you can. Sign an additional key wideout... even Randy Moss or even T.O. could fit as a number three (T.O. could be a great slot receiver).

Whats up Losers?

Mando says Sherman watched the tape but he didn't say which tape.
Was it the tape of Game 1 2011 when Henne set the NFL record for combined yards in a game?
Was it a tape of the top 10 passing performances of the last 2 years?
Was it mix-tape put together by Ross and Ireland?
Was it Matt Moore's top 10 passing performances of last season?
What tape was it that he watched?

Dolphins fans so stupid. Peyton not come here. Matt Flynn not come. Tannehill not come here. Acorns come here like Wilford, NoodleArm, Olshansky, Fasano, Columbus and all become starters first day. Acorn belong on end of wang not on football team.

I see that ho mo kris is here.
I guess I should say "i see that ho mo kris never left here"

Anyway I told all you retards first that
And when he is you will all swallow my load and then I will be known as The LoadMaster.

What PriceMaster talk about? Ladyboys swallow loads in my country. What Ladyboys got to do with football? With Dolphins?

Just to clarify the PriceMaster at 11:27 is fake and will swallow my load, in its entirety, while I hold his ears.

Stephen Ross announced prior to the 2010 season that Henne would be the greatest Dolphins QB.
He did not say behind Marino.
I thought he meant behinf Griese.
ASnd yes the largest donor to Michigan Boosters is Ross.
And the business school at UMich is The Ross School of Business.
And Henne holds all Big-10 and Michigan passing records (not Brees or Brady).
Oh and lastly Mando may have announced that the Phins were through with Henne but neither Ross nor Ireland ever did.
Look it up.

Why so many acorns starting on this team?
Fasano is acorn.
Olshansky is acorn.
Columbus is acorn.
Incognito is acorn.
Jason Taylor is acorn.
At least 5 acorns starting for this team.
Acorn belong on end of wang not on football team.

Anyway I'm tired and this blog is stupid. Stupid like Dolphins fans.
I go bed and wake up tomorrow and go to job selling cheap toys for $1.
When customer wear Dolphins gear I charge $5 because Dolphin fans so stupid.



NO pissing contest

Jordan, your foul mouth and ad hominem attack tells me you are exactly the kind of fan you accuse me of being. Your words reveal your insecurities and a total lack of mental acuity. You should be ashamed of yourself, but like most of this fanbase anymore, you are probably too busy bandwagon-hopping to notice your own ignorance. Keep it up, it's all you know.

To the imbecilic comments made by the Canuck in Toronto, you take away the Giants pass-rush and they don't win squat. Hell, they probably don't even make the playoffs... in any year, muchless this one. Suddenly everyone is riding Eli Manning to glory, when just a few months ago you were probably one of the VAST majority who thought he wasn't elite!

My rationale is based off what I see in front of us, not any ridiculous hankering for a return to 1986, lol. Matt Moore finished solid this year and his QB rating was something like 87-88%. That's not great, granted, but it sure as hell isn't bad. Secondly, do you REALLY want to trade up in this draft for RG3? The kid is a dink, a long-strider who is slight of build. Yeah, he's smart, but so is Trent Edwards, you want him? RG3 isn't Mike Vick, and even if he was, how many Lombardi's has Vick won? In fact, when was the last time a QB that highly reliant on his legs able to the Super Bowl? Oh yeah, never. Throw in the fact that all he ever did was line up against very mediocre defenses in the Big XII, and I'll tell you that I don't think for a moment he'll be worth the truck load of future draft picks it'll take to get him! Not even close!

So who is next? Matt Flynn? The kid who has done well in TWO friggin football games? That guy? What's he worth to you? He's not worth more to a team in my opinion than a proven monster like Mario Williams. You opt for Flynn over Williams and you might be staring at another AJ Feeley. Williams actually has a realiable track record for the money.

Who else? Peyton Manning? Okay, can he even play? Take a hit? Throw with velocity? How long will we have him? 1-3 years? Sorry, I'll pass and again opt for the known quantity that is Mario Williams.

Given our options... I stand by my original commentary. If we are going to spend big, Mario Williams gives us the absolute best talent for the long road and the money. If you clowns don't understand that, then I don't know what to tell you. Enjoy.

Miami was 2 or 3 most explosive team on offense last year, QB improved as Moore got more confident, no team wanted to play Miami during that second half, Dolphins won 6 out of 9 last games, if they would've started with Moore from the begining this team could've been 11-5 easy, ( defense also started slow with Dansby being fat, Burnett still learning, and vontae hung over)

"I've watched the tape..." Sparano said the same thing about Marc "the turnstile" Columbo.

The Dolphins hired the wrong guy. McCoy was the right hire. Philbin is Cameron v2.0. Next couple of years are going to suck.

I can already feel the wrath of your keyboards..so just rest your fingers. Nobody has ever given Henne his just due for the game #1 against N. England. When Brady threw for his "record" 520+ yards (including 99 yd TD to Welker 520-99=419),Henne threw for 416 + about the same completion %. I still believe Henne has a lot to offer, (and I'm not even a relative). Dolphin Teams in the past have made some bad choices by letting players go, in hindsight of course. Wes Welker, Chris Chambers, Terry Kirby just to name a few. I believe you got the 800lb gorilla off Henne's back now that he is the O.C. for the Jets. I say resign Henne and maybe he can thrive under a game plan designed to win the game and not one that keeps it close to eek a win out in the final four seconds. I'm jus sayin.

Jordan & Mark in Toronto,

Jordan, you are just another unfortunate foul-mouthed sterotype who is no doubt always very pleased with himself regardless to the degree of indignant ignorance to which you sink. You just don't know any better and that's just pathetic. Next time, say something with merit if you are capable.

To Mark...

Peyton Manning- Too much of a ??? for the money. How long will he play? 1-3 years? Can he take a hit? You don't know and neither does Peyton.

Matt Flynn- Will cost a lot for what he's accomplished, and what has he done? He won two games as a starter, throwing to and playing with Super Bowl caliber talent on offense. He'll also be 27 years old when the 2012 starts, which isn't old, but won't be like getting a 21 or 22 year old stud.

RG3- Will cost a KING'S RANSOM to get by trading up in the draft! He's tiny and slender, he will get hurt. He's also not like Michael Vick, he's a straight-line runner. And even if he was another Vick, so what? How many titles has Vick won? Yes, he's smart, but so are a lot of guys that didn't make it. BIG gamble for all it will cost.

So I stick with my originial thinking, 1986 or not. Mario Williams is a PROVEN quanitity unlike Flynn or RG3, and he's built for the long road physically and capability wise and that can't be said about Manning.

Draft a QB in the draft as soon as we can without giving up the house (like Tannehill perhaps), have him come in here and compete with Moore. Get Mario Williams to pair with Wake. Sounds better than anything I've heard from you or anyone else on here.

I want some of the weed Sherman smokes. It sounds real good.

Well see what coaching change will do for the talent level in Davie. I dont believe Ireland should blow up the franchise over trading up to the #2 pick just to get a QB who might or might not work out. Moore is a very good QB who needs help along the OL, TE and WR.
Not much ????

This team should have made the PLAYOFFS last year,.Im convinced we will be a much better team not that stupid, gutless Sporano is gone,.I think we are talented enough to win despite our current qb situation.

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