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Report: Manning cleared to play (sort of)

ESPN is reporting that quaterback Peyton Manning has been cleared to play by two doctors who determined that "the stability in his neck would have allowed the quarterback to play this Sunday if the nerves in his arm had regenerated to a satisfactory performance level."

Great. Manning, as you know, has had three neck surgeries the past 20 months and the fact there is stability in the neck is a positive sign for the 35-year-old as he tries to return to his NFL career after missing the 2011 season.

But ...

The nerves that had basically quit firing, causing repurcussions in the triceps of Manning's (right) throwing arm, including him feeling numbness, suffering atrophy, and losing strength, are apparently still not completely regenerated.

And that is very, very important because that means Manning doesn't have full strength in his arm. And if he doesn't have full strength in his arm, he may or may not have an NFL caliber arm yet. The report says that Manning's problem is not a "safety issue; it's a performance issue."

Um, well the only reason the Dolphins are even remotely interested in Manning is his ability to perform at a Pro Bowl level. Nobody cares that a quarterback can be safe. That is fundamental. They want a quarterback that can performn.

And if Manning still is fighting performance issues, he's still not a sure thing. If he's merely a gamble with uncertain arm strength, I'd say his chances of joining the Dolphins remain ... a long shot at this point.

Now, if the nerves do indeed regenerate to the point Manning's arm resembles the helped him win four MVP awards, the Dolphins definitely will be one of the teams chasing him -- assuming he is available. But we've not reached that point yet.


The Dolphins announced moments ago they have indeed hired Jim Turner to coach their offensive line, as I reported two days ago. They have also retained defensive line coach Kacy Rodgers, assistant special teams coach Dave Fipp, assistant strength coach Dave Puloka, and defensive quality control coach David Corrao.



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Mando will NOT do anything to stop the stupidity that the blog falls into for one very specific reason. If you ever read any Herald article regarding it's Internet posts sights they always start with the fact that Dolphins in depth is responsible I

Mateo Flynn has that new car smell!
Posted by: ozkar | February 02, 2012 at 10:30 PM

Until he stinks the place up. Then he has the smell of a new car that a drunk keg pig threw up in.

If they knew all they could get was Philbin for a HC, they probably would've kept Sparano.

Excuse me my lat post was cut off.

Mando will NOT do anything to stop the stupidity that the blog falls into for one very specific reason. If you ever read any Herald article regarding it's Internet posts sights they always start with the fact that Dolphins in depth is responsible I believe for 80% or more of all the hits the Miami Herald gets and Mando is NEVER shy about letting everybody know that from time to time.

That said I use to get baited into the stupidity to the point of really getting bent out of shape. I E-Mailed Mando and made a HUGE stink, he actually came on line addressed it said people would be banned, ect... It stopped and the next thing you knew a month later it was on again. I know Kris and Dying Breed remember because we actually posted on the blog one afternoon our personal E-Mails to Mando and compared notes on it in that short time of just Football talk before it started up again.

I now choose to simply ignore it because I understand that in some instances WE are all dealing with jaded, insecure nobodies who probably are sitting in their own personal hell dealing with inferiority complexes and inhibitions covered in filth with nothing better to do. I really believe this because were I come from like Phin 78 said on the last page you don't speak in that fashion unless your ready to back it up but here were stuck behind a computer screen and are helpless in the face of such unbelievable B.S.

I HOPE odin comes back and doesn't ditch the sight the way other really great posters on here did like Derek4,0x80 and even Rob who use to spend time on here and now on occasion drops by but never stays anymore. I only hope that IF that is the route we can all come up with a place to meet up and keep the football talk going and were it relates to me those that I choose to rap Football with KNOW WHO THEY ARE, so drop this Fin Fan a line if leaving cause I'm going with you all! IF that happens Mando will loose the sight to boredom given it''s a handful of us that really keep it rolling along for him and his high % of hits!!!!

Lets all hope Odin recieves the help he needs, We'll all be hoping for the best for Mr.Odin, God-Speed Mr. Odin.

Seems to me Mr. Odin was called out because of Constant BS issues and went insane.

As usual, Salguero, too many many IF's . If Manning's arm..., if his contract is renewed... If the Dolphins are interested, if Manning wants to move....if the Mayans were right about the end of the world..
Gizz pal, no facts at all only speculation after speculation as usual.

Tampa Fin Fan...I tried the TypePad.. My posts never appear..I can read them, but for some reason they stay in the comment box. Probably something real easy to fix if I had any internet skills..

Anyways, the Brunette is here and she's going to help me with some Physical therapy.

Posted by: odinseye | February 01, 2012 at 07:57 PM

You're sick fvck whinning about your miserable life.

Posted by: odinseye | February 01, 2012 at 08:15 PM


Hottie arrives at 7:57

Odins next post is at 8:15

18 minutes for the hottie and then back to blogging all night long!



Posted by: Super Stud | February 02, 2012 at 12:27 AM


odin is a grown man and can handle his own battles but it seems to me that you and very possibly only you and your multiple screen names personality only comes on here to rip people and especially him for this or that without ever posting one generally original Football related post??

I can't for the life of me remember one thing about the game of Football you've ever posted?? The funny thing is "IF" the veil were pulled back and you and all your aliases were ever revealed and banned I get the feeling as much as a thrid of the crap would stop and that's if your not actually a regular poster who hides behind your many different coalition names alone!

I had posted a segment on my mock about the sleepers in this year's draft and my top sleeper was Juron Criner, WR, Arizona.
Before the Senior Bowl he was projected to go in the 7th rd. Now, he's a 2nd to 3rd round pick. If you missed it Criner made an amazing one-handed catch during one of the practices at the Senior Bowl and he and Nick Foles connected on a number of pass plays on a drive that culminated in Criner's td catch at the goal line.
Don't know if he'll go in the 2nd. Right now, I'd say a solid 3rd. Could be a nice #2 wr to go with Marshall.

Fin, Was working last Night, The Other guy "Coalition To Ban Odin" is the one yoyur thinking of, And BTW, I only post as myself and if I have something to say to someone I Do, Like If It hurt Odins feeling getting called out for his constant BS Then Maybe he should post less about his suppossed conquests and stick to Foot Ball., Thank you much, Now I must go find aplace to consume some of favorite Beverage (Jack Danials)

Keep in mind that even if Manning comes back he will not be playing in the offense that he has been accustomed to as a Colt for his whole career. I don't care who you are, learning a new offense will require some time. Add that to the fact that nobody can predict if and when the nerves in his tricep will rejuvenate and I think we need to find out what Coach Philbin really thinks about Matt Flynn. Ross will spend the money this year. I think he is finally starting to understand that the only thing that sells tickets are wins...not orange carpets.

Doctors, like lawyers, pay them enough $$$ and they'll say or clear anyone...*lmao*

Heres hoping manning retires and never looks back.......

If Manning returns to form like from 2 years back then he would make the phins SB contenders next year. And not the Rex Ryan type that's all talk. Yes they are not complete but with a few more pieces we could take back the AFC east crown. yea it's only a chance but if it pays then we'd own the best offseason move of all and a QB to rival the legacy Marino left. Finally

Learning a new offense for anyone except named Peyton Manning would be difficult.

My theory is that it is a retarded Jets fan just trying to get kicks outta very sad existence. Ignore the faker

Not sold on Manning. I mean he was a great qb and probably has a couple of years left. But he would be coming to a team that is still raw and he will get hit, hard. Flag or no flag. Then we are stuck with a number 2 or 3.
Flynn may have a better long term upside but might cost too much as he is unproven.
I like Moore. 6-3 in the final 9 games. I like that I had the confidence in him to beat weaker competiton and rise to the occasion for tougher competition. If he plays at least as hard and well as Eli Manning (check stats, he has) then what is wrong with that. The Phins can pick up the game on defense and with other offensive players. The game isn't just qb and a sack machine type defense can beat a great offense.
Point is relying on one player to win it all aka Dan Marino isn't going to get you to the top.
Point the year that Brady was out NE still had 11 wins. That says a lot for the team. And the qb that got them to 11 wins is not doing all that great for his current team.
But Ross has to sell tickets.
Who actually reads all of the crap Odin puts out? Sometimes he is good and other times his stuff is inane and very irritating.

I love Manning, arguably the best QB ever. He shares Marino's dilemma to play for "incomplete teams", in his case -and to Marino's to some extent- with no defense to speak for. He had seldom good running game support, he did with Edge James but the defense was atrocious. Then he developed into perhaps the most cerebral QB the game has ever had. Marino on the other hand had the most pure delivery ever, watching Dan throw was a special treat, the cost of your ticket and then some more, everywhere I traveled the Phins were a hot ticket because of Marino, too bad he never had the supporting cast to deliver at least one ring.

Manning should take the year off IMO, I'd hate to see him struggle, he has won everything and unlike Dan he did get a ring. He could still play if he gets back in 2013 or late in 2012, no need for him to force anything.

With that in mind I think it is time we focus on plan B, and that is RG3. No Flynn please, if we are to take a QB with a weak arm then we should take Manning over Flynn any day. And no more 2nd-3rd round scraps that will take 2-3 yrs to develop, we have a guy like that in Devlin -no offense Pat- and at this point he's further advanced than the Foles or Tannehills out there. Go bold RG3 or another year in mediocrity with no hope and aging players.

I like sarab.

This Blog is not your typical Football Blog and is not for every Football Fan, specially the inmature one. As we tire of the repetitive Football talk, we jump to Comedy, Politics and other topics which might shock or otherwise frustrate the inmature or uneducated reader. That's the way it is here until Armando changes the Rules of the Blog.(I like it).

Getting Manning would be a risk reward type situation. Sure Montana got the chiefs to an afc champ game, next year lost out to the fins. But did that move make the chiefs peranial powerhouses like we want to be? Montana played there, what? 2 3 years? Did they get a franchise QB to replace him? What if we do get Peyton, how do we replace him? We would have to very shortly! IF it does bring us a ring, then heck yeah, but whats the guarantee? Do we win the div? but get put out in 1st round? Would that be worth it? Would neglecting other sreas of need, to be able to get him be worth it, if he plays 3 years, we win div 2 of those, but lose 1st round every year, and 4th year, we dont have a qb again?


There ARE no guarantees....not in LIFE..or in FOOTBALL.....

Your post is full of questions...and you are right to be skeptical. think about this...every year ONLY ONE TEAM wins the SB.....the the rest aren't considered losers....

How can that be?

Because teams that win and consistently make the playoffs give their fans something to be proud of....

consider this....Brett Favre played for like 20 years....he won ONE SB....thats a LOT OF GAMES PLAYED....

he won a lot of games....and the fans felt they had a SHOT every year because they had Brett Favre at the helm.....but still....ONE ring....18-20 years....so that tells me the odds of winning are not high.....

if we make the playoffs...and are ONE and DONE.....isn't that a better product than you have seen in the past 3 years....aren't you tired of watching the jets squeak in...and then ALMOST play in the big game....while we FIN FANS start talking MOCK DRAFT in early NOV......

Ireland and Ross have seen the Colts model...and it stinks....but that doesn't mean you can't learn from other peoples failure.....

YES...Manning will mask a lot of deficiencies....but this time...Ireland and Ross need to address them in the 3-4 years that we can get out of a healthy Manning....

In the event that Manning doesn't win a SB with us....by the time he is ready to retire....we should have a STRONG team in place...veteran receivers.....Solid line....and a fast defense....

The next QB should have a stacked team....BECAUSE of Peyton Manning.....

Getting a HEALTHY Peyton will allow us to fix the rest of the team...while being set at the most important position in pro sports.....

The maybe a guy live Tanehill...or whoever can thrive from the moment he steps on the field in 3-4 years....

or maybe...in next years draft...a stud QB (ALA RODGERS) slips in the draft...and we grab them at 20 something.....and let them develop....

To me...a healthy manning= win-win....

Even if we don't win it all...


36, an age where the very best are in decline.
three neck surgeries.
a full season out of football.
atrophy in throwing arm muscles.
numbness in throwing arm.
has not regained velocity on his passes.
still waiting for nerves to grow back.

this is not remotely a similar situation as with a plunkett or gannon or montana changing teams late in their careers and winning.

I would be very leary of taking Peyton, I'm not a doctor and don't profess to be, but it just seems to me that there are alot of issues and complications with his recovery. Also not sure how old he is, but imo he would only give us a few yrs of being competitive, then he'd be ready to retire, and justifiably so. Flynn is risky, as other posters have stated he's only played a couple games, I would defer to Philbin's knowledge of Flynn, if Philbin says Flynn is a good QB, I would accept it. My preferred method of getting a new QB would be to study all the options, decide what option is the best short and long term, and move on it, trade up, trade down, sign FA, whatever, just get a legitimate QB, not a project or as others put it an acorn. If we make the wrong move whether it is getting Peyton or Flynn or drafting the wrong guy AGAIN, we are going to go through the same 2 to 4 yrs of well he's learning a new system or he's progressing or he's adjusting to the speed of the NFL, or he's coming along nicely. This stuff ring any bells. No fin fans we have to hit on this one right away.

Just say no to Manning. Even if he is 100% he would only be good for a year or 2 and would be a huge risk with just one hit.

Don't MOST men have performance issues the older they get? Oh, different type of performance, got it.

Great reporting there Armando...

So if Peyton's arm isn't healthy, the Dolphins aren't interested. But if his arm is healthy, the Dolphins are interested.

I never would have thought that

I'm wondering if anyone has had any thoughts about upgrading the QB position.

CHEAP FISH, moron one thing that Ross isn't is cheap. He may be a lot of other things, and he's made a lot of mistake, cheap is not one of them. You sound stupid when you same that.

You sound stupid when you same that.

Posted by: michael | February 03, 2012 at 08:22 AM

You sound stupid when you same that.

Tell me moron how is he cheap, tell me. Do you have an example. BY the way it's should be say that, not same that. Learn some grammar.

wanting peyton manning is S T U P I D!!!!

so we put in an offense to suit him, making the rest of the team learn a new offense that will last 1 maybe 2 seasons, then start all over again with a QB that can actually be around for 10 years. i don't think this is smart. i'd rather it take a couple years to reach the top and stay there long term. keep the same system with little tweaks depending on what we draft/add each season.

at this point, its not my money... so i say go after peyton if he's cut free. i been a dolphin fan for almost 30 years and i've learned that this only sports man, pure entertainment and if it doesnt work out?? we move on.
he makes the dolphins instant contenders.

First time blogger. But what kills me is that we seem to have some of the worse fans ever. All they do is try and find the negative in everything the team does. Ive been dolphins fan for my whole life and was born and raised in pittsburgh. Its no wonder we suck every year when no matter what all u so called fans doom them every year b4 it even starts. Not saying all but alot. Those that do go cheer for someone else we dont need ya. Go Fins i have faith. My father died this year and was the only reason i love miami he was from sarasota. Hope miami can do something and make my dad smile upstairs.

Before you sign Manning, they better check with Marshall - get his approval. After all he is the MVP of the Pro Bowl and he knows who the best QB will be.

First time blogger.

Posted by: tyjenkins05 | February 03, 2012 at 08:45 AM

First time blogger my azzzzz. It sounds like you've been here for 5 years.














Could I propose a funky idea, and could somebody comment on the possibility that this could actually happen? What if we offered Peyton Manning an incentive laden contract heavily based on starts, performance, playoff appearances, records broken, etc., then we offer Matt Flynn a backloaded incentive laden contract as well. Let's see if these guys are willing to sacrifice a little bit to be perennial playoff contenders.

Now we have the flexibility to do whatever we want with our draft. Here's where it gets even funkier. The one thing that has bothered me about our draft position is that it leaves us out of contention to draft the player we wanted to draft at QB, but is too early to blow on a lesser area of need or a player in a position of great need that would be a reach at that draft position.

Why don't we trade out of the 8th pick, possibly out of the first round altogether, and stock up on 2nd and 3rd round picks? If we get Tannehill in the 2nd round and still have plenty of 2nd & 3rd round picks to address OT, ILB, DE, S, etc., then we can have quality prospects for the Miami Dolphins QB position for the next 15 years, in the system right now.

All of them except Manning would be familiar with the offensive system, though he could pick it up quickly with all his experience and football IQ and instincts. In addition, we would always have a starter ready player available, that I'm sure under Philbin's and Sherman's tutelage, would be ready to make a good showing. The counterpoint to my own idea here is that with Flynn and Matt Moore available to back up Peyton Manning, there's no need for Tannehill. Well in this case you get the QB all the help he needs at OT, TE, WR, etc. when you trade down, and/or sign free agents.

If it would be impossible to structure those contracts for Manning AND Flynn, then I offer two other options. Sign Manning and trade down as I mentioned before and be sure to draft Tannehill. Otherwise, sign Flynn and trade down, draft Tannehill, etc.

Of course all of this is contingent upon Philbin's and Sherman's collective opinion of the players mentioned. I do feel strongly about having either or both Matt Flynn and Ryan Tannehill in a Dolphins uniform in 2012. That's how important I believe it is that the QB's we have already know the offensive system.

All this goes back to my frustration with the Miami Dolphins in the past. I'll summarize: Sign Brian Griese (a WCO QB), put him in a position to fail (Wanny's anemic offense), drop Brian Griese, THEN sign Marc Trestman (an offensive genius with the WCO) as Assistant HC / QB Coach, THEN sign A.J. Feeley (a WCO QB), then assign an RB Coach (who was a DB coach the year before) and and OL Coach as your OC instead of Marc Trestman. They could have been running a version of the West Coast Offense for years now, and we wouldn't have had to suffer through all this so long.

The point? I love that Philbin is aware of concepts like evaluating strengths and weaknesses of players, and that he is willing to put them in a position to succeed. An important part of that is getting players that are familiar with the offensive systems that the team will employ. I feel we MUST get either Flynn or Tannehill if not both. If we can have our cake and eat it too with Manning, then so be it, because he will put butts in seats, and I'm sure Stephen Ross will appreciate that.

Ron Son,
Bill Parcells selected Pat White in the 2nd round as well as Henne.

BTW, sorry for the long post. Lots of thoughts. Hmm, that rhymes.


@ 8:53 and 9:55...thats NOT ME...and you know it....

but keep BRAGGING on how many BLOG HITS YOU CREATE...i mean generate.....

We've already had our smart weak arm QB, who couldnt throw an out route if his life depended in Chad Pennington. Stick a fork in Manning he done


Peyton Manning says he is medically healthy enough but doesn't know if his skill level is where it should be. This sounds like Marino at the end. His legs were shot from wear and tair and surgery after surgery but his arm was fine. Peyton's body is one piece but his "throwing" arm may or may not function at the same level and there is no way of knowing this. No thank you!

I love Peyton Manning but if he can't prove to 100 percent by the time FA opens then I don't want to be the team that signs him and waits to find out.

Matt Flynn makes the most logical sense. It's ultimately Joe Philbin's decision. If Philbin decides to tie his coaching career to Flynn it's a good thing. Philbin has seen Flynn in every practice, scrimmage, OTA and game of his career. He knows more then anyone what he is capable of. If he endorses Flynn as "his guy" we all need to embrace the Matt Flynn era.

This won't be like AJ Feeley or Kolb where a coach takes a guy on they know nothing about other then his highlights and word of mouth. Philbin directly knows what Flynn can and can't do. I predict Flynn to be Miami's next starting QB and to have at the very least a good career in Miami.

9:53....not 8:53....

CHA-CHING Armando...my typo=another hit for you.....


How many people either wrote the EXACT same sentiments as you did @ 10:05.....or said them to friends....back when Drew Breezy was on the market....

and FAST FORWARD to now...and they cry...whine...and complain that the FONS FO didn't sign Breezy.....

I don't want to here all the crying and complaining for another 5 years....cause Peyton is winning is league MVPs and playoff games with another team....

If Peyton is HEALTHY...he is the BEST FA QB EVER.....and that includes BREEZY....

Their has never been a more sure thing....than a healthy Peyton Manning....

Lets face it, QB's are a major challenge because they are almost always a gamble. There are many documented cases of Free Agent veterans not working out and many that do. There are many draft picks taken high that work out and many that don't.

I am pro Flynn at this point for the Dolphins.
Here are some quick points why I think he is our best bet.

1) If Manning was the Manning of old the Colts would keep him in a minute. Manning became the guru of the Colts system. How do we know how he will do outside that system? If there is a strong chance he won't be the Manning of old why pay the $ and why take the chance of setting the team back?

2) Luck is the only recognized 'sure thing' that most experts see in the draft. We are not getting him.

3) RG3 looks great. Question is will he be a Vince Young or a Mike Vick? It's probably a 50/50 bet. Most drafted QB's need 2-3 years in the NFL system to really show if they are going to make it. So odds are he doesn't come in and make a big difference next year.

4) We hired Philbin and Sherman and they are brining their system for sure. They need someone who complements that system. Flynn only has 2 NFL starts but they were really good. He also has NFL years being groomed in the system. I look at it as 2-3 years out of hte draft and should be ready to go.

5) Philbin won't go for him if he doesn't believe in him. This judgement call will prove to be the most important.

6) Flynn shouldn't cost us draft picks so we can keep building the rest of the team. We all know we are not just a QB away.

7) I'd like to see us take Flynn and Tannehill (if we can get him in the 3rd or later rounds). Take Flynn for now and develop Tannehill in a similar system for the future.

Peyton may only have one or two good seasons left. But Flynn may have zero. This is a no brainer. A healthy peyton is the easy answer and guess what, its the answer Ross is going to want too to avoid buying half the stadium out every week.

And I love all these posters who think they know more about peytons neck than two independent doctors. Didn't know we had so many doctors posting here. The Guadalajara medical institute must be very proud of their representation here.

LV= Patriots by 3.

I find this announcment, dubious at best. All the so called experts were saying Mannings nerves were "doughtfull" to regenerate succesfully for Manning to play at a pro bowl level. Well, aint this cozzy? Tomorrow Manning might be risen from the ashes.
This is getting better then a soap opera.
Dolphins dont need a 36yr old QB with nerve problems in his neck. The neck being very tender area to hits, stomps, grabs, kicks, etc, etc.


the COLTS that made the playoffs for like 10 consecutive years were only a QB away.....

a QB away from disaster.....

Maybe were not a QB away....like most teams in the NFL....were a Peyton Manning away....

Nah, Mark, we are from UCE in Dominican Republic.

Why are all black QB compared to other black QB? RG3 is more like Steve Young or Fran Tarketon if anyone actually seen him play.

Sure, Clue.

Guadalajara medical institute. That's funny Mark.

What concerns me more is his arm strength. I heard Irsay tweeted that he hasn't passed a physical yet. So that would have to happen first. Then our quack doctors need to give him a physical, and I guess they'll watch him throw passes.

But I now agree Mark. Peyton would be a better choice (IMO) than Flynn. I'd rather go to the Playoffs next 2 years, then go back to being mediocre than possibly watching another FA QB come in here and fail...AGAIN!

Clue, you know why. I've heard RG3 compared to Aaron Rodgers. The guy is very accurate. He's definitely no Michael Vick. Much better passer than Vick ever was.

When you play Belichick you have to assume he knows your weakness and will exploit it. Also, you have to know that he knows his weakness and will try to protect it.


Good point about Brees but a shoulder injury vs a nerve that causes numbness in the throwing arm is comparable but at the same time it is not.

With Brees it was what if he gets hit or lands hard on that shoulder the injury could happen again. With Manning people wonder if he gets hit can that same nerve pinch and have the same issue all over again. This is where it's comparable.

Where it's not comparable is that Manning is saying it's a performance issue and not a medical issue. The Colts are saying he has not passed a team physical nor has been cleared to play for the Colts.

Miami missed big on Drew Brees vs Culpepper. But honestly at the time I thought it was the right decision based on the injury. I always hated Culpepper so I hated the signing but let me not get off track. Basically what I am saying is if Manning is saying his doctors have said he is medically fine to play but the Colts have not who would you believe?

A player always wants to play and will do everything in their power to keep their career going. In the end Manning is trying to create a buzz for himself and is biding for more time to hope he heals. It;s about him securing money and who can blame him. That's what the NFL is all about.

In this particular Game, it's common knowledge that Brady is susceptible to the rush up the middle and getting flushed out. So expect Belichick to counter this with rollouts, other stuff.

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