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Parcells doesn't get Hall vote, invited to intro Martin

Bill Parcells will have to wait at least one more year to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was not among the six enshrinees just selected to the Hall.

The enshrinees are Curtis Martin, University of Miami great Cortez Kennedy, Willie Roaf, Chris Doleman, Dermonti Dawson, and old-timer (senior inductee) Jack Butler.

Interesting that in speaking about being selected, Martin made a point of saying that Parcells belongs.

"Without him I wouldn't have been 30 percent of the player I was,' Martin said. "He was not only responsible for making me into who I was as a player but as a man."

Bill Parcells will be at the induction ceremony next summer despite not getting in the Hall of Fame now. Martin said he will ask Parcells to introduce him at the ceremony.

And, for the record, I know that Bill Parcells belongs in the Hall of Fame. Dolphins fans blinded by his time with the team will disagree. But anyone with any sense of NFL historical perspective understands Parcells got hosed today.

He belongs in the Hall of Fame.


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On the new NBC Sports channel I'm watching a Costas Live were there holding a Town Hall meeting with alot of current & X-Players and the BIG topic of discussion is the problem relating to the Helmet to Helmet hits and the long range problems with ENCEPHALOPATHY and alot of players are talking about how you NEVER discuss what's really going on while playing but alot of them after they retire when they get together and compare post career symptoms are really worried about having the onset symptoms of it.

Since this issue started to be looked into 18 former players families donated they're bodies for autopsy and it has been determined that of the 18, 17 had some form of BRAIN disorder related to ENCEPHALOPATHY or early stages ALZHEIMERS and not one was over 55. I LOVE the game and HATE to see the League put a skirt on the QB or a Ref throw a Flag that determines the outcome of the game but at the same time the players have have a legitimate argument when you look at the numbers

There were also explanations given by former greats like Harry Carson discussing how when he played on those tough Giants D teams of the 80's IF you complained of "DINGS" it was a sign of weakness but he said, I had them all the time and when I get together with former teamates I hear about the problems there having ect... and you understand that while everybody signs up understanding what the game is all about it isn't something that can be ignored.

The one topic they did not address on the subject was that of Criminal liability like in Hockey were something to flagrant can have you arrested and prosecuted today, not that I want that but it is something I have heard and read some Cities have gone as far as talking in their respective Regional Legislations, all and all a very interesting show regarding the state of how some of these flagrant helmet to helmet hits are actually impacting the brain.

Life, What you gonna do, Medical research changes drasticly year to year, Harry Carson played in the 80s where Iam sure there was a lot of Ill Advised medical clearances to get the Players on the Field, I beleive the NFL has made it a priority that if you have a concussion you sit out at least 3 weeks and get a battery of tests, Again, the NFL is trying to fix the problem IMHO.

Yeap Cuban they CAN best the Pats again. Odds are against it, but I want the G men over the Pats!

Sky,Loser has to Charter a Boat fishing(Full day) on this bet, My B.I.Law is taking the G-Men, Iam gonna take the Pats for the reasons I posted to you., The good thing is even if I Lose I still Win..(Though It's gonna cost 800 Bucks) (You cant take it with you you know).

Cuban & redsky,

WOW! Been a long time since I talked some Football with you both, whats up!

Menace, your right about Carson and when he played, heck in his day they were told to get back on the field and knock somebody the F-OUT! We all know it LT wrote a tell all on the subject including the rampant League wide Drug abuse in their day but I was looking at the actual figures right know and DAMN! Funny thing is the damage starts in High School which they're going to try and police a little now and as someone who got "DINGED" plenty as a kid I can tell you it had my full attention.


Never count Brady out but the Giants have the more rounded team and I believe will take they're 2nd Title of the Coughlin era tomorrow.

Life, That would be something seeing how the tabliods In NYC were rampent with Coughlin being on the hot seat in Oct., Incredeble...

Gronkosky(TE) I believe is the Key here Guys,NYG Seems to have a hard time Covering TEs, Though if Gronkoskys still not 100 % Iam sure Fla. Alum Hernadez will step in quite nicely, And What about our Ex fin Welker???, Its going to be tough for the G-Men...., Should be a good game, Cant wait..

FUC& Parcells.

I am completely content that that POS who is a quiter didn't get in the HOF.

Parcells Never and I say again... NEVER accomplished anything without Bill belichick. It was Belichick who MADE Parcels.

I'm NOT just ranting that because of his quiting on the Dolphins.. I Never wanted that quitter at all.

he quit on the Pats, Jets, Cowboys and Dolphins.

It is the media who puts that phat POS on the pedestal NOT the fans. The ONLY thing parcells did god was to QUIT teams when the going got tough or when it wasn't working and going the parcells way.

parcells is nothing and DOES NOT belong in the HOF. the HOF is for winners NOT quitters who are blowhards.

Hey Tuna... FU

Big deal with Parcells. Took too many dingees from snapping his head around and glaring at the reporters before he ran out of town.

Players should have known. You keep smashing your head into something you are going to be retarded. Legs break, knees are destroyed, what did they think was happening to their brains when they smashed it into a 250 lb back running at them as hard as they could. Meaning that there is some personal culpablility and the fault isn't entirle with the NFL.
A lot of the problem lies in the design of the helmets. Necks and brain stems snap back with collisions making the symptoms and damage worse.

To see a less impressive coaching staff..just look at the jets...of. cord...awful....off line coach terrible...

another year without Keuch, its a joke

For all of the parcells haters....why are you so mad? If your employer offered you 4 years worth of salary for 2 years work would you accept it? Be mad at miami for allowing this contract not at parcells for accepting it and laughing all the way 2 the bank. Previous posts mentioned how parcells ran out on 4 teams. 'Hat makes it worse. Miami knew his history and still did the deal.

BS. Parcells is a pig and outdated. Seriously outdated. He has put this franchise behind for the foreseeable future.
He belongs in one place. A pig farm in NJ. His presence has tarnished the Dolphins.
Good riddance. If he ever does go to the Hall, I might just go to jail for heckling him.

Parcells got exactly what he has given the last several teams he has been associated with. If he never gets in there it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all. How he handled Miami's team is inexcusable.

Parcells doesn't deserve it! Jim Plunkett won 2 SBs as a QB and didn't make it, why should the fat tuna?

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