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RG3 height, weight is the real deal

One of the beautiful things about the Indianapolis Combine is it doesn't accept the hype about players.

If a player can run, you'll know it. If a guy can lift, you'll know it. If a guy's size is legit, everyone finds out.

That was important for Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III because he was listed at 6-2 and 220 pounds on the Baylor Bears program and, well, no one believed it. I heard and read, even on this forum, posters and readers saying the Baylor program's promo of RG3 translated to him being perhaps 6-foot and 200 pounds.


Griffin was measured today. His official height is 6-2 3/8. That's legt.

He weighed in at 223 pounds. Also legit.

And if you've ever seen the kid, he has potential to easily gain another seven pounds or so.

So aside from being able to throw at prolific levels, being accurate, and running like the wind, he has legitimate NFL QB size. Oh, and if you don't believe he can run like the wind, wait until Sunday.

I predict he'll run in the 4.4s. 


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With the often injured Michael Vick, Philly may be the absolute best landing spot for Weedon. He would nbe on a team with many pieces giving himn a shot at immediate success. But Eagles have to fix that leaky oline.

People you can be so short sited sometimes......

Long had ONE bad year last year because of an injury, and now he sucks and will have a shortened career? That statement is so subjective it has no place even being said, you don't know that.

And then all the crap coming back up about Matt Ryan vs. Long, give me a break. It's a stupid comparison in the first place, and Ryan could have easily sucked on our team, especially with the millisecond our QB's had to get rid of the ball in previous years!

Give it a rest and stop being so short sited! We hate him now because of one injury in one season?

Oh and you may not be able to name Aaron Rodgers and Brees Left tackles......but I bet you could name all of their playmaking receivers and running backs that help the team win!! They have a few more things than we do so shut up with that stupid argument too!!!!


You cant trade players during the draft.

YG, that's what I'm talking about. No way I'd take him 1st-round. But, say we traded back (not my preference, just a hypothetical) and picked up another 2nd-rounder (late), and took him there (to complement a Manning say that they get in FA). Dunno if he'd fall to the 3rd round.

I'm just saying the guy sounds legit. I hear negatives on every other QB (after Luck/RG3). Something that needs to be considered IMO.

Weedon is a waste if you are not going to start him day 1. It makes no sense for us. You can't draft a 29 yo qb to ride the pine for 2 or more years. No way the rookie Weedon would beat out Moore.

Weedon makes no sense for us in any round.


I dont trust Ireland enough to draft Weedon 2nd rd. Still if we drafted Weedon 2nd rd does he become what has happened in the past to every qbh post Marino we've drafted 2nd rd. It hasnt worked yet.

As a franchise we cant afford to keep doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results. In the real world that's the definition of "INSANITY".

I don't think Fisher is thinking about Luck or Griffen.

Bradford came out as a rookie and set records and ROOKIE records. He also got multiple rookie of the month awards.

He was thrown to the wolves, struggled and came through pretty good. He has 26 starts under his belt and is nearing the magical quaterback number of 30 starts. A milestone where many young QB's show the biggest improvements.

I think many NFL savy types will agree that Fisher won't take a QB at no. 2(I know I could be totally wrong, I'm just surmising). I'm trying to look at it from Holmgren's perspective.

So that brings up The Vikings. I've seen a lot of Mocks that have them taking Kahlil(sp?). I find that a little hard to believe. But what I'm looking at is, will they maybe take a shot at Luck or Griffen?

The Vikings have a lot invested in Ponder, they also have Joe Webb and our very own Sage Rosenfels. I think they'll look at a QB in free agency but not the draft.

I said all that to say this. Holmgren, knowing that Fisher won't give up on Bradford sits tight. Then swaps picks with the Vikings for minimal compensation(compared to what it would cost us)and takes whomever Indy doesn't(Luck or Griffen-I suspect Griffen).

The Vikes then take Blackmon or Kalil, depending on whom the Rams don't take.

Anywhoo, that's my musings of late. Someone, PLEASE drill a whole in my logic. Show me the errors in my line of thinking..........seriously!

Thanks in Advance!!!!

I see somebody is impersonating Ohio today......

why you say dat Krissy


From the last blog....

It's all good man....I accept your words.....I know what I said sounded short tempered.....but....it was really just sarcasm.....I figured you an DC wouldn't get to offended by it.....
Were good man...


Your post on the last blog still has me cracking up.....

Next topic.....

Flynn vs. Manning vs. Weeden vs. Tanahill vs. Rg3 vs. Luck.....

I apologize for my ignorance if that's true. I could swear I remember player trades during the draft before, but I don't have facts so.. we'll go with what you said.
SO.. that puts us even further away from getting Griffin.
Not impossible, just bad stacked odds.
I'm just going to proceed with the assumption that we're looking at a QB in round 2.


I sign in to the blog for the first time today and see I'm being impersonated. Not sure why, I haven't ruffled anyone's feathers lately?

Anyway, Kris that wasn't me, I wouldn't have talked to ya that way.....


Not true. Just means if we're to get RG3 it may have to be something "Ditka/Ricky Williams-like". You guys keep forgetting the #8 draft spoit isnt chopped liver.

If we can sweeten the pot enough with the #8 position. We can make it an offer St Louis "CANT REFUSE". It's all about if Ireland's balls are big enough!


Even if we signed Flynn who has longer shelf life than Peyton. I dont believe we draft a qb 2nd rd. If you think Flynn's the answer as a gm and already have Moore as a backup. Then it's ludicrous to draft a qb as high as 2nd rd.

It makes more sense to draft a qb 2nd rd if we sign Manning. But even that's questionable because after sitting 2-3yrs behind Manning, Moore himself should be a thoroughly capable qb. So if you sign Manning and still dont have faith Moore will be the answer, it makes more sense to trade up and get RG3 to take over for Manning.

Heck, Moore maybe more capable of being a great nfl starter than Weedon or any other 2nd rd drafted qb after Peyton's done.

Maybe, but I think you're looking through Dolphin glasses, and not Ram glasses.
If you are St.L. would a pile of 4th, 5th, 6, 7th rounders really make you want to give up the pick?
Would #8 beat #4, or even #6 (Wash). Would a pile of secondary round picks be worth more than two first rounders from Cleveland?
I have confidence that Washington will match our desperation, and may even beat it. They are rivaled only by Oakland in their brazen ballsiness and lunacy.
But ..by no menas are you wrong, me right, or whatever. Just saying the odds are not in our favor, and Ireland isn't exactly James Bond at the poker table.
We'll make an offer for RG3 I have no doubt.
Just don' get your hopes up.

You cant trade players during the draft.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | February 24, 2012 at 02:57 PM

You can trade players during th draft.

The reason we couldn't last year was because we had no CBA in place.

I don't want to give the impresion that I'm not for us trading up -YES INDEED, we should, and will try.
Griffin has the appearance of a superstar, and that is worth the risk.
But I'm trying to be realistic, and that favors us missing out.
So... why am I not desperate and whining for us to trade the entire city, including beaches to St. Louis? Because I kinda think there are a couple of QBs that will get us where we want to go - superbowl.
*Weeden - reminds me a bit of somewhere between Troy Aikman, and Eli Manning. Neither superstars, but both SB winners. Take it and run.
*Cousins - reminds me of Philip Rivers, with better throwing motion, better mobility, same arm strength. Anybody want to turn down Rivers if he were younger?

See? IF I'm right, then the future isn't so bad. If I'm wrong, then I join all the other analysts and pundits who struggle on their picks. Many of them professional.

I don't advocate Flynn at all, but according to rumors, our FO does. Trying to imagine those rumors are like Star Trek 5 - never happened.
I don't advocate Manning. Broken armed Qbs are about as useful as screen doors on a submarine. But if he regenerates his arm nerves - maybe.
Moore has shown his wares. He's better than Henne (not hard to be), not a star. If he was awesomeness-in-waiting I don't think ireland would be dropping the QB chasing references that we're hearing. But it's possible of course.
I just want us to get the best stud prospect we can at QB from the draft, and let it play out.
Henne was a nice try (safe and vanilla, but fair), but failed. Time to try again.

You cant trade players during the draft.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | February 24, 2012 at 02:57 PM
You can trade players during th draft.
The reason we couldn't last year was because we had no CBA in place.
Posted by: odinseye | February 24, 2012 at 03:45 PM

Thanks, Odin.
Either way, Cleveland is clear #1, if they want Griffin. If they don't, then we have to find a way to out duel Washington. I keep dismissing Seattle, but I don't know what they have that beats us.
I just don't see Ireland going full fire sale in order to land Griffin. Nothing about him so far says he's the type to do that.

Please Ireland, if you read this blog.. Do what it takes to land RG3! Forget manning and Flynn already.

Trade whatever you have to for RG3 or be a losing team for 5 to 10 years

It's so sad to see the poor editing and grammar on all these news sites. Legt or legit?

Mando, I say yes to RG3, no to Manning. Trade Jake Long and 1st pick for the 2nd overall pick, that should be more attractive thanClevland deal. I love Long, however, Jeff Ireland, do what u have to do to get a franshise QB. In Jeff (without Parcells) we trust.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE .......


Killerfin, you and others who constantly compare RG3 with VY and Jamarcus Russell?
I'm no liberal...many here know that, but we'll all know that we no longer see color when they compare game-skills like Griffins to John Elway, or Steve Young not Mike Vick.

This is NOT to say RG3 will EVER have Elway's career, but his style is not dissimilar. Elway ran A LOT the first 3rd of his career.

In fact, check out Luck's stats, and you'll see he ran an abnormal # of times for a so called "Pocket QB."

RG3 is one of the more overated quarterbacks to come out of the draft in a long time. No stats.

Armando,I want WR D.Jackson of the Eagels. ESPN says he is avaible.

been sayin it from jump flynn under ponceyzzzz azzzzz openin day 2012.......mark it down.....put it on u fridggggggeeeeeeee......that is all flynn moore we will be just fine 2012 o yea we need speed all over the field u know hungry foot ball guys...pass rushers on defence..... ireland said that......omg.......maybe wake will get sum help.....

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