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Parcells doesn't get Hall vote, invited to intro Martin

Bill Parcells will have to wait at least one more year to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was not among the six enshrinees just selected to the Hall.

The enshrinees are Curtis Martin, University of Miami great Cortez Kennedy, Willie Roaf, Chris Doleman, Dermonti Dawson, and old-timer (senior inductee) Jack Butler.

Interesting that in speaking about being selected, Martin made a point of saying that Parcells belongs.

"Without him I wouldn't have been 30 percent of the player I was,' Martin said. "He was not only responsible for making me into who I was as a player but as a man."

Bill Parcells will be at the induction ceremony next summer despite not getting in the Hall of Fame now. Martin said he will ask Parcells to introduce him at the ceremony.

And, for the record, I know that Bill Parcells belongs in the Hall of Fame. Dolphins fans blinded by his time with the team will disagree. But anyone with any sense of NFL historical perspective understands Parcells got hosed today.

He belongs in the Hall of Fame.


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Good for Martin. Too bad about C carter and Parcells.

Just like you deserve to be in the writers HOF Mando!

Parcell's quit on 4 organizations. Took a bunch of losing teams .200 winning percentage and took them to .5oo...that;s the easy part. But always ran away before they fell apart.
did nothing without Belechick. Staying and building a contender, seeing it through and winning is what HOF Coaches do. He built a foundation and ran when it got tough....good for the voters.

Armando wanted to be the first to kill Bill Parcells FAT @SS with the last blog....

I guess you can always be the first next year Armando,,,,

What about Chris Carter?
Tell me what the HOF voters know, that the fans of the game do not.
Who's wife or sister or what?

Score one for the HOF voters....

chris doleman was a stud.

well deserving of the hall.

i hope this not deleted. i no make sick trollish comments



Herald staff.......you may be at a cross roads here with some of your more loyal posters.....


The last time I spoke to the Tuna about Mando's blog he said"...I earn $3million per season and I play golf 6 times a week for free. When I want the opinions of janitors, bus drivers, the inebriated and the homeless I'll ask for it..."


your right.......at the end of the year....Armando will tell us about all the BLOG HITS he got....

50% are nothing but blog hit trolls....

Armando=Barry Bonds....when it comes to blog hits.....

You will soon blow me and swallow my load.

Posted by: PriceMaster | February 04, 2012 at 04:29 PM

Keep deleting it....and i'll RE-POSTING IT......

Is this the chatroom?

How many superbowls fat parcells ever win?

he is NOT first ballot hall material

sorry man that is fact.

Matt Moore is a QB he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture.

Somewhere in South Beach Jason taylor is smiling.

Parcells should not have f-ed with JT. For that I'm not a fan.

I fully understand how Odin feels/felt now....

This staff has no moral compass....just blog hit trolls....

Parcells owes his success with the Giants to Belichek's defense.

Kris the great odin coin funny phase-Blog Hit Troll.

odin crazy but he is right.

I happy fraud parcelss not make hall. you kidding me.

Ozikar...you are Odin.....

and yes....YOU coined the phrase....man are you narcissistic....

isn't it enough that I am on your side.....

Armando say thank parcells for 08 division champ.

I say Armando are crazy. Thank Bret Farve. If not farve Parcells not have Pennington. Parcells got lucky thanks to Farve or he have Henne and wildcat only.

If no thanks to Farve Parcells and Henne are 7-9 7-9 7-9 6-10.

All we owe parcells is black eye. Truth only

I'm very happy Parcell get snubbed, he is a mercenary

Is anybody else concerned about these coaching hires?
Philbin was OC at Green Bay. Fine.
Sherman is former HC at Green Bay. Fine.
But the DC was secondary coach at Cincy.
And these other hires have no NFL experience.

All of our receivers have more NFL experience than their coaches do.

Is anyone else alarmed?

The only hall that Parcell's belongs in is the Lunch Hall

I love it, enough said.

We have 7 free agents and 6 draft picks.
These coaching hires are not impressive at all.
If I'm an agent I don't let my players sign here.

This is really pissing me off.

The HC, OC, DC & secondary coach we let go all had more experience than thier replacements.


Someone tell me a less impressive coaching staff than we have here.
I'm serious.
Soprano went to the Jets.
Nolan to the Flacons.
Daboll to KC.
And my brother went to Philly.

All of our ex-coaches have improved theirselves.

What kind of b ullshit is this?

I have 20 posts deleted tonight. No swearing no nothing.

All I have to say-Herald needs to add asterik to in depth rankings at end of year.

asterik 1-CHEATERS

asterik 2-blog hit troll welcome.

They delete 20 posts of mine and leave this. Good example and moral compass.

Saturday night and that means drinking.
I'm in no mood to be imitated.
Anyone that uses my handle will blow me and swallow my load.
Posted by: PriceMaster | February 04, 2012 at 07:06 PM

kooch still isnt in... but this guy that I had to google is in?

That's good I'm ok with him missing it. Not saying he shouldn't have gotten in. Just saying glad he didn't.

7 pro bowls for this guy...
6 pro bowls for kooch.....

0 superbowls for this guy....
kooch played in 4....won 2 lost 2

Many people with multiple personalities.....lead messed up lives....some even take take to a certain football blog....and then post under MULTIPLE names for hours....

sad...pathetic.....existence that must be....but I don't have to tell you that...do I OSCAR.....

Veeery surprised. I wonder why not. Hmm..

Listen, kris, lay off me. Send that letter you said was censored to me again and we'll talk. Seriously.

Can you idiots focus here.

Mando promised us an all star coaching staff.
He had it on inside information from his contacts in the front office.

More than half of these guys never coached above the college level.
That's scary.
What's more scary?
They didn't even coach at Division 1 BCS Bowl schools.
They coached at Dartmouth and Louisiana Tech.
WTF is going on?

Oscar...only a fool would take you seriously....your a joke....and you did THAT to yourself....

Take Oscar serious...lol.....

There are many poster's that I take very seriously....Oscar.....YOU will never be one of them....

There was a point in time that I could tolerate you....but your antics have made you intolerable....and a blog cancer.....

I am not responsible that you lost that $, kris.

sad...pathetic.....existence that must be....but I don't have to tell you that...

Posted by: kris | February 04, 2012 at 08:02 PM

coming from someone who Knows best.

Touched a nerve, "kri$"?

At least you are better than Manning, "kris", you can feel it.

I guess I should have said I won't be responding to this blog cancer....or any of his MULTIPLE SCREEN NAMES......(as one shows up...right on Que.)......

Hey idiots,
The coaching staff is in place.


Again, I'm not responsible for you losing your $.

The following WR's now have a receivers coach and ass't receivers coach with no NFL experience:

Brandon Marshall
Brian Hartline
Davone Bess
Marlon Moore
Roberto Wallace
Clyde Gates

A WalMart manager inspires more confidence than half the coaches currently on the Phins.

Are they paying these guys to post all these negative comments about the Dolphins? I wonder who?

Oscar when you delete my good clean post do it still count as blog hit?

Should there be three asteriks-another for deleted post?

How come you post with so many names but never have good thing to say?

Where is ALoco? C'mon man, we need some Comedy here.

Where is ALoco? C'mon man, we need some Comedy here.
Posted by: oscar canosa | February 04, 2012 at 08:35 PM


Ozi I warned you.
I am not oscar.
oscar canose = cuban menace = armando salguero
Posted by: TheSMF | February 04, 2012 at 08:37 PM

You alreedy delete my good clean posts you will delete more?

It like hitler germany the way you do

Nah, Armando nad I just share the same Humor. He to one side, and me , fortunately, to the other(side).

You have to use your sense of Humor, Kris/odin/fin4life. Then things won't disappear.

This post will be deleted within 30 seconds......watch

Where is my post about the coachoing staff?

You declared to the world that Henne would be gone and that an allstar coaching staff and and a franchise/elite QB would be brought in.
These coaches couldn't even get hired at Michigan.
WTF Mando.
Stop deleting my posts and speak up.

You are not an elite journalist.
You are not a franchise journalist.
You're not even taken seriously by the team that you are assigned to cover as your full time job.

Greg, pricemaster, odin, oscar, everyone:

You post a curse word, the new program will delete it. You rip on other posters with curse words and the new program will delete it. You post ridiculous stuff that has nothing to do with football, the program will delete it.

This is a football blog. Talk football. Rip me. Agree. Disagree.

But curse or be stupid for the sake of screwing up the blog and the new program will sniff it out and delete it. Enjoy!

Who are these guys and how is this news worthy?

Well, it's his Blog, I don't care. I have to write my stuff.

Kris, Craig M, Darryl and odin if your out there?

Someone posted through the typad sign in registration (the poster name in Blue) under my name (fin4life) this reply to something some FAKE ALoco posted and I replied that WE supposedly had a policy about it, as you can see by the exchange. At the time posting were myself, odin (Guess who), the blog troll (PriceMaster, the Coalitions ect..) and one oscar canosa. Then I went back but the reply had been changed they missed this repost by me though were I even posted the time stamp. I will post the exchange in a minute.

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