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RG3 talks to the Dolphins, runs fast PLUS Chiefs may also chase Peyton Manning

A quickie update of the happenings out of Indianapolis at this hour:

First, Robert Griffin III had the usual 15-minute meeting with several teams this weekend. The Dolphins were one of those teams.

This doesn''t guarantee the Dolphins are going to trade the farm to move up and get RG3. But it does show they're serious about every possibility at quarterback this offseason. I'm told RG3 has been amazing in his interviews and the Miami interview was no different.

He aced it.

He's also impressive on the field. He is, after all, a great athlete as well as a great, great college quarterback. He ran a 4.38 unofficial 40-yard dash time today. That is wide receiver fast. His vertical leap was 39 inches. [UPDATE: The official time is in at 4.41. Still screaming fast for a QB.]

The beauty of him?

His speed and skills actually translate on the field.

I've seen a lot of very fast players whose speed doesn't show up in games. Others, such as New England wide receiver Wes Welker for example or even Miami's Brandon Marshall, are not fast receivers. But they are effective because their size or quickness makes them play faster than what their 40-yard times would suggest.

But enough of the measurables for now.

I want to share with you the words from Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel. He was asked about Kansas City's potential interest in the expected free agent QB. And while KC general manager Scott Pioli was coy in commenting about Manning or KC interest in Manning, Crennel was more forthright.

"With a talent like that, I would be crazy not to consider it if he’s available. I’ll leave it at that,” Crennel said.

Obviously, the Chiefs have a lot of money invested in Matt Cassel. But they intend to sign or draft another QB to compete with Cassel for the starting job. It has been speculated that the focus of that attention would be Kyle Orton, who finished the season as the Chiefs starter.

But Manning obviously could change that focus.

And if that happens, add the Chiefs to the list of other teams potentially interested in Manning, along with Washington, Miami, possibly the New York Jets, and possibly Arizona.


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Yay. Go Chiefs! Get one-armed Manning.
And maybe the Redskins will snap up Flynn, and we can stop this nonsense and go after a real star prospect.

Let's go after Manning. This way we can start over again in two years, if not sooner.

Ireland needs to stop wasting time with acorns and go after FA 7th round weak armed Flynn.

More interesting ponderings, from NFL.com draft rankings.
Weeden ranked 5th among QB prospects, behind Tannehill and Osweiler.
The "weaknesses" as reported by NFL.com scouts:
Tannehill = not good on the field decisions yet, and has tendency to miss easy throws.
Osweiler = poor on the field decisions, and pressure tends to make him cause turnovers.
Weeden = Doesn't move well outside the pocket.

Really? Those 2 are ahead of Weeden, and THOSE are the reasons?

BTW, the knock on Keenum? His weakness according to NFL.com is he's 6-1, and he needs to show he can throw from the pocket. Gee, the pocket thing seemed to not bother Cam Newton's stock.
Just love these scout analysis. Do they even read their own stuff before they rank people?

It is true that the athleticism in today's Players is off the charts compared to athletes of only 10 yrs. ago(some still playing). So, there is no choice but to go with these young dudes, even at the expense of some good Veterans.

We all have our opinions of which hopefully are based on what we each as individuals can give our best opinion on who is who or how good or bad any prospect draftee will be.

After all, ALL DRAFT PICKS are no guarantee and we can only come close and even we get it wrong as many times as "those in the know" get it wrong.

With that said, we fans on here are going to be posting and battling and even some on here will talk smack and accuse some on here when comparing RG to Vick as being a raciest.

Here is my observation on the following;

Andrew Luck;

I believe that Luck is very intelligent academically, is a proven leader on and off the field, has charisma and can and has run as close to an NFL offense as any QB coming out. He has faced opponents that are as close to NFL D as can be.

BOTTOM LINE is that I predict that he will be one great QB and is going to be for the next 18 years (if he remains healthy) a record breaker and future HOM.


I believe that RG is one hell of a gifted athlete. He is very intelligent academically, has outstanding character and charisma. My only negative side on RG is that he has not faced any opponents D close to what the NFL has. The system he is in is not anywhere close to NFL style offenses.

These are two very important items. He is going to need training when he enters the NFL because if he is thrown out there to the wolves, he is going to eventually get flattened by the D and susceptible to being injured.

Yes, he is very, fast but eventually he is going to get pummeled by NFL caliber D which scares me.

I would feel 100% more content with RG is he didn't run all over the field. Perhaps if he lands with a team that has an O line to protect him, he will work out great.

BOTTOM LINE is that I believe that he should have followed the footsteps of Andrew Luck and remained in another year. He would have benefited tremendously and would come out competing with Matt Barkley for the #1.


If picked is going to be sitting on the bench for the next two years preparing.

BOTTOM LINE he is a project and Not a short term solution.

Watched an interview with Cousins via the two NFL.com hosts. Sounds incredibly bright, and comes across as decisive, clear, and head-coach like. Says he had a great day throwing the ball (drills), though I haven't seen it. To be fair he wasn't pleased with his cones, etc. He honestly sounded like a professional color analyst.
Like this kid.
Like him a lot.

The knock on him is supposedly he doesn't throw a great deep ball. Well, a combine performance, and a pro-day could solidify or debunkt that.
Really anxious to see.


Brees is smaller and far less of an athlete than RG3. Its not an issue.

I say forget those guys and take a chance on Kellen Moore

Also with NFL conditioning RG3 is sure to bulk up some.

NFL.com has Cousins rated 10th best QB via overall analysis, rated career back-up/special teams.

Mayock has him 5th. Same network.

Nobody here talking about Nick Foles?

I've never seen a player as promising as RG3 receive so much doubt from the fans. It's odd to me. Especially considering how Cam Newton proved the naysayers wrong about shotguns and pro offenses and all that gibberish.

I won't be talking Foles, because despite his nice big arm, the dude has zero winning intangibles. Won 3 games ALL year, with 1A talent.
He's the epitome of NFL physical skills darling that sinks faster than a stone when finally facing NFL defenses.
No thanks. Seen it - a lot. Not interested.

Just say no to quarterblacks ... pure pocket passer's win in the NFL not freakish athlete's

Brees also took several years to develop his game in the NFL.

Watching Brandon Weeden who I thought played great. He's not showing me much at the Combine.

"Keenum? His weakness according to NFL.com is he's 6-1, and he needs to show he can throw from the pocket. Gee, the pocket thing seemed to not bother Cam Newton's stock.

Cam newton was also almost half a foot taller then Keenum. And nfl.com is probably wrong , unless it was the combine weigh in.

Alright iteland, dont blow this draft, get a real franchise qb In rg3. All the other qbs are far from franchise qbs. If not you will be sorry and the team will be nothing for many more years to come.

Manning is not going to the Chiefs. See if you can talk yourself into more reasons why Manning might not be a Dolphin.

RGIII is not going to be a Fin next year Mando. Too much ammo to give up and get him.

In 2008 we drafted the 3rd best rated QB on the board, Henne. He was Sparano's "boy" despite competition, and in the end wasn't able to perform well enough to his his coach's job.
In 2012 Tannehill is the 3rd best rated QB. He still has the endorsement of his college HC, despite that he wasn't able to perform well enough to keep his coach's job, either. That coach is now the Fins' OC.

Y'all ready for this rollercoaster again?

Mando, Look, The Chiefs don't need a quarterback, the Rams don't need a quarterback, The jets don't need a quarterback and The Cardinals don't need a quarterback. Let's add to this the Vikings, the Browns, the Bucs and the Jags. They all don't NEED a quarterback. Lets not muddy the waters beyond that. At this point there are so many smokescreens being put up by all the teams, you can't see your hand for writing. This time of year everyone in football is a liar. Lets stick to the facts: the Colts, the Redskins, the Dolphins are the only ones that NEEDS a quarterback in the top of the draft order. The Redskins know if the don't sign Manning or Flynn they could very possibly have RG3 to draft. That makes Miami the most motivated to sign Manning or Flynn. Given this logical scenario, Miami will no doubt sign one of these two and then possibly trade down for Tannehill or if not available a speed-rusher or o-lineman, probably in that order. The rest of the draft will be the best available cornerbacks, safeties and linemen with possibly a TE developmental project. Mark my words.

Matt Moore got Soprano fired.

6-1 is Keenum's official combine stat.
And Yes I know Newton is 7'17", but my point is that their rating explanation's are hypocritical. Apparently, showing you can throw from the pocket is only necessary if you aren't a circus freak in height.

Anyway, I don't put stock in any of these analysts. Just find them blind to their own "system" of ranking. They like who they like, plain and simple, and try to justify it with analytical hookum after the fact.
And they are as wrong as any of us.
That's all.

I believe if RG3 is the real deal we should trade 2 #1s and a 2nd for him. A QB in this league at this time with the rules where they are are worth it. Let Ireland earn his money and find 3rd-5th rounders for the all of fame. JJohnson found JTaylor and ZThomas with his 3rd and 5th rounders. Shula built the most dominate run game with a scrapheap OL in the early 70s, built a passing game of the ages with a 2nd and 8th round wide receivers and no run game. Its time to go for broke the last 10 years ave been a waste.

henne could land with the chiefs because of Dabol. But I bet they'll end up with orton. manning has better options than the chiefs. Like miami.

RGIII was sacked 27 times in 2011 and 20 times in 2010.

He should have decided to remain in for another season to learn but decided to go for the gold. I cant blame the kid as he See's big $$$ in the NFL and instant gratification.

The players today as well as just kids in general don't want to spend the time learning. They are what I call the instant gratification generation or IGG.

texting, IM, cell phones, PSIII, etc. NOT saying RGIII is any of those but perhaps the NFL needs to change up the Collage entry rules of engagement and make the players remain in.

The current NFL is the prime example of instant gratification. After EVERY and I mean EVERY play there is at least one player who runs into the open pounds his chest for doing what he is paid to do. It's all about me.

How would it be if say you were a secretary and after you took a phone call from a client that you jumped up onto your desk and did a dance!

Me, me and all about ME mentality.

Here's what our dear Mr. Omar Kelly thinks we should draft, QB wise:
After getting Manning or Flynn, we should chase one of these dudes in the LATE rounds:
Richmond’s Aaron Corp (played at USC),
LSU’s Jordan Jefferson (that arm is NICE),
Northern Illinois’ Chandler Harnish,
East Carolina’s Dominique Davis,
Furman’s Chris Forcier (played at UCLA),
Florida’s John Brantley (better talent than he showed at UF),
and North Greenville’s Willy Korn (played at Clemson) are some of the quarterbacks flying under the radar.

Uh huh. OK, Tannehill doesn't sound as bad as I thought anymore. Geeeeeeez.

ARMANDO SAYS >> This doesn''t guarantee the Dolphins are going to trade the farm to move up and get RG3. But it does show they're serious about every possibility at quarterback this offseason.<<<

Are you SERIOUS Armando? How soon we all forget how SERIOUS the Dolphins were over the past three years and all the way back to when Marino retired.

The only thing serious with the Dolphins is that we can all sleep comfortably that Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland is going to continue looking under rocks for more Acorns and trade away for Value picks.

If he moves up to grabe Luck, RGIII, Blackmon or OT Kalil... then and only then will I feel different about the GM.

RG3 is going to be a super star and we will not get a shot at one like him in many years. We are in position to make a move, if I was Mr. Ireland trading up and drafting is the brave and smart thing to do. Just as an athlete alone he will have trade value if he does not pan out to be a franchise QB. From a personal point of view this move will also buy Ireland time, a QB taken in the draft takes a couple of years to develop but I have a feeling RG3 will be a established star by year 2.

Why do we keep wanting to settle for mediocre options like Cousins, Tannehill, Osweiler, Weeden, someone even mentioned K. Moore and Keenum, are you really that stupid? Bill Belichick is praying we do not take RG3 and with such moronic fans I wonder if we have what we deserve and suck for eternity b/c dunno bout u but I'm damn fken tired of 2nd tier QBs and other teams scraps like Flynn.

Draft RG3, heck if you are not convinced then at least do it for money, he will generate a ton of revenue, Mr. Ross make the right business decision.

Some of you haven't been paying attention to the "experts" (NONE of us are experts)-

It is nearly unanimous- Ryan Tannehill is going high in the first round, by 12th at the latest and maybe as high as 6th.

He is a LEGITIMATE franchise QB, not a project. He will NOT be sitting on the bench for years. He will start and contribute right away, especially if drafted by the Fins.

He started 20 games in college for Mike Sherman and fits his system perfectly. Scouts love his size, arm, mobility and intelligence.

The more I hear about him, the more I think he's our answer. New coaching staff, new system and a young stud QB who fits perfectly.

Could be the start of something special here. Anybody ready for sustained success?

I just don't like RGIII, sorry.

Ireland is a classless moron. He will never win in the NFL.

totally agree with finsfan72, Tannehill would be THE SMARTEST PICK.

RG3 will attract as many fans as Pat White did.

If cheapo Ross wants to attract fans get either Manning or Tim Tebow.

Bottom line on all these QB's is that unless they are immediate starters, we don't have a clue on how they will perform.

We shall all know at the end of the 2012 season for the starters and for those non starters, we shall know whenever.

Sparano said he wouldnt rule out signing Henne to the Jests practice squad.

Tannehill sucks. I kid who has only 20 games as a qb under his belt. Sorry but he will be a bust, guaranteed. He will be rattled at the next level. He will not be a franchise qb. Cousins has more of a chance at becoming a better qb than tannehill does.

Mj is the biggest yo yo here. We will see when rg3 is starting and doing well and tannehill is another henne! Bottom line.

Tannehill a guaranteed bust?

Wow, fire up that crystal ball of yours and tell me the next powerball numbers!

Some Dolfans are as excited about RG3 as they were about Brady Quinn.

Most people who are actually PAID to make these evaluations say Tannehill will be a star.

Who to believe?

A star, a falling star thats about it.

Irescum thought Pat White and RoboHenne would be stars HAHA

Tiger I keep telling u the other teams want to win too. It is not their goal to give us RG3. We literally do not have enough to offer to get him no matter how much we want him. The other teams want RG3 not Tannehill and Hartline. This is real life not Madden.

Yeah, exactly. Like the ones who said henne can be a legit starter in the league.72, you can believe that if you want.

Heck, idiot Ross said Henne was Marino!!

We'll get whichever QB is stupid enough to come to Miami. There will be lots of praying, begging and groveling by Ireland to be sure...

He'll pray that the Colts release Manning. Then, beg Peyton to come to Miami. He will grovel at the feet of our owner to let him keep his job.

And, if that doesn't work...

More of the same with Green Bay and Matt Flynn...

And, if that doesn't work...

The 2012 Draft, trying to move up for RGIII...

Then, Tannehill...



"Oh, please Mr. Ross, I know I promised I would address this problem in previous years...and that there would be competition last year. But, Henne was from your Alma Mater and I was sure we could win with him. And, I know Moore did pretty good for us, but he may be more of a back-up. And, now there may be a possibility of getting the great Peyton Manning, and..."

"Yes Sir, I do like working here..."

"Yes Sir, I'll start updating my resume and cleaning out my desk..."

PriceMaster, why do you say Moore got TS fired. When you say something like that you should say why, because I don't believe that in the least.

Matt Barkley in 2013 wont be availiable for us as we wont suck enough just like this past season to get him.

The sooner Ireland is fired the sooner we can get out of the cellar.

MJ, Tell why you think Ross is cheap. Please. He may be a lot of other things but cheap, no way.


Because if Sparano started Moore from day 1 he'd still be coaching here.

Funny stuff Tracy!

Seriously, though-

Ross said Henne would be the next Marino (OK...)
Ireland thought Henne would be a legit starter (OK...)
Ireland thought Pat White would be a wildcat gimmick...

Here's the difference- ACTUAL knowledgeable NFL personnel pros say Tannehill is a top ten talent, a future star.

Just sayin'

Ross has the cheapest GM, HC, and QB's anyone could find. How can he expect to win with cheap garbage?

If tannehill is going to be a star, then lets see if cleveland, or washington or seattle will move up to draft him. Not a chance, miami will be the only ones who are dumb enough to belive that.

PriceMaster, So that means TS made bad decision in not starting Moore in your opinion. Not that Moore under performed and lost TS's job.


I don't like all the talk about RGIII getting killed for running. Last time I checked a 6'2 230lb RB would be expected to pound defenses. He's a big strong dude and injuries are usually something you are or are not prone to get. Along with toughness and how you get hit.

Moore was a very pleasant surprise. He played terrific.

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