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NFL is in Indy; Peyton Manning is in Miami

The NFL's annual combine is underway in Indianapolis and everyone who is anyone -- general managers, coaches, scouts, agents, media -- is there. (So of course, I'm in South Florida.)

But guess what?

So is Peyton Manning.

While the Dolphins contingent, including general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin, is in Indy picking and prodding at college talent hoping to become NFL talent, Manning is in South Florida enjoying the great weather and working out.

He was seen Wednesday night at Joe's restaurant on South Beach, where Manning has a condo. He has also been spotted working out, including throwing sessions with Colts wide receiver and former University of Miami star Reggie Wayne.

A source tells me Pierre Garcon, another Colts receiver and South Floridian, is expected to soon join the work.

So does any of this mean Manning is headed to the Dolphins?

The short answer is no. It means the Mannings like the weather here. It means several teammates happen to live here. It means Manning is not expected to have that face-to-face with Colts owner Jim Irsay in the coming hours because, well, he's here.

But it doesn't mean Manning is definitely headed to the Miami Dolphins. I must say this, however, it doesn't hurt that the guy likes it here.

It's unclear if Manning is aware of the groundswell among some Miami fans to get him to the Dolphins -- a movement illustrated by the billboard I wrote about on the blog Wednesday. But I know this: The Dolphins aren't necessarily moved by the billboard.

In his 15-minute talk with the media in Indianapolis today, Ireland said he hadn't even heard of the billboard's existence until five minutes before he began his presser.


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DC, any thoughts about possibly upgrading the QB position?

Tannehill has made 17 career starts not 7. Not 7. I am not a professional scout and none of us are in a position to break a college QB down.

Posted by: AndyNJ | February 23, 2012 at 09:56 AM


Nice rebuttal. I was one of the idiots proclaiming Cam Newton as the next big bust-LOL.

That being said though, I believe Tannehill has had only 7 starts at QB. The other 10 were at receiver.

Not positive, so I'll double check.


BrokeNeck Mountain starring Peyton Manning and Stephen Ross.
The Dolphins are in for one helluva ride!!

DC, any thoughts about possibly upgrading the QB position?

Posted by: Mary Goround | February 23, 2012 at 12:08 PM

Yes DC any thoughts?

Why are people like Jeff Ireland and George W. Bush so proud and eager to brag about their ignorance?

Oh, is Peyton in town? Cause he hadn't caaaaalled me!

Why are people like Jeff Ireland and George W. Bush so proud and eager to brag about their ignorance?

Posted by: Tim Couch | February 23, 2012 at 12:19 PM

They have been taking lessons from ZerObama.

Seriously, Jeff Ireland *should* read this blog. He might learn something. There is no excuse for him not knowing about the billboard, since Mando wrote about it last night.

Gino, you are stupid.

Telephone ringing...........

Philadelphia front office: Hello?

Green Bay front office: Hey just wondering if you could tell us how you fleeced Miami with A.J. Feeley deal.

Philadelphia front office: Well we made it look like he had a couple of really terrific games. It was a team effort but we made it look like Feeley carried the team all by himself.

Green Bay front office: Matt Flynn looked like he had two good games but we all know it was a team effort.

Philadelphia front office: That's all you need to convince Miami to give up a second round pick and more. You could probably get a first round pick and a couple cool million out of it if you tried.

Green Bay front office: Ahhh...thanks.....click.
Hee hee......A.J. Feeley v. 2.0 comin' up. Hee hee.

Mando, why are you not at the combine? Serious question.

Tim you are the stupidest!

Tim Couch that is - no offense to Tim in Tampa.

"In his 15-minute talk with the media in Indianapolis today, Ireland said he hadn't even heard of the billboard's existence until five minutes before he began his presser".

If ignorance is bliss then Ireland must be a happy man.

If you say that Dubya Bush learned how to brag about being ignorant from Obama, you are stupid. Period. Turn of fox news and try reading something about your country.

Tim Couch -
Your mama is so stupid she sits on the TV and watches the COUCH!

I dont want Peyton Manning. I want RGIII.

Ireland is in his own world, sad state he's running the Dolphins

Ross needs to sell tickets. If yr gonna sell tickets you need a dancing chicken. First it was Johnson, Ricky, Satan, Then Parcells. The list goes on. Ross is no differnt than Huizinga. Instead of spending the money and time it takes to build a team we have been in a win now patch up mode since Shula left. When will this insanity end!!!!

Just a thought on the last post.

You've got to hand it to G.B. I actually valued J.Finley more than I did Flynn. I didn't anticipate this move not so much because the Pack wouldn't consider it but because it's basically a Franchise tender when you look at the 10 Mil it guarantees in 2012. Finley basically did the Pack a HUGE favor given he's a viable commodity who could have fetched a long term deal instead of what is basically a front loaded offer with no guarantee against injury (FRANCHISE TAG).

I had him rated in the top 5 at the TE position. Some complained about his drops last Yr. but I believed it rust from a player out a large portion of 2010 who didn't have the benefit of camp or reps last Yr. This move makes Matt Flynn this Yrs. FOOLS GOLD IMO (i.e. AJ Feeley, Kolb ect..) I wouldn't and I REPEAT wouldn't trade picks for Flynn. I would much rather bring in a player like a Osweiler or Weeden to develope before giving up big money for a QB everybody forgets was on a Natl. Champ. team at LSU with the likes of Dwayne Bowe and Early Doucet. This isn't Kurt Warner out of left field from Northern Iowa.

I hope the Pack do Franchise him because these system QB's are no longer going to be biting teams around the NFL and they EAT 14 Mil. in CAP space outsmarting themselves(wishful thinking there is always some sucker who takes the bait). I believe however that everybody remembers all to well what the Kolb deal did to Arz. just last Yr. with L.Fitzgerald basically saying he wanted the team to get someone else.

If you take this post by Mando literally, I'd say Peyton is trying to generate a ground swell by having 2 very high profile teamates come out in his defense for sticking in Indy more than anyhting else. Hey maybe Edgerin James will join the Workouts and publically say the Colts would be insane as well, given he's just down the Road in his Brikell Condo and has alot of fans in Indy as well!!

Seems like he started all of his senior season, which was 12 regular, one bowl. His record was 7-6, including bowl. He beat ONE bigtime team (Baylor) and the rest were wins against weaker teams.
So. Meth
Iowa State
In his six losses, he average 12 TDs, 12 Ints. In other words, he contributed heavily to those losses.
His junior year he had almost exactly half the amount of attempts and completions, so I'd guess he started half the season.
His overall career % is TDs/Ints = 2/1. Those were virtually equal % in both senior and junior season.

Check it out......interesting what he'd look like in the uniform, go to the link below.


Interesting. But we need a pic of him throwing underhand to be accurate to date.


yea my post was advocating we get him necessarily, just thought it was interesting. :)

*wasn't advocating........


I can't imagine a well run franchise like GB would franchise a back-up QB, but it would certainly prove he really IS the real deal. Of course too late.
Still don't believe Flynn is anything more than Ryan Fitzpatrick without the beard.

All good. Just wanted to make the joke.

So you show us your a stalker, and why that doesn't mean Manning will be a Phin next season. Good work.

DC, any thoughts about possibly upgrading the QB position?

Interesting stats:
Cousins TD/Int for 2011 = 2.5/1. Sacked 15 times.
Weeden TD/Int for 2011 = 4/1. Sacked 12 times.
Osweiler TD/Int for 2011 = 2/1. Sacked 28 times.
Griffin TD/Int for 2011 = 6/1. Sacked 27 times.
Tannehill TD/Int for 2011 = 2/1. Sacked 9 times.

I'd guess that Osweiler and Griffin's sacks are higher in part because they scramble and do designed runs. But it is concerning.

For measure:
Luck TD/Int for 2011 = 3.7/1. Sacked 11 times.

I guess "excellent decision maker" is THE top quality Philbin wants in his QB, as he repeated it twice in his interview at the Combine. Now, what is an excellent decision maker?

A healthy Peyton Manning would be my guess oscar the grey headed one.

Aaron Rodgers.

Definitely Drew Brees!

Even Eli Manning.

New coach, New coaching staff, New system. A learning curve for all. Gelling time between positions QB/WR S/DB. Be patient my fellow Phin fans. Owner/GM issues will take a litte more patients

Griffin got sacked so many times b/c his line STINKS!!!! It also shows that he looks to throw first and runs only when he needs to, that is a plus in my book. Imagine what he can do with a decent line at the next level and when required he can buy it time.


Are you flower peddling, "I think I love, I think I hate him" again?

One minute you writing blogs Peyton's not a good idea in Miami. Then next insinuating that he could.

And some here call me the flip flopper! LOL

Yes, ozkar. Quick reads, get the ball to the less covered, if nothing open--->out of bounds, quick.


Don't know much about Osweiler....but as for Griffin, his O-line is absolutely abysmal. Many of his runs actually aren't designed runs....he's simply running for his life. My 80 year old grandmother could offer better protection than Baylor's O-line.

When you think Baylor O-line....think something on the lines of St. Louis....pretty much zero protection.

JS_in_LA -

Also, if Griffin had even half the protection Luck had, those sack numbers would probably be similar. Luck had an incredible and very experienced O-line. His O-line is one of the big reasons he went back to school (along with wanting his degree)....they all went in together and he wanted everyone to go out together as well.

For measure:
Luck TD/Int for 2011 = 3.7/1. Sacked 11 times.
Posted by: JS_in_LA | February 23, 2012 at 01:16 PM


Keep in mind that Luck's LT is projected to be a top 10 pick!

TigerSam, incorrect, you racist. The all time leader in getting sacked per pass play is Michael Vick. 2nd is Randall Cunningham. Third is Daunte Culpepper. This type of QB over-relies on their great legs, which gets them out of trouble very often, but also causes them to get sacked 2 or 3 times per game more than a Tom Brady/Dan Marino type pocket passer. The Mike Vick/RGIII type of player holds the ball too long, relying on athleticism over having good timing. Please try to watch some football video of Mike Vick if you still fail to understand.


From the last blog.....

Again we don't agree. Mario Williams and Carlos Dansby are totally different players. Maybe you don't value Dansby because he doesn't put up the big sack numbers that Williams does but IMO he's a more complete player.

With all due respect, you're out of your mind if you think the Dolphins will be able to add all the talent you are talking. Williams, DeSean Jackson, Griffin, Finnegan....it's just not happening. They'll be LUCKY if they can add one. Wake needs a new contract and he'll want to get paid. Sounds like we're adding a QB and that's going to cost some money. I think we need a new safety and I think we could do with a better number two WR. The money's just not there man.

So we'll disagree about Mario Williams. Heck of a player but he'll chew into the budget way too much. I don't want that much money allocated to one player. Your idea to dump Dansby and add Williams just opens up another spot we'd have to fill. Doesn't make sense in my opinion.

Wolf and tiger,
I hear ya. However, a QB has the choice to throw it away, or try and hold it longer to make a play, or in best case scenarios immediately find a slot guy cutting. Brady does this all the time.
In Griffins case, since he was most of the offense, he assumed he probably always needed to make a play. We'll see how that works for the NFL. Tebow learned the hard way to throw it away sometimes.
Osweiler, I simply don't know enough about, but I'm losing my faith in his stock.
Weeden is the best pure passer out there, but his darned age...


One other thing, I don't know where this idea of rebuilding next year is coming from. I don't see it. This team was 6-10, after starting the year 0-7. So in reality they won 6 of their last 9. You say the calibre of teams they beat weren't very good....fair enough. Have you looked at the schedule yet this year. This team is TOTALLY capable of being 10-6 or 11-5 this year, if they get better QB play. That'll be an unpopular opinion on here and that's fine but the difference between winning and losing in the NFL is very small. NO went 8-8 one year and won the Super Bowl the next. Giants got into the playoffs this year at 9-7 and won the Superbowl. Packers were 8-6 at one point last year and won their last six in a row to win the Super Bowl. I'm not predicting any Super Bowls for this team next year but finishing 10-6 is NOT out of the question.

JS in LA,

I'm not impressed with Osweiller at all. I forget who I was talking to about him (might have been Texas) and he kind of liked him. I don't see it. Big guy, slow a foot, not terribly accurate....looks like a recipe for disaster in the NFL. Now I'm not a fan of QBs that big, so that might be partly my own bias there.

I like Weeden and I wouldn't care about the age thing too much. If he could give the team 5-6 good year I'd be Ok with that. Guys are jumping teams so often now that you just don't know how long you'll have a QB. The only thing I don't know about him is he played in a spread offence and I don't know how easy it will be for him to play under centre. From all I've heard he has some work to do in that area.

Tim Couch -

Not sure exactly where you're getting your stats from. I would be interested to take a look....and I'm not sure what the whole racist comment was about either.

If you look at the 2011 season....here's the QBs with the most sacks:

1.) Alex Smith 44
2.) Tavaris Jackson 42
3.) Big Ben 40
4.) Blaine Gabert 40
5.) Mark Sanchez 39
6.) Tony Romo 36
7.) Aaron Rodgers 36
8.) Matt Moore 36
9.) Matt Stafford 36
10.) Sam Bradford 36

Interesting, there are 24 quarterbacks in the NFL who had more sacks than M Vick, he's ranked 25th with 23 sacks with comparable attempts to Alex Smith. There's a whole lotta white "pocket passers" ahead of Vick.

Actually, I'm wondering who the racist is here? You just spout off and have nothing...no numbers....no references to back your claims. Face it, you just don't like black QBs right?

Has Ireland been fired yet?

I disagree about Osweiler's accuracy, but I am in agreement that I'm not impressed. Funky delivery, and not a very high turnover/TD ratio is enough for me.
I like him better than Tannehill, but only just.
Weeden looks NFL ready to me. It wouldn't be a question if he has a few years younger. But I'm with you that picking him in round 2 would not upset me in the slightest. Best pure passer in the draft. COuld do a LOT worse (and so far reports having us doing worse).
Anyway, I'll stick to my hopes for Weeden/Cousins in the 2nd.

Tim Couch -

Not sure exactly where you're getting your stats from. I would be interested to take a look....and I'm not sure what the whole racist comment was about either.

Actually, I'm wondering who the racist is here? You just spout off and have nothing...no numbers....no references to back your claims. Face it, you just don't like black QBs right?

Posted by: wolfman13 | February 23, 2012 at 01:50 PM

Outstanding post!

How many SB's have black QB's won? Not many.

The Manning billboard ad was funded by a PAC which received its money from an undisclosed source.

With Ireland doing the pickin our draft picks are pretty worthless. Trading them for established players makes sense until we get a savvy GM.

For a big of perspective (2011):

Vick's attempt to sack ratio is 18.4...as in he is sacked every 18.4th time he attempts a pass.

Brady's attempt to sack ratio is 19....as in he is sacked every 19th time he attempts a pass.

Craig M | February 23, 2012 at 01:35 PM

Craig M,

I'd be SHOCKED if M.Williams doesn't get the Tag from Houston. He would however be more than some one trick pony in Miami given he'd shift back in to the DL in a base 4/3 look. In a 3/4 he makes absolutely no sense because you already have Wake at WLB and your not going to commit the Money on the same player minus the age difference. I think Dansby does need to take the pay cut though, at 11 Mil per he isn't a financially sound investment in a League were $$$$ are a premium given the CAP.

You can at pick 8 or 9 look to replace him just look at what V.Miller did in Den. or how about Maualuga in Rd.2 in 09 for Cinn. (we took P.White) I would cut my losses on Y.Bell before Dansby though and save myself the 6 Mil per. I hear your point and nothing is a given but those 2 particular contracts to Dansby and Marshall in 09 were not sound investments, they need to restructure those deals.

Heck you can argue the Marshall one I guess but was always left miffed by the Dansby deal. We could have drafted a few guys and given A.Rolle the money to patrol Centerfield. The Safety position isn't one that comes around with players panning in and out with regularity. I am in the minority but feel that Solia was a sound investment at around the 5 Yr./30 Mil. deal his agent wanted and believe he can play the 4/3 at a high level as well, with all do respect to those that say like wise. His initial up field burst when not holding the lane and taking up space seems fast to me.

Would the Fins sweeten the deal for Manning by also signing his two WRs, Wayne and Garcon?

If so, which WRs would they get rid of?

That's right. I'll be at South Beach for awhile for any of you who want to beg me for my services.

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