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RG3 height, weight is the real deal

One of the beautiful things about the Indianapolis Combine is it doesn't accept the hype about players.

If a player can run, you'll know it. If a guy can lift, you'll know it. If a guy's size is legit, everyone finds out.

That was important for Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III because he was listed at 6-2 and 220 pounds on the Baylor Bears program and, well, no one believed it. I heard and read, even on this forum, posters and readers saying the Baylor program's promo of RG3 translated to him being perhaps 6-foot and 200 pounds.


Griffin was measured today. His official height is 6-2 3/8. That's legt.

He weighed in at 223 pounds. Also legit.

And if you've ever seen the kid, he has potential to easily gain another seven pounds or so.

So aside from being able to throw at prolific levels, being accurate, and running like the wind, he has legitimate NFL QB size. Oh, and if you don't believe he can run like the wind, wait until Sunday.

I predict he'll run in the 4.4s. 


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I am neither for nor against Long...or Matt Ryan....

Ryan was the 3rd over all pick....its not like he fell to number 10...or number 15.....

ALl I am saying is this...if your argument against Ryan is based SOLEY on wins...and playoff wins..or lack thereof...

Matt Ryan is HEADS AND SHOULDERS above the Long pick....

If that indeed is your basis....

perrenial loser falcons went 10-6 and ryan's stats were phenominal. .. way way above average

Jake Long is a nice player but Ireland botched it not taling Matt Ryan. Jake Long hasnt gotten us out of the cellar and is now facing a very short career.

Who said anything about TOUCHDOWNS....

I said WINS....


Its a team game. Think about that for a moment because it seems you over look that detail.

I guess hiring the most incompetent coach in NFL history had nothing to do with our record either.

we wish to have a QB as good as ryan on our team. simple as that.

left tackles, despite it being "cool" to say otherwise, are essentially fungible

Long went to a much worse team too. Let's make logical comparisons.

the #2 pick of the 2008 draft was ST. Louis...they ALREADY had Trent Green @ QB...

The didn't have a NEED @ QB like the FINS or ATL...who was comming of the Vick mess....

He was the 1st QB taken....and it could be argued...he should have been the 1st player taken by the FINS....

Bottom line...

It doesn't even matter any more....

Skyles, you are stupid. Kris is quite clearly correct in the debate about Long vs. Ryan. Not even a contest.

Offensive linemen are fungible. They all miss blocks from time to time and win battles from time to time. It all evens out. In fact, football men are not rocket scientists. If they were, they might use their brain and start drafting linemen who are 270 lbs of muscle instead of 350 pounds with fat bellies who can't move. Try that for a change--have the O line with a physique similar to D linemen. That would work. Center Dwight Stephenson weighed 257 lbs.

Tim Couch

Any one using your name has no imagination and sides with losers. So the fact you are siding with Kris tells me you are even dumber than Armando, if that is even possible.

I thank you for the unintended compliment.


When you debate player vs. player...you are talking about individuals....period (as much as I hate to use that word)....

You can't have it both ways....

You can't defend your argument with the "its a team game"....and then bash Ryan for not being not winning playoff games....it just doesn't make any sense....

Kris, you are right about that. Likewise, it does not make sense to evaluate picks in hindsight. They do not allow crystal balls at the draft.

Furthermore, nobody can possibly predict how Ryan would have fared on our team. He could have been labeled a bust here.

Kris is totally right. Drafting an O lineman with a pick that high when we had no QB was totally inexcusable. Not even close. No O lineman is worth a pick that high, ever, no exceptions.

Kris is also right about the "team game" comment.

Jake Long (not is fault--he's an o lineman) is not and cannot and never was a difference maker.

Also way to insult Mando, you idiot. And if you don't get my screen name, you lack a brain.

There are easily 10 QB's better than Ryan. Worthy of a #1 overall? Highly questionable. Long has been the best LT in the game and made the pro bowl every year. Hard to argue against that.

And if you don't get my screen name, you lack a brain.

Posted by: Tim Couch | February 24, 2012 at 12:08 PM

An amoeba passing by got your screen name, and not even he was impressed.

I wonder how good Brady would have fared without Matt Light.

The Dolphins and Falcons were equals when we took Long and they took Ryan. The rest is history as Ryan takes his team to the playoffs every year while the Dolfins are stuck in the cellar. And how many draft picks have we squandered and how many more will we squander trying to get a Matt Ryan?

I addition to having the "best" (debatable) LT in the game...

we also have...among the best...

Slot reciever

but we we are missing is that key ingrediant...the one thing that makes it ALL click...the QB....

Does it really matter what Miami should've done in 2008 anymore? It's 2012, and Long is the LT. What's done can't be undone, and now you have one of the best 2 LT's in the game. It's over. Time to stop fighting the last battle and look to the war on the horizon. Ireland needs to fill the holes currently on the team so that we're not looking at a new HC in 2-4 years.

The Dolphins and Falcons were equals when we took Long and they took Ryan.

Posted by: Ron Son | February 24, 2012 at 12:14 PM

Equals? We were a team going down hill non stop and finished with only one win. Atlanta was only 1 year removed from the playoffs. We had maybe 4 players left on the team from the last several drafts.

I guess your favorite book is Alice in Wonderland.

Hes 6'2". Anyone who is interested in Griffin take a look at the success rate of QBs who are 6'2" or under. I believe Brees is the only top ten qb under 6'4". Something to consider given the facy our olines average height is around 6'6".

We will never know how Ryan would have fared on our team. To suggest Brady would have taken any team to five SB's is just as ridiculous to suggest Ryan would have performed as well on our worse team than he has done in Atlanta.

Still, Ryan is not a top five QB.

I'll bet every top five QB had a better line than ours was in 2007.

Ron Son,

Great post at 12:14.

Sykes thinks the Falcons got the 2nd pick in the draft because they were so great?? LOL

Matt Ryan is an average QB. Middle of the pack. Until he shows otherwise. Let's not inflate Matt Ryan into elite status. He is not.

Perhaps you will see many of the same flaws in that pick...as you do in the Matt Ryan pick....

Posted by: Kris | February 24, 2012 at 11:45 AM

I agree Kris and Skyles is DEAD WRONG!! Long was the SAFE pick and I will give reasons why M.Ryan was the right pick while Long wasn't wrong just the SAFE pick.

In 2007 we went 1-15 and the Falcons were 3-13 but they were actually in a bigger heap of a MESS than Miami.

1) Franchise QB M.Vick pleads guilty and goes to prison.

2) H.C. Bobby Patrino quits in Week 13 of the Regular Season.

3) Parcells turns them down and goes to Miami they hire a Rookie HC in M.Smith and a newbee G.M. in Tartikoff, HUGE ??? all around.

IN ...2008.....

Miami with the gimmick Wild Cat and through a weak schedule go 11-5 but get bounced early by the Ravens given we really had NO business in the post Season.

The Falcons in tatters are carried by their Rookie QB into the post season and nearly beat NFC S.B. Rep. Arz. at home.


Miami and the gimmick play are done en route to 7-9

The Falcons who had Ryan on the bench hurt for a month finish 9-7 but don't make the post Season.


The Dolphins stumble to another FEEL GOOD 7-9 Season, YEAH!!

The Falcons finish 13-3 before loosing to eventual Champ G.B. and before you put that on Ryan remember he scored over 30 it's just Rodgers scored over 50


The wheels come off in Miami as we start 0-7

The Falcons went back to the playoffs before loosing again to the eventual Champion Giants.

Now call me CRAZY but I see a team with continuity that has gone to the post Season 3 out of 4 times since drafting Ryan with 4 STRAIGHT WINNING SEASONS and we are in every bit, if not A MUCH BIGGER MESS than back when the TRIFECTA took over.

I say they make the post Season this Yr. and barring a healthy Manning being signed we are a HUGE ?????? but hey we have a premier Left Tackle, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


You are too dumb to read and comprehend at the same time. Come back after you redo 3rd grade. (Hint: I said one year removed).

Wh is Eli's LT??

Rodgers LT??

Flaccos's LT??

Brees's LT??

Stafford's T??

Schaub's LT??

Alex Smith's LT?

Without GOOGLE...i bet you can't name them.....

but they were good enough to HELP their team get to the playoffs....

Other than MIAMI FANS....nobody give a rat's @ss about Jake Long....

Sorry...but its true.....only the MOST die-hard football FANATIC would even know him by name....

The same as we don't know other teams LT....

Phins78, He nearly 6'3, and posses other skills that translate well into the next level, get off the height issue already.

James you are a complete moron. Rg3 is the real deal. Dolphins are morons as well if they dont pull off a deal that would bring rg3 to miami. Bottom line.

Long was atrocious last season...Terrible...Only made the Pro Bowl off of name recognition.

Its all about the QB. You never take a lineman when you have a Matty "Ice" Ryan on the board. That was a botch as big as taking Culpepper over Brees.

It is totally unrealistic to assume Ryan would have performed as well on our team. That Atlanta team was far ahead of ours, just coming off a bad year.

Some of you just want to be bitter. Ryan is not elite QB. Only elite QB's are worth a #1 pick in my book.

Kris, Is Ryan an elite QB?

I fail to see how he is anything but slightly above average.


Excellent post @ 12:24....


I would have said Excellent post if you agreed with me, just like Kris did :)


Jake Long is now facing a shortened career with 5 nagging injuries. Sykes is a MORON!!

All those who agree with me are truly among the best bloggers here and make excellent posts. I commend them.

(Has anybody agreed with me yet?)

The height and weight confirmation was a big deal.
That places Griffin squarely at #2 pick, whoever trades up for the Rams slot.
They are pimping that pick out.


Among the 1st things I posted to you is that I am neither for...nor against Long...or Ryan....

I said that the basis of this argument has to be on WINS and LOSSES...or PLAYOFF wins....

Since neither player has ANY PLAYOFF wins.....

we can ONLY judge the 2 picks on WINS.....

and by that standard.....

MATT RYAN blows Jake Long out of the water.....

Fin4life, maybe you can answer...Is Ryan an elite QB? Do you spend a #1 overall pick on a QB that is not elite?

Matt Ryan is a pro bowl QB that takes a bad team to the playoffs every year. Of course he's elite. That being said you draft a good QB over an elite lineman 7 days a week and twice on Sunday.

Kris your last post makes an argument too far fetched for me to even consider. Sorry.

How about Long has been the best at his position since day one and Ryan hasn't. So there.

Long 4 pro bowls in 4 years
Ryan 1 pro bowl in 4 years.

So there.

and Skyles...before you mistake my post @ 12:28 for some type of popularity contest...I can assure you it is not...

It is merely meant to explain to you the importance...or lack thereof of having to have the BEST LT in footbal...to win the SB...or make the playoffs consitently....

witch...BTW....MATT RYAN has accomplished....

Sykes picks QB's like Ireland. TOTALLY CLUELESS! LOL

Fin4life drinking the koolaid wasn't coined by Parcells. It was coined after the Rev Jim Jones incident where his followers all comitted suicide at his command by drinking koolaid laced with poison. He was a mass murderer who convinced women and children to "drink the koolaid" as well. Over 100 people died I believe and for the life of me I can't figure out why this became an exceptable phrase to use in this country. Family members who lost children to the reverands cult must love hearing it over and over.

Elite QB's:


Ryan is not in that league. He is a slightly above average player that you guys are elevating higher than he deserves.

Just as I thought you would attempt to misconstue my post @ 12:28...as evidenced by your post @ (12:38)....

re-read the post @ 12:39....

Sykes you're an idiot. Its all about the W's and Matt Ryan gets them. Jake long?.....not so much. LOL

BTW, for those that haven't followed closely (probably most of us have), that #2 pick up for auction (ie Griffin) is said to be chased by Dolphins, Washington, Cleveland and Seattle.
As I said before, the only way Cleveland doesn't get it is if they don't want it. They have the chess pieces that no one else does.
Washington I think weighs in at 2nd, since they are generally crazier than we are in these matters.
But We've heard from one Cleveland "insider" (fan on this board ;)) that claims that Clev doesn't want to waste their picks on trading up.
And just maybe Washington isn't as crazy as I give them credit for, and maybe they get their QB of the future elsewhere.
Well... I do like our chances versus seattle.
Its possible - but I still don't think likely.

913 dead. Was the biggest loss of American civilian life in a non natural disaster event up until 9/11. Really creepy when people use that term in reference to anything else but that tragedy.

Good afternoon guys,

Ahh so the RG3 (crack)pipe dream continues. I would love a talent like that to place my faith in but so would Cleveland and Washington. And unless St Louis is looking for a few players and draft picks and not juts draft picks then Miami has no chance.

So basically Miami has no chance. What such star studded player would St. Louis possibly want? There is not a player on the roster that is so valuable. Jake Long has 1 year remaining and will be in line for a huge deal and is coming off an injury.

Miami's best bet is to take BPA because they aren't in win now mode as Ireland suggest and for that reason Miami is going to continue to be stuck in NFL purgatory with Ireland running the show. More of the same


I am really not looking in hindsight. I am just taking things back to draft day. Ryan was picked 3rd. He wasn't even projected to go that high. He wasn't a Manning or Luck type prospect at the time. It was widely questioned whether he was worth a #1 overall.

IMHO, until Ryan becomes an elite QB, I say he has not shown to be worth a #1 pick.

Jake Long doesnt make a difference. 6-10.

Sykes you're an idiot.

Posted by: TGH | February 24, 2012 at 12:42 PM

I have some very disturbing news for you...We are all idiots.

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