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Parcells doesn't get Hall vote, invited to intro Martin

Bill Parcells will have to wait at least one more year to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was not among the six enshrinees just selected to the Hall.

The enshrinees are Curtis Martin, University of Miami great Cortez Kennedy, Willie Roaf, Chris Doleman, Dermonti Dawson, and old-timer (senior inductee) Jack Butler.

Interesting that in speaking about being selected, Martin made a point of saying that Parcells belongs.

"Without him I wouldn't have been 30 percent of the player I was,' Martin said. "He was not only responsible for making me into who I was as a player but as a man."

Bill Parcells will be at the induction ceremony next summer despite not getting in the Hall of Fame now. Martin said he will ask Parcells to introduce him at the ceremony.

And, for the record, I know that Bill Parcells belongs in the Hall of Fame. Dolphins fans blinded by his time with the team will disagree. But anyone with any sense of NFL historical perspective understands Parcells got hosed today.

He belongs in the Hall of Fame.