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RG3 talks to the Dolphins, runs fast PLUS Chiefs may also chase Peyton Manning

A quickie update of the happenings out of Indianapolis at this hour:

First, Robert Griffin III had the usual 15-minute meeting with several teams this weekend. The Dolphins were one of those teams.

This doesn''t guarantee the Dolphins are going to trade the farm to move up and get RG3. But it does show they're serious about every possibility at quarterback this offseason. I'm told RG3 has been amazing in his interviews and the Miami interview was no different.

He aced it.

He's also impressive on the field. He is, after all, a great athlete as well as a great, great college quarterback. He ran a 4.38 unofficial 40-yard dash time today. That is wide receiver fast. His vertical leap was 39 inches. [UPDATE: The official time is in at 4.41. Still screaming fast for a QB.]

The beauty of him?

His speed and skills actually translate on the field.

I've seen a lot of very fast players whose speed doesn't show up in games. Others, such as New England wide receiver Wes Welker for example or even Miami's Brandon Marshall, are not fast receivers. But they are effective because their size or quickness makes them play faster than what their 40-yard times would suggest.

But enough of the measurables for now.

I want to share with you the words from Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel. He was asked about Kansas City's potential interest in the expected free agent QB. And while KC general manager Scott Pioli was coy in commenting about Manning or KC interest in Manning, Crennel was more forthright.

"With a talent like that, I would be crazy not to consider it if he’s available. I’ll leave it at that,” Crennel said.

Obviously, the Chiefs have a lot of money invested in Matt Cassel. But they intend to sign or draft another QB to compete with Cassel for the starting job. It has been speculated that the focus of that attention would be Kyle Orton, who finished the season as the Chiefs starter.

But Manning obviously could change that focus.

And if that happens, add the Chiefs to the list of other teams potentially interested in Manning, along with Washington, Miami, possibly the New York Jets, and possibly Arizona.


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I hope you're right. I truly do, because Tannehill has that history-repeating vibe going for him (as said before with Henne), and has as good a chance as any to being the Dolphin's next-latest-yearly QB of the future.
I could be dead wrong on my analysis of him being way overrated. I'm hoping I am, because it's a fair bet we pick him.
BUT ... Geez, Louise, don't attempt to hold the so-called experts opinions as somehow anything related to gospel. Look up any of these dudes, and check their history of picking QB winners, and you or I are about as good, honestly.
If we pick Tannehil, yeah I'll be pissed at first, but I will root root root for him to be all he can be.
I'm just doubting he will.

..There is so much that can happen as far as scenarios come draft day. For me to say we won't trade up is a little short sighted. From the outside. It looks like the Cleveland Browns are the leaders in the clubhouse as far as favorites to Land RG III. They just have more to offer then we do. How are we going to match anything close to what the Steamers can offer? We can offer future picks and a few players. So can they, plus the team trading isn't falling nearly as far as they would if they traded with us. It makes all the sense in the world that if the Steamers want RG III they will be the team calling his name.

Ah darn. Forgot to sign in. My last post was indeed me. I don't think there are any trolls that give a hoot about me anyway.

Small note: Kellen Moore fans, unless he turns around and lights the world on fire at his pro-day, he's just fallen off the map with his poor combine workout. Too bad. I wish the kid well.

JS_in_LA...I don't think Kellen Moore did anything today to hurt his draft status. It isn't like he was going to grow 2 inches, or his arm was going to turn into a rocket launcher. Teams already knew he would test poorly. The stuff team look for in a player like Kellen Moore do not translate to drills at a combine. There were no shocks or suprises today. So to say his draft stock dropped is simply not true. It isn't like he was thought of anything more then a third day pick anyway.

I shall support whomever they decide to start at Quarterback...

Just throw the rock! And, throw it to the right guy! You know, the one in a Miami Dolphin uniform! No...not the other guy...the one with the fish in a circle on his helmet! Yes...him! Throw the ball to HIM!!! (muttering under his breath: "Stupid Rookie!").


MJ how do you know this. Now I'll give you the facts. Ireland is not one of the lest paid GM in the league. He's signed through 2013 and is in the middle of the league in salary. Philbin is a new head coach and paid as such, but he was willing to pay, and offered Jeff Fisher 7 million to coach. As far as QB is concerned Henne was on the last year of his rookie contract at 550,000, that doesn't count bonuses paid, and Matt Moore has a 2 year 5 million dollar contract, that's average for a backup. The Dolphins are about 14 million under the cap this year, 16th in the league, so there are other franchises that pay their players less, like Tampa Bay that is about 40 million under. Remember the NFL has a pretty had cap

PriceMaster I agree Moore played well.

WHOEVER the QB is in 2012-

Let's just hope for success!

Go Dolphins!

Case Keenum looked horrible today.

It doesn't matter much, but I was sort of rooting for KM to surprise folks.

According to Ross Jones of MSN, he clunked his drills today. Didn't see them myself.

He wasn't a realistic pick for us, but I liked his work at Bosie, and was hoping that QBs who walk-the-walk on game time also show up for these work-outs. Hate it all we talk about is some perennial loser who has a big arm and looks good in drills. Why do we bother playing the games?

Not all novice HC's like Philbin fail. Just 95% of them.

RG3 is the way to go..we have to break this cycle in Miami of drafting polished turds...go get RG3 ireland!
Let's try something new because the old way hasn't gotten us anywhere fast in the last ooooohhhhh 15yrs or so....

Yeah like the Chiefs have a snowball in hell chance at Manning lol

Just curious..What would it cost to trade up for RG3??

This year's and next year's first?..and then some??

It would really suck..and be par for the course if he didn't pan out and we had given up our 1st rd'er in 2013.

At least with Manning or Flynn it's just Ross's money.

If it's Manning we can still draft Tannehill for the futue.

Tannehill is not the future. He is another henne!

Any talk of Aaron Burr as a later round sleeper? His numbers are off the charts but he's VERY raw and definitely a project. Also, Budalla Hambeson is another of those guys to watch.

For all you people that are curious about the Dolphins chances to find the right QB or put a winner on the field need to listen to this : http://thefinsiders.com/podcasts/2012/mort-talks-fins-peyton-manning-more

Dolfan Rick , you dont get it. Cheapo Ross would rather spend draft choices then spend money.

For all you people that are curious about the Dolphins chances to find the right QB or put a winner on the field need to listen to this : http://thefinsiders.com/blog/2012/espn-analyst-praises-philbin-talks-manning


Dolphins are only 15 million under the cap. I think he spends money...

They say Kirk Cousins and Jacory Harris looked good today.

Spending money has never been an issue or problem with Ross. There are certainly many valid criticisms someone can make, but only the spectacularly clueless and misinformed would accuse him of being cheap.

Actually, if you want irony it was Joe Robbie who was--by FAR--the cheapest owner in team history. And also by far the most successful.

Sorry, MJ. But you have no idea whatsoever what you're talking about here.

I think to steep a price to pay for RG3. This Team needs to solidify at many positions.

Putting a 1st round #10 value on Brandon Marshall, fins could trade #8 and Marshall for the #2 and swap 2nd rounders with Rams and meet draft chart value for the trade.
Rams get Marshall a proven #1 WR and can still draft an OT with the #8.
Fins get a possible franchise QB, sell tickets again and FA has several very good WRs.
Just for conversation sake.

Chargers will announce relocation to Los Angeles by end of March.

It IS a Team Game after all. No?

I wish, Tampa.

hey least some good news here, course i told people in here weeks ago kc wants him. lets hope more teams do, we do not want manning.


Why wouldn't the Rams just sign a FA WR and keep their #2 pick??

Who is better that is available that will sign for less?

who tampa?

This Team is not the shambles that Shula inherited, where he had to cut almost 50% of the Players there. We are now VERY solid at many positions and all Philbin has to do is too add some pieces and round It up.

oscar its simple, all starts with getting a qb

VJ, Mike Williams (if not signed by Steelers), Saints WR who's name is not coming to me will all want at least $40M for 4. Garçon maybe, but not sure how good he is without Peyton.

mike williams? are u talking about mike wallace? hes a restricted free agent. colston is way overrated.

Yeah, dusty, tell Griese, Bradshaw that(among others) after they finished running for their life back there.

uh they both are in the hof with multiple super bowl rings. say it worked

However, dusty, I do agree with you that if we are going to win the close Games, we need a high-caliber QB. But who this year? Man, are we late from that perspective.

well its not manning anymore. flynn has potential. and my choice trade up to get luck or griffin

I said it just for the heck of it, that a miss on a franchise QB would set back a Team at least 3 years. It is true.

yes oscar we have been missing for 13 years

Navy Sea man for life. And we love the Dolphins.

Go get Flynn.

Anybody watching this college skills competition on ESPN, Michael Floyd is a beast B marsh size with hands and Kellen Moore is super accurate Dree Brees alas..

Maybe, dusty. Toujours d'laudace.

spiderman skill comp meaningless. do like floyd though. moore will be a 5th rd pick, guessing chase daniel type backup whole career. easy paycheck

Sorry for my French.

dusty, skills competition shows how agile and muscular some of these guys are, thats not meaningless.

I had no idea Floyd was that stocky he built like a TE

Yeah, well, statistics are for the "experts". I learned how to evaluate Players by watching Jim Brown, John Unitas, Fred Biletnikoff, Marino, etc.

oscar, you must be 70 years old naming thoughs players.

Well, are you guys going to be happy if they do sign Manning? Or, if they go with Matt Flynn? And, there aren't any guarantees about any of the rookies; including Luck and RGIII.

I doubt that anything would satisfy some of you.

its meaningless spiderman, brock lesnar is agile and muscular

flynn or trading up wouldnt bother me. manning would be a horrible move

lesnar doesnt play football

my point exactly

Your correct Wallace and he is restricted but could be obtained by Rams with a1st from Browns in trade. Colston is the Saints WR.
Just feel it would be a win, win for both teams.
Not sure the west coast demands "superstar" WR but numerous "good".

pitt would not trade wallace, any team would have to sign him to a crazy deal so pitt wouldnt match

If Pitt does not sign him to an extension, he can be had for a 1st at most as RFA.

no pitt loves the kid, like i said u would have to sign him to an offer sheet and for crazy amount

Not arguing that point but trying to support that fins have a possibility of obtaining RGIII and not destroying the future of the franchise. Not totally convinced on what Flynn has over Moore and at what cost.

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