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Parcells doesn't get Hall vote, invited to intro Martin

Bill Parcells will have to wait at least one more year to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was not among the six enshrinees just selected to the Hall.

The enshrinees are Curtis Martin, University of Miami great Cortez Kennedy, Willie Roaf, Chris Doleman, Dermonti Dawson, and old-timer (senior inductee) Jack Butler.

Interesting that in speaking about being selected, Martin made a point of saying that Parcells belongs.

"Without him I wouldn't have been 30 percent of the player I was,' Martin said. "He was not only responsible for making me into who I was as a player but as a man."

Bill Parcells will be at the induction ceremony next summer despite not getting in the Hall of Fame now. Martin said he will ask Parcells to introduce him at the ceremony.

And, for the record, I know that Bill Parcells belongs in the Hall of Fame. Dolphins fans blinded by his time with the team will disagree. But anyone with any sense of NFL historical perspective understands Parcells got hosed today.

He belongs in the Hall of Fame.


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Posted by: ALoco | February 03, 2012 at 09:07 PM

You sure can! Any true fin fan can touch me all over!

Publicado por: fin4life | February 03, 2012 at 09:12 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/02/source-dolphins-chances-with-manning-would-be-good-1/comments/page/6/?cid=6a00d83451b26169e20168e6a151c1970c#comment-form#storylink=cpy


Publicado por: fin4life | February 03, 2012 at 09:16 PM

That's some Big program, Armando.

Later the 9:12 time stamp in question had the post registered in my typad switched with Mando's typad name in blue in the same spot exactly at 9:12, I will repost it as well.


Posted by: ALoco | February 03, 2012 at 09:07 PM

You sure can! Any true fin fan can touch me all over!

Publicado por: Armando Salguero | February 03, 2012 at 09:12 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/02/source-dolphins-chances-with-manning-would-be-good-1/comments/page/6/#comments#storylink=cpy

This keeps getting deleted but I will keep trying to post it anyway, I HIGHLY DOUBT this has to do with Mando but would love to hear an explanation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This the least experienced coaching staff in the NFL.
There are no big time FA's coming here.
What happened to all of the big time promises you made?
You represent the fans:


Armando, two questions.

1. Why does your blog title say then 'No subject is taboo, no deadlines, no space crunch.'?

2. You praise freedom of speech on the appropriate American holidays, yet you censor your own blog. Contradiction, no?

pricemaster, I mean, SMF, I wrote time and again that Ross would try to hire a big name coach. They did exactly that, trying to convince Gruden and Cowher and then offering the job to Fisher.

The assistant staff is very NFL inexperienced beyond the coordinators. I would say it is something to be concerned about, yes.

Fin4life....I remember seeing that.....

I stopped signin in IN BLUE due to the fact that one of the trolls were able to hack the account....and imposter me in blue as well...

So is there an actual policy...and is anything being done about it....

Or Armando....

Since your still here....I direc my 9:02 post to you.....


Yeah, Armando, but I prefer this inexperienced staff to TS's inexperiece and his staff. Yes? or no.

Yes, odin that's some kind of Big improvement.

The DC was the secondary coach at Cincy for a long time. Evidently not a fast riser.
Admit it: Peyton is not coming here. The equivalent to Peyton is not Flynn it is Brees and he is not coming here either.
The obvious and only move left for these morons is to franchsie Henne.
And I've been saying it here for months.
Any everyone knows it.

Those of you approving censorship need to consider...where does it end? It's dangerous and UNAMERICAN!

You people SCARE ME. I guess you are fans of the patriot act too.

Accepting ANY form of censorship is dangerous. Where does it end??? And who gets to decide? One ounce of censorship is like admitting a pregnant cockroach into your home, the problem can only grow!!!!!!

Stop! Think! Listen!


It didn't work....

Man I might be out of my mind but there was a post by odin up about a minute ago??

They are bringing Randy Melvin in to help with the defensive line. He was with the Patriots when he was working with the d-line there in 2001 as their defensive line coach.
Melvin is known as a motivator who constantly drills his players and he doesn't differentiate between the rookies and the veterans. If you're not doing your job he'll let you know about it.
He is seen as an upgrade to what Miami had in previous years under Tony Sparano and should also help with the pass rush.

You will soon blow me and swallow my load.

Posted by: PriceMaster | February 04, 2012 at 04:29 PM


Interesting that you chose price master/smf/insert sign in name here....to respond to.....

It also seems like you new software is a huge fail.....

It seems to censor the person as opposed to the content.....

Am I banned Oscar?

Kris?? What gives?? So much for new forums!!

Like I said....the post only gets deleted when I post it....but not price master....

Hey, where's the comment by odin that I replied to? You crazy, Armando.

A little help here.

Do we have a new program or not?


I'm not buying it.....

The staff that Joe Philbin is putting together is absolutely unbelievable. Some may have doubts about the ability of some of the coaches to succeed due to their lack of experience but EVERYONE of these guys are a QUALITY hire.

Like I said....the post only gets deleted when I post it....but not price master....
Posted by: Kris | February 04, 2012 at 09:16 PM

PriceMasters IP limks back to "SOMEONE" that can post whatever he wants?


The DC was the secondary coach at Cincy for a long time. Evidently not a fast riser.
Admit it: Peyton is not coming here. The equivalent to Peyton is not Flynn it is Brees and he is not coming here either.
The obvious and only move left for these morons is to franchsie Henne.
And I've been saying it here for months.
Any everyone knows it.
Posted by: TheSMF | February 04, 2012 at 09:11 PM

The franchise tag for a quarterback this year carries a price tag of $12 million.
They would stay with Moore and draft Foles or Cousins before they franchise Henne.

Program? Please, that's all Armando and his control.

Parcels will make it in eventually, he is a bit of a jerk and that's probably why he did not get in on the 1st ballot.

Gavel pounds. It has been hereby proclaimed this blog is guided by censorship, Un-American and Unconstitutional. Those of you who continue to support it are voting for a regime such as Iran or Saudi Arabia where women get beaten and imprisoned for wearing jeans or accusing someone of rape.

Laugh if you will, but one thing leads to another.

To quote Benjamin Franklin 'Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither!"

Think about THAT, Mr. Armando.

Professor Lou....

I would think it would be more than that...didn't the franchise tag on Solia pay him 12 mil.....

I would think it is considerably more for a QB.....but I could be wrong.....

I guess we have to wait about 2 min to see what His Majesty erased, or when he's asleep.

Peanut Gallery,

I believe in Freedom of Speech as much as anyone.

But........thanks to the.........uh.........Peanut Gallery(not you of course), this place was getting unbearable.

This is after all a Sports Blog, not the US Senate.

Often times I was unable to even comtemplate blooging with friends here because of the impersonations/trolls injecting confusion and frustration.

If the so called New Program helps in any way, I'm all for it.

All of Odin's post were deleted....

I guess he has been banned.....

sorry, you're right. it's somewhere around $14 million.

Kris, you can't see my posts?

Am I invisable? Am I being erased?


SpOrano sucks!

Football Talk!

Professor Lou...

Cool...I wasn't calling you out...and I didn't look it up...I just remember fat Paul getting all that money last year....

He had us over a barrel....hopefully we can structure a more fair deal in th off season.....

He just isnt consistent enough to make that kind of money.....not a game changer


At least someone can see me.

Peanut Gallery. Believe me, I agree whole Heartedly!

I just loved blogging here for many years.

What other options are there?

Solia has rare genetics. There are just not that many humans walking this planet with his physique that can play football. They will keep him.

Regardless, Henne's performance definitely doesn't warrant a franchise tag. They have other, more valuable, players they could use it on.

Man do I feel better!

(Deep Breath and a Sigh)

Now, quality time with my Favorite Brunette.

PS: I'll be Live Blogging the Super Bowl!


I didn't think you were and for some reason I thought it was $12 million when everything that I've looked at over the last month or so said it will be somewhere around $14 million and maybe as high as $14.5 million.

Agree professor Lou.....

Peanut gallery....

I am seriously contemplating it....

Bro, understand, Armando just want us to post about Football. Now, about Football in Women we may say that, yes, they like it!

..Odin..Welcome back. I have seen plenty of episodes here where I have told myself I'm done here. The last week or so is as bad as I have ever seen it..A clown show. I don't want to speak for Aramando because I'm don't know how much control he actually has over the blog..This said. I feel emmbarassed for him. If it were my name on the blog. I would do everything in my power to stop the nonsense. There are many that come here because we have formed familirities with one another. Going to a new sight is kind of like switching teams, or finding a new watering hole. I hope things get cleaned up here.. I really do. Maybe we should start our own blog...Who knows. It won't be long before there is no quality content. Anyone that cares, will be gone soon if this continues..

I'll post you in a minute, Armando. Don't go to sleep.

We who live in Miami know yours and The Miami Herald's predicament. Unfortunately, you're caught up in a Political Game. Still, this should not prevent you from servicing your Bloggers in the most proper way. Cambiar de palo pa rumba, changing from one extreme to the other is not the best way, so, if DD wants to talk about food, let him, we might learn something, if odin wants to talk about women, idem, and so on. It is a balance you(us) must strive for to feel at ease.

Should be a humdinger, the Game tomorrow. GN.

I say you're wrong Armando on Parcells being HOF worthy. I say the HOF has become watered down long ago. I can make a very strong argument that the standards are too low and too many inductees are gaining entry with substandard credentials. The HOF voters should reform and a significant act towards that reform should be the elimination of the yearly senior inductee. It's a joke!

This is a horrible, inexperienced coaching staff and Philin needs to answer for these weak hires.


When a team hires the cream of the coaching crop from Alabama, LSU, Mich, OK, TX, USC etc that's one thing.

When an NFL team is hiring its coaches from Div II schools, based on the recomendations of the new HC,
We the fans arte f uc ked.

Enough whining about Parcells not getting in. He doesn't need you to carry his water just like we don't need to be brow beat with all the success he achieved in other NFL cities. You're entitled to your opinion and you've clearly stated it and... no one cares. Let's move on. This is Omar Kelly level writing. The bar is supposed to be higher here.

TheSMF PriceMaster,

If you think we are not on to you, you are wrong.

You are below a low class degenerate and nobody cares about your football opinions. You fit the profile of a child molester. Move along until you are apprehended.

It might have something to do with KARMA!?!?!?!?!??!?


ARMANDO........ (( BUFFET OF KNOWLEDGE )).............

What's Up FINLAND?????, Thoughts on Super Bowl???, Gotta bet my Brother in law Leaning towards Tom (Bunchen)Brady over the G-Men, Only Watched the G-Men till oct. Then I moved away from the greatest city they named it twice and when I was there they were strugling and were like 3 and 3 at the time, Soooooo, Can they beat the PATS?

Cuban NYG is my pick and the Tuna sucks! Glad he didn't make the HOF!

Redsky, You ol So And SO, How's it going over in the "48"?, Just wondering if Belicheat And Brady could be fooled 2 times, I Know the G-Men beat the Pats late in the year and ruined there perfect season, My "Q" is can they beat them again???

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