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RG3 talks to the Dolphins, runs fast PLUS Chiefs may also chase Peyton Manning

A quickie update of the happenings out of Indianapolis at this hour:

First, Robert Griffin III had the usual 15-minute meeting with several teams this weekend. The Dolphins were one of those teams.

This doesn''t guarantee the Dolphins are going to trade the farm to move up and get RG3. But it does show they're serious about every possibility at quarterback this offseason. I'm told RG3 has been amazing in his interviews and the Miami interview was no different.

He aced it.

He's also impressive on the field. He is, after all, a great athlete as well as a great, great college quarterback. He ran a 4.38 unofficial 40-yard dash time today. That is wide receiver fast. His vertical leap was 39 inches. [UPDATE: The official time is in at 4.41. Still screaming fast for a QB.]

The beauty of him?

His speed and skills actually translate on the field.

I've seen a lot of very fast players whose speed doesn't show up in games. Others, such as New England wide receiver Wes Welker for example or even Miami's Brandon Marshall, are not fast receivers. But they are effective because their size or quickness makes them play faster than what their 40-yard times would suggest.

But enough of the measurables for now.

I want to share with you the words from Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel. He was asked about Kansas City's potential interest in the expected free agent QB. And while KC general manager Scott Pioli was coy in commenting about Manning or KC interest in Manning, Crennel was more forthright.

"With a talent like that, I would be crazy not to consider it if he’s available. I’ll leave it at that,” Crennel said.

Obviously, the Chiefs have a lot of money invested in Matt Cassel. But they intend to sign or draft another QB to compete with Cassel for the starting job. It has been speculated that the focus of that attention would be Kyle Orton, who finished the season as the Chiefs starter.

But Manning obviously could change that focus.

And if that happens, add the Chiefs to the list of other teams potentially interested in Manning, along with Washington, Miami, possibly the New York Jets, and possibly Arizona.


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Keep Moore, give him real receivers at least 2, 1 TE and a right tackle and you got yourself a good offense..... BUT the big name QB are more attractive to those who know nothing about football, including the Dolphins owner and his do boy Ireland!.... It might sell some tickets in the short run but in the long term Dolphins will fail again if they pick any of those QB's unless they fix offensive line RT and get the new QB some real weapons!!! very simple

I know what I am talking about because I think I do, and you don't. Very simple.

I know so much more than any GM that spends sixty hours a week watching tape, interviewing players and their coaches and teammates.

Multi millionaires like Jerry Jones and Ross pay Ireland big bucks because they are stupid and know nothing. I don't understand why neither of them will hire me to be GM.

If Philbin decides Moore is the guy that is good enought for me.

I realize that some are stuck on Kellen Moore but his arm strength and size are a big minus in his game. I just don't know how he would be able to compete in the NFL, especially when being pressured inside the pocket. He doesn't have the arm strength to get the ball out if he can't complete his throwing motion.
Russell Wilson, on the other hand, was throwing rockets during the quarterback/receiver drills. His size will keep him from going higher but there is no doubting his athletic ability and his ability to play quarterback. I cannot wait to see him in the preseason because I believe that the team that picks him will be pleasantly surprised with what they've got.
Finally, Austin Davis is a quarterback that is getting absolutely no respect whatsoever. He is still rated as the 16th best qb prospect and should be closer to a top 12. He is one of the qb's I wanted to check out at the combine and I thought he did well. There were no questions with his footwork, velocity of the ball or his accuracy. He threw the deep ball very well. If you took notice, he was one of the "throwing" quarterbacks for the combine. It will be interesting to see where he goes in the draft. He is projected as 7th rd or FA.

I heard RG3 blew away the competition @ the combine.....Ran a sub 4.4....GREAT braod jump...and very IMPRESSIVE high jump.....

I only have one teeny-tiny question mark about RG3.....

Its not that big really.....and I kinda feel like I am nit-picking ust by asking it....but here goes anyway.....

How did RG3 look throwing @ the combine.....

I mean after all.....being fast is cool....and jumping high AND far is great....IF your name is Reggie Bush....or Chris Johnson....


I tend to judge QBs on the the they get paid to do.....THROW THE BALL....everything else is a BONUS....

Tom Brady probably runs a 6.0 forty....and you would have to time Peyton Mannings forty time with a sun-dial.....but both are HOFers NONETHELESS......

anybody care to look up Dam Marino's forty time.....

RG3 is fast....I got news for you....THAT ISN'T NEWS....YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT...REMEMBER??????

long before the combine many of you talked about his world class speed...and he was trying out for the Olympics....so don't let the press hype you up about something you had prior knowleddge of....this was not ground breaking stuff.....

@ the end of the day....RG3 will be judged on the thing that ALL quarterbacks are judged on....his ability to red a defense.....and get the ball out of his hands....to the right read...with accuracy....timing...and touch....


The top QB's do not normally throw at the combine. They typically throw at the pro day where they are on a familiar field with familiar receivers.

Convenient you didn't mention Luck didn't throw at the pro day either.

Your love for nerve dead Manning is altering your perspective just a tad.

All of the playoff QB's were considered pure pocket passer's. The Newton's & Griffin's are fun to watch and coach on Madden but until the "athletic" quarterblack wins in the NFL, I'll look elsewhere (ie Flynn, Moore, Manning).

The reason for these blogs is to share your feelings about a particular topic. Everyone has an opinion and it's a shame that some of the children posting here can't respect that and have to insult people. You all need to grow up!

Anyway, as we all know, the Dolphins haven’t had a franchise QB since Dan Marino. If the Fins sign Manning, it will cost a fortune in a contract that has to be incentive laden. Ross’s thinking is using Manning as a marketing ploy to sell tickets and he would do that. However at his age, and with the neck issues, we all know that Manning is in decline and may never play at the same level he once did. Not only that, but if he were to play at a high level, the window to win a Superbowl would be 3 years max.

Matt Flynn, the 7th round draft pick of the Packers, has only started a couple games on a great team. The Packers are probably going to place the franchise tag on Flynn so they can get compensation for him. That could possibly mean that we would have to give up a 2nd round draft pick and then you have to pay him a load of money to boot for an experienced but unproven player. Look what happened to the Cardinals last year with Kevin Kolb = bust so far.

RG3 is the player Miami should take a gamble on and try to acquire. It’s a huge gamble and it will be very expensive, possibly two 1st round picks, a 2nd rounder and maybe even a 3rd round pick or more to out bid the other teams interested in moving up in the draft. However, it’s a gamble the Dolphins should make in order to turn around years of failure. These opportunities come along far and few between.

Nothing is more difficult for a defense to plan for, than a QB that is multi dimensional which can run and pass the ball. Cam Newton = Rookie of the year, Tim Tebow, poor passer by NFL standards and he still gave defenses headaches leading the Broncos to the Divisional round of the playoffs because he can run.

Jeff Ireland, this is a monster gamble but it’s one you must make, don’t coward out!

Everyone is obsessed with a QB who can run like a receiver. Can we go through all the Super Bowl winning QB's since the beginning and see how many were these freakish gifted athletes that run like the wind, and how many were pocket passers?

NYG, who are these great defenses Luck played against? Niether RG3 or Luck played did that, which is why the BCS sucks. Everyone wanted RG3 vs LSU or Luck vs BAMA.

Go for the risky Manning...Matt Moore is good insurance...and draft Kellen Moore to develop.
Best case we get 2-3 good years from Manning while both Moores learn from the best.
Worst case Manning doesn't recover, we have a full season of Matt Moore leading our offense...which will be improved over last year and Manning can be stay on and start his coaching career.

Gator: Aaron Rogers is very athletic and one of the best runners in the game at his position. Certainly not pure pocket passer and neither is drew brees for that matter.

I'm with Nelson! trade up to #2 and grab RG3

RG3 is impressing the crap out of me!!

This kid is gifted a complete athlete an an amazing individual!!!
What else can you ask for in a QB????
He's always calm! That's the sign of a great QB!!!
I say trade what we must!!!
We always walk away with a FA starter an UDFA or two.

some of you sound so stupid phins have been in obscurity for the last 20 pretty much and some of you ppl talkin about "oohhh its too much ammo to give up for him" are you serious??? yea we're gonna get a hall of fame-er with two or 3 of the 4 or 5 picks he's gonna cost get real drafting is a gamble thats why the dolphins garbage now wack ass drafting if they give up they're whole damn draft to get him it would be a god send

oscar canosa,
I don't know your opinion on JJ, but he had a good eye for talent. Take away Avery (everybody misses), JJ didn't focus so much on vertical jumps and shuttle runs, he looked at film and if the prospect was a true "playmaker". Fu.k a bunch of tape measures, look at what the kid does, even if his #'s don't explain his play-making.

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