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Patriots to use franchise tag on Wes Welker

The fallout (as in nuclear) of having Super Bowl success is that other teams get the idea that one way to succeed is to steal coaches and players from the participants.

Such might be the case with New England wide receiver Wes Welker, who happened to lead the NFL in catches in 2011 with 122 receptions. Welker is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent. And that is the way it is likely to stay for a while because the sides apparently have a different opinion of Welker's worth.

So do the Patriots lose their top recevier?

No, according to Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe. Bedard joined my radio show, Armando and Perkins, this morning and made it clear he knows New England's plans for Welker.

"He's going to be tagged, that I know for pretty much certain," said Bedard, who clarified that it's the franchise tag the Pats would use. "If they don't, he's going to sign with the Jets and they're going to have to try and cover him twice a year, or the Dolphins ... They want him back. I don't see why things would change now, but the way it stood before the Super Bowl, they're going to tag him."

Bedard said the Patriots don't want to pay Welker like an elite receiver. Welker wants to be paid like, well, an elite receiver. Thus the franchise tag to keep Welker from hitting free agency and going to the Jets. (I doubt the Dolphins would sign him because they are invested in Davone Bess as a slot receiver).

The other intriguing thing Bedard said that should be of great interest to Dolphins' fans is that once the Patriots apply the franchise tag to Welker, things will get interesting. And by interesting he meant antogonistic.

Bedard said once the franchise tag goes on Welker he can see, "another Logan Mankins situation where Welker doesn't report until Week 8 of next season."


Tom Brady without his favorite receiver until Week 8 next season? Best piece of news Dolphins fans have gotten in quite some time.


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Wes Welker would be a huge upgrade to Devon Bess. I would welcome Welker with open arms.

After carefully analyzing the results of MANY professional football games, it is my observation that the team that SCORES MORE POINTS very often emerges victorious.

Conversely, it should be noted that the team scoring FEWER points than their opponent frequently LOSES the game!

Mr. Expert

I used to believe that. But, looking at this past season, all of our six wins have created so many more losses in the future.

Boxing's the only sport where one can be outscored by one's opponent yet still manage to win the match.


dc that niner team would of destroyed that 07 pats team

dusty bottoms | February 08, 2012 at 06:07 PM

The knock that day was our inability to deal with R.Craig in the flat because our LB's Brunzinski,Bowser, E.Rohne and the dinged Duhe were to slow very old but so were Vrabel, Seau, Bruschi and Co. and they could not have run with R.Craig in the slot either.

Also the D that 49ers team had gets lost in alot of converstions. The 49ers were 15-1 that year with there only loss coming to Pitt. late that year given we were both (49ers & Fins) 10-0 at one point that season. They took apart avery good Bears team in route to that S.B. as well as the Giants, they weren't there by chance.

Odineye I see you still can not muster up any credit for Mr. Eli-te.

He isn't Eli-te because SF fumbled you say. There is no way to know what would have happened if SF didn't fumble. The very next play could have been a fumble, a pick six, or a broken neck for Alex Smith.

Projecting speculative, hypothetical scenarios that didn't happen does not mean they would have the outcome that you suggest. They don't change the results of the game. It's a team game, and Mr. Eli-te put HIS team in a position to win.

His last four games, Dallas, Green Bay, SF, NE. four of the top teams in the league. He slayed them all.

He beat the legendary Brady Belichek twice in the big game. Who else can say that?

Be a man, and man up some acknowledgment. Denial is for mice.

dc that niner team would of destroyed that 07 pats team

dusty bottoms | February 08, 2012 at 06:07 PM

I would also like to add that I would love to have seen all those inside slants the Pats tan in the 07 S.B. with R.Lott patrolling the middle and MLB Keena Turner in a shallow zone.

How about premier CB's Carlton Williamson and Eric Hicks Vs. R.Moss with Lott who loved to dish it taking his shot at that premadonna as well.

moss would of quit

I hate to admit it.....

But I think the Pats are in decline.....they are not loaded offensively.....with the roster the way it is....I think the Pats may be vulnerable.....they only beat 1 team with a winning record ALL year....

Now....with a good draft...and some key FA signings.....it is more than conceivable that belocheat could rule the roost for years to come...

They have been horrible on defense for years....and for some reason never made use of Chad 85....

I look for Belicheat to fix both of those woes in the off season....even if it means releasing Chad 85.....

Let me explain how it works. The team that makes the plays when they need to win, and the team that doesn't make the plays when they need to don't win.
Put those two things together and you have a game. They play the game, and the results are in the final score.
Hope that helps.
If this if that, sure, and if the sun burned out we would all freeze over and die. If.
Posted by: Football 101 | February 08, 2012 at 06:10 PM

so you agree. Eli backed his way in and the defense won both of the championships.

now, if you could just explain it to the rest of the guys that think he's elite.

You ever notice how Eli is elite, but when san fran gave him the game, or his defense saves him, it's a TEAM game all of the sudden?

Yeah, I bet you do-LOL ;)

oh im sure chad will be cut, no biggie. but yes they are getting old. and i love it

You guys can tranlate it any way you choose.

Here are the facts. Eli is a very good QB. Especially in the clutch(periodically-not always).

Now, having said that, it still doesn't change the fact that he's managed to back into both championships and was carried by his defense and run game.

I give him credit. About as much credit as I give the Great Mark Rypien. Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

You can switch it up and pick and choose when it's a team game and TRY to have it both ways.

The one fact you can't change, Eli is not and never will be any more elite than the GREAT Mark Rypien!

Case Closed! Conversation over.


Pretty pathetic that Armando would write that this Welker is interesting to the Dolphins.

Um.. in what way may I ask? Who really gives a rats ass about Welker and the franchise tag. What is of interest should be exactly what the new Coach is going to do to fix this mess which includes the Pats with or without Welker.

odin, DC, dusty and YG,

Somehow a conversation about whether Eli is a 1st ballot HOF'er or not at this point given his up and down career, 2 S.B.'s non-withstanding has turned into a conversation about whether Marino was clutch or not??? I by the way feel Eli has to do it consistently for a few more years but right now I'll focus on the Marino talk!

The S.B. (19) against S.F. was brought up as the best example. I gather that not all were around or old enough to remember the game?? In that game Shula put in a NO HUDDLE O to keep the 49ers from substituting in our 4 WR sets we would score quickly taking the lead then it would backfire on Shula BIG TIME when Walsh went into a 7 DB base D daring Miami to win it with T.Nathan, Woody Bennett, Joe Rose and Dan Johnson, game,set, match!!

Jerry Rice didn't play that day he wasn't drafted till the following year in 85 and John Taylor was still a bit green. If in 1985 you took the Marino who wasn't forcing everything like he did in that S.B.(HE LEARNED) and hand him that 49ers team with the D they had as well up until his injury in 93 (8 years) and I believe he wins more than the 2 Titles Montana wins with that group or for that matter the ZERO Titles Steve Young would win with that group until they put together the mercenary 95 team.

I would bet almost anything that given that embarrassment of riches that was that 49ers dynasty Walsh built, IF Dan Marino were the QB they play in at least 4 out of those 8 S.B.'s. We of course will NEVER know but I believe Shula the G.M. CRUCIFIED the career and legacy of one Dan Marino with lousy draft after lousy draft while trading pieces that could have helped like Anthony Carter to Minnesota for Robin Sindlien.

By the way rent or Youtube a copy of ESPN presents (Biography) about the career of Marino and you will all see that the man who breaks down his mechanics with tape is none other than Bill Walsh who says in the tape and I quote "Dan Marino had the best mechanics and throwing motion I ever saw and would have loved to have coached him" and if Bill had he would be sporting more than 4 S.B. Rings as well!! IMHO!!

Mankins held out on principle as Bob Kraft and Belicheat lied to him about a contract. Welker may just get franchised year to year because they don't want to invest in him long term. They have 2 tight ends - they need a big play reciever. By the way - Welker was wide open and Brady made a bad pass, Welker may catch that pass 7 out of 10 times if he knew it was coming.

Now, having said that, it still doesn't change the fact that he's managed to back into both championships and was carried by his defense and run game.

Posted by: odinseye | February 08, 2012 at 06:53 PM

What does backing in really mean? I will tell you, nothing. There is a playoff format, and everything counts, mistakes, luck, bad calls, good calls, and solid play when it counts.

If you are currently residing in America, then, no penalty for having your own opinion. Even though though everyone in all the major sports media outlets proclaimed Eli Elite after his second MVP victory in the SB against the most dangerous foe of the decade, that doesn't mean they are right, it only means they you are very alone in your opinion.

Eli has catapulted himself into Mr. Clutch status as evidenced by has final several games in both SB seasons.

You can say Eli backed in, ok. I say..Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Rothlisbugger and Flacco all backed out.

Dem dat dere be the facts!


With the NFL, NBC and whoever else all on their knees apologizing for the half time show where SUPER HOTTTTT M.I.A. மாதங்கி 'மாயா' அருள்பிரகாசம், Mātaṅki 'Māyā' Aruḷpirakācam OR Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam gave the middle finger and NOBODY took note of when she purposely took her right hand and pulled her front coverage to flip her bird to the world.

She pulls the gold "M" lifts it to the right to reveal her red bird which is or course covered.

Now is it me or am I the only MAN who took note of that while everyone else was looking at her finger.. lol

ALSO interesting is that the NFL has went after most of the you tubes for copyrights.

Here is the MIA clip only in case you missed the bird.


welker will be pissed about not getting the money he deserves, but he will show up to camp

why would anyone ever watch the halftime garbage of the super bowl


The Pats are far from decline. There are many very good young players on that roster. Lets not even begin to get into a sb with two 1st's and two 2nd rd picks next year.

yesterday all it takes is for brady to get old, and hes 35 so its starting

These players, all of them, not just Brady and Welker, never realize they are just pawns. Respect comes in the form of a paycheck and an opportunity to play. There is no allegiance. When they are done with you, they are done with you. They could care less who you are or what you did. Their business is far bigger than any one individuals ego.

Here's a horrible thought.
Belicheat uses those two 1st rounders and those two 2nd rounders and snags Luck or RGIII.
Holy Crap!!


Had no choice as it was playing on giant screens with Bose sound. lol


Good points....after the SB....I wrote....we should NOT count them out.....

But after consider how bad they're defense is....I think there could be chinks in the armor....or at least a way to close the gap.. Cc

We should have seen this bad Pats D coming....Chad Henne put up 450 plus yards on them.....the writing was on the wall.....

Pats are GREAT.....no doubt.....

But maybe...with a little luck....the may be right for the picking....


The Pats drafted Brady's heir apparrent, Ryan Mallet, last year. Heck, if they dont feel good about him, Belichick can enter the Rg3 sweepstakes with the two 1st and two 2nd rd picks he has this year.

Or even save them til next year and go after the USC qb. So many options, so many high picks. The Pats are far from decline.

You can say Eli backed in, ok.

Dem dat dere be the facts!

Posted by: BlockHead | February 08, 2012 at 07:09 PM

I'm glad you agree. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that can see right through the media glitz and esoteric creations.

YG @7:21.....

Another good point....my man crush....Ryan Mallett in waiting......

That's good enough for me.....

Everyone harps the Pats haqve such a bad d. With Brady scoring points a mile a minute, what were the stats of how much they were on the field?

Still they were like 6th in the league in points allowed. Plus, teams playing catchup so often against Brady, how much of the actually yardage yeilded defensively was just garbage yardage.

All I know is where it mattered most(points allowed) the Pats defense was amongst the best in the league. Thier 14-2 regular season record thoroughly validates that.

On offense, ther only thing the Pats are missing is that big play wr and a more threatning rb. Had they had these two things in this year's sb. I highly doubt they lose.

Case Closed! Conversation over. Eli IS ELI-TE!!!

Posted by: odinseye | February 08, 2012 at 06:53 PM

Much better. I knew you'd come around.

Case Closed! Conversation over. Eli IS ELI-TE!!!
Posted by: odinseye | February 08, 2012 at 06:53 PM

Much better. I knew you'd come around.

Posted by: BlockHead | February 08, 2012 at 07:33 PM

HEY! Hey! HEY!

I didn't add anything to yours.

Just a little badly needed editing ;)

Pat's have weaknesses sure. BUT THEY STILL MADE IT TO THE DANCE!

And as noted, they are loaded with picks. Let's not make believe they are about to drop out of the picture.

All true YG....

But teams that COULD play D held the Pats to under 20 points (G-MEN...RAVENS).......

The AFC EAST is a cake walk....we hardly ever offer up any resistance.....and neither do the jets or Bills....

I hate to say it....but the AFC EAST.....has become the old NFC WEST.....the same one the niners used to run rough-shod the in the 90's.....

I didn't add anything to yours.

Just a little badly needed editing ;)

Posted by: odinseye | February 08, 2012 at 07:36 PM

Editing is a polite way to say falsifying documents....

You know what? I think Eli will get a 3rd ring. And then you will not be able to say he is not Eli-te without looking like a fool :)

More bad Dolfan News:

Barring injury or burnout Brady will be top of his game for at least 3 more seasons. That's why we can afford zero puss footing around by Jeff Ireland.

Everything has to be about going for the juggler. No passiveness nor passive aggressiveness in any of Ireland's decisions from here on out.

Right now the Pats are the mountain and we are the mole hill.

Editing is a polite way to say falsifying documents....

-So you're saying I'm a nice degenerate?

You know what? I think Eli will get a 3rd ring. And then you will not be able to say he is not Eli-te without looking like a fool :)

Posted by: BlockHead | February 08, 2012 at 07:38 PM

Looking like a fool has NEVER stopped me!

Maybe it's just me, but I think the Phins can do better than happy feet Bess. Dude's never broken anything on a return but wind.

I have plan A, plan B and contingency plans for both. They don't matter.

I have multiple Free Agency plans that set us up for the draft. They don't matter.

Jeff Ireland's plan is the only one that matters. And try as I have, I can never quite peg what this guy is thinking or what he's doing.

For me this is the most frustrating time of the off season. Between now and the start of Free Agency.

It's like being stuck in some type of Twilight Zone Limbo!


All the more reason to believe the Pats defense isnt as aweful as advertised. Those games the Pats offense was held under 20pts, most were Pat victories, meaning thier defense held the opponent to even less.(Ravens)

Also, the Giants scored 37pts against the Pack in the playoffs. Holding Rodgers to 20pts. I would say GB should have greater defensive concerns than the Pats.


We would talking what a great gm Jeff Ireland is if we were in the nfc west. Unfortunately, I dont think Jeff realizes this is the afc east(Belichick).

The other Jeff did(Fisher) so he chose the nfc west(Rams) over Ireland who gm's like its the nfc west instead of the afc east(Belichick).

Fisher felt he didnt have a chance against Beilichick as long as Ireland was a nfc west gm.


I take that back. San Fran's in the nfc west. You see, it only took Harbaugh 1 season to come in and dominate the nfc west right away! LOL

Eli sucks. He sucked when they were losing game after game. He sucked when the 49ers lost the game by themselves. He sucked when the Patriots lost the game by themselves. He sucks now.

If the 49ers receivers catch a ball, the Giants don't make the Superbowl. If the Patriots receivers catch a ball, the Giants don't win a Superbowl.

Where is Eli in that equation? Nowhere. He is simply a QB along for the ride - just like Trent Dilfer.

New Coach Wanted,

You forgot to add that the 38yd completion from the Giants own 12yd line. That ball threw "ITSELF" perfectly to Manningham along the sideline. That 'perfect pass won the sb.

Good thing Eli was just along for the ride. Seems he hailed the right taxi Sunday. LOL

New Coach Wanted,

The nfl should look into the matter as to why Pats and 49ers dropped passes during the nfc championship and sb games. Surely they couldnt have choked. Eli has to some how have a devious hand in it.

Maybe Eli shouild be turned over to the Inquisition and held on charges of witch craft. Surely there was black magic involved.


All good points....I can't find fault with any of them....

Where is Eli in that equation? Nowhere. He is simply a QB along for the ride - just like Trent Dilfer.

New Coach Wanted | February 08, 2012 at 07:59 PM

How DARE you Sir!! Dilfer the Great is a Super Bowl Champion further cementing this ICON's legacy was he won it all in Tampa which discarded his Super Human talents, bittersweet indeed!!

It's girly nobodies like Marino who were along for the ride! I tell you IF Eli the Magnificent were QB in Indy they would have already WON 5 Titles!! IF Peyton were in N.Y. they would have won ZERO, you see guys like Peyton and Marino are a dime a dozen!! It's Dilfer the Great and the Eli the Magnificent of the Worlds who dominate the NFL landscape again shame on you Sir!!

On Eli's final drive, he looked perfectly comfortable, calm, a gamer, he performed like it.

On Brady's final drive he looked worried and defeated, he performed as such.

Eli makes things happen when the chips are down. Brady trips when the chips are down.

Block head.....are you serious....your calling Brady a choke Artist....lol....

You do remember h WON 3 SBs....right.....

We haven't seen an AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME...since the early 90's....

Haven't sniffed super bowl panties since the early 80's....

And you're ripping on Brady...lol.....

Brady is overrated, he was in the right place at the right time. That defense carried him.

Brady is no Peyton, no Marino, no Brees, and no Eli. No way, no how. He throws a nice pass when he has protection and everything is perfect, otherwise, he chokes. For more information, see his last two SB appearances.

No one argues Eli isnt clutch. But show me an elite qb that isnt clutch and I'll show you a qb that isnt very elite.

I see the entertainment has arrived^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Brady didn't win jack, his defense bailed him out. QB always gets the credit, deserved or not.

I don't care what anybody says, Peyton was far superior to Brady on all levels. Rings don't tell the whole story.

People raise their opinion of Brady far more than he deserves it. Its the media mind control machine. They tell you Brady has 3 rings so he must be God.

I'll take Peyton, Eli, Roth, Rodgers, Brees, Rivers, over Brady. I would.

Belichek made Brady look better than he is.

you're kidding about Diler the Great right? he had only four seasons where he didn't throw more int's thatn td's.

I'll tell you something else. Brady is a dumb cluck. Shallow. Not a bright bulb. He talks like a kissazz jackoff if you ask me. He sucks up to Beli like a total brown noser. Those other QB's I mentioned have far more going on upstairs.

Block head.....

With the exception of Rodgers....

Brady has BEATEN all of those QBs numerous times to EARN the rings he has....

It doesn't take media mind control to figure that out.....

Add Eli along with Rodgers....


Ask yourself. Is it a team game or not?

I will enlighten you. Brady never went against any of those QBs. Just like two pitchers, they are never on the field at the same time. And if that stands as your argument, Eli slayed the Brady Boy twice in the big game, with conviction, with heroics, with clutch play that BradyBoy couldn't match.

Eli-Coughlin > BradyBeli

Brady hasn't won a ring without that legendary Defense he had way back when. Brady does not carry the team on his shoulders like those others. He tries, and fails. He has been one and done in the playoffs too much before this one. Wow, he beat Denver...oooohhhhh..Tebitch. Big deal. He is a puss, most overrated QB of our times. Rings or not.

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