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NFL is in Indy; Peyton Manning is in Miami

The NFL's annual combine is underway in Indianapolis and everyone who is anyone -- general managers, coaches, scouts, agents, media -- is there. (So of course, I'm in South Florida.)

But guess what?

So is Peyton Manning.

While the Dolphins contingent, including general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin, is in Indy picking and prodding at college talent hoping to become NFL talent, Manning is in South Florida enjoying the great weather and working out.

He was seen Wednesday night at Joe's restaurant on South Beach, where Manning has a condo. He has also been spotted working out, including throwing sessions with Colts wide receiver and former University of Miami star Reggie Wayne.

A source tells me Pierre Garcon, another Colts receiver and South Floridian, is expected to soon join the work.

So does any of this mean Manning is headed to the Dolphins?

The short answer is no. It means the Mannings like the weather here. It means several teammates happen to live here. It means Manning is not expected to have that face-to-face with Colts owner Jim Irsay in the coming hours because, well, he's here.

But it doesn't mean Manning is definitely headed to the Miami Dolphins. I must say this, however, it doesn't hurt that the guy likes it here.

It's unclear if Manning is aware of the groundswell among some Miami fans to get him to the Dolphins -- a movement illustrated by the billboard I wrote about on the blog Wednesday. But I know this: The Dolphins aren't necessarily moved by the billboard.

In his 15-minute talk with the media in Indianapolis today, Ireland said he hadn't even heard of the billboard's existence until five minutes before he began his presser.


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I'm really anxious to see how Keenum rates in the combine and Pro-Day. He's my dark-horse candidate.
Hard to figure on what to believe:
His career stats, or
His critics.
His delivery is a bit funky, so I agree with critics there.


If Houston was to tag Williams it would cost them $22 million. they still have to do something with Arian Foster. I diagree they will tag him. I expect Williams to be on the market and the most sought after FA this year. He just doesn't fit into our scenario I'm afraid.

As it stands now, Manning can't throw an accurate 20 yarder. So if we wanted him, he'd be ours. Not much compettion ATM.
If his nerves/triceps regenerate - IF - then we can talk about outdueling other offers. Not worth the billboard right now.


I had no problem with the Dolphins signing Dansby to the ocntract they did. I was never a fan of Channing Crowder and they needed to upgrade the position. Granted they played together for a year but I see DAnsby as more of a difference maker than Crowder ever was. Guys can argue that you don't pay $11 million to a 32 year old linebacker and that's fair, a restructure would be fitting. But what if he doesn't go for it. To me if they end up chopping him they can forget about the season. There are enough playmakers on the defence and there isn't enough consitency. If you though the defence wasn't good enough last year, imagine what it'll be like this year without Soliai, Dansby and Bell. That's what we'd be looking at. Dansby would be the perfect player for the Pats and to me he'd end up there or in NYJ replacing Bart Scott. In no way does this make our team stronger.

Salguero, Don't you get tired of talking about Manning ? !!!
Gizz, we do !!!
Don't you have imagination for talking about anything else ?

Looks like The Herald has a transcript of the Ireland/Philbin press conference from this morning on the sports page. Under sports buzz.

I'm warming up to Weeden as the 3rd draft option. Just the dolphins luck, why couldn't this guy be 23 instead of 28. Would be a no brainer then.

Big Ben's fat. Doesn't count.


The ground roots movement in South Florida is for the Dolphins to go after an Old and damaged Payton Manning or to bet the House on a trade for RG3. Keep in mind that these are probably the same people that wanted the Dolphins to give up their first born for Kyle Orton just a few months ago. Hopefully Ross and Ireland rememnber this and realize that the "ground roots movement" in south florida is pretty stupid.

I just noticed on the previous post, that whenever I type Mando, short for Armando, spellchecker wants to put Mandi in it's place instead! Maybe my iPhone knows something I don't! It is a smart phone after all. Just saying...

...You guys seem to think that just because we were labeled a 3-4 team. Most of the time we are in the nickel, and in Dime..I would be willing to bet that if we could find the statistic it would tell this story. The thought Mario Williams wouldn't fit inot our scheme is just simply not true. Defensivley, he would be a huge addition. If we want to take the next step, and compete against the big boys. We HAVE to address pass rusher. Even having 2 guys able to pressure may not be enough.

We can't just focus on the offense, and think we are going to outscore teams. It may be fools gold in the first part of the season. Come the grind of November-December-and hopefully the playoffs. We will be facing teams that can also put huge numbers up. Remember..The teams we have to beat to ultimatley get to our goal are experienced and have a really good idea of how to play within their own schemes. As a young team, or a rebulid. The best way to compete now is to play good defense until the offense catches up.

The man's neck is not going to heal. I have had the same injury for YEARS! The nerve damage doesn't go away.

Sorry fans. Get over it and move on.




Omar at the SS always copies your articles. Whats up with that?

I burns my ass when I hear the Dolphin management say that they want to go back to the "Marino Years".

In case Ross and his buds's have not checked the Dolphins won NOTHING during the Marino Years. As a matter of fact if you look at Shula's carrer the most frustrating season's were " In The Marino Yeras" as New England then the Bills won the AFC East titles.

fin4life..You said on the last page that you thought the days of system quarterbacks getting big deals to play elsewhere are over. Am I correct in my understanding of your post?

If this is the case. Flynn maybe a system guy. Aren't we playing in the same system? This is the difference between a guy like Flynn, and say Kolb. who seems to be the common comparison for folks who are anti Flynn. Same with AJ Feeley. He came from an Andy Ried offense to a totaly different animal here in Miami. Any quarterback we get will com with some risk. We can sight the flaws of all of them to say they will be the wrong guy here. IMO, we need to do something. I would take the chance on a guy that is familiar with what we want to do offensively that can execute the whole playbook. That if aquired has the total trust of the head coach. I may be absolutley wrong. Flynn could end up being a total waste. At some point we have to take a risk.

Tannehill and Flynn, you guys are fishing for garbage. Half of you suddenly elevated Orton to elite status last season and he couldn't even win a game on his own team.

Guys, forget all these garbage wish on a star players. Either UPGRADE, or just stick with what we have.

If Ross doesnt get Manning, he'll be buying BOATLOADS of his own tickets....AGAIN.

Ross may offer whatever it takes to get Tim Tebow(1st ann 2nd rd pick?). Fans may not understand this but ita all about the money. Attendance and publicity would skyrocket.


The key is NOT Manning. It's WINNING. I don't care who the Dolphins get or don't get. It's about WINNING. Just ask Charlie Sheen.

Albert, as a fan I agree it should be about winning. Unfortunately with some sports owners(Ross), its ALL about the money. Fact of life.


The best way for Ross to secure a positive cash flow is to win.

Concerning the Dolphins webb site. Why is it that during game broadcast we can almost hear what the QB is saying , but at the Dolphins practice facility and press conferences there and now at the combine we can't even hear what the question is. why the heck is that.

Manning alone will bring in way more fans immediately. Winning will take lots of time for this franchise. JMO

Hard to imagine this team winning with Ireland at GM. On 2nd thought...impossible to imagine. LOL

What day does the combine officially start?

Manning will bring nobody. He'll be on the bench in rehab. Manning is done, get over it.

I agree with Skyles. Manning is the a players version of Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban and Bill Parcells. The name gets people excited but the end result will be a let down.

You can check the last 3 drafts and have not been good. You could make selections from the first 3 years following Luck and you could have your elite QB for the next 10 years Ross should at least try

Ireland could draft the next Tom Brady this year and the people on this Blog will be upset that it took him four years and he should be fired anyway.


I'm not sure if your post above was directed me or not with respect to Mario Williams. I'm not saying he wouldn't fit the scheme we are using in Miami, I'm saying he won't fit salary wise. What kind of deal do you think it's going to take to land this guy? wouldn't surprise me one bit if it's in the ballpark of what the Redskins paid Haynesworth, which was I think, $100 million. So let's say he ends up with an 8 year $100 million deal. Is that the type of deal you want them signing this guy too? What about Wake? What's he going to get? How about QB? Where are we getting the money to sign him? On and on it goes....
Someone earlier was suggesting we dump Dansby and sue the money for Williams. I think that's crazy stuff. And what if he gets hurt? I'm all in favour of improving the pass rush but I'd prefer it be done via the draft with a guy like Coples or Upshaw.

As for Flynn, I'm happy to add him.....as a FA. Tired of this team wasting pick after pick after pick on the likes of A J Feely, Culpepper and Lamar Gordon. Stop the insanity! Add Flynn in FA is we can....if we can't go get Orton or Campbell to compete with Moore and at some point DRAFT a QB.

Hey Ross/Ireland. forget manning(damaged goods).pay wake, draft coples 1st and get weeden second.he's 28 but flynn is 26 & moore is 27. weeden is 2nd QB taken if he was 23. he's got maturity and 2 years of freakin awe inspiring stats. he mans the position for the next 8 years.coach up jerry & murtha to become absolute beasts on the right side.move r jones to SS(his real position) and sign Reggie Nelson to play FS, then draft as many pass rusher DE/OLB types as you can.

Craig M.

I agree with your views on the QB.

Irescum's too busy lookin for hooka mom's, insulting players, and drafting Chad Hennes and Pat Whites to find a Tom Brady. Chances I hit the powerball lotto are better then Irescums chances of finding an elite QB.


Thanks bud. And I agree with your point about people's thoughts about Ireland. 40 years without a Championship are being heaped on ONE guy.....ridiculous!

Let's see there are about 25 teams or so that are looking for the next Tom Brady. But I guess Ireland just suck's because well he is down here and we can blog all this non-sense.

The Crusher,

That's a pretty good plan. I would sign off on that.


I also think thats a good plan. (I would take Ingram or the kid from Alabama before Coples. To much of a head case.)

MJ, you bufoon, how is it Ireland's fault that Henne didn't turn out to be Brady. On paper, Henne has better physical skills. Brady was drafted in the 6th round. Henne was a legit potential Brady. Nobody knows when a QB is going to be the next Brady or the next Tim Couch. So shut up.

Brady at the compound weighed 163 pounds and ran a 15.3 40 for krist's sake and could not throw the ball past 40 yards.

One never knows.

Henne was a good pick, has been an NFL caliber guy, and nobody else in the world has found a Brady either. There's only been one Brady, one Montana, one Elway, and one Manning.

How many other QBs have been drafted? Thousands, you punk children so shut yo mouths.

Last year was the best QB class in 15 years. Many thought we'd draft 2 QB's. Ireland didnt draft any? WTF? Yet he wastes 3 picks on a backup RB? He's a complete idiot.

Tim Couch,

Well said. NO ONE expected Brady to be anything more than a third string back up. That the kid made it is remarkable.

Gino, you are stupid.

Posted by: Tim Couch | February 23, 2012 at 12:23 PM

So Am I!

Craig M... There are going to be cap victims every year. Dansby is on the hook for 9 million this year. Wake may hold out for a larger contract as well. I'm not sure who will be the casualties of the cap this year. So I don't know what sort of wiggle room we will have to go after premier free agents. I think Houston has to franchise Wiliams. Elite pass rushers are worth way more then running backs in my opinion. Plus we saw that Ben Tate was more than capabe in Fosters absence.

This said..I think if Williams does become a free agent. We have to explore every scenario in which we could aquire him. To me he is that valuable a piece that it may mean trading away a player that we think is untouchable. Just to clear the cap space.

Again..Just my opinion.I could be totaly off base. And in reality. No way will we be a part of the sweepstakes shoud in fact Williams come available.


I don't know of anybody that thought the Dolphins would draft two QB's last year. Furthermore when most of this town wanted the Dolphins to trade for Orton, McNabb or sign Vince Young Ireland brought in Matt Moore. He was critizised for doing so. He was an idiot. My God Matt Moore! Well, Matt Moore did much better than Orton, McNabb or Young. So if you want to look at an idiot, use a mirror.

Goodnight everyone. Time to go

Albert is correct again. If you called for Orton before last season began instead of supporting Henne, and if you booed Henne and chanted for Orton at practice, you have forfeited your right to ever comment on Dolphins football.

That includes you, DC. You guys are ridiculous. every one of you who called for Orton last year. It's called change for the sake of change.

Henne was going to have a breakout year, by the way, but the O line got him knocked out.

Ross wants Manning, Philbin wants Flynn. What is Ireland to do in that case? Suk Big Dik.

Have you looked at the schedule yet this year. This team is TOTALLY capable of being 10-6 or 11-5 this year, if they get better QB play.

Posted by: Craig M | February 23, 2012 at 01:41 PM

This sounds like 2008 all over again. I don't know about any of you but, I don't wanna get back to the playoffs cause every team on our schedule sucks. I wanna get there cause we're good enough.

This roster is as player needy now as it was back then if you look at it objectively. Would give optimistic fans a total flase sense of hope if we had another miracle season only to get spanked in the playoffs & suck for the next 3-4 years.

Even with an easy schedule, when you factor in new playbooks, coaches, no RG, QB, RT, pass rush, CB's, FS, SS.....I would like to quote the great Jim Mora:

Playoffs?!?!?!?! Playoffs?!?1?!?! Are you kiddin me?
Playoffs?!?!?! We'll be lucky if we win another game!

Too many holes to be "truly" good which is why Manning is the wrong way to go. This team dones't need a 1 or 2 year fix. It needs a future.

Oh look, another regular got it wrong on yet another subject.

No, elite pass rushers and their 11.5 sacks and 14 pressures in 16 games (wow that really changes things) are most certainly ***NOT*** more valuable than stud running backs, even in today's "passing league" as you ignorant sheep believe it is.

Please try really hard to pay attention.

I'm sorry to be so stern, but you guys need an education. I'm talking to you regulars here who are wrong about every single thing consistently.

Seems like Philbin wants more athletic O-linemen. That would open the door for David de Castro and similar guards in the Draft.

Does 90% of FL live in the same garage with the car running? Mannings career is over and yet most of you think that paying $20+ million a year for a QB that not only doesn't fit our new system but wont play more than one series in the NFL is worth spending money on. All of you will complain that Ireland is a moron when this happens just so you can continue your miserable existences of your lives. Stop it and wake up and join the rest of us in reality it's not going to happen. Just because your GOP party has turned you into angry miserable haters doesn't mean you need to push your anger onto everyone else. LOSERS!



If they get Flynn it will be the biggest mistake and a waste of money and you will be 4-12 at best next year. Matt Moore is above him in the Top 50 QB list. Why would you want to down grade your QB. Doesn't make much sense.

Ireland knew about the billboard..he just said that so he wouldn't have to answer about it..we aren't dumb Jeffy

RG3 is where it's at

bring peyton to miami ross!

I watched the Baylor, Texas A&M game and you can too on youtube. Pat White11, I mean RG111 absolutely stunk up the field. He looked like Dan Marino in his last year with the Dolphins. Just getting sacked on almost every play. He could not avoid a train with someone spotting the tracks for him.

Getting silly in here.

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