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RG3 talks to the Dolphins, runs fast PLUS Chiefs may also chase Peyton Manning

A quickie update of the happenings out of Indianapolis at this hour:

First, Robert Griffin III had the usual 15-minute meeting with several teams this weekend. The Dolphins were one of those teams.

This doesn''t guarantee the Dolphins are going to trade the farm to move up and get RG3. But it does show they're serious about every possibility at quarterback this offseason. I'm told RG3 has been amazing in his interviews and the Miami interview was no different.

He aced it.

He's also impressive on the field. He is, after all, a great athlete as well as a great, great college quarterback. He ran a 4.38 unofficial 40-yard dash time today. That is wide receiver fast. His vertical leap was 39 inches. [UPDATE: The official time is in at 4.41. Still screaming fast for a QB.]

The beauty of him?

His speed and skills actually translate on the field.

I've seen a lot of very fast players whose speed doesn't show up in games. Others, such as New England wide receiver Wes Welker for example or even Miami's Brandon Marshall, are not fast receivers. But they are effective because their size or quickness makes them play faster than what their 40-yard times would suggest.

But enough of the measurables for now.

I want to share with you the words from Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel. He was asked about Kansas City's potential interest in the expected free agent QB. And while KC general manager Scott Pioli was coy in commenting about Manning or KC interest in Manning, Crennel was more forthright.

"With a talent like that, I would be crazy not to consider it if he’s available. I’ll leave it at that,” Crennel said.

Obviously, the Chiefs have a lot of money invested in Matt Cassel. But they intend to sign or draft another QB to compete with Cassel for the starting job. It has been speculated that the focus of that attention would be Kyle Orton, who finished the season as the Chiefs starter.

But Manning obviously could change that focus.

And if that happens, add the Chiefs to the list of other teams potentially interested in Manning, along with Washington, Miami, possibly the New York Jets, and possibly Arizona.


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id give up quite alot to move up to number 2

One good year does not make Griffin a stud or worth giving up 4-5 high draft picks. Athletic quarterblacks do not win in the NFL ... true pocket passer's do and if we are going to mortgage everything, throw in another year's #1 for Andrew Luck. He supposedly is a can't miss prospect and let's keep in mind that Griffin was rated below Barkley by most draft pundits.

Agree but do not feel that fins would have to destroy the future to get the 2 pick.
Skins will pay Manning or Flynn and Hawks will sell the farm for either. Prefer fins to go for RGIII or Luck if Colts defer.

gator colts wont deal luck for anything. and watch some games, griffin is very good.

Barkley is not available.

Watching his interview, Tannehill comes across as a genuine and nice kid - key word "Kid". As he talks in rambling monotone, I just keep feeling like he's out of his league.
He certainly has the arm, and all the usual NFL caliber physical skills, and YES his stint at WR even did help him understand how to get them the ball better, and so forth ... But watch his interview then the Cousins interview (the Matt Money Smith ones) and tell me who sounds like a leader who will step into the huddle and guys will follow him. Tannehill may earn his stripes someday, and may end up being awesome - who knows? But he just seems like a kid hoping to make it.
I have the growing suspicision that Fins are targetting him, and probably round 1. Still disagree, but who am I?
If we do pick him, may God, Marshall and a big O-Line help him.


Sorry gator, but its not about a pocket passer game anymore. A qb needs to be able to pass yes but also needs to be able to run when needed as well. The new trend of qbs started with newton last year. Thst is what the qbs are going to be About. Also on the manning thing, the colts cant see him throw until april, so the dolphins should get over this whole manning obsession!

Near, Spiderman, near, but not quite there yet.

I still can distinguish superior talent from not.

Just take a look at the QB's in the SB. Both pocket passers, hmmm.

If Tannehill fits the mold then take him at 8.
Fill as many holes as possible in FA.
Not against signing Manning to an incentive based contract and drafting a possible even if you have to take the possible future QB at 8.
Crazy maybe but bored from the Marino less fins and know I am not alone.

Who the hell knows? We are not professional Scouts, even less GM's. We just give our little opinions here. We'll see.

Just to set the record straight, RG3 is NOT a running QB. Yes, he has made some nice runs, but these runs have come after his first, second and third options have been covered. He is a pass first QB, and the Spread offense that he played in is the same spread offense that some guy Cam Newton played in at Auburn. This guy has a cannon for an arm, has tremendous touch dropping balls over safety coverage and is fearless. He is elite...Period.

Tonight is Oscar's night. How'bout that? The brilliance....

Upset: Viola Davis over Merryll Streep. I believe so.

Yes, he is a pass first qb, then run . So he is not a pure pocket passer, neither is manning, he at least has the ability to run. Brady not so much.

RG3 is not a good passer and his running game wont translate to the NFL. He's an injury waiting to happen. The chances of him having a successful NFL career are slim to none. Dont be surprised if he's not the 2nd QB drafted.

Just read statement that Skins have begun bidding for the 2 with
6, 38, and 70 in 2012 and 1st round in 2013.
May be time to look at Manning and best available or Flynn.
I REALLY like RGIII but how good is he, it may cost a ton.

If we trade up it better be for Luck!

Just to add the Skins are willing to ad player/ players to make the trade.


60-Jay Fiedler (00-04)
1-Damon Huard (00)
6-Ray Lucas (02)
5-Brian Griese (03)
8-A.J. Feeley (04)
2-Sage Rosenfels (04-05)
15-Gus Frerotte (05)
11-Joey Harrington (06)
4-Daunte Culpepper (06-07)
8-Cleo Lemon (06-07)
5-Trent Green (07)
4-John Beck (07)
20-Chad Pennington (08-10)
31-Chad Henne (09-11)
1-Tyler Thigpen (10)
12-Matt Moore (11)

Starts-name (Years)

Matt Moore has the 5th most starts among Dolphin quarterbacks since Marino. Henne is 2nd after Fiedler. Third was Pennington. And, Frerotte was 4th.

Interesting, huh?

At first wasn't sure about Flynn until I watched two different tapes. Watched the Lions game very closely and he has mastered the Fins new WCO. The decision making wasn't just fast it was immediate , the ball was on the receiver before the DB could react. The accuracy on the long ball totally blew me away. I am a believer , MF is a West Coast offense MAESTRO!! With this coaching staff I would put big bucks up that he will be our cherished franchise QB.

That says it all.

That doesnt mean he is going to do that every single game. In his two starts it was.against two of the worst defences, so thats not really saying much.

Defenses. If people think that drafting rg3 isnt worth giving up alot, then flynn definitley is not worth the money hr will want.

Ireland needs to grow a set and trade whatever it takes to get RGIII, Manning is too old and too busted up to waste the next couple seasons on.

Newton ain't done shyt! That's a FACT!

Posted by: odinseye | February 26, 2012 at 08:20 PM

Oh no? Fact, Newton had the best rookie season of any QB in history. You say he ain't done shyt? You are lost.

newton took a horrible panther team and turned them around, 6-10 and he kept them in most every game

odinseye is still choked up about being wrong about Hennedoosh.

lol yeah odin did love henne

Anyone who can't see the good in what Cam did is just bitter about something else. As mentioned, he arrived on the worst team in the NFL and brought them way more wins than they had in the previous year, not to mention on a cba shortened offseason.

If you can't give credit where credit is due, then you are just plain angry in life.

comparing garbage been in league years moore to newton. hilarious, u have hit rock bottom go find another team and beg for them to sign henne

very well - owning it here boss

please cam take one end of me and please cleo you take the other


newton took a 2-14 car team and made them 6-10. they went from dead last in league in scoring to the 5th best.

oh yeah they were outscored by 212 points year before newton arrived, with newton by 23 points. the kid is very very good

im out fellas. go fins! get that franchise qb so we can start winning!

I hope the Dolphins don't get Mamulice by RG3 numbers.

Red Skelton - I am working this side of the street.
Take your little girl asss and go home to your momma.
She needs help shaving her mustache.

Sittin' here watching the world's strongest man contest with wait and see's mother doing well so far.

Flynn has been groomed in the Fins new O by the new HC for a few yrs and he has it down pat. This is the same exact philosophy they used on Rodgers and that worked out pretty well. Packer fans and the media thought the success was because of the mighty Favre. If the new staff pushes to get Flynn I am confident that he has the right stuff. Being a Dolfan since I was 9 yrs old in 66 I hope he has " IT " Good luck Fins , don't know how many season I have left.

Make a list of highly successful NFL QB's, how many were fast?

PriceMaster: M. Moore is a back up QB, just like the long line of QB's we have had since Marino retired. He is as good as Cleo Lemon !!!

KC is the perfect place for Manning! Easy division, plenty of cap space, great young D, good young talent on offense that just needs a RT and depth at RB. KC went 7-9 and beat the Packers without pro bowl RB, Safety and good young TE in Moeaki.

go get manning wayne and saturday!

Maybe we can trade our entire team and coaches for the Pats team.


Oh No, I think Odins ready to snap.Be Cool Odin, Be cool, Dont do anything that might get you Banned, Again...

Just saw RGIII stats so far for the combine...WOW.MOOCH really likes him and hmmm...maybe ...

Not sold but listening..

Sign randy moss and owens

Marino said there is a come back possible

welker said he wants back in miami because he belives

Shula said that HE WILL FIX THIS MESS

Tim Tebow is worth a lot more then RG3. He’s a proven winner with a huge heart and work ethic. And he’ll fill the stadium. Ross should make Denver an offer they cant refuse.

The blackwood bros will coach the DB's

finsfan72, you need to stop repeating what you are hearing select so-called RG3 haters say. Look at some of Tanneyhill's games. He wasn't even dominant in the Big 12! He threw 12 interceptions last season in the "Little 12"! Are you really serious. We don't need a project. That's what he is. I'm done with my opinion on how the dolphins should address their qb situation. Ireland hasn't impressed me a bit in previous draft picks but I am hoping that he starts to redeem himself by getting one of the top two qb's in the draft.

The combine and all these pro days are a joke and are for scouts and regular people with no lives at all, you want to know how good a player is all you gotta do is watch him play on Saturday's during the college football season that's the only measuring stick its not how he looks in shorts in february or how he throws when no one is rushing him during his pro day get a grip

NONE of u clowns know sheet...Morons...AND YOU ARE MORE OFF THAN ON.

For those saying dont mortgage our future for RG3:

Look at our past future. We didnt mortgage anything to suck so badly for an entire decade. Hell, you would think we had mortgage the future during the past decade, with nothing to show for it.

Anyway, none of you I have to sell on RG3. We only need Ireland to be sold on him. You girls can keep on wearing your mini skirts and keep up the good work with your pretty polished finger nails.

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