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RG3 height, weight is the real deal

One of the beautiful things about the Indianapolis Combine is it doesn't accept the hype about players.

If a player can run, you'll know it. If a guy can lift, you'll know it. If a guy's size is legit, everyone finds out.

That was important for Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III because he was listed at 6-2 and 220 pounds on the Baylor Bears program and, well, no one believed it. I heard and read, even on this forum, posters and readers saying the Baylor program's promo of RG3 translated to him being perhaps 6-foot and 200 pounds.


Griffin was measured today. His official height is 6-2 3/8. That's legt.

He weighed in at 223 pounds. Also legit.

And if you've ever seen the kid, he has potential to easily gain another seven pounds or so.

So aside from being able to throw at prolific levels, being accurate, and running like the wind, he has legitimate NFL QB size. Oh, and if you don't believe he can run like the wind, wait until Sunday.

I predict he'll run in the 4.4s. 


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You all have to admit, had Ryan came here, it is very possible he would have been booed out of town, a la Henne. You could have labeled him a bust #1 pick. Had we taken him, we may not have taken Pennington or any senior vet to tutor him. It's possible.


The great thing about the PRESENT...is that you have the benefitt of looking @ the past (hindsight)....

I don't pretend to be a draft guru....but like I said to you before...

RYAN was the 1st QB taken...

he was the 3rd over all pick....

ST. Louis had the 2nd PICK...Trent GREEN....they didn't NEED a QB like we and ATL did....

Matt Ryann has produced @ a level expectent of a QB taken where he was...

He has led his team to the BEST record in the NFC in year 3...

He has led his team to the playoffs EVERY YEAR....

He has among the BEST HOME WINNING percentages in the NFL....

He NEEDS ro get a playoff win...so you guys that want to nit-pick him...but can't SEE the WARTS on our team...will back off a bit....

YES...his career has been worthy of the pick....

Clue it's the first time I brought it up so I don't know what the issue with you is? I simply pointed out a concern I'm having. But you guys can talk about RG3 all you want, he's not coming to Miami. No way, no how. Ppl are saying we should give up the farm but aren't realizing there are two other teams willing to do so who have much better farms. The team excepting the trade will take the best offer and Miami doesn't have the best offer to give. But by all means Griffin fans, waste your entire day talking about something that will never happen.:)

The Falcons were thrilled when Miami took Jake Long.


A #3 pick comes much cheaper than #1 overall. In your mind he was worth it. In my mind, he is not elite, he is at best #10 in the league, and I don't think he has shown to be worth #1 overall and that price tag.

You have your opinion.
I have mine.

Simple as that.

For all you pundits out there that said RG3 was too small, that he was a gimmick fragile running QB, hope you like that big helping of crow you are eating this morning.

Can't f*&$ing believe anyone is still talking about Long and Ryan. Seriously guys let it go already. How bored are you to be talking about this again. Put the club down, the horse has been dead for two years.

Armando censors the blog, yet praises freedom of speech on the appropriate American holidays. Hmmm.

Posted by: Ben Franklin | February 24, 2012 at 09:59 A

You said it. If you ask Armando to tone down his blog hit trolls, you get deafening silence.

If you write a post completely about football and are the least bit critical of Armando's questionable slants you get:


He lets the peanut gallery go crzy at night, but you can't post anything critical of his points. Ridiculous or not. I think Armando and his blog hit trolls are destroying this blog in much the same way as Camoron and Parcells ruined the Phins.

You can delete this bro, but the facts have been established.

Phins 78...

I didn't know it bothered you that much man...

Please...You and DC are free to give us our next topic....

For the most part....

Myself...Skyles....Fin4Life...Tim Couch...and a few others have a pretty rational conversation about Matt Ryan...and Jake Long...and with the exception of an insult hurled here or there...I though we kept it pretty PG 13 by this blogs standards....


If we agree on nothing else...we can agree that you have your opinion...and I have mine..

Sykes is arguing its daytime when its nightime. TOO FUNNY!

Remember you heard it here first, He will be the next Pat White or Ryan Leaf

Its just stupid. Now youre saying Ryans BETTER than Long because HES won more games for his team. That argument would make sense if this werent a team sport and they didnt play different positions. Afraid I agree with skyles. If you're comparing the two as athletes then to ignore the fact that Long is an all pro , 4 pro bowl, top two at his position player. Ryans isnt even top ten.

Comparing the success ofthe teams assumes Ryan would have done the same exact thing here with different coaches,teammates, etc and that is just the most ridiculous notion Ive ever heard.

Therefore imo the whole discussion is weak AND old. But that is just my opinion and Im stating it on a blog where people state their opinions. By all means, continue your conversation.

Next topic: Manning vs. Flynn vs. RG3 vs. Tannehill vs. Weeden.

What'd you think I'd want to discuss kris?

Or how about this: How can we win more games than we lose in 2012?

Carey, Colombo and Langford will not be re-signed, Soliai will. Remember speed and athleticism is still a priority and we need more cap space. If Ireland doesn't mortgage the next two years getting RG3 or Luck (and I favor that), he will select a speed-rushing DE in the first round. If I were GM, and couldn't land Luck or RD3, I'd take Richardson if he was still available, then pick up a QB in the second round and sign Flynn and DE free agent, Cliff Avril.

Skyles top 10 is very generous, dont give in! Ryan is NOT top 10 and the abysmal choke once again in the playoffs proved it. Guy has a great oline,rb,receivers and hes not even a top ten qb. Pfffffffttttttttttt

Here is what Indy should really do. Restructure Mannings deal to get him back for a couple/few more years. Then draft RGIII and let him sit behind manning a little bit. I mean think about it a deer that has been studying under one of the best pure passers to play the game with one of the highest football IQs...could be deadly...

Sykes is arguing its daytime when its nightime. TOO FUNNY!

Posted by: MJ | February 24, 2012 at 01:07 PM

A wise man would know that at any given point time it is both daytime and nighttime somewhere.

QB is the most important position because they are differnce makers. Just look at the Colts, Saints, Pats. The Dolphins are not a great team because they have a great linemen. Its not a team game. Its all about the QB.

Hmm.......... As qb coach and oc Philbin takes a qb(Rodgers) drafted "28th" in the 1st rd and made him arguably the best qb in football.

Philbin makes a "7th rd" qb(Flynn) a top flight fa qb prospect this offseason.

Just imagine what Philbin should be able to do with a "2nd overall" qb pick(RG3)? Rg3's clearly more highly rated coming out of college than either Flynn or Rodgers. Trade the house if neccesary to move and and get RG3.

If Philbin has done what he's done for Rodgers and Flynn. Think about it, RG3 gives hium more to work with starting off than both Rodgers and Flynn combined.

Kris please dont take offense to my posts. I didnt read back enough maybe but thought skyles was getting ganged up on so I thought I was just evening out the debate. Shouldnt have jumped in. Im certainly not trying to dictate what people should talk about in here. Sorry if Icame off harsh or offended inany way. Ill butt out now.

Ryan Leaf or Pat White or RG3 same person


I posted the question several times, to a few here, and none would even respond to the question, as to whether they thought Ryan was elite. Only elite players deserve the #1 overall pick in my book. (Also not to mention the huge payday difference between where he went at #3 as opposed to #1 overall)






If we agree on nothing else...we can agree that you have your opinion...and I have mine..

Posted by: Kris | February 24, 2012 at 01:05 PM

Kris I don't mind the Ryan/Long talk.

What amazes me though is how people want to judge it all from hindsights perspective.

Sure, Ryan would have been the better pick for a QB starved team like Miami.

The overlooked variable though(blocking out hindsight)is that Parcells and Ireland were CONVINCED they were getting the steal of the draft in Henne.

Parcells simply THOUGHT he was out smarting EVERYONE in getting his Pro Bowl Left tackle and QB of the future.

Barring hindsight and had they not been so wrong about Henne, this argument never takes place. The Henne factor puts it all into perspective.

The strange thing is this: If Cleveland really wants Griffin, he's theirs. They have way more to offer than we or Washington do, and it would take a bit more than the "house" to beat them. It would take unprecedented value, more then a couple drafts' #1 picks, and some very good players as well.
BUT... if Cleveland doesn't want to spend their picks on one dude, then - we compete with Washington and Seattle. I think Washington beats us, but it may not involve our whole draft either way.
I'll be interested to see what to going rate becomes.



Skyles top 10 is very generous, dont give in! Ryan is NOT top 10 and the abysmal choke once again in the playoffs proved it. Guy has a great oline,rb,receivers and hes not even a top ten qb. Pfffffffttttttttttt

Posted by: Phins78 | February 24, 2012 at 01:16 PM

If I were able to steal posts, this would be the one! Nice!

Do you mind if I just sign my name to it?

Seriously though, Facts ARE Facts. Phins78 just posted some for you-lol!


If we end up signing Peyton Manning, who has 2-3 great yrs left max, there's even greater urgency to move up and take RG3. Think about it, with GB resigning Jermichael Finley, it's opened the door to "franchising" qb Matt Flynn.

Now, if GB franchises Flynn, then Peyton works something out with Indy, our only recourse would be to to "by all means neccesary" trade up and get RG3. With Jermichael Finley resigning all signs now seem to be pointing to possibly franchising Flynn.

Even if we get Peyton, we still need to trade up for RG3, knowing Peyton's a "short nterm solution" at best.

Ok, here's a serious topic. I'm listening to all these reports, reading articles, radio, etc. that Weeden looks good, very good. Accurate passer, good athlete, right size, mature, leadership qualities, the whole 9. The ONLY negative I've ever heard about him is his age.

So, other than the fact his career will be shortened, what's the downside? How would he not be the "steal" of this Draft (if he goes in the 2nd or wherever he's projected)?

I'm looking for other negatives (besides age) and have yet to run across one. So if anyone knows any REAL negatives (he's another Chris Weinke doesn't count, that's an opinion) I'd love to hear them. I'm not seeing why this guy isn't being graded higher (to me the age thing is pretty minor, now that these draft picks don't get top dollar).


Moore may very well be better than Ryan.

Phins78, this is a Dolphins blog if we talked about Marion last playoff game in 1999 why should it bother you either read it or GTFOH.

I can't see how RG3 doesn't go to Cleveland. They can offer for starters two #1's this year and the 4th overall pick. That is tough to beat.

No offense

Cleveland picks before us and Washington so if they want RGIII they only need to spend 1 draft pick...the 4th one.

D sin is another bozo!


If Rams get our #8 spot they can still get either a coveted wr or olineman they desperately covet. Whether they would choose to do business with Cleveland or us depends on how much "SUGAR" we're willing to lug down on the weighted scale.

Dont know why some ofr you guys say Cleveland or Washington has more to offer than us. Yes they have better 1st rd draft position, but that's it. That can easily be overcome just by adding "more value" with our offer. We would definitely be mortgaging the future, but a player of RG3's calibre also offers this franchise "a much brighter future".

I politely criticize Armando for his ridiculous "Win Now Mode" blog. I get multiple straight football talk posts deleted.

But, because I offended him and merry band gay berets, this stuff gets to ride:

Posted by: ALoco | February 24, 2012 at 01:29 PM

Way to destroy your own blog Armando. I hope the AM Radio gig pays real well.

Do all those Flynn fan who are tired of Ireland's acorn hunting not see that Flynn is an acorn? Everything about him screams ACORN!

Weeden IMHO is the best pure passer in the draft. Yes, better than Luck, but not as overall roundd. He makes great decisions, quick decisions, good realease, strong arm, less effective under pressure- but never panics, doesn't take a lot of sacks, wins games, and is smart, experienced, and mature.
There is zero not to like about him except for his age.
I would not be upset in the least if we pick him.
Weinke lasted 7 years, no reason to think he won't make it that long. Plus there's no a lot of mileage on his knees - he played baseball for a while, hence the age thing.

I'm pretty sure Odin is Armandos little brother.

Cleveland not only has the #4 pick, they have #22 as well. That is two first rounders THIS year. RG3 is Clevelands if they want him, and I say they do.

Clue, you must have missed my apology? Besides you're not even involved in the "we" you speak of considering you haven't debated or written a word about it! Act weird much?

SO JS, Your saying you'll take Weeden over Luck if he was 22?

Clue who's we? Exactly how many names do you post under. Roflmao

top QBS excluding Peyton where would he fit?

T. Brady
A. Rodgers
D. Brees
E. Manning
B. Roethlisberger
M. Stafford
C. Newton
T. Romo
M. Vick
P. Rivers

J. Flacco

J. Cutler
A. Smith
M. Schaub

M. Ryan
J. Campbell
A. Dalton

M. Moore
K. Kolb
C. Henne
M. Flynn
M. Cassell
C. Ponder
T. Yates
C. Palmer
M. Sanchez

Phin78, Im done debating with a maggot such as yourself. Give us both a favor and go f yourself.

rmando, can we get some more JT updates please? How is he doing? What brand shaving cream does he use? Is his wife a good cook?

Its funny that those of you who say Browns and Redskins have more to offer(draft position-wise only) than us. Have you overlooked the fact that t5he Rams are in the "#2 draft position"?

This means the more picks they can obtain the quicker they can become a formiddable nfl team. That's where a team like the dolphins come into play. If can offer more "peripherally" plus a #8 1st rd draft slot. Then overall we put together a very awesome package to make the Rams drool over. Some call it mortgaging the future.

Heck, during the post Marino era, we've found that without a top flight qb a franchise doesnt have much of a future anyway.

How many offensive and defensive lineman have we picked in the first round the last 13 years? How many playoff games have we won? What do the best teams in the league have in common? An elite QB!

Is Matt Flynn a potential elite QB?

Is RG3 potentially an elite QB?

How is it not obvious that the best potential elite QB prospect is RG3? After 13 years of misery and crap QBs why would you not do everything you can to get the best QB prospect available? Manning is good for one or two years, Flynn does not have the skills to be elite.

RG3 is the obvious choice for best chance to be elite. So, we have tried everything else, now try and trade up and get a potential stud QB. why is that not obvious to you Flynn and Manning lovers?

RG3 gives us the best chance to win for the next decade.

...Pepole are going to go nuts about Robert Griffen this week. I said it a month ago. He is going to crush the combine. He will be the star of the show. Some, even experts will over-react and claim he is now the top quarterback in the draft.
Griffen has an amazing skill set. I'm not taking this away from him. But you have to be from planet Iowa if you are suprised at any numbers Griffen puts up that excites the masses..He is among other things built for these drills.
Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | February 24, 2012 at 11:24 AM

When you look at Luck and Griffin you can't put them at #1 and #2. It's more like 1 and 1a.

Its easy to say we can add more and more value, more "sugar" but not as easily done in reality. Cleveland has the #4 and #22. Rams are starved for draft talent (according to articles/sources around Fisher). Cleveland had the perfect storm of what the Rams want, plus the same ability to add sugar.
So again, unless we throw in the US Presedency, I don't see how we beat Clev.
Washington is just crazier than us generally, that's why I think they'd be willing to bet more of the farm. Ireland doesn't like to take chances. Snyder is a big risk/big reward guy. Seems like the math works for us to come in 3rd in this race.
But, its all in the air. Just my best predictions.
As said before, maybe Clevelnad really doesn't want to blow their wad on Griffin. Race gets tighter then.

Even if we get Peyton, we still need to trade up for RG3, knowing Peyton's a "short nterm solution" at best.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | February 24, 2012 at 01:29 PM

YG, I get what you're sating.

But do you really think Ireland will "Sell The Farm", trade Players and future no. 1 picks to get a guy to sit the bench behind Manning(or anyone else)?

There's no way that happens. I believe this is the very reason Indy will part ways with Manning(if they do). If by some wierd miracle we get RGIII or Luck, they will come in and start day 1.

I want to see a live debate between Armando and Odinseye. It will be a debate about this blog and it's double standards and lack of clear rules. I want to see this air cleared! Would be fun. Armando trying to prove odins crazy and odin trying to prove mando has a slanted agenda against our team! Now thats a blog worth reading.

skyles you moron you have dug yourself a hole. everyone else is right on this one (and I often disagree with them).

Matt Ryan has been great and as fin4life painstakingly pointed out his playoff losses happen to be to eventual super bowl winners!!! he goes 13-3 10-6 etc look at what he did last year!!!!

there are 10 great QBs in the league who give their teams a chance so perhaps I can't say ryan is top 5 but top 10 is "just as good" if you get what I mean.

left tackles are essentially interchangeable, can't be difference makers, pro bowl is irrelevant, and that's just a fact.

serious fans try to sound "sophisticated" by pretending they are bill parcels jr and saying O linemen are the real key to winning games, but it's just BS. it's overthinking.

not getting Ryan, Brees, or Rodgers on this team the past 10 years has been terrible.

long has not gotten us to the playoffs, obviously

So what's the overall consensus on RG3 not throwing @ The Combine? Why wouldn't he want to throw.Is he protecting his draft status? This mentality is one reason why RG3 isn't worth the price to acquire him. Let Cleveland have him.Some of the fan base is still fragmented cause they pass on donovan mcnab for tim couch.

If you were a DC, which QB would you least like to face? Luck or RG3? I say RG3 is going to be a nightmare to game plan against. He is young, he will still bulk up some and get stronger.

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