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Report: Manning cleared to play (sort of)

ESPN is reporting that quaterback Peyton Manning has been cleared to play by two doctors who determined that "the stability in his neck would have allowed the quarterback to play this Sunday if the nerves in his arm had regenerated to a satisfactory performance level."

Great. Manning, as you know, has had three neck surgeries the past 20 months and the fact there is stability in the neck is a positive sign for the 35-year-old as he tries to return to his NFL career after missing the 2011 season.

But ...

The nerves that had basically quit firing, causing repurcussions in the triceps of Manning's (right) throwing arm, including him feeling numbness, suffering atrophy, and losing strength, are apparently still not completely regenerated.

And that is very, very important because that means Manning doesn't have full strength in his arm. And if he doesn't have full strength in his arm, he may or may not have an NFL caliber arm yet. The report says that Manning's problem is not a "safety issue; it's a performance issue."

Um, well the only reason the Dolphins are even remotely interested in Manning is his ability to perform at a Pro Bowl level. Nobody cares that a quarterback can be safe. That is fundamental. They want a quarterback that can performn.

And if Manning still is fighting performance issues, he's still not a sure thing. If he's merely a gamble with uncertain arm strength, I'd say his chances of joining the Dolphins remain ... a long shot at this point.

Now, if the nerves do indeed regenerate to the point Manning's arm resembles the helped him win four MVP awards, the Dolphins definitely will be one of the teams chasing him -- assuming he is available. But we've not reached that point yet.


The Dolphins announced moments ago they have indeed hired Jim Turner to coach their offensive line, as I reported two days ago. They have also retained defensive line coach Kacy Rodgers, assistant special teams coach Dave Fipp, assistant strength coach Dave Puloka, and defensive quality control coach David Corrao.



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DC, Kris and Toronto,

I agree with all of you that if Peyton Manning was 100 percent healthy and his "skill level" was up to par he is head and shoulders better then Flynn could ever be. A healthy Manning is still capable of an 11 win season by himself, even at 36 next season

There is no concrete evidence that suggest he is ready to be the player he once was. Manning and Dr's he paid say he is medically fine but the Colts the team that employs him says he is not. Now maybe Irsay is trying to save face so he can flat out cut Manning but I doubt it.

Mannings "skill level" isn't up to par because that nerve still is not 100 percent is more likely the cause of his lack of skill level. What did he forget how to throw?

It's common sense why his skill level isn't where it should be.

Andy, I don't trust anything that comes out of irsays mouth. He's clearly trying to save face here in a public relations battle and moving to his next peyton. Peyton has a super bowl and hundreds of millions. If he clearly wasn't able to perform, he'd retire. There's no reason for him to go on. His bust has been in Scranton for years already.

Phin78, Darryl and others, my thoughts!

Mando will NOT do anything to stop the stupidity that the blog falls into for one very specific reason. If you ever read any Herald article regarding it's Internet posts sights they always start with the fact that Dolphins in depth is responsible I believe for 80% or more of all the hits the Miami Herald gets and Mando is NEVER shy about letting everybody know that from time to time.

That said I use to get baited into the stupidity to the point of really getting bent out of shape. I E-Mailed Mando and made a HUGE stink, he actually came on line addressed it said people would be banned, ect... It stopped and the next thing you knew a month later it was on again. I know Kris and Dying Breed remember because we actually posted on the blog one afternoon our personal E-Mails to Mando and compared notes on it in that short time of just Football talk before it started up again.

I now choose to simply ignore it because I understand that in some instances WE are all dealing with jaded, insecure nobodies who probably are sitting in their own personal hell dealing with inferiority complexes and inhibitions covered in filth with nothing better to do. I really believe this because were I come from like Phin 78 said on the last page you don't speak in that fashion unless your ready to back it up but here were stuck behind a computer screen and are helpless in the face of such unbelievable B.S.

I HOPE odin comes back and doesn't ditch the sight the way other really great posters on here did like Derek4,0x80 and even Rob who use to spend time on here and now on occasion drops by but never stays anymore. I only hope that IF that is the route we can all come up with a place to meet up and keep the football talk going and were it relates to me those that I choose to rap Football with KNOW WHO THEY ARE, so drop this Fin Fan a line if leaving cause I'm going with you all! IF that happens Mando will loose the sight to boredom given it''s a handful of us that really

It's a hanful of us that really keep this blog rolling, with all do respect to Mando it might be his forum but without a group of us this place would be nothing more than non-whimsical gibberish!

First things first: Is there any doubt that the Colts will be releasing Manning in the next month or so? Cleared by doctors to play but not cleared by Irsay's doctors. Sounds like someone isn't comfortable paying manning his $28 million bonus. Fair enough, he did pay him a lot of money to sit out the year and rehab his injury this year. Sounds like Irsay is ready to move on from Manning and start the Andrew Luck era.

Next question is does Manning want to continue playing and play anywhere outside of Indy. I don't think anybody knows that yet. I think he had his heart set on playing in Indy his whole career. That's not going to happen now and everything has changed in Indy, in terms of Polian being gone and Caldwell being gone. So now Manning needs to decide if his heart is still in it and also if he's prepared to take the risk to continue playing. I don't think anyone knows those answers yet but not even Manning.

So let's say hypothetically it's March 1st. Manning is out there but no one knows what he's going to do and if he's going to be healthy. What do the Dolphins do? I'd like to think somewhere in that answer is a plan to draft a 'young' up and coming QB whether it be Tanehill or someone else.


I hope his bust isn't in Scranton lol. That's Pennsylvania. It's definitely in Canton, Ohio though.

Manning wants to play because he is a competitor. The same reason all the rich guys want to keep playing. Why did Jerry Rice who had millions, every record in the books keep playing? They play because they love playing the game. That's all they know. Sue Peyton could stay in the game as a coach as some suggest or in the media but that's not the same as playing football.

I personally believe Peyton is creating his own buzz and hoping his arm gets back to where it was as far as the regeneration of the nerve. I think he can't perform at the same level because the nerve is not healthy

On the Peyton Manning front I would just like to drop my two cents if you will.

1)Manning should recover and even at 80% still has alot more velocity on the Football than Pennington had before his 1st shoulder surgery anybody who makes the comparison to me is just plain crazy.

2)Manning has earned in the neighborhood of 150 Mil in his career. After his innital rookie deal he got a comparative contract to Favre which paid him 10 Mil over 10 Seasons, had it renegotiated towards it's end and eventually earned well over 20 Million in the last 3 seasons.

My point is I believe he can be had at around 12 to 15 Million with little in the form of guarantee given he is now considered an injury risk and I highly doubt anybody would guarantee anything outside of the 1st year of the deal. An interesting tidbit is the fact R.Wayne is also hitting the open market after completing a 5 year 45 Million deal of his own and when adding his earnings over his 3 NFL deals netted around 75 to 80 Million which after taxes and the 5% his agent gets probably grossed well over 40 Million depending on his agent.

He will be 34 next season and is considered in decline so I doubt he sees a penny over 4.5 Million from any team. You then analyze the fact we gave Dansby 22 Million guaranteed and will have a base and cap # of around 11 Million next season and add the 12.5 Marshall has guaranteed in base pay to go with the 28 Million guaranteed on his deal and it leaves me wondering how some can believe it a risk to sign Manning and his WR without any form of guarantee at around 16.5 to 18.5 between the two given their respective positions.

All the while at the same time people don't question the 23.5 we have tide up in a MLB and WR who while very good aren't really worth the money but get it guaranteed yet won't risk a deal involving to prolific players who while bringing question marks are unquestioned as two of the best at their respective positions in League history.


The comparison of Manning and the Colts vs. the Fin's situation is ridiculous.

Manning was the true leader of the Colts SYSTEM, which took many years for him to master. So, sure when he went down it had a HUGE impact on the Colts.

Throw Manning (with his bad neck) into our new system, with new coaches, and a team he has never played with and I think we will be 8-8.

At least Flynn knows the coach and the system. He is HEALTHY!! He would cost 50-75% less than Manning. He will also be with the team for 8-10 years longer than Manning.

Look at Pennington. He was hurt and everytime he got hit he was out. Same with Culpepper. Brees and his recovery from surgery was an anamoly. This is a very serious injury that Manning has and is it worth the $ and risking not taking Flynn (or RG3 if that is the preferred path)? I don't think so!

This is not FANTASY LAND! This is the NFL. QB's take a beating and I'd like to see the Fins place their bet on someone who is at least healthy.

Sorry Andy, guess I had The Office on the brain, lol. You know what I meant!

Kris, I wont argue getting Peyton makes us better, faster, but, the risk is that after he retires, which usnt far along, we will be in the same shape we have been after Marino retired. Look at the colts without him. If we sign Peyton, I am sure it wont be cheap. Likely he would be the only free agent we could afford. Plus, He is PEYTON MANNING, who is his own OC. IF a 3 year window of being good is all we want, Peyton is our man. We would likely be better in that 3 year period, with no guarentees of winning it all in the span, as we would be if we signed Matt Flynn, or drafted a qb. BUT the other options give is a larger window of being good. I personally think Flynn is the best option over drafting a qb, because, although limited experience in the NFL he DOES have it, and it has looked very good, in the system we will run. We could be threats Even this year, with him, have more picks to put more threats on offnese, and defense, and, the window is more like 10 years instead of 3. Having 10 shots in the playoffs, is better odds than 3. Manning would provide more income for Stephen Ross, as it would sell tickets, Fill the seats, and the pats fins rival would surely be a huge national spotlight game. FOr me though, I have seen going from good to bad, Manning would mean we go back to BAD sooner, IMO.

We should open a Rehab.Center don't you think so?

Good, bring in Peyton Manning. Get a monster stud o-line guard in free agency. Get a low draft pick monster stud right tackle. Give Manning a brick wall of an o-line. One true #1 stud receiver and tight end and we'll be ready. Oh and lets not forget the defense also.

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