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Patriots to use franchise tag on Wes Welker

The fallout (as in nuclear) of having Super Bowl success is that other teams get the idea that one way to succeed is to steal coaches and players from the participants.

Such might be the case with New England wide receiver Wes Welker, who happened to lead the NFL in catches in 2011 with 122 receptions. Welker is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent. And that is the way it is likely to stay for a while because the sides apparently have a different opinion of Welker's worth.

So do the Patriots lose their top recevier?

No, according to Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe. Bedard joined my radio show, Armando and Perkins, this morning and made it clear he knows New England's plans for Welker.

"He's going to be tagged, that I know for pretty much certain," said Bedard, who clarified that it's the franchise tag the Pats would use. "If they don't, he's going to sign with the Jets and they're going to have to try and cover him twice a year, or the Dolphins ... They want him back. I don't see why things would change now, but the way it stood before the Super Bowl, they're going to tag him."

Bedard said the Patriots don't want to pay Welker like an elite receiver. Welker wants to be paid like, well, an elite receiver. Thus the franchise tag to keep Welker from hitting free agency and going to the Jets. (I doubt the Dolphins would sign him because they are invested in Davone Bess as a slot receiver).

The other intriguing thing Bedard said that should be of great interest to Dolphins' fans is that once the Patriots apply the franchise tag to Welker, things will get interesting. And by interesting he meant antogonistic.

Bedard said once the franchise tag goes on Welker he can see, "another Logan Mankins situation where Welker doesn't report until Week 8 of next season."


Tom Brady without his favorite receiver until Week 8 next season? Best piece of news Dolphins fans have gotten in quite some time.


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nobody left on their roster worth tagging,might as well use it. Hang it out there as bait.

Why would he hold out? I don't quite get that. Isn't being franchised different than being a restricted free agent like Mankins? Also as a franchise player Welker will be paid an average of the top 5 WR's so he will get over $10M a year. If he hold out till week 8 he loses half his money.
The patsy's will either have to franshise him again in 2013 at an even higher rate or let someone else sign him.

Can anyone clarify....

How does Gisele feel about this?

Is Gisele the patriots' Yoko ono?

Fin, from last blog, I didn't hear the interview (just a report on the radio, or maybe on espn.com) and it didn't say anything about the 1st-ballot. So, as you described it, then no, that's fine that Warner doesn't think he's a 1st ballot (heck, I don't think Warner is a 1st-ballot). I heard it as Warner saying he isn't good enough now to get into the HOF (that's different). But, to me, yes, if you win 2 SBs, AGAINST Brady, and are that clutch in the Post-Season, it's no question you belong in the SB.

With all due respect to Marino (who I put in a different class than either Warner or Eli), if he was as clutch as Eli, he would have won a SB.

No matter what you think about Eli as a QB (during the Season), he's a different guy when it counts. And that's really all that matters.

Ohio/Mark, let's say they don't tag him. If you're the Dolphins, do you bring him back (or stick with Bess)?

As it stands right now, the Patriots could still beat the Dolphins without him.
Note - it hurts to say that.
Tom Brady's numbers may suffer a little but no big deal.......they still have two good tight ends and defending tight ends is something the Dolphins don't do well.
Welker won't hold out - he's a team player.

Stupid article, We all know Welker will stay put, regardless of Tag or not. It's not about the money.

He'll play for 100 dollars if Belicheck tells him to.

The Patriots are all puppets of Belicheck

How does Gisele feel about this?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 08, 2012 at 04:13 PM

Of course that is the most important question.
Welker MUST have Gisele's seal of approval.

Welker is a system guy. He can be neutralized with bump coverage or sure tackling once he catches it.

He isn't elite despite elite numbers.


I would bring him back now!!! He's got confidence and if we figure out the QB situation that would be huge!

I have no hard feelings towards him for leaving for better opportunities. I don't mind Bess, but Welker is at a different level than Bess

So in summary, it's not about the FRANCHISE tag, it's about the GISELE tag.
I think we're done here Armando.
Next topic of discussion please.

Ohio, sadly, I agree. I say sadly because right now Bess is probably my favorite player on the team. I like his heart, like his effort, think he has great hands, like the fact he was an undrafted FA and became one of the best at his position in the league. Just all around like the guy.

But you're right, Welker's on a different level.

Actually it's about tagging Gisele.

Ooo La La!!

The Pats play things too smart to let Welker go or to let him sit for 8 weeks. Something will get hammered out.

Well I think he will resign with them. He's good but would not be with a not so great qb. And other players around him

Welker is one of the top 5 receivers in football. We were idiots to trade him.

How does Gisele feel about this?

Is Gisele the patriots' Yoko ono?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 08, 2012 at 04:13 PM


I just love Dysfunction within the enemy camp.

Welker was also an undrafted free agent like Bess. Same deal.

DC Dolfan | February 08, 2012 at 04:13 PM


Here I agree with you right up to the point were you question Marino as not having been clutch. In his career Marino is behind only Elway for come from behind victories with I believe 43, to me the very definition of clutch.

He played and saw his Prime right before FA in the ERA of the NFL Dynasties. With Montana ruling the 80's along with the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys into the mid 90's. If you remember those NFC teams were built tough as nails, had the better players and Coaches with the AFC dropping 15 straight SB.'s from 83 (Raiders) till 98 (Broncos) without having to worry about FA and when that came in 93 it took teams a while to work it and AFC to close the gap.

Marino had Duper and Clayton, later K.Jackson, K.Byers, I.Fryer and M.Ingram with a a good possession guy in McDuffie but outside of maybe 4 Defensive players worth mentioning had to put over 30 on the board week in and week out.

In the face of all this he still went to the Playoffs every year with only 3 exceptions in a 17 year career carrying a team on his back and you don't think he's clutch!? How about going to Buffalo in the snow in 91 were those Bills were one of the best D's in all of Football with Marino throwing it all over the place and if not for a Mark Logan fumble of a punt we would have won and advanced probably to the S.B.

After that game it would have been Miami and the Montana led Chiefs and Marino had his number then even though S.Young couldn't beat Montana head to head in K.C. with that GREAT 49ers team. The Pete Stoyanovich miss in the 94 playoffs in S.D. which cost us again after Marino drove us down with under 1 minute and coutless others I could go on for a few pages alone! So IF you don't believe Marino clutch it's probably because there was no Direct TV in our day and your in DC and weren't witness.

Welker is one of the top 5 receivers in football. We were idiots to trade him.

Posted by: MJ | February 08, 2012 at 04:40 PM


The Dolphins always make bad decisions and Ireland is the absolute worst. Its why we stink.

DC, no I don't. He's a fine player but this guy is a little used up, no?

Welker is a product of Tom Brady, when we had him he was a normal guy, plus white WR have a short career.

For those of you with NFL Network, they'll be showing an hourlong special on the "Longest Game" between Miami/KC at 5:00.

For those of you with NFL Network, they'll be showing an hourlong special on the "Longest Game" between Miami/KC at 5:00.

dr. roberts | February 08, 2012 at 04:55 PM

Already saw it Doc. and worth seeing it went for 87 minutes and change!! Zonk claims he weighed himself after the game and had dropped 18 pds. that day, Griese with a separated shoulder ect.. I recommend it but not if your a kicker and you'll get why after.

Yes Clue, like Steve Largent...

Welker is amnong the most ovrrated players of all time

Why wouldn't Welker be happy to be paid franchise tag money on a Super Bowl team with Brady as his qb?

Dear Mr. Salguero,

Can you give us a rundown on your latest round of upgrades?

Is it true that Perkins is the Son of that Old Dude from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom?

Was The Amigo just a stop gap until you could find a truly Elite "Side Kick"?

By the Armando, The Amigo doesn't happen to be the "New Security Program" you had "Installed" here at Dolphins In Depth?

If he is, you might want to consider upgrading-AGAIN!

do you know if he'll be tagged as a slot receiver or no 1 reciever or does it matter?

I hate that we are sold on davone bess. He doesn't have good numbers, he NEVER scores touchdowns, and he fumbles.

To the people who think traded welker was a bad move, you are misinformed. Welker was a restricted free agent and new england offered him a contract that miami was never going to match or could match (there might had been a poison pill in the ccontract). Since we knew we were going to lose him we were able to trade him instead. So the options were let him leave and get nothing or get a second round pick for him. The gm at the time who wasnt ireland (spielman maybe) made the right choice.

Marino was probably the biggest choker in sports. Always dissapeared when his team needed him the most. He won ONE road playoff game in 17 years! Definitely not a clutch QB and not the guy you want in an important game.

Patriots are due for a bad year Brady is getting older, he will start to decline soon, his last 2 games weren't great, if he hits welker who was wide open that would have been pretty much game over, better days are ahead for the Dolphins I believe they will start to close the gap next year, Welker has been around for awhile now, he is due to lose a step and when someone that small loses a step that ends your career.AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST I AM EXCITED ABOUT OUR NEW COACHING STAFF I THINK IT WAS A GOOD HIRE AND BETTER THEN FISHER, GO DOLPHINS BEEN A FAN SINCE 72, MEANS I AM PRETTY OLD.

You see Brady run a QB sneak or even make a block or a tackle on an INT and those are all things Marino would never do. He was a "girly" QB.

Eli has had great receivers, great running backs and an even GREATER defense.

If not for that back up kick returner in San Fran fumbling TWICE inside his own 20, he doesn't even make the show.

But yeah, give him a parade, put him on Letterman, Woo-WHOOOOO!

I'd take Brady every day of the week and twice on SUNDAY!

Eli - Elite?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!

welker doesnt strike me that way, i bet welkers in camp by day one

You boys are on a roll with this one. Love the Giselle analogies...

So, lets review...........

We learned all about the Giants trading up for Eli.

We learned how much Armando would be willing to buck up for a Baylor QB.

We got a brief terse paragraph or two on a retiring Ravens running back.

Now we hear about the Patriots plan with their top WR.

Did I miss the "WELCOME To Miami Coach Philbin" post?

MJ, I remember Marino throwing an INT and running away from the defender that made the INT lol

fin, everything you said was all well and good, and basically just detailed why I said I put Marino in a different class than Eli (meaning I think he's a better QB).

What I said, though, is if Marino was AS CLUTCH AS Eli in the Post-Season, he would have won a SB. He didn't, he lost. 49ers were a better overall team, just like the Patriots (at least in the previous SB win) were a much better team. Remember, the Patriots were undefeated that year. Yet Eli found a way to win.

Marino, sadly, did not. Yes, he had a good game, but he only scored 1 TD (if I remember). Great yardage, but couldn't pull it off.

In the end, that's what you're remembered for. Yes, Marino will be remembered by us (Dolphins fans), and also adults who were old enough to remember him. But the youth, they'll look at the old days, and sadly won't remember the greatness of Marino because he never won the SB. Ask him, he'll tell you the same thing (that's what keeps him up at night). Eli won 2. He'll be long remembered for that. That's just how it is.

Tannehill loses out on every QB competition at Texas A&M.

In his final season he gets the start week 4(by default). He then prompyly tanks and gets Head Coach Mike Sherman CANNED!

Yep, wouldn't surprise me at to see Ireland take a flyer on him with the 9th overall pick.

At least we could compete with UT..........maybe...........

Fist Pump!!!!

Eli won 2. He'll be long remembered for that.

That's just how it is.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 08, 2012 at 05:57 PM

Yeah, just like two time SB winner Mark Rypien!

Who will ever forget his greatness!

Back to the last blog of sorts,

3 greatest blunders in Dolphins history:

1. Greatly overvalued the qb position(Marino)

2. Greatly overvalued the rb position(Ricky)

3. Greatly undervalued the qb position(Last decade)

Only time the Dolphins got it just right was the early 70's with Griese(qb 1st rd, Morrall(valuable vet backup), Czonk(rb 1st rd)and supporting Czonk with Kiick and Morris.

Then trading a 1st rd pick for Paul Warfield. Just cant ask for a better balanced offensive attack.

Wow, now the dolphins want him back. Go figure. How about trading hartline and bess for welker.


dc that niner team would of destroyed that 07 pats team

You're one of the FEW who spells Kiick's name correctly, so kudos on that but please get it right with CSONKA, too!

If not for that back up kick returner in San Fran fumbling TWICE inside his own 20, he doesn't even make the show.

Posted by: odinseye | February 08, 2012 at 05:38 PM

Let me explain how it works. The team that makes the plays when they need to win, and the team that doesn't make the plays when they need to don't win.

Put those two things together and you have a game. They play the game, and the results are in the final score.

Hope that helps.

If this if that, sure, and if the sun burned out we would all freeze over and die. If.

In the nfl it isnt about just getting that one big piece. It's about being extremely thorough in putting together your entire roster.

No matter what big piece you have it's the piece you dont have that always comes back to nip you in the bud.

MJ you sound like a 12 yr old. marino was twice the man your quaterback is. if new england had marino at the same age as brady was in the two giants superbowls new england would have won them both. you can say what you want about marino but not being a man is not one of them. nobody in the nfl commanded more respect than marino in his time in the league. yo

Thanks ABC,

You're right, its Csonka. Just gotten so use to simply calling him Zonk, I automatically replace the "s" with a "z" in the correct spelling of the last name.


Go F yourself!!!

no doubt crash, dont mess with marino. guy was the man, still is

If all the Super Bowl losers made all the plays they didn't make, most of them wouldn't have lost.

Comparatively speaking, the winners win by making the plays they need to make when they need to make them. So sure, if the losing team didn't ever mess up on a play, they wouldn't have lost.

Stands to reason for all games.

Lets all proclaim all SB losers the real winners because if they didn't mess up they would have won.

Stands to reason.

MJ, why would you want brady out there making tackles? thats how QB's get hurt. in fact an interception return is what cost Dwight Stephenson his career you pay QB'to throw touchdowns not make tackles.

What would FANCY CAT have to say about this? I think I will ask FANCY CAT and see what he says!

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