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Patriots to use franchise tag on Wes Welker

The fallout (as in nuclear) of having Super Bowl success is that other teams get the idea that one way to succeed is to steal coaches and players from the participants.

Such might be the case with New England wide receiver Wes Welker, who happened to lead the NFL in catches in 2011 with 122 receptions. Welker is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent. And that is the way it is likely to stay for a while because the sides apparently have a different opinion of Welker's worth.

So do the Patriots lose their top recevier?

No, according to Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe. Bedard joined my radio show, Armando and Perkins, this morning and made it clear he knows New England's plans for Welker.

"He's going to be tagged, that I know for pretty much certain," said Bedard, who clarified that it's the franchise tag the Pats would use. "If they don't, he's going to sign with the Jets and they're going to have to try and cover him twice a year, or the Dolphins ... They want him back. I don't see why things would change now, but the way it stood before the Super Bowl, they're going to tag him."

Bedard said the Patriots don't want to pay Welker like an elite receiver. Welker wants to be paid like, well, an elite receiver. Thus the franchise tag to keep Welker from hitting free agency and going to the Jets. (I doubt the Dolphins would sign him because they are invested in Davone Bess as a slot receiver).

The other intriguing thing Bedard said that should be of great interest to Dolphins' fans is that once the Patriots apply the franchise tag to Welker, things will get interesting. And by interesting he meant antogonistic.

Bedard said once the franchise tag goes on Welker he can see, "another Logan Mankins situation where Welker doesn't report until Week 8 of next season."


Tom Brady without his favorite receiver until Week 8 next season? Best piece of news Dolphins fans have gotten in quite some time.


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Flynn = A.J. Feeley

Philbin = Cam Cameron

New Coach,
I guess you're right. I probably wasn't understanding where you were coming from when you were talking about Flynn's body of work.
I agree with you that there isn't much there and that is why I don't understand why some are so insistent on wanting him to be in a Miami uniform this year.
If I had to guess, I would say Philbin would look at Moore and think he has the ability to run his offense just as well as, if not better than, Flynn.

Eli is definitely elite. A HOFer barring injury.

Posted by: Ron Son | February 08, 2012 at 11:31 PM

Sure, if you have low standards and trouble comprehending the game.

Eli is like Pennington with a great Coaching Staff, continuity within the system. Great Run Game, Receivers and a Pro Bowl Defense.

Now Pennington was really good to almost great, but elite? C'mon Man.

Heres a little exam for you: Which of these is NOT like the Others?

Marino, Montana, Farve, Young, Kelly, Fouts........ELI.............


I haven't been on your site lately.

Any new stuff?

New Coach Wanted, Eli won 2 SBs, Henne won, nothing, that's why Eli is elite! Duhh!

New Coach, yes, just avoid the issue altogether. Always a good way to get out of a jam.

Well, I'm out for now. Have fun comparing which qb has the best 2nd down conversion percentage in the 3rd quarter when they are down by more than 3. Haha.


You guys are reverse engineering the situation. There is a game plan to be followed. You just don't get that simple point.

Marino had freaking AWESOME stats. No trophies.

Good night all.

..Really..The Eli v Henne debate again? Does it really matter? One just beat Brady and the Pats for a second Super Bowl title..The other is going to be a journeyman fighting for a job on a bad team..I'm going to guess this may be the only blog on the planet where people are even discussing this. I would just say that Henne is a free agent. If he is so superior, or even on an equal level of Eli Manning. He would be the hot stove topic on every pundits mind going into free agency..He would be talked about daily as the next big free agent signing.. We don't hear any of this because the fact is Henne is not in demand as far a team looking for it's savior, or next franchise guy..Surely if Eli was a free agent, this would not be the case. I know we are all guilty of believing we are smarter then the rest of the league when it comes to player personel decisions. Nobody is banging down Hennes door to save the day for a reason..They may tap him on the shoulder, he may even get a chance..He surely will not be the prized free agent signing of the offseason.


Not you too? Noooooooooooooooooooooo-LOL.

Mark Rypien won two Super Bowls and had better numbers than Eli.

Do you consider Rypien elite or a product of the system?

When I think of Eli Manning, the old Navajo saying "Dąągo ’áłchíní da’ółta’. Ndi shį́įgo doo da’ółta’ da. Shį́įgo kintahdi ayóo deesdoi łeh. Ndi dziłbigháa’di honeezk’ází yee’. Abínígo áadi łį́į́’ nihił naaldlosh łeh dóó yaa’adeiz’ą́ągo náda’iilkǫ́ǫ́h łeh áádóó hiłiijį́į’go ndeii’né łeh" comes to mind.

Henne with 3 years as a starter and not a single sole is even talking about him. I haven't seen his name mentioned once anywhere. He may end up at Whole Foods.

Yes DD, if Eli and Henne are available at the same time, who'd get picked 1st? Duhhhh, no brainer, Eli!


I won't even attempt to compare Henne to Manning.

However, unlike many here, I won't simply discredit the Giants, the coaching staff, the continuity of the program, the great Run Game, Receivers and the fantastic Defense, just so I can PRETEND Manning is Elite?

It's ludicris. When the Giants Defense got battered with injuries this season, Eli was well on his way to leading them to the cellar.

The fact all the fantacists fail to recognize is that the Giants hot streak began precisely when they got back most of their starters on D.

A Healthy ELI without his healthy D - Heading to the cellar.

The D gets healthy - The Giants make a phenominal run.

They do this equation over and over again. Then sweep it under the rug and proclaim Eli elite-LOL.

He's really good to ALMOST great. Nothing more, nothing less. DEFINITELY NOT ELITE!

Odin, I consider Jim Plunkett elite and worthy of the HOF! Plunkett won 2 SBs....a journeyman QB, the typical underdog, a loser that wasn't supposed to make it, but did! America at it's finest, the same with Eli, the same with Henne if he went to another team and won 2 SBs!

I think Henne will be a Jet he is much better than Sanchez

Lou's site is full of meandering crap. Not concise, not well written, annoying background images. Lou has that site to jack himself off, nothing more.

Posted by: ZBeco | February 08, 2012 at 11:47 PM

You actually typed this while complaining about someone elses writing abilities?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!

That's RICH, Baby!

Notable Quotes: "Crap", "Not concise", "Jack himself off"

Redsky..Whats up?? How have you been?

I'm just reading some other teams blogs...Teams like the jets, and the Broncos, and the Redskins..Places Henne has been rumored to possibly land(I understand these are just rumors..just the same as Flynn coming here, or Manning..etc)..The fans are super excited!! Henne is coming to save the day. I wish this were true...

The thing is. I stood up for Henne the whole of last offseason. I understood, and supported the teams choice to stay with him. Some say he improved..I didn't see it. in fact if you are a stats person..He digressed. Less yards, poorer completion percentage, more Int's-TD's..Most important wins v losses.. I know that the sample was small..Whatever. It was the same story..We have beaten the drum enough now it is redundant to repeat all of the flaws.

I wish Henne luck. Perhaps somewhere else he can resurect his career, and that team can be happy winning a few games..He may even put up some fancy passing stats in a few games that will support his fanclub..Great. IMO it is not in Hennes DNA as a pro QB to take a team on his shoulders and play, and win games in January-Febuary..Heck I would have settled for the 4th quarter..Anyway. good to see you around.

On the right team he could easily make the playoffs... I don't think he was the reason we lost those first few games... His performances should have been enough but the D and a few key dropped passes were to blame. I think he is a victim of circumstance and if he can correct his mental errors like looking off the defenders and getting faster reads then he has the physical tools to be a great QB.


You have your right to an opinion. I even agree with a lot of yours.

Plunkett, yeah OK, but not because he won two Super Bowls. I don't think winning multiple Super Bowl is necessarily a prerequisite to being elite.

Plunkett became elite because he stuck it out. Learned on the job and rolled with the punches. By the time it was over, he would've qualified as elite in my book.

Eli? Not yet. He may get there and he's obviously well on his way. But still, I just can't yet put him in the same category as Tarkenton, Fouts Peyton, Marino, Kelly, Montana, Young, etc, etc.

I'd say, at this point, Eli fits in better with guys like Dilfer, Pennington, and Mark Rypien. All really good QB's, just not quite elite.

Time will tell.

Remember Henne came in as a rookie to a team that went 1-15 the previous year and didn't get the start that year cuz of Pennington. Our O line was in a major rebuild and we still are short a couple key positions. He had no WR's and a decent TE... I harldy think we set him up for success during his tenure here

Are you aiming for the Guinness Record for most mentions of Mark Rypien in a 24-hour period? Jesus Christ.

..Odin. I have never made the argument that Eli was an elite quarterback. He is on his way. His full body of work would say otherwise. Yes he has 2 cups, and yes he was a key reason IMO in both runs. We get in a hurry to label guys good or bad. What gets me, is the comparisons to Henne..I don't get it. It is ridiculous. The 2 aren't even in the same league when it comes to skill level, compatance, leadership qualities..Everything you want in your guy. This is where I have drawn the line. The only time I have used Eli and Elite in the same sentance(when describing Eli's play) is when comparing him to Henne..

Back to my point about labeling guys.. This could be said about Henne as well. He has been labeled a bust by 99 percent of Phin fans. I have said that perhaps on the right team, with the right personel. Where he doesn't have to throw it 30 times a game and put pressure on himself to do something he isn't accomplished at yet..He could find success..I also have said I thought that with our new staff, and system(that I think we will run) that this is not the right scheme for him..Too much responsibility..Give him an offense like the Niners, or the Broncos where they run the ball, and hide the deficiencies of the passer and he could pull it off. Let him develop slowly into the scheme. Only ask him to win games with his arm on occasion.not every week. Play very good defense..In this sort of set-up Henne may excell.

it's actually baklava, made with filo dough (the same they use in spanakopita (the same dough, spinach and cheese, same shape).
Both are awesome, as is greek Cuisine, in general.
Their lamb dishes are especially unique.
BTW, the spell check around here will try to change f-i-l-o.
In YOUR case, the spell check hides when it sees YOU coming! (said without malice)

Enough with the Marino dissing. NO ONE in the history of the league made more great throws without a running back, especially those 70 yard TD's. Kudos to the Marks Brothers!
Like Brady does Welker and others, Marino MADE middle of the road receivers look great, and extended Frya'rs career by years.
Those games were magic.

ALoco...the Marino comment wasn't aimed at you, but MJ, etc.

Are you aiming for the Guinness Record for most mentions of Mark Rypien in a 24-hour period? Jesus Christ.

Posted by: Scratched Record | February 09, 2012 at 12:12 AM

No, just trying to catch up with all the absurd references that two Super Bowl wins automatically makes you elite-LOL.

I understand the sentiment though. It sucks when factual examples screw up your fantasy.

Crash and Burn....................(oof).......

Look, Henne has a lot to prove that he is a franchise QB but his stats compare favorably or exceed those of QB's many proclaim to be elite. Thats a fact. End of story. No arguments.

Eli? As odinseye said... he is Trent Dilfer or Chad Pennington... on a great team.

Eli on the Dolphins? Dog food. Not even a hint of the Superbowl.

Henne outperformed Eli the first 4 years and was on a team that sucked. Eli sucked on a team that was far superior to the Dolphins.

Eli? Good QB if you accept ok. Great QB if you like lipstick on a pig.

Odin..BTW I scored a Mesa Boogie Bass amp today. It is sitting at Music Villa awaiting my arival on Saturday..


I never used a Mesa Boogie but a lot of the guys I met along the way did. They were always almost cultish about their affinity for it's performance.

Great Choice. Keep Banging Away Bro!

PS: I've never kept magazine racks in my bathrooms. I have a small Crate Practice amp and I'm getting ready to go multi tasking in the John-LOL!

I know - TMI.

Sorry, my Bad!

On the right team he could easily make the playoffs... I don't think he was the reason we lost those first few games... His performances should have been enough but the D and a few key dropped passes were to blame. I think he is a victim of circumstance and if he can correct his mental errors like looking off the defenders and getting faster reads then he has the physical tools to be a great QB.

Posted by: beerphin | February 09, 2012 at 12:09 AM

beerfin (great moniker, BTW...Fins have often driven me to drink on Sundays...LOl)
You said," if he can correct his mental errors like looking off the defenders and getting faster reads"..
Well, if PIGS COULD FLY....
He is what he is. Some are naturally gifted, spontaneously gifted, unfortunately, NOT Henne.

I see this in music all the time. On one hand, you have Stevie Wonder and Madonna on the other. Stevie just IS, Madonna needs a cast of thousands, and it's still ordinary (IMO)...yeppers, she still looks good for 50, Stevie, not so. LOL

back to Chad. I like him personally, and hope another OC can somehow INSTILL some of those intangibles. Maybe miracles happen.

Rypien a great example. Odin. There's Jeff whats his name, who replaced Phil Simms and won a SB, and of course Dilfer.

Rypien had a nice career, as did another SB winner, Joe Theisman, but neither one had overall a HOF caliber careers, same (IMO) as Plunkett.

Still, if stats meant anything, Namath would be nowhere near the HOF.
Hype got him there ...NY style, but in fairness he had all the intangibles Henne lacks, played with horrendous physical pain, and won the most famous SB in NFL/AFL history.

Would this premise be correct?: Eli MUST win the regular season NFL MVP award to solidify his position as truly ELITE?
I believe so, but y'all may feel differently.


I like goats and lemon meringue pie. Also, I would like to see Wilma Flintstone walk through my house wearing soiled diapers.

Darryl D...what bass are you blowing out of it? Odin, you're a guitarist?
About 10 years ago I (shudder) sold 2 '58 P-basses I purchased from Chuck Rainey, when we both worked at Criteria Studios back in the late 60's, early 70's.(I was doing mostly keyboards and backing vocals)
I mostly write and produce now, but have a Music Man Stingray 5 string at the ready.

Ha, This post reminds me of those summer times on J-Cole's Forum.

My apologies to others for the egregious off topic posting.


Aren't you somewhere around Nashville?

I was a professional Bass Player/Background vocalist(The P-Bass was my Weapon Of Choice) for most of the 80's and 90's. A brutal way of life, but I'm a better man for it today.

I play guitar now, mostly for fun. Occasional gigs now and then and I ALWAYS sit in at the Blues Clubs when I can.

Anyway, you ever hear of the Kendall's out of Nashville and Branson back in the mid 80's?

IMAWriter..I have a Fender Jazz bass..I have only been playing for about 6 months. The Mesa Boogie amp may be out of my league as far as what I need..But a friend of mine(his band plays at my bar occasionaly) got me a good deal on it..So I thought screw it. It beats the sorry Rumble I have been learning on.

Odin, DD, I threw Plunkett in there for consideration! I'm a Plunkett fan, I saw him going from nothing to winining 2 SBs! So that's significant!

I'm out, tired GN!

They will sign him! Tom Brady already said he was in love with him after the superbowl. And if they break Tom Brady's heart and let him go. Mr. brady will be the next to go...

NyG, to me it is VERY interesting to know that the best receiver on the best team in the division might miss eight games next year. So shut your piehole and either contribute to the blog or make tracks.

With our luck we would play the pats in week 10 and 17

What's all the talk about Marino. I have been a Dolphin Fan since Shuler named as coach and Paul Warfield signed. Stop...Marino was GREAT, period.

Let's get back to relevance. I don't see Welker missing camp but they need to paid the man. No one gets paid on New England but Brady. We seen this before. Welker will leave after next season only to return because of the structure and system of the franchise. I think free market economics is goning to catch up with the Pats. Time is running out.

Odin, I see you're hating on Eli! Too bad, he is very good, he makes throws that are on the money. He puts the ball in perfect spots! I live in NY, see a lot of games and I can tell you, he is as a very very good QB. Better than Brady or Rodger? No, but they don't have SB rings do they. You talk about supporting casts! Well there are good solid teams that don't go anywhere because they don't have a real good QB. Don't be hatin! Just makes you sound childish! Would you want Eli on the fins? If you say no then just leave this board because you are a fake fan!

Ha....the Dolphins would give up Bess in a heartbeat to get Wes back, don't fool yourself.

DC, you stick with Bess. Welker's best years are behind him. Injuries coming soon. Still too small despite what he's done the past 4 years.

The people who say Henne will be a good QB in this league but has been set up for failure in our pathetic organization are correct.

Those who say Henne sucks are wrong and will eat their words.

You will see.

You will cry if he ends up on the Jets. He would replace Sanchez as the starter.

Oh crap, looks like the Pats are going to get Brandon Lloyd !


The Patriots still suck

Odin, yes, Brentwood, a burn minutes south of Nashville/Music row.
DD, on a forum I moderate( www.coffeegeek.com) we have a saying.."you can NEVER have too much GRINDER."
For a bassist/guitarist, you can NEVER have too much amp. That amp you know possess will make your bass sound as it should.

Back On topic: (whatever that now is)
Welker for Bess?...in a Heartbeat. but beware of the Pats, they'll want, and get a high draft choice as well. DON'T TRADE WITH THE PATS, IT CAN ONLY LEAD TO HEARTBREAK.lol

Da-mn spell check...'burb", not BURN.

Posted by: redsky | February 09, 2012 at 01:16 AM

Redsky, I didn't mean to imply earlier that Plunkett wasn't a high quality QB, just that i didn't feel he was quite HOF worthy.

I wouldmuch rather tackle Gisele than Welker.

Best news for the Dolphins? Why? The Dolphins can't beat the Patriots even without Wes Welker.

Welker is a class act guy. He is not going to hold out

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