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RG3 height, weight is the real deal

One of the beautiful things about the Indianapolis Combine is it doesn't accept the hype about players.

If a player can run, you'll know it. If a guy can lift, you'll know it. If a guy's size is legit, everyone finds out.

That was important for Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III because he was listed at 6-2 and 220 pounds on the Baylor Bears program and, well, no one believed it. I heard and read, even on this forum, posters and readers saying the Baylor program's promo of RG3 translated to him being perhaps 6-foot and 200 pounds.


Griffin was measured today. His official height is 6-2 3/8. That's legt.

He weighed in at 223 pounds. Also legit.

And if you've ever seen the kid, he has potential to easily gain another seven pounds or so.

So aside from being able to throw at prolific levels, being accurate, and running like the wind, he has legitimate NFL QB size. Oh, and if you don't believe he can run like the wind, wait until Sunday.

I predict he'll run in the 4.4s. 


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DC, any thoughts about possibly upgrading the QB position?

If your looking for Mando today...he'll be in the bathroom rubbing one out to a photo of RG3.

seriously...here is a nugget of info from Ireland yesterday as the combine began:

“We’re trying to build a defense to stop the offenses in our division most of all. ... I’d like to have three or four more [pass rushers] if you can find them. They’re hard to find.”

• Ireland said the draft has “a strong first round. Offensive line is pretty good.”

There ya go...I predicted he would go OT or DE with our #8 pick and that comments tends to add some cred to the statement.

I just can't wait until we have facts to discuss and not the endless speculation. It's a waste of time. Would love to see us get RG3. I think Peyton should retire. If he takes a good hit wrong, he's jeopardizing his health and quality of life, for what? He's got money, a nice family. I say we let the Skins have him and then we're 1 step closer to RG3. If we had Sparano, I'd say pass on him, but with the new staff, I think we will see more out of our players than we have ever seen. Just a gut feeling. If we can't get RG3, then Flynn. Keep Moore as he would be a good B/U. Definately get an edge rusher like Coples. Grab the Bengals safety and a TE and we're all good.

LMAO..NH Finsfan..you almost made me spit out my coffee with the rubbing one out line!

That just about closes the book on rg3 for Miami. With this guys tangibles and intangibles, no way Cleveland lets him slip. Thanks again dolphins for this complete waste of a season. Not one meaningful games played after week 2 and idiotic victories after things were well out of hand to ruin the consolation prize.

Armando censors the blog, yet praises freedom of speech on the appropriate American holidays. Hmmm.

Good thing about the fins this year and its something you touched on earlier Mando is that they have the inside intelligence on 3 of the 4 main offseason qb targets.
Philbin with FLynn
Sherman with Tannyhill
Ireland with his ties to Baylor with Griffin

So naturally they say Peyton Manning is number one priority! Either they know something we dont about the other 3 options, they are throwing up a serious smokescreen or they are just plain stupid.

Why don't you date the guy Mando? We're not selling the farm to buy a rooster so get off RG3's sack.

Someone give NHFINSFAN a little gold star for thinking he has predicted what Ireland is thinking.

Smart people know whatever Ireland is saying is not what he is thinking.

RGIII sucks. His team sucks. His game will suck in the NFL. Where do you get off saying he's the real deal? Do you have a man crush on this dude? I will never forget how you tried to convince everyone that Cam Cameron deserved another yr. as head coach.

Mark, if Ireland really thinks RG3 is the real deal, he can mortgage the future and grab him. But I'm like you, that option is slipping away (because other teams will be on the same hunt, and have more to offer like Cleveland).

Can't read into anything this time of year, but from what Ireland said yesterday it sounded as if they're full steam ahead on Manning.

If they do that the question becomes do they get Manning some safety (in a RT) or give the defense some help so he doesn't have to carry the team himself (in a pass rusher)?

Also, Ireland coddled Moore, which is a good thing. He's obviously the backup at worst, possibly the starter, better not get him upset too much with all this offseason QB talk.

What I am curious about is what Indy may think about RGIII now. If RGIII smokes the drills in the combine, runs sub 4.5 and Luck does so so in drills and runs 4.8 then that might change a few things. RGIII does have a stronger arm.


Why dk around??? Trade up for Luck AND RG3, mortgage the next two drafts. Then they duke it out for starter and we are set for a decade.

Tim Couch, there was a qb available when ee selected both brown and long. Problem is scouts over analyzed Rodgers and parcells was too scared to pick Ryan.

Mark in Toronto | February 24, 2012 at 09:17 AM


The thing about A.Rodgers was that he replaced Kyle Boller at Cal. If you remember the Ravens traded up for Boller who put up the HUGE numbers at Cal. and the guy flopped. At the time Brian Billik was considered an O Guru (I believe overhyped) who was a QB away from turning Baltimore into a Dynasty. He after all turned R.Cuningham around in Minnesota during that record breaking 98 Season of their's were they broke all kinds of point records.

The thinking was that it was Dave Telford's system at Cal. that was making the QB's and Rodgers a Jr. College transfer was more of the same. If not for Boller given the numbers he put up Rodgers would have been #1 overall (Rodgers suffered from an NFL Kyle Boller hang over). The Matt Ryan deal however was the belief of Parcells who had won S.B.'s with the likes of Jeff Hostetler and Phil Simms while turning Romo into a player that he didn't need to invest that high on QB (BIG MISTAKE) He forgot that in N.E. he drafted Bledsoe who got him to another dance in 96 #1 overall.

I dont usually write in all caps, but MORTGAGE THE WHOLE DRAFT TO MOVE UP AND DRAFT RG3. We needed a franchise QB since 1999, use free agency to sign guys. CMON IRELAND!

DC, any thoughts about possibly upgrading the QB position?

Justin Credible....

I thought you wanted Moore and Henne.....nothing wrong with changing it up tho....especially as more info becomes available...

I don't think we get Manning AND RG3....it most likely is one or the other....with Manning being the more likely of the 2 options....

RGIII will not last too long in the leauge, like V.Y. & Jamarcus Russell would be a bad & expensive pick!!! Get Flynn here what ever it takes, no Manning!!! GO FINS!!!

DC, any thoughts about possibly upgrading the QB position?

Posted by: Mary Goround | February 24, 2012 at 09:27 AM

Sorry DC...but this never gets old to me....this guy has you pegged...lol.....

Oh....he/she already posted it again @ 1031....

Still funny tho....

Fin4Life @ 10:30...

Great post...and I feel as if I learned somethings I didn't know while I was reading it....

But I disagree with the "Parcell's developing Romo" part....

I have seen some of the footage on NFL Network where Parcells is trying to DRUM into ROMO's head to count to 3 THEN get rid of the ball....

Parcells was against all the play making...scrambling...adjusting on the fly that Romo does....

What Romo does is comes naturally....Romo has the IT factor....and even Parcells coudn't coach IT out of him....

I don't know if Romo will WIN a SB...but he has all the tools to do so...and is INSPITE of Parcells coaching...not because of it....

Nobody saw Ryan as worth a #1 pick on that draft day. Taking Ryan at #1 would have been a reach, he wasn't seen as the next Manning. As Parcells said, with quarterbacks you just never know so he went for the sure thing. Ryan still hasn't won a playoff game even after they paid a high price to get Julio. So let's not elevate Ryan above his stature.

I got a question for the HARD CORE FLYN GUYS....

Lets say MOORE played for GB for the past few years....and FLYNN played for the FINS last year....(and yes....Moore's previous experince with Carolina is still in play)....

Fynn (who played for us last year)...comes of the bench....has some good to really good games....finishes the last 9 games 6-3.....

Moore (who played for GB)...comes of the bench in 2 games....plays good to great....but you still know his AWFUL (shout out to Dusty) past.....

which QB are we asking for then...

GB Moore who has had 2 good to great games in his career...


Miami Flynn....who played more than half a season....and was solid to say the least....

I dont usually write in all caps, but MORTGAGE THE WHOLE DRAFT TO MOVE UP AND DRAFT RG3. We needed a franchise QB since 1999, use free agency to sign guys. CMON IRELAND!

Clue | February 24, 2012 at 10:30 AM

The more things play out with the size/measurable's on RG3 the more you start to think that the Colts might pull a shocker on draft day, if he runs in the 4.4's and I've heard some say it's more like low 4.3's the more you see the Colts thinking this through more carefully.

They have repeatedly said they will take a QB but haven't said which and remember they have the 1st pick. It isn't like they couldn't talk to somebodies agent right now if they wanted to. They of course won't tip there hand this early or before the combine plays out but I thought it very interesting that A.Luck wasn't really going to do much at the workouts and now NFL Net. is reporting he will even throw in the individual drills??

DC, I love the prospects of rg3 as much as anyone but there are other teams that are just as qb hungry and like you said in much better position. You think the people in Cleveland and Washington are not as aware as we are? And does anyone have confidence in Ireland to outmaneuver those guys? And if you're St. Louis, you really want to move back to 4 or 8???

I've always said manning was my number two option. I'd love it and if he's the pick then picking Reiff or martin at 8 wouldn't be bad. If peyton can work wonders with Austin collie and tony Gonzalez then he could work with bess and Hartline as secondary options. In addition, an offensive line and backfield with bush, long, pouncey, incognito, and Reiff would be better than anything he had in Indy.

How many playoff games has Jake Long won....

Maybe its time to re-evalutae Parcells...and what ='s a Parcell's guy.....

RGIII = Pat White 2.0

Fin4life, yeah Rodgers definitely did suffer from some over and faulty analysis because 6 months before the draft, he was considered first overall. People looked at him for too long.

Parcells? Like shocked said, he's just a big h0mo for what he did to this franchise. Fukk him. He seems to forget that his best two qbs, sims and bledsoe were first round picks. And then he tries to act like he's the expert on qbs.

It's team game.

It can't be a QB only game when its convenient for your argument, and a team game otherwise.

It's always a team game.

That's nice but can he throw? He won't but given he is #2 qb and wishes to be #1, he should.

Henne is/was a Parcells guy...

No on rg3

Fire the incompetent Ireland and get rid of the Parcells stench.

Fin4life -- For Indy they can have the best of any world. They can restructure Manning's deal possibly keep him to retire a Colt. Take RGIII and even if Manning doesn't play RGIII can learn from one of the best ever. And the same goes for Luck. I really don't see them just flat out releasing Manning.

RG3 > Luck.

Better arm, better feet, more accurate, can win a shoot out. Luck lobs the ball. He will be average in the NFL.

I don't know if Romo will WIN a SB...but he has all the tools to do so...and is INSPITE of Parcells coaching...not because of it....

Kris | February 24, 2012 at 10:41 AM


I agree 100% it was actually Cowboys Kool-Aid drinking OC Sean Peyton (some forget he was their OC or that Parcells coined the phrase because of Peyton) who made Romo but given the low investment I believe Parcells began to believe his own Kool-Aid drinking if you will about how high an investment the position actually requires. He won in N.Y. with Simms and later an after thought player in Hostetler.

He does what he does with Bledsoe in 93 but then with the Jets he makes one of the worst FA moves ever in signing Neil Odonnell to a 5 Yr/35 Mil deal in 97. He gets lucky that he had signed the washed up Testaverde as a back-up who came off the bench and they went on a run that if not for 2 K.Byars redzone fumbles in the AFC Champ game in 98 they knock off defending Champ Denver at home to advance.

I believe he thought he could do this with building a core to his specific blueprint instead of a blueprint around a high 1st round pick QB. I don't question that given his style he didn't develop Romo but do believe in his mind the position is overhyped given his history.


Parcells? Like shocked said, he's just a big h0mo for what he did to this franchise. Fukk him. He seems to forget that his best two qbs, sims and bledsoe were first round picks. And then he tries to act like he's the expert on qbs.

Mark in Toronto | February 24, 2012 at 10:56 AM

It's the fact he replaced Simms (who I don't believe he ever liked much) with Hoss winning the 91 S.B. Then later he replaces his high priced FA O'Donnell in N.Y. with Testaverde that made him think he knew something.

He also watched his #1 overall pick Bledsoe get replaced by 6th Rd. multiple S.B. winning Brady while in Dallas were he again reunites with Bledsoe only to watch Romo beat him out.

If you analyze all this you begin to see why he passed on Matty Ice. He got lucky and unfortunately for us finally rolled snake eyes on Henne. NO EXCUSES!! The FATMAN was a disaster but you look at his past and you see the thinking even if flawed.

I'm confident that Ireland will find us another Pat White or Chad Henne.

Fin4life -- For Indy they can have the best of any world. They can restructure Manning's deal possibly keep him to retire a Colt. Take RGIII and even if Manning doesn't play RGIII can learn from one of the best ever. And the same goes for Luck. I really don't see them just flat out releasing Manning.

Texas_Dolfan | February 24, 2012 at 11:04 AM


I don't see anybody trading for a 28 Mil CAP hit either, he's only valuable in a trade if they can re-work his deal. If they let him go although then what are you getting is the BIG line of questions in my book.

...Pepole are going to go nuts about Robert Griffen this week. I said it a month ago. He is going to crush the combine. He will be the star of the show. Some, even experts will over-react and claim he is now the top quarterback in the draft.

Griffen has an amazing skill set. I'm not taking this away from him. But you have to be from planet Iowa if you are suprised at any numbers Griffen puts up that excites the masses..He is among other things built for these drills.

Jeff Ireland will draft Jacory Harris 2nd round.

So....in year 5 of Ireland, the Dolphins are now the equivalent of an expansion team......without the draft choices. Rebuilding with novice coaches, unlikely to succeed.

I think the only way to go, ESPECIALLY if Green Bay tags Flynn, is signing Manning to an incentive laden contract which pays him a decent QB Coach Salary if he doesn't play, offers us a good mentor for Moore and a rookie QB, and gives us a potential ace in the hole if he gets healthy enough to play. We would be grooming our eventual Offensive Coordinator, because Mike Sherman is a tad bit old, and might like to accept a head coaching job elsewhere if and when it becomes available. Also I think we need to make sure we get Tannehill. I have a real good feeling about him, and he already knows the offense. Maybe we trade out of the 8/9 pick and get a first round pick that would make drafting Tannehill with it a good value. Then we have extra picks in the 2nd or 3rd and find value at OT and DE. I wish we could draft Tannehill in the 2nd round, but I don't think he'll get past Seattle.

He is among other things built for these drills.

Darryl Dunphy | February 24, 2012 at 11:24 AM

Agreed but I have to admit he IS a FOOTBALL PLAYER and he has OFF THE CHARTS INTANGIBLES as well, the kids a winner. I believe he will have NFL success, now that I said all of that I would still take Luck #1 overall, call it a GUT FEELING but I have watched him for 2 Seasons now and believe he will be a SUPERSTAR. Here is to hoping Irsay gets drunk on RG3 (PUN INTENDED) because I would trade the house and then some on Luck. I would trade a boat load for RG3 as well but believe Luck that rare talent that has that PEDIGREE and AIR about him you only see know and then.

How can a salaried reporter have a typo or spelling error in every article?

Kris is dead on balls accurate.

Jake Long has won zero playoff games.

Matt Ryan is a superstar and will be winning playoff games soon.

Matt Ryan so far is a very average QB. In 4 years, he has not shown he was worth the #1 overall pick.

1. Colts - Andrew Luck QB Stanford. Stop suggesting RG3 is in his class because he is not. Luck is the best QB prospect since Peyton Manning and RG3 is in the Cam Newton class of hit or miss porspect. Cam hit last year I doubt RG3 lives up to expectations to make it 2 in a row. History is not on his side of that happening.
2. Rams - (trade #4) Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma St. Blackmon is not in the same class as Megatron as some suggest but he is a legit #1 WR and with the trade back Blackmon is well deserving of the pick.
3. Vikings - Matt Kalil OT USC. Complete no brainer here. The Vikings need to surround Christian Ponder with better overall talent and the need up front is greatly needed, even more so then skill positions.
4. Browns - (trade #2) Robert Griffin III QB Baylor. I don't think Griffin is the same type of player or talent as Luck but he is someone that has the potential to be a very good QB but I doubt right away. The Browns have nothing on offense outside of Joe Thomas. RG3 will ignite the fan base and buy more time for Holmgren to right the ship. While I don't think RG3 is in Luck's class he is a very intriguing prospect at the most important position in all of sports.
5. Bucs - Morris Clairborne CB LSU. The Bucs have no play makers on either side of the ball but with the way RB are viewed in today's NFL I don't see Richardson being the pick for new coach Greg Schiano. Clairborne plays a premium position and in a division with Brees, Newton and Ryan he is greatly needed.
6. Redskins - Luke Kuechly LB Boston College. The Redskins are in no mans land. Do they reach for Tannehill? Possibly. Do they throw everything the Rams way and trump Cleveland? Possibly but with them being stuck at #6 they may just take a safe prospect who can learn from one of the most under rated players in recent memory in London Fletcher who has about 1 solid year left in the tank.
7. Jacksonville - Quentin Coples DE UNC. The Jaguars need to upgrade the talent around Blaine Gabbert but at #7 Kendall Wright is a huge reach. Any WR under 6 foot doesn't belong in the top 10. Too hard to project. Coples has all the makings of a star DE witrh size strength and good speed. The Jaguars could have a very good front 4 with Mincey (if he resigns), Coples, Alualu and Knighton.
8. Dolphins - Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina. Miami like the Redskins are in no mans land and have to think outside of the box and I think they will.
I know Jeff Ireland is from the school of Bill Parcells and believes in all the measurables but Melvin Ingram is athletic freak and although he is only 6'2 he does have a thick, muscular frame at 275 lbs and will run under 4.7 in the 40. Philbin stated he may run both 4-3 and 3-4 looks and Ingram can play either. Think Dwight Freeney!


Good post today man....good insight....and I agree...Parcells was/is a victim of his own success....QBs to him were a luxery not a necessity...After all...in his day...he watched Marino booted from the playoffs time after time...

John Elway lose 3 staight SBs...

Jim Kelly Lose 4 straight....and Parcells had a victory over each HOF QB...

Parcells flaw...is Belicheats greatest strength....

Adapability...and flexability...Parcells resisted change...and became a dinosaur....Belicheat embraces change....and thus...is @ the forefront of the evolution of football....

...The Phins should hope the Packers franchise Flynn. do you realize how much negotiation power that gives us should the Packers make this mistake?

The Packers would owe Flynn more then they pay Rodgers. As much as we may want Flynn, we can really set the price. The Pack want a 2nd round pick and some cash...RIDE IT GREEN BAY...Try again. We could end up getting Flynn for a much lower bargain. Now it is very possible that there is a bidding war, and we get caught right in the middle.

But if teams were smart. They wouldn't be the kid in class who ruins the curve by acing the test. I know that upside is heroin for NFL Gm's..Teams behave like guys who arent used to being around hot chicks, and start acting a fool for players with potential.

Let's see someone make a convincing argument that Ryan has shown he was worth a #1 overall pick. No playoff wins, no MVP's, he is not a star QB, he is probably around #10 in the league.

Peyton, in all his glory, only won 1 trophy. He got bounced out of many playoff games. Was he worth a #1?

Predictions for off season moves:

I would love to see RGIII....just not going to happen...so..

1. Manning FA
2. FA Tackle (Gaither)
3. FA Receiver (Meacham/Wayne)

1. DE Quinton Coples (1st)
2. Safety (Mark Barron/2nd)
3. QB 3rd (Manning would be a nice mentor for Osweiler)
4. TE (4th Linthicum/Egnew) Clay will play more TE sets this year
5. LB (5th)
6. DE (6th)
7. OG (7th)

Probably re-sign Carey & Murtha.


You seem to only want to argue a negative....


Why don't you argue for the Jake Long pick....

Perhaps you will see many of the same flaws in that pick...as you do in the Matt Ryan pick....

Long hands down the better pick

Kris, I was waiting for a convincing argument that Ryan was worth a #1. None came. On draft day nobody saw him worth the #1 overall pick. Why the endless criticism over Long. They picked a guy who turned out as they hoped he would. That to me is a successful pick.

Believe it or not, Parcells did not envision Long running for touchdowns or lining up at WR for some fly patterns, so the how many touchdowns does Long have is senseless.

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